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    parador de santo estevo
    Paradors in
    Nogueira de Ramuín
    After a long drive, emerging from within the lush green mountains was this majestic place full of history and centuries of extensions to its monastery. The sensation that this place offers in virtually every rooms is, without doubt, the reason it was conceived, a sense of peace that unites you to something bigger. An overwhelming, medieval hotel that has managed to maintain its original charm whilst being modernized with the utmost respect given to its historic features. It is very interesting how the rooms have been converted for their current use by the hotel. The service was great, highlights being the restaurant staff and the dishes that are just like the hotel itself: a mix of history and modernity. The rear of the hotel has a path in the heart of the forest; a forest that one notes is wild and authentic... full of life, decorative lights and sounds, like a fantasy world. Without doubt, a highly recommended place to be at peace and rest that will not leave people who seek union with nature indifferent.
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    hotel la trufa negra
    Hotels in
    Mora de Rubielos
    It’s not the first time that we have visited this hotel but each time it gets better. The truth is, last year’s room was fantastic but that of this year left it behind. Spectacular.We booked the relaxation service and one more day of the spa with massages. I recommend the hot chocolate, it won’t be the last I have. The food is fantastic: breakfasts with the delicious local cooked meats and what can I say about the room service…no complaints, clean hotel, nice and comfortable, what more can you ask for. It is a romantic place where you can disconnect and the little village is very pretty, with good places also where you can go to eat.
    Top 3
    villa cabreros hostel
    Hostels in
    Corrales del Vino
    Top 4
    parador de león
    Paradors in
    The San Marcos Hostel is part of the parador (state-run hotel) network. Its five stars and is where the personalities’ who go to the city stay. Although no one knows who I am, I have stayed there several times and it’s a great place. A former convent and hospital for pilgrims traveling to Santiago, in the twelfth century, it is one of the architectural jewels of Leon. It is also centrally located so you can go for a walk around town without taking a taxi. The décor is Castilian like all paradors’. I love it.
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    hotel mora
    Hotels in
    Mora de Rubielos
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    sercotel ab rivas hotel
    Hotels in
    Top 7
    w barcelona hotel
    Hotels in
    This is the ending point for a lovely day in Barcelona. My route starts in the Sant Adrià marina in the Fòrum, passes by all the beaches in Barcelona, from Llevant to SantSebastià, and finishes up in this magnificent hotel, the end point for all would-be walkers and cyclists.
    Top 8
    augusta spa resort
    Hotels in
    We have been at this resort recently .... what tranquility, relax ... Upon our arrival they give you discounts which you can use inside the hotel. VERY GOOD IDEA The treatment has been very good by the employees ... what most drew our attention, is what good people they are and some of the treatments you receive ....
    Top 9
    hospital de benasque hotel
    Hotels in
    This place is situated in a prime location, in a natural setting of the Pyrenees. It is in the Aragonese town of Benasque, Huesca. It lies between the Natural Reserve of Posets-Maladeta and Aneto top, and next to the Nordic ski Plains Hospital. There are a total of 55 comfortable rooms. All rooms are adequately equipped to meet the needs of it's guests and to make them feel at home. The hotel offers its guests a great restaurant and a modern spa.
    Top 10
    parador de baiona
    Paradors in
    Top 11
    silken puerta america hotel
    Hotels in
    Not only for what all other travelers already commented: the impressive decoration, each of the floors is different, the cocktails in the bar, the menu in the restaurant, the splendid terrace... The atmosphere is simply great. You feel as if you were in a world where all fantasy is possible, where the customer is the most important. I went there only one night, but thanks to a special offer on their website, which I recommend checking out. The price included two cocktails at the bar and two other ones on the terrace. Parking was also included, which was supposedly free of charge but we had to pay half of it (check it before going). Our room was on the sixth floor, very futurist but sensual at the same time. The bed was very large, covered with black leather. The bathroom was made entirely of white marble, with a bath and a shower. It was connected to the room thanks to a screen you could knock down if you wanted to. We had booked another one but it was not available (you choose the room at the reception in the end) and to be honest we liked this one better than the one we had chosen first. The cocktails at Marmo Bar are impressive and original, no mojito or anything cliché. The terrace is good and the cocktails are more commonplace but very good. It is a must see. A place to go back to for a special occasion.
