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Things to do in Leon

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The top 316 attractions in Leon

Cathedrals in Leon
León Cathedral
The cathedral, the most representative of the gothic French style in all of Spain, isn’t the biggest of size, but it’s the biggest when it comes to spirituality. The luminosity resulting from the magnificent and extensive stain glass windows, gives something special to the building, which has two of the most important stained glass collections in Europe. You can count the thousands and thousands of artistic details throughout the cathedral. I’m an art student, and was completely impressed. The most famous legend about the cathedral of León and all of León is about the cathedral’s mole. If you visit the cathedral, make sure to look for the dark figure just above the main entrance. Legend says that when the cathedral was being built, the builders finished a wall, for example, and went home. When they returned to work the following morning, the wall they had built had toppled down. The same thing happened time and time again, until they realized it was a mole that was breaking the walls they were building. One night, after finishing, they stayed there to watch over the wall and hunt the mole. It’s believed that the workers buried the mole inside of the wall, just above the main entrance. That’s the story. All I can tell you is that if you happen to stop in León, you must take the time to see the cathedral. There are also guided tours, and entrance is free.
Neighborhoods in Leon
Barrio Húmedo
In the old part of Leon, the Wet District is the area that collects all the gossip of the city, especially the San Martín Square, where you can taste the typical products. Jerky, black pudding and hash. Along with local wines or beers you can have a really great time, especially if you're in good company. The Plaza Mayor's a typical image of a Spanish square with its arcades and its Saturday market. In one corner, there're wooden columns holding up the house and an empty niche recalls that in ancient times this corner could have been the scene of some neighbors' prayers addressed to any image you found inside.
Palaces in Leon
Casa de los Botines
Magnificent neoclassical building next to the Palace of Guzman. It was built by Gaudi, in chairs from the mountains of Leon. The highlight of the facade are the 4 towers at the corners, slate capped pinnacles. Above the main entrance there's an impressive sculpture of St. George slaying a dragon. Inside there are stained glass windows on cement base, precious. Opposite the building is an urban sculpture in bronze by Antonio Gaudí sitting on a bench. Today is Cajaespaña headquarters, and it sometimes hosts temporary art exhibitions. The building was declared a historic monument in 1969, it is worth a visit, if only in appearance.
Churches in Leon
Convent of San Marcos
Next to the Parador de San Marcos and integrated in the same building, this church was consecrated in 1541. It's Gothic style is decadent and inside, there are the choir stalls of Juan de Juni and Guillermo Doncel. To the right of the choir stalls, there is a small room in which Don Francisco Quevedo was imprisoned. The temple is divided into two parts separated by a wrought iron fence. Nowadays, it's often open for mass, but for years it served to separate the space of the parishioners from the altar intended for special visitors. Another aspect of the interior are the small chapels on the sides designed as confessionals. It's decorated with plateresques and the facade is full of shells from pilgrims. You can get to the museum though the church, and it has windows overlooking the interior patio.
Museums in Leon
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (MUSAC)
The last time I visited my home country, I visited the Contemporary Art Museum and "enjoyed" the exhibition that was on at the time, referred to as: Primer Proforma 2010 Badiola Euba Prego. 30 exercises, 40 days, 8 hours a day. Made by artists: Txomin Badiola, Jon Mikel Euba and Sergio Prego. The exhibition can be viewed from 30 January until June 6, whose inauguration will be held on April 10 and is in Halls 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Musac Leon. I don't understand modern art that much, and it got me a bit down, being that obvious that I did not like anything. The problem is that it really is very difficult to understand, but Express your opinion yourselves looking at the pictures and videos that I made. But then you have to understand the exposure as it tries to carry out the work of 3 artists and 15 volunteers ve will work on exercises that are requested by artists for 40 days and 8 hours a day. The work will be totally isolated for concentration, participants must be volunteers willing to work for 6 weeks, working 8 hours a day.
Squares in Leon
Plaza del Grano
Located in the old town of Leon, and even though it's called something else, its official name is Plaza de Santa María del Camino, as is the church of the same name. There is a characteristically medieval lion, so I recommend that the ladies don't wear heels walking around the square. Don't miss it, and if you can go at night, even better.
Streets in Leon
Calle Ancha
Broad Street is one of the main streets of Leon, as it follows the old route of the Legio VII Roman, 1st settlements in the city. It's a pedestrian street that starts in the lower part of the Plaza de San Marcelo and at its highest part finishes in the Plaza de Regla. Towards the right side of Broad Street you'll find the popular District Wet and on the left side or the romantic neighborhood Cid (where is the Collegiate Church of San Isidoro) . Ancha Street is an obligatory place of processions, parades and pageants. On its right hand side there's a small chapel, the Cristo de la Victoria, where they usually do stop the steps of S. Holy and even sing arrows. It is the best place to watch the processions. On both sides of the street are buildings of 2 or 3 stories high, in which there is low enough shops and bars and cafes, which often draw their terraces to the street. A lot ambientillo place for a drink, and very crowded.
