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Things to do in Bilbao

388 contributors

The top 194 attractions in Bilbao

Museums in Bilbao
Guggenheim Museum
I have to admit that my relationship with the Guggenheim was love at first sight. When I saw it on TV I thought it was too modern, too unreal, too…I always found something wrong with it, but now I can only say that it is an authentic architectural marvel that has adapted to the city of Bilbao in a harmonious and perfect way. If you are lucky enough to visit it on a day when the sun and clouds constantly change the color of the scales, you can feel really privileged. And, of course, don’t forget to see the beautiful puppy guarding the entrance. You couldn’t ask for more. Bilbao definitely deserves a visit, and not only because of this impressive museum.
Neighborhoods in Bilbao
Old Town Bilbao (Casco Viejo)
I don’t pretend to give a lecture in history nor politics; instead I want to prove the greatness of Biscay and its people, who irradiate sympathy, kindness and hospitability, with these pictures. I was lucky enough to visit Bilbao on a Sunday, when the book fair of ancient books took place. I was amazed with the texts printed in Euskera (Basque), as well as the sheets and drawings. I let my host guide me and rejoiced with the beauty of the buildings and the sobriety of the institutions; the window in the train station is a jewel, as well as the endless corners that one discovers in these pictures, such as the one of the bar Río-oja, where you can see the inscription of the great floods in the eighties. Go visit the province and the gift of its nice and noble people, with strong traditions, that offer their humbleness to whoever may need it.
Bridges in Bilbao
Zubizuri Bridge
I love this different angle. At night, by day, from the side, from the other side, it's a perfect place to find a different picture so I can remember that trip. It's taken next to the "Gugen" museum, with the Isozaki towers in front. A charming landmark.
Rivers in Bilbao
Estuary of Bilbao
I spent this easter in Bilbao. I was surprised by how nice it is, how clean everything is and its people that are so friendly and nice. I spent a few days, its estuary, museums and of course the athletic football club.. what a feeling. Definitely a nice place to stay.
Of Cultural Interest in Bilbao
Alhóndiga Bilbao
The Corn Exchange. Impressive Arriquibar building in Plaza de Bilbao. It was previously used as a place to distribute wine, but today it's a cultural center for different activities such as library, study rooms, auditorium, swimming pool, solarium, cafeteria, etc.. In short, you can spend a whole day doing different activities.
Football Fields in Bilbao
San Mamés Stadium
This year, the San Mames Stadium is celebrating its 100th birthday, and already half built, the new stadium is going next door. That alone is worth the visit. We went on a Sunday morning and there was a huge line (moms with strollers, families, school groups, amazing). We bought our tickets and went during nap time, and there was still so many people. We first visited a mini-museum (no pictures allowed) leisurely, and then we started the tour. Apart from the stadium itself, there are a lot of worthwhile curiosities inside and things that the kids loved. A bust of Pichichi, a stuffed lion, the only Spanish stadium arch. The guide was very funny and we had a great time (even though I don't like football). I've told you everything in great detail and there are photos on my blog
Streets in Bilbao
The Streets of Bilbao
"Bilbao in gray makes us think of the transient that takes the maelstrom, in aeviternal, which has had a beginning and no end, in eternity, has not begun and will not end." Azorin. Bilbao brings me to the writers of the generation of 98 and walking through its streets is like walking into a novel by Miguel de Unamuno, who was born in Bilbao. Not surprisingly already anticipated Don Miguel: "Bilbao .and I will not ever completely die, because he can not die at all and I hope to live in it. " There lives the author, between the gray Azorín and rain, that stops us in our stroll and remarked: "Bilbao and rain, rain, lightly, blurring the air, dark facades and weak loins Archanda, gently raining. " Bilbao brings me to an old friend and told him that if I had to give an adjective to its streets, its people, it would be that of kindness and grace. Bilbao is like the novels, not being lovely or joyful, rather dark and sad, you can not help but remember it with a fondness.
