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Things to do in Valladolid

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The top 149 attractions in Valladolid

Gardens in Valladolid
Campo Grande
A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY This is a lovely place to relax in the big city, where nature is in full splendor. There is a large field which hosts many species of birds and the occasional squirrel ... if you visit make sure you're not to miss a trip tot Valladolid. Its construction goes back to the last century which gives Valladolid a senorial touchof a big city in the hands of Mayor Don Miguel Iscar
Squares in Valladolid
Plaza Mayor of Valladolid
During my latest visit to Valladolid we didn't need to go past it, but we must recognize that it is one of those parts of the city that calls out to you. It has lots of charm and it's well maintained. Despite the cold weather, you come to the square and can't stop to take a break and enjoy the view. Then, once that's done, you can go quietly to one of the sites and you will find tapas in the vicinity. A good Ribera de Duero and all arranged.
Churches in Valladolid
San Pablo Church
Personally I think the church is the most beautiful facade in all of Valladolid, but it's been under renovation for so long a time, sometimes we forget what's it was like from the outside. This is one of the most central churches of Valladolid, and also has one of the best architectural gems in its facade, based on a thorough sculpture, it's considered by experts as one of the best sculpted facades throughout Spain. This Church is linked to the Route of the Castilian Language and belongs to the Artistic Heritage of Spain.
Churches in Valladolid
Santa María la Antigua Church
For me, this is the most beautiful church in the city of Valladolid, capital of the autonomous community of Castilla y Leon. It is a Gothic church dating from the fourteenth century, with a beautiful Romanesque tower surmounted by a pyramidal spire. Outwardly speaking, a Gothic style prevails. The altarpiece of the church of Santa María la Antigua, was made by Juan de Juni, but today is kept in the Chapel of the Cathedral of Valladolid. Worship Hours: Monday to Saturday at 9:00, 9:30 and 19:15 h. Sundays at 10:15, 11:15 and 19:15 h. Price: Free admission.
Of Cultural Interest in Valladolid
Pasaje Gutierrez
One of the most beautiful parts of Valladolid, a shopping arcade from the 19th century that's still in perfect condition. It's small but charming and is one of the few remaining in Spain. On numerous occasions it's been the backdrop of movie scenes and is a must-see for tourists.
Museums in Valladolid
National Sculpture Museum
Personally I think that it's the best museum of Valladolid, and for those ve do not know, it recently changed its name and is now known as the National Museum of San Gregorio College, which was formerly known as the National Sculpture Museum. It is located in the heart of the city of Valladolid and contains one of the best exhibitions of sculptures in Spain and with many of its best works carried out by famous sculptors such as: Alonso Berruguete, Juan de Juni, Gregorio Fernández, etc. There are also a range of styles such as Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque . Their opening times are as follows: * From 1 October to 17 March, Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 to 14:00 -16:00 to 18:00 * From 18 March to 30 September, Tuesday to Saturday: 10 : 00 to 14:00 -16:00 to 21:00 * Sundays: 10:00 to 14:00. Closed: Every Monday of the year and some holidays. Their prices are € 3.00 and reduced overall by 1.50 € I recommend coming here and seeing all it has to offer, very interesting.
Churches in Valladolid
Church of San Benito el Real
I deviated from my route on my way back home and stopped by the Church of San Benito, near the main square of Valladolid, where coincidentally a procession was also taking place. It's a beautiful church to visit, along with the surrounding buildings, a market and an exhibition hall (usually showing photography exhibitions).
Cathedrals in Valladolid
Valladolid Cathedral
The Cathedral of Valladolis is magnificent, although it would have been even better if they were able to compelte it. Even so, you'll leave satisfied after visiting it. It you want more information you can visit:
Museums in Valladolid
Valladolid Science Museum
You can not imagine that city so secluded is located in classic, conservative contemporary style without any pragmatism, this place is endowed with cement, oxides, full-scale geometry and visual force any camera and photographer will be happy to portray.
Museums in Valladolid
House of Cervantes
I visited on a Sunday, as it's free that day. The house is small, but very well set and in great detail. It has a beautiful garden and is sitated very close to Campo Grande, Plaza Zorrilla and shopping. A recommended visit!
Statues in Valladolid
Columbus Monument
This is one of the most important statues in the city of Valladolid, located in the Plaza de Colon. It dates back to the year 1891, and was made by the sculptor Antonio Susillo and cast by Thiebaut Freres. It was initially located in Cathedral Square in Havana, where it remained until 1898, when Cuban independence meant that it was returned to Spain. It shows Columbus kneeling on a boat carrying the cross.