Churches in Leon
City Halls in Leon
Palacio de los Guzmanes - Diputación de León
Located in the XVI century Renaissance palace, whose details I will not elaborate, because other minube travellers have done so very well. This is the entrance to the Tourist Office, close to the corner of Cid street with Ancha street. Above all, the opening times: during high season, ie from July 1 to September 15, at Easter and bank holidays, it is open daily from 9.00 to 20.00. During low season, I.e. the rest of the year, Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00. Every Sunday from 9.30 am to 17 pm.
Squares in Leon
Plaza Mayor de León
The Plaza Mayor is located in the "Wet District" of Léon, in the drinking area and the most emblematic restoration point of the city. It is a pedestrian plaza, which has recently built an underground parking accessible by foot from the square and by car by Caño Badillo Street. This is a typical Spanish square, surrounded by houses with arcades, where there are a multitude of bars which during good weather make good use of the terraces - it is therefore a great place to stop and have a drink. The Plaza Mayor is the venue of a traditional market of fruits, vegetables and sometimes small animals like rabbits or chickens, every Wednesday and Saturday mornings. It also hosts several holiday events such as concerts, tapas fairs, or the traditional "meeting" of the Good Friday procession. In the past it also served as a bullring. There are two notable buildings: The NH Plaza Mayor, and before that the old Town Hall, a building of Baroque façade flanked by two towers. Throughout its history it has had various functions: Municipal School, Municipal Archives, Home Relief, court, child orphanage ...
Museums in Leon
Gardens in Leon
Quevedo Park
One of the main attractions of Quevedo Park is that inside there are several bird species that you can take pictures of. It's also very close to the Plaza de San Marcos and the hostel of the same name.
Squares in Leon
Plaza de Regla
This is, with a doubt, the meeting point for all visitors and tourists ve come to Leon to admire the world's most wonderful Gothic cathedral, the Cathedral of León. It's a fully pedestrian square, so you can take a leisurely stroll in the shade of this wonderful Gothic monument, which contains much more.
Historical Monuments in Leon
Markets in Leon
Leon Farmers Market
The market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday in Plaza Mayor, Leon and is the place where you can buy the best fruits and vegetables, brought directly from the countryside at a great price. I can remember this market from when I was small, accompanying my mother to shop here. There is now an indoor space, though formerly it was completely in the open, exposed to the summer sunshine, rain and harsh winter frosts of Leon. Apart from plant products, you can buy cheeses and homemade sausages, and other craft products like natural honey. Years ago there were even live roosters, chickens, and rabbits and authentic free range eggs, but they were banned from selling them for health issues. Also, in the surrounding streets, there are other stalls where you can find clothes or music CD. I do not know now, but you used to be able to haggle. However, the prices are infinitely lower than in any supermarket. It is an excellent place to buy but is only open in the morning.
Shopping Centres in Leon
Calle Ordoño II
Leon's main street is dedicated to Ordono II, an old King of Leon, who reigned for 10 years. He died in Leon, and is buried behind the high altar of the Cathedral. The street is bound by two important places: At one end, going from the station, Plaza de Guzmán el Bueno, and at the other end of the Plaza de Santo Domingo. Broad Street is an extension of Ordono II. It is open to traffic, under it there's a 4-storey underground car park. On this road you'll find the main financial institutions in the city, offices and shops. Some buildings of interest are: The City, Banco Santander, and a popular musicians stop, Café Quijano.
Shows in Leon
Pendones Leoneses Festival
Located in the XVI century Renaissance palace, whose details I will not elaborate, because other minube travellers have done so very well. This is the entrance to the Tourist Office, close to the corner of Cid street with Ancha street. Above all, the opening times: during high season, ie from July 1 to September 15, at Easter and bank holidays, it is open daily from 9.00 to 20.00. During low season, i.e. the rest of the year, Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00. Every Sunday from 9.30 am to 17 pm.
Shopping Malls in Leon

The best things to do in Leon

Since Roman times, this city has been one of the most important in the Iberian Peninsula, so it's no surprise that in every corner you look you'll find stuff to do in Leon. Most of the places to visit in Leon are clustered inside the old wall, which remains largely intact. Within it, we can find Leon attractions as interesting as the cathedral, the Church of San Isidoro, and Plaza Mayor.

Off the beaten path, Piazza del Grano is not usually included among the list of attractions in Leon, but it's well worth a visit.
It is a square stone with a large fountain in the center and a tree, surrounded by small arcades which hold bars and restaurants. It's one of the best places to enjoy summery Leon activities drinks on a terrace on a warm night.

But the things to do in Leon are not limited to the interior of the old town. Outside is the Parador de San Marcos, which is not only a five-star hotel but is also one of the most beautiful things to see in Leon. Take advantage of the walk to San Marcos to visit MUSAC (Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y Leon), not only for the exhibitions inside but for the building itself, which won several architectural awards worldwide.

You should have no trouble filling your list of what to do in Leon, but if you do need help, look at the Minube community's recommendations.