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Things to do in Malaga

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The top 413 attractions in Malaga

Cathedrals in Malaga
Málaga Cathedral
Whenever I approach the center of Malaga it seems as if the "manquita" greets me or asks for help upon seeing itself drowned by the buildings surrounding it ... Still, browsing around Malaga and finding its tower, from time to time, is a nod to the not-so-distant past, and a continual reminder that it's still there, nonetheless.
Streets in Malaga
Calle Marqués de Larios
Perhaps the most emblematic street of Malaga and the most known and central, is the Marquis de Larios or CAlle Larios .. as the locals call it. Larios street is named after Manuel Domingo Larios Larios, II Marquis of Larios, the promoter of the textile industry development in the city during the XIX century. In May 1880, at the same time they put a statue of the Marquis de Larios at the end of the main street, it was also given the name Marqués. With the proclamation of the Second Republic in 1931 the street was renamed calle 14 de abril, the statue that paid homage to him was demolished by the crowd and thrown into the sea. In it's place they put a statue of the worker ve since then has been at the foot of the statue of Marqués. At end of the civil war and by order of Franco, statue was rescued and returned to it's place, and the street regained its name. Not long ago, the street was pedestrianized, it's a delight to walk here contemplating the many shop windows in both sides, as well as sculptures by renowned artists. In summer is usually covered with to make the heat bearable or "land wind" that province "suffers" from.
Historical Monuments in Malaga
Alcazaba de Málaga
This place is accustomed to being compared to the Alhambra in Granada and is considered as its younger sister, though not as spectacular or as magnificent. But, although it is only half of the original size, it is still powerful and feared, beautiful and admired. Granada is admired for its stucco, the calligraphy of poems that adorn its walls, its high domes and wonderful decoration, but the Alcazaba, which is also a woman, is proud of her crafted bows and especially the mystery of her walls. It also has beautifully intimate gardens and waterfalls. There is a museum for those ve visit its Roman remains, Arabs and Spaniards, the people ve built, lived, loved and defended it.
Harbors in Malaga
Port of Málaga
You can always admire the boats in the harbour and the enriching experience of tranquility that they give off while strolling through the Port of Málaga on any day. These harbour boats can never offset the threatening clouds. It creates a certain degree of recollection for it's beauty. The reflections given by the light make it even more beautiful.
Festivals in Malaga
Feria de Agosto (Malaga Fair)
August Fair, the great fair Malagueña, is visited by tourists from around the world in search of fun and culture on the historic streets of Malaga. At night, the party continues on Campus Cortijo de Torres until dawn.
Viewpoints in Malaga
Mirador Gibralfaro
This is the sunset as seen from the Mirador de Málaga Gibralfaro. I also recommend watching the sunrise, which is equally as wonderful. From there you can see a panorama of the city of Malaga, with Plaza de Toros on one side and views of the city on the other, as shown in the picture. In the center of the picture is the Cathedral Church of the Incarnation, known to some as "The Manquita", due to the fact that one of the towers of the main facade is unfinished.
Beaches in Malaga
Baños del Carmen
Baños del Carmen is the place if you're looking for an unbeatable sunset. It is semi-abandoned which helps give it that special touch; at times, you feel like you've been transported to another decade. I'm from Malaga, but I never get tired of coming here.
Museums in Malaga
Museo Picasso Málaga
Do not miss the Pablo Picasso museum if you spend an afternoon in Malaga. I suggest going with someone ve can explain the curiosities and background of each piece of art. I have uploaded two pictures, one representing the "character of women" and the other hinting at a second person ve seems to embrace a child from behind. It is forbidden to take photos and video inside the museum.
Ruins in Malaga
Roman Theatre of Malaga
This was built on the hillside where La Alcazaba was erected. Its remains were discovered in the fifties, after being buried for centuries. After this, it was finally partially rebuilt on the remains of the theater, housing the House of Culture, former Municipal Archives and Library. It was not until the nineties, when the library was demolished completely, that its restoration continued. It can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, and is closed on Mondays.
Squares in Malaga
Plaza de la Constitucion
La Plaza de la Constitución is a square in the historic city center of Malaga, Spain. It's the old Plaza Mayor, during the Nasrid period it was already a main square, known as La Plaza de las Cuatro Calles or Plaza Público. It was renamed to La Constitución in 1812, but historical it's constantly renamed: From De la Libertad, de la República Federal, del 14 de abril and de José Antonio Primo de Rivera, until democracy when it was renamed de Constitución. In the nineteenth century, it underwent some modifications, several buildings were demolished and houses were built with shopping malls like Pasaje de Heredia and Pasaje de Chinitas. .In 2003, the square and the nearby Calle Marques de Larios became pedestrianized.
Gardens in Malaga
Malaga Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanico de la Concepcion)
I have hiked to this garden many times, but I have really only known its magic through the lens of the camera. Here are some specimens, showing the greatness of the Botanical Garden and the magical corners within it. I hope you enjoy it and, if you visit, you feel as enthralled as I did...
Museums in Malaga
Museo Automovilístico de Málaga
A great museum if you like cars, dedicated to cars through the ages. Here you can see some of Europe's largest engines. If you have a favorite car brand, you're sure to find it here. My favorite is James Bond's ... what's yours? If you pass through Malaga, be sure to stop here!
Beaches in Malaga
La Misericordia Beach
