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Things to do in Pontevedra

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The top 1.649 attractions in Pontevedra

Islands in Cies
Cíes Islands
Last summer I went camping with some friends in Baiona (Galicia) and the Cies Islands, both places are spectacular! We spent the first four days in the camping in Baiona; it was quite complete, with a small supermarket and cafeteria, pool and clean bathrooms. In Baiona we visited the city Santa Tecla and went to Santiago one afternoon. I love Santiago, it is a capital full of life. The cathedral is beautiful, just like its square, which has millions of bars to drink a beer and eat something. Everyone seems to be on the streets, impressive! The area of the Rías Baixas has its own microclimate and our stay couldn’t have been better, we came back really tanned. The weather was great. By night we needed a light jacket. From Baiona we took a ferry to the Cies Islands…they left me speechless, they are wonderful, spectacular! The immense beach, a Caribbean sea (although colder). The Cies are a natural park, so everything is quite controlled, and they only allow 200 persons per day. There you can find a small supermarket (very expensive), a camping and three bars. When night comes there is no light…just a few lamps installed by the camping, and the moon’s reflection. I wouldn’t change it for anything. The Cies have a natural charm. The people that camp there are quite hippie in style, but everyone is quite charming. You can explore the island in two days, although some of the slopes are quite steep. But it is worth going to the top. All of the routes are well signaled. Overall, it was a trip where we had to work hard (that’s the thing with camping) but I would do it all over again in a jiffy.
Villages in Combarro
We actually bumped into it, as we had to stop with the car to buy some things and we finally spent 3 hour there! The village is just beautiful, very peaceful and with a really wonderful beach. I have no doubt I will be coming back specifically to that place. I fall in love with it!!
Beaches in O Grove
A Lanzada Beach
Located at the tip of the Pontevedra estuary, Lanzada is known as the beach which attract many women who have not had kids to celebrate the cult of the waters and be fertilized by the ocean. This means you follow an ancient ritual of fertility: The eve of San Juan, the infertile couple should go to the "cradle of the holy" and have sex in this area that form stones beachside . Then, she should go to the beach next to the chapel and get wet "water of 9 waves" so that each of them reach the womb. They symbolize the 9 months of pregnancy which the Virgin granted to aspiring parents.
Beaches in Vigo
Praia de Samil
Praia de Samil is just outside Vigo, but it's easily accessible by local bus or car. There is a promenade, with many children's play areas, cafes and public showers. I recommend you go there during the low season, because in summer it gets too full.
Waterfalls in Barro
Islands in Bueu
Ons Island
This is a natural paradise where you can enjoy the beauty of the beaches, camping, hiking, and diving. You can also enjoy the typical restaurants of the island, with seafood specialties.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
This is a unique experience without having to leave the country. Enjoy a sunset at the beach in autumn I go to the Sanxenxo area every weekend with the three most important people in my life, my husband and my two daughters. It is a charming place, even more so with the best company, which makes it definitely one of my favorite destinations ....
Cliffs in Donón
Islands in Isla de la Toja
La Toja Island - Illa da Toxa
In the province of Pontevedra, connected to the Grove with a bridge, you will find its 110 hectares the Isla de la Toja with its 110 hectares of land. The island is easy to find and just a few kilometers from the Grove's aquarium. It is very close to Sanxenxo and well worth seeing. If it was not for it's well-known spa, we would probably not have seen it. The spa has beautiful views from anywhere on the island and the buildings are luxurious.
Villages in Baiona
Bayonne is a seaside town. Most people here base their livelihoods either directly or indirectly from the and it shows. It is a city that receives a lot of tourism because of their inn, marina and beach. It has a good nightlife, especially in summer. There are many establishments which are being renovated. They celebrate the festival of the Annunciation the first weekend of August.
Waterfalls in Silleda
Do Toxa Waterfalls
Visit Cataratas Do Toja, 10 minutes from the Galician town of Bandeira (Silleda/Pontevedra). A waterfall flows through a valley surrounded by lush vegetation, it is ideal for fresh air and hiking through stunning scenery.
Viewpoints in A Guarda
Bays in Vigo
Ria de Vigo
It is a Beautiful place with great beaches and good food. There are Trails for hiking, mountain biking, etc.. Sailing, paragliding ... There is even a nice golf course in Moaña with fantastic views from it's restaurant with good prices. In the southern part of the Ria de Vigo, you'll find the big city, with airport and all transport services. Both sides are connected by the Rande Bridge. A place to enjoy almost any hobby.
Of Cultural Interest in A Guarda
Castro of Santa Tecla
We met up with some friends from Caceres in Vilanoba. We were taken to visit the area and among other places they took us to a Castro Celta which is situated on top of the mountain, a hill overlooking the valley, the Galician river and the coast. It is the perfect place to look over the surrounding environment. They say in this town there were more than 3000 people living there. Its size is impressive because it gives a clear idea of ​​what life must have been like at that time.
Villages in O Grove
O Grove
The village is situated on a small peninsula, connected to the mainland by an isthmus known as O Bao. The isthmus leads to the beach as well as an extensive intertidal marsh complex, Umia-O Grove, which connects it with the City of Sanxenxo. The small island of La Toja can be accessed by a bridge dating from the early twentieth century.
Villages in O Grove
San Vicente do Mar
One of the most inviting places that I have found throughout the Spanish geography is this small town located in Galicia. San Vicente do Mar has all the charm of any place wrapped by the sea and has all the facilities of a city. A dozen beaches and coves are spread along the road between this town and A Toxa, my favorite ones are Raeiros, la Lapa, la Barrosa, Farruco… They are used to the human tide that arrives every summer…The town is very calm, because even though it’s flanked by popular places such as Sanxenxo and A Toda, it doesn’t receive as many visitors. My favorite part is the possibility of eating in restaurants such as O’Farruco or Marcial and to eat seafood at a reasonable price with great quality. The night is magical…in the Naútico you will see all kinds of people. Every day there are concerts and shows that you wouldn’t expect in such a hidden place. If you feel like spending the perfect holiday this is a great place to do it, with thousands of activities: horse riding, karts, sailing, paintball… And there are different sleeping options: you can rent an apartment, sleep under the stars surrounded by eucalyptus and lulled by the sound of the sea. Dear fellow travelers: come to San Vicente do Mar and see for yourselves!
Ruins in Cambados
Ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo
The ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo, Cambados are in the upper part of the village. It is a late Gothic style temple whose construction was ordered in the mid-sixteenth century. They are within a cemetery. The conservation status of the ruins is good and the environment is right.
Beaches in Cies
Playa de Rodas
In 2007, the Guardian announced that Playa de Rodas was the best beach in the world, a reputation which was followed the beach for better or worse. Don't get me wrong, in my opinion Playa de Rodas definitely deserves to be the best beach in the world. The sand is fine and white and the water is crystal clear. There are all kinds of gulls and sea-birds and you feel like you're miles from civilization. It's about 1.2 kilometers long and a walk along the beach offers nice views of the Vigo estuary and the Islas Cies. Getting there is easy: the ferry to the Islas Cies lets you off right at one side of the beach. The beach is a must-see though the water is pretty cold year round.