Cathedrals in Bilbao
Bilbao Cathedral
Enchanting Visit the old town, its seven streets and its cathedral in the centre which was an old cemetry. Then check out its shops, its typical bars with its excellent cuisine and typical multiracial pintxos... that smell of old yet modern...
Theaters in Bilbao
Teatro Arriaga
The Arriaga Theatre is in Plaza del Arenal in the center of Bilbao. In 1834, the first "theater of the Villa" opened built on municipal land in Arenal. 52 years later it was closed and demolished, and in the same place rose the new theater that opened in 1890. It was called the "New Theatre Bilbao". In the square where the theater stood a plaque was placed in memory of Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga, he was a musician who was called "the Spanish Mozart". The square is also called Plaza Arriaga and eventually people also started calling the theater "Teatro Arriaga". In 1902 this became the officially name. In 1914 a fire razed it completely and in 1919 it was reopened again with Verdi's opera Don Carlo. In the floods of 1983 the theater suffered serious damage especially in the basement, damage was repaired by 1984. When you first enter the hall there is a wonderful staircase, two hands, with a red carpet, you feel like a queen climbing it. On the first landing of there is a bust of musician and composer Juan Crisostomo Arriaga. The Main Hall has stalls and three floors, was respected in structure and decoration as had previously been created. However, the stalls, had the novelty of an orchestra pit that can be adjusted to three levels and has room for almost a hundred musicians. The room seats 1,744 people, and the stage has a large capacity. The ceiling has paintings depicting allegorical poetry, music, tragedy and comedy. Figures also inserted in the mouth of the stage and nine busts of classical musicians, and in the centre the shield of Bilbao.
Streets in Bilbao
Gran Vía of Bilbao
There is no doubt that Bilbao has been converted into one of the most important cultural cities little by little. This is thanks to a great renovation policy of the estuary and lots of work to change its image. In addition to this is it one of the most important and comprehensive cities in terms of tourism. And more and more high-fashion shops and major firms are part of this offer. Because who has not dreamed of shopping in the legendary Fifth Avenue in New York or take a stroll along Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Without going any further Bilbao has one of the shopping streets of the country's luxury shops. The Gran Via is the best place to go shopping from stores like Zara, H & M, Bershka, etc. It also has luxury boutiques such as Gucci, Suarez, Carolina Herrera, Loewe, etc. Also there are numerous cafes, where entrepreneurs gather in this area of ​​the city. Be careful because being a street of such calibre, stopping for a coffee with toast could cost you an arm and a leg. It is easily accessible by subway or car and is one of the major business centres of the city. Hence the square meter of housing is skyrocketing.
Of Touristic Interest in Bilbao
Isozaki Atea Towers
I cycled from one end of Bilbao to another and these towers caught my attention. Anyone ve can make a short break, camera in hand, I recommend it. The Isozaki towers are beautiful, anyone that wants to visit definitely should.. They are striking, like all of Bilbao.
Museums in Bilbao
Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
I enjoyed the Antonio López exhibition. I thought it was marvellous, and I complemented it with a visit to the Louvre. Founded in 1908 and with the desire to make Bilbao a cultural reference, it has a permanent collection of very important paintings by artists like El Greco, Zurbarán, Goya, Murillo, Sorolla, Gauguin, Zuloaga, Chillida and Tapies.
Gardens in Bilbao
Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park
Spend evenings reading and walking. Sunbathing. Discovering photographs on every tree or every bird. In the center of Bilbao. Take a break when you are visiting or just to take the kids to play in the park.
Markets in Bilbao
Mercado de la Ribera
This market which takes its name from the banks of the estuary of Bilbao, where it has taken place since the 14th century. Now with the advancement of society, many no longer go shopping there, since almost every neighborhood has its own supermarket, but still people like going to continue with the customs.
Music Venues in Bilbao
Kafe Antzokia