The beach of "Mercy" is set in a picturesque corner of Malaga, where I go whenever I can to visit my family or to rest when I go on holiday. It is a wonderful place where the dawn rises majestically, full of light and life. Where you can walk along the promenade in the morning, feeling comforted in both body and mind. The coolness of the water and the sun shining on the shore give me energy. Returning to this remote corner of Malaga is one of my great pleasures in life.
Streets in Malaga
Pasaje de Chinitas
If you’re looking to get a glimpse into authentic Malaga, head to the Pasaje de Chinitas, especially if you’re in town during the raucous Feria de Agosto. The street itself is an icon of the city – within its narrow confines, countless flamenco artists, writers, and poets have come to meet, drink, work, and fight. These days it has obviously cleaned up a bit, but it’s still a place loved by locals where you can escape the hyper-touristy Calle del Marques de Larios area for a few minutes and enjoy some good music, cold drinks, and company. We drunkenly came upon Pasaje de Chinitas during the Feria de Agosto and we immediately decided it was the place for us. The upstairs neighbors had brought out their stereo equipment onto the balcony and were blasting flamenco and rumbas while all the locals packed into the street were dancing, clapping their hands, and drinking unthinkable quantities of this sickly sweet wine called Cartojal. We ended up spending the rest of the day there and had more fun than we had in the rest of the fair combined. To, if you’re in town for the Feria, head to Pasaje de Chinitas because that’s where the party is at! If you’re just in town visiting, I’d still recommend stopping by at night to get some drinks and soak up the atmosphere.
Beaches in Malaga
Malagueta Beach
The Malagueta Beach is the first thing we have to visit after arriving here. It's a place where you spend a great night and stroll along the shore and then move to the center to eat something which is less than 1km away.
Historical Monuments in Malaga
Málaga's Historical Centre
It's been almost a year and half that I've been living in Málaga. While living here, I was able to discover the city little by little, and yes I't s lovely city. I call it the City of the Sun, or the Summer City. The amount of tourists in Málaga is insane, even only in March or April it's filled with people already wearing shorts and flip-flops, looking for sunshine. The beaches in Málaga are really nice, I don't like the sand (I must confess) but only because it's too thin, and I'm used to the big grains of sand in the beaches of Portugal. There are palm trees everywhere in Málaga, it reminds me of Summer movies in Miami! The city center is really pleasant. The "Calle Molina Larios", a big street filled with shops, cafes, restaurants and tapas bars, is one of the streets where you must walk, in order to discover all the goodies this city has to offer. You'll find adorable bakeries, like "A Canasta", with small balconies where you can sit and enjoy a cappuccino and one of the most well known pastries of Málaga - Locas. If you want to go for tapas and some sweet wine, you must visit "El Pimpi" at Calle Granada. Everyone wants to go there, the place is huge and gorgeous. On your way there you'll find the Picasso's Museum and a bit further you'll the find "Plaza de la Merced" where you can also take a picture with Picasso (well, a statue of him) and visit the house where he grew up. And since where visiting Málaga, you must not forget to visit the Port and the "Muelle Uno", which is a big opened shopping mall, that offers entertainment, fashion and restaurants. Basically I found everything I know in Málaga by walking around every street and every little corner. I suggest you do the same, and let yourself dazzle with this city!
Markets in Malaga
Mercado Central Atarazanas
Visiting a market is always a good idea to get to know the real daily life in a city, it's better if you find yourself in building as strange as Atarazanas. Don't miss (it is actually difficult to do)the marble door of the Nazari naval workshop which stood originally in place and gives its name to the market or the large rear window.
Museums in Malaga
Museo Casa Natal de Picasso
The Picasso Foundation is located in the painter's birthplace, in the Plaza de la Merced of Malaga. Picasso's parents came from families that move to Malaga in the early nineteenth century. His father was from Cordoba, and his mother from Genova, hence the un-Spanish surname he became famous under. Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga on the October 25, 1881. In the year 1891 his family moved to La Coruña, then in 1895 to Barcelona, where he stayed until 1904, the year he moved to Paris. But Picasso never forget about his native Andalucia, and returned to Malaga four times, in the summers of 1895,1896,1987 and winter 1900-1901. The Foundation offers exhibitions, workshops, conferences, etc. The schedule is the same as the museum, from Monday to Sunday.

The best things to do in Malaga

If you're anxious about what to do in Malaga, don't worry! Whether you visit in summer or winter, you'll find a wide variety of things to do in Malaga. As you'd expect from the south of Spain, beaches rank among the top things to see in Malaga.
There are totally urban beaches, such as La Malageta,
as well as more remote beaches where you can enjoy splendid sand in a more natural setting. Taking in the beautiful sunsets while enjoying a cocktail at one of the many beach bars is one of the best Malaga activities.

Apart from beaches, the city is also famous for being the birthplace of Picasso. The house that the famous painter was born in has been converted into a museum and is one of the most interesting
places to visit in Malaga. The museum often organizes temporary exhibitions alongside the permanent collection, and it's the perfect place to learn a little more life and work of the artist.

If the weather is a little cloudy or you are tired of sunbathing, a walk through the Old Town might be the best option. Some of the most important attractions in Malaga proper include the Roman Theatre, the Alcazaba, the Cathedral, and the Jewish Quarter.
The Alameda, and Calle Larios are also full of worthy Malaga attractions as well as charming cafes and tapas bars.

As you can see, there's no shortage of
stuff to do in Malaga! Whether you want sun and fun, history, or exquisite Spanish cuisine, you're sure to find something you like in Malaga.