    Top 12
    ac hotel málaga palacio, a marriott luxury & lifestyle hotel
    Hotels in
    This amazing hotel can be found in the centre of Málaga. It has a stunning terrace on the 15th floor where you see the whole city (including the cathedral) and the port. You can dine in the restaurant, take a dip in the pool or enjoy a cocktail.
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    nh canciller ayala vitoria hotel
    Hotels in
    It is one of those hotels where you feel really bad the morning you have to pack up and leave. It’s comfortable, centric and all the details are carefully taken care of. The prices are great in low season, and compared to other hotels in Vitoria and Alva, in general it’s very good priced. The rooms are very spacious and comfortable, perfect to enjoy the views of the illuminated María Inmaculada Cathedral. The breakfast is an NH classic, of great quality and variety. So if you have to go to Vitoria for business or if you are looking to get away and relax and get to know the city, this is a great choice of hotel.
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    parador de cuenca
    Paradors in
    This hotel is located in a historical building: the old convent of the Dominicos de San Pablo, built in the 16th century. It's found in the outskirts of the city, in front of the famous Casas Colgadas. To get there you have to cross the iron bridge above the Hoz del Huécar. The building, as well as the environment and the views, is very beautiful. The building maintains its original architecture. The premises are situated around the central cloister and covered with windows so it can be used as a cafeteria. My room was huge, with a rural surface (covered with a carpet) and wooden furniture of rural style, in line with the aesthetics of the old convent. Over the headboards there was a sort of canopy. In front of the bed there was a piece of furniture that looked like an old cupboard where the TV and the minibar were hidden. Next to it there was a full body mirror and a living room area with two small armchairs and a low table. From the window we had spectacular views of the gorge of Huecar River. The bathroom was also quite large, with everything you need, including a hairdryer. Without a doubt it is worth paying a little more sometimes to stay in the Paradores. I really like staying in this kind of historical buildings.
    Top 15
    barceló asia gardens & thai spa
    Hotels in
    For those of us who love Asia, you no longer have to travel quite as far to enjoy the best the continent has to offer. This fantastic hotel belongs to the Barceló hotel chain and we were attracted by its architecture, quality, attention to detail, service, and relaxing, luxurious atmosphere. They didn’t miss a thing. My fondest memories are of the pool, the large, peaceful gardens, and the Thai center. The hotel gets a 10 in my book, and I’d recommend that everyone spends one unforgettable weekend there.
    Top 16
    cabanes als arbres
    Bungalows in
    Sant Hilari Sacalm
    An unforgettable experience that I recommend to try at least once in life. You're close to nature, away from all the stress and pollution of our daily lives, and living in a cabin in a tree. When you wake up, you're in the middle of a forest surrounded by numerous wonderful paths. It's ideal for biking and a bit of sports, with added facilities like the chlorine-free pool, treated with microscopic algae. There are no phones or internet coverage. It's perfect to get away from it all for a few days and live with your partner or spend some quality family time, something many of us have don't usually do because of the type of life many of us lead. A unique experience.
    Top 17
    meliá salinas - adults recommended hotel
    Hotels in
    Costa Teguise
    We chose this long weekend of December to exchange our price of “summer corners” (minube.com) since it was difficult to spend five nights in a row any other time, due to work. It was simply spectacular. The first thing they told us in the reception was “wow, you are lucky, I wish I had this price” and the second thing they told us was “if you are staying in a villa, you won’t go outside”. My camera says otherwise, full of pictures to share. The access to the villas is private and independent. They give you a key and magnetic cards which give way to the exclusive area of the villas. They first thing you encounter is a garden and an enormous pools that looks like a lagoon and a minibar, where everything is free of charge, even the cava bottles. The only thing that is not free is the beer. And it was what I most craved when arriving there. Afterwards you see all of the villas. Each one has its own name, ours was Villa Isabel. There is a pond with a small bridge that takes you to the pool and an oriental style bed with views of a spacious garden. It was too bad that the weather didn’t allow us to bathe there. You can imagine what you see once you are inside the villa. Details everywhere: chocolates on the bed, a welcome wine bottle, fresh fruit and aperitifs. The bed is huge and the relaxing area incomparable. The decoration is very nice and it has wifi connection. The prize came with breakfast, everything you wanted to order. I asked, out of curiosity how much this villa was for five nights and…well, I think I will never be able to spend 3000 Euros in five days. How about you? The location of the villas is perfect because you have the beach right in front of you and you have the promenade full of shops and restaurants. We didn’t get to see the rest of the hotel, since we spent all of our time visiting the island and then taking advantage of the villa, since it is so beautiful and expensive. Thank you for this prize that we are still enjoying today is our last day here, enjoying it while it lasts, since I’m not one of those who can afford this kind of experiences.