Statues in Valladolid
Campo Grande Photographer Statue
Everything in life is art, but a statue that blends with nature is called Beauty. This lovely statue is the work of Edward Square and you can see it in the Campo Grande in Valladolid, a park filled with art, flora and fauna. This statue is a tribute to a known family of photographers, the Muñoz. It was a family of street photographers highlighting Vicente Muñoz, who would become a Campo Grande official photographer for over 50 years. As you see in this corner, the statue shows you a photographer on the verge of having his photo taken and his right hand raised as if to say: Look at the birdie. If you want to sit, he will be happy to take a picture on this beautiful place called Valladolid, Campo Grande.
Squares in Valladolid
Plaza Zorrilla
One of the most famous figures in Spanish romanticism is José Zorrilla, who was born in Valladolid. This square is named in his memory and has a statue of him next to a very interesting fountain. You can see landmark buildings around the square.
City Halls in Valladolid
Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Valladolid)
The Town Hall is located in the very center of Valladolid in front is the statue of Count Ansurez. It is a modern building opened in 1908 as the previous building was demolished by then-mayor Miguel Iscar in 1879. In 2008, the town celebrated the centennial of the building. The building is made pressed brick and granite and was designed by architect Enrique Repullés. It has a rectangular courtyard with four towers and a clock.
Museums in Valladolid
Patio Herreriano
It would be a crime to go to Valladolid without visiting the Patio Herreriano. It's located in one of the cloisters of the Monastery of San Benito el Real, made by Juan de Ribero Rada, in the Renaissance style. The Herreriano Patio is a Spanish Contemporary Art Museum, with a collection that goes from the year 1918 to the present day. Their hours are: Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 to 20:00 hours and Saturdays from 10:00 to 20:00, Sundays from 10:00 to 15:00 hours. It's closed on Mondays, Christmas Day, and new Year's Day. It costs 3 euros, or 1 euro for concessions.
Statues in Valladolid
Conde Ansúrez Statue
This is one of the most visited statues in the city of Valladolid, because of its unbeatable location in the Plaza Mayor, right next to the city hall. It was sculpted by Aurelio Carretero.
Historical Monuments in Valladolid
Military Cavalry Academy (Academia de Caballería)
Cavalry Academy of Valladolid is in the center of town, on the Paseo Zorrilla and opposite Campo Grande. It is a style of building that was very common in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Today it is a museum dedicated to weapons. I did not go, but I have heard that it houses a collection of very interesting toy soldiers. A highlight is the Benlliure sculpture made in 1931 to honor the Cavalry, situated in the front of the building. There is also a tribute to the Regiment Alcantara, the only Army unit that won a Laureate of San Fernando after the disaster of Annual in 1921.
Of Touristic Interest in Valladolid
The Plaza de la Rinconada Fountain
Perhaps you have not seen a fountain so provocative and sensual? It's in the Plaza de la Rinconada in Valladolid, just behind City Hall and the main square and next to the church of San Benito. It depicts two naked men holding stones in the opposite direction, as if to hold the fountain. On the other side you can see two rams reprenting masculinity, brute force. As you can see it is a beautiful fountain. Many tourists and villagers stare because .... Whoever has seen two big men naked in the street in that position! Worth giving a good look up and down ... :-D

The best things to do in Valladolid

You'll need several days to cover all the stuff to do in Valladolid. It's a city that has a somewhat extraordinary architectural and cultural heritage and it's almost impossible see all the attractions in Valladolid. You can start with Major Bridge and traversing the streets of the old Jewish quarter to the Palace of the Counts of Benavente, in the Plaza de la Trinidad, and then continue to the Plaza de San Pablo, one of the most important places to visit in Valladolid. On the opposite side of this square is the Royal Palace, one of the important things to see in Valladolid since it's the former residence of the Spanish monarchs Carlos I, Felipe II and Felipe III, plus Napoleon Bonaparte during the War of Independence. In the surrounding area you'll find many palaces, churches, squares and more
Valladolid attractions. You should really make a list of what to do in
Valladolid before leaving that includes most
of the city's monuments and everything you want to see in the city. So with map in hand you can go directly to the places that most appeal to you. The amount of
Valladolid activities is so numerous that seeing everything is almost
impossible. It's best to wear good walking shoes and be eager for all the things to do in