The Antzoki is a classic of Bilbao nights. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with concerts and other quality spectacles, it becomes the most frequented place in the capital. It’s its only downside because, especially on Saturdays, it can get overcrowded with people. Even so it’s worth it. The music is varied: from reggae to punk to classics to commercial, such as Shakira. They have a lot of music in Basque, all kinds of styles, from classics like Sarri Sarri to songs of young artists such as Sorkun. The entrance is free and the drinks are reasonably priced. By day they have a menu which is very nice and good priced; the cafeteria has wifi. Once a month they celebrate Urbeltzen Ganbara: the prestigious Basque dance choreographer, Urbeltz, give a free two hour lesson open to everyone, including simple dance steps, which are interesting for dancers but apt for all.
Museums in Bilbao
Museo Marítimo Ría de Bilbao
The museum, just like its name says, is next to the ria of Bilbao. I went there when I was in high school, during a field trip to get to know the most important places in Bilbao. The interior part is divided into three main themes: 1. The ria, sea port; 2. The ria; 3. The ria, naval shipyard. The three areas have monographic blocks evoking the hulls of a vessel. This is the best way to know the ria of Bilbao and its characteristics. In the exterior part you will find the ancient dikes of the shipyard Euskalduna, where the boats find shelter aside the Casa de Bombas and the Grúa Carola (a crane). For all of those who have a boat, this place offers the possibility of docking in the jetty. The visit is worth your time!
Train Stations in Bilbao
Estación de Abando Indalecio Prieto
One thing that has helped transform Bilbao into the great metropolis it is today has to be the metro system. Any self-respecting city has a subway nowadays, and the Bilbao Metro project was started over twenty-five years ago, when the Provincial Council of Bizkaia realized how chaotic the metropolitan area was becoming. The first subway construction plan was approved in 1977, but it wasn't until 1987 when the Basque Government finally agreed to finance the construction of the Bilbao Metro. In 1988, an international design competition was held, and work began a year later. It was a stressful process, but today, the metro is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way of getting around Bilbao. It was designed by the English architect Norman Foster, one of the most important and innovative architects of our times. The project won the 1998 Brunel Railway Architecture Prize, for the entire metro and in particular Sarriko station. Foster's basic idea is the integration between architecture and engineering. Not everyone liked the controversial mixture of glass canopies and steel, but the Bilbao Metro is very easy to use, and there are stations all over the city.
Gardens in Bilbao
Albia Garden
This garden square is located opposite the famous Cafe Iruña, in the heart of the city of Bilbao. It is surrounded by interesting buildings, such as the courts, the headquarters of the PNV, and the church of San Vicente. The square has a fountain in the center, surrounded by a small pond, and various sculptures, like the one dedicated to Trueba, and another to Sabino Arana. In the vicinity are several nightlife spots.

The best things to do in Bilbao

Have your bags packed to go to Bilbao?
Well, there are so many places to visit in Bilbao that you won't want to waste any time. One of the top Bilbao attractions is the Guggenheim Museum founded in 1997. The bridges and walkways that adorn its river, such as the Zubizuri Bridge or La Salve Bridge are some of the other important things to see in Bilbao. The old town hosts a endless amount of monuments of historical and cultural value. Some of the most important attractions in Bilbao include the St. James' Cathedral, Plaza del Arenal, the Atxuri Station or the Zamudio door. Another of the best things to do in Bilbao is taking a walk in its parks and gardens. Disconnect for a moment from the hustle of the city in Doa Casilda Park or enjoy one of the best views of Bilbao in Etxebarria Park. One of the most original Bilbao activities is visiting the La Ribera de Deusto Zorrotzaurre. It's cultural district created by its citizens that has recovered old industrial infrastructure which preserves the essence of the area. If you're still wondering what to do in Bilbao, have a look at these tips from real travelers and find all the best stuff to do in Bilbao.