    Top 18
    parador de jarandilla de la vera
    Paradors in
    Jarandilla de la Vera
    I heartily recommend visiting the Valley of La Vera in the north of Cáceres and while there, staying at the Parador of Jarandilla de la Vera. You should remember that the area has more activity in summertime when the temperatures are more agreeable. Jarandilla serves as a good starting point and you can do day-trips to the Monastery of Yuste, Plasencia, the mountains, the spectacular Valley of Jerte, and, of course, buy some local paprika. Jarandilla has been a key area for various civilizations since times immemorial. You can find various examples of the area’s historical, cultural, and archaeological legacy from the Celts, Romans, Visigoths, and Arabs. However, one of the area’s most notable events was the arrival and stay of the Emperor Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany. He arrived in Jarandilla on November 11, 1556 and stayed in the Castle of the Counts of Oropesa which is now the Carlos V Parador. In the courtyard, you can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere with fountains and palm trees which really help you relax. There’s also a restaurant serving what, in my opinion, could be the best food in the area. I’d definitely recommend visiting Jarandilla and, if you do, staying at the Parador.
    Top 19
    hotel alfonso xiii - a luxury collection hotel
    Hotels in
    It is the most luxurious hotel in Seville, and would surely compete with any in the world. The king who gives it its name was the one who ordered its construction in 1928 to be the most luxurious in Europe, as part of the works that were being carried out in Seville for the Latin American Exhibition of 1929. Its list of tenants includes numerous royal families and personalities from all prestigious social ambits. All kinds of high-level services are available on demand. The atmosphere breathed inside is one of being surrounded by the finest luxury and elegance, bordering on the excessive without ever falling into it. Its location is also privileged, very close to the Alcázar, the Cathedral, the Giralda, Plaza de España, the University, Maria Luisa Park, the Archive of the Indies and the entire historical city centre. Recently, it has benefited from the pedestrianization and redevelopment of the surroundings as well as the arrival of the "tram" or "metrocentro", which has helped free Seville of the heavy traffic of cars and buses circulating in the area. Obviously, it isn’t within reach of every budget but it’s worth a visit, one must pay attention to the habitual offerings they tend to have with discounts that make for very interesting prices. To treat yourself.
    Top 20
    hotel rústico anatur
    Country Houses in
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    parador de alarcón
    Hotels in
    This parador is an old castle. It is smaller than other paradores but this is precisely why it is so appealing, even though the most charming feature is the architecture and its magical enclave. The municipality of Alarcón, full of monuments, makes this place mysterious and literally legendary, giving the impression that the majestic parador we first see when we arrive is the eternal guard of the village. The front view of the castle is so majestic that one feels really small when getting there. The courtyard gives way to the reception, the rooms of the tower, the bar, and the standard rooms. The rooms are cozy, comfortable and match very well with the rest of the place.
    Top 23
    parador de santiago - hostal reis catolicos
    Paradors in
    Santiago de Compostela
    Considered by some the world's first hotel, the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos (Catholic kings’ hostel) started as a pilgrim hospital after the monarchs visit to Santiago. They saw that the existing hospital was insufficient and earmarked a part of the "war profits" to build this beautiful building to serve "all the devout, sick and healthy that will come to the city." That Royal Hospital, which opened in 1509, was made with the vocation to be the largest and with the best infrastructure of the entire pilgramage route... And boy was it achieved! There still remain some of the "protocols" that were established to care for the sick, in which it is even specified that each one have a drywall so that the doctor can specify what should be eaten, how often they should change the straw of the mattresses to prevent infection ... Medical care ... As well as "spiritual", being that they made it obligatory to say the Lord's Prayer five times a day. Among the curiosities, it amazes me that they tended to the sick and the pilgrims in more than "half a dozen European languages.” Transforming afterwards into a hospital ("pure and simple"), in the late fifties it became a Hostel, becoming part of the Paradores Nacionales (state run tourist hotels) network becoming one of their emblems. The cloisters, chapels, stables ... Each and every one of the antique rooms have been remodelled and adapted to current needs, being that the hotel now not only provides refuge for its guests but also for events of all kinds: from weddings and cocktail parties, fashion shows, conferences, dances. .. Our heritage at the disposal of the public for the use and enjoyment of all.
    Top 24
    an ba romani hotel
    Hotels in
    Sant Llorenç des Cardassar
    Top 25
    eurostars madrid tower hotel
    Hotels in
    Stunning new hotel located in the north of Madrid in the Cuatro Torres Business Area. The location isn't ideal for tourists looking to stay in the center of the city and have everything close by, but it is perfect for businsessmen looking for a quiet place to stay.
    Top 26
    parador de segovia
    Paradors in
    Close to town: tranquil, swimming pool and fantastic views of the Segovia sunset. Eating, of course, is expensive. Good place where we finished our trip, very highly recommended. Tomorrow end of journey.
    Top 27
    barceló sancti petri hotel
    Hotels in
    Chiclana de la Frontera
    I have just returned from this wonderful colonial style hotel, a pleasure to sleep at, eat at, stroll through its so well kept beautiful gardens, bead-tree, lake with fish, turtles and water lilies of various colours, a great offer that is available throughout this month. The room is spacious and very clean, with a digital display in which you can choose the state for your room, for example, do not bother. Outside the room number is put in red, how pleasant! Without the need to put that little sign outside the door that can sometimes be removed by a joker passing by, leaving you unable to enjoy your privacy. If you do want them to put the room together change the state to available. Outside the room number turns yellow. If it’s in green it’s vacant. From this small screen, as well as from the bathroom and next to the bedside tables, you have a few buttons to choose from to regulate the light, to automatically close the curtains, to turn the TV on or for the reading light... One amazing room: comfy two by two meter bed, free minibar, very friendly hotel staff; the hotel complex is fantastic, a grandiose garden and more than five large pools each with Jacuzzi. A large spa that surprised me as it didn’t look too good from the photos on the internet and for 180 minutes. You leave well relaxed! Thermal loungers, aromatic showers, nebulisers... a pleasure. The restaurant is splendid. We got a great deal that’s available now in October that included half board, entrance to the spa and deluxe room. Fantastic dinner, exquisite food: pata negra (Iberian ham), very large prawns. In the kitchen, huge and tasty live ensis, lamb chops, Iberian catch ... all of very good quality. For breakfast, also in buffet, marvellous. Refilled quickly even when there was still half a tray left of, for example, caña de lomo (sausage made from whole pork tenderloin free of external fat, marinated and then stuffed into natural pork casings)... Today now that we have arrived, we miss such good mornings. Now is the season to enjoy at an affordable price this premium five-star hotel. What a pleasure it was to be in their lounges, so spacious and comfortable. An ample solarium for those who enjoy grass and tiles. A luxury at a magnificent price this month.
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    petit palace posada del peine
    Hotels in
    The Posada del Peine is a lovely botique hotel, with an unbeatable location in the capital: a few meters away from Plaza Mayor in Madrid. It is of the Petit Palace chain and has four stars. It is supposed to be the oldest hotel in Spain, since the building was an old inn in the year 1610, renovated in 2005 to house the current 71 rooms hotel. I definitely liked it and and I thought it was tastefully decorated. The house preserves the original structure and in the decoration they combined country elements like brick walls, wooden beams and forged handrails, with contemporary elements (crystal, design and white leather armchairs, modern lamps, light and straight lines in the furniture, etc.). They have also put all kinds of technology. In the room we had a flatscreen TV, a laptop with wireless internet and hydromassage in the shower. Of course we had air conditioning and heating, minibar and safe. The room was large and with modern furniture: a leather and wood headboard, with the night tables and two halogen headlights. We also had a desk (where the laptop was) and the TV above it on the wall. The bathroom was amazing, all white to give the impression of being cleaner if it is even possible, with the shower, the squared marble sink on a wooden worktable, magnifying mirror and hairdryer. However, I found a small drawback: the shower curtain! I think a glass screen would be much better. I guess our room was prepared for handicapped people since there were numerous handles and the shower was at the same level as the floor (I don't know about the other rooms). It is not a cheap hotel (starting at 100€ for the night), but it is definitely worth a whim because it is right in the center, lovely and you have many services you do not usually find in other accommodations.
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