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Things to do in San Sebastián

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The top 139 attractions in San Sebastián

Beaches in San Sebastián
La Concha beach
Located in the most centric part of the city, this beach was a much awaited destination when arriving to San Sebastián. We traveled there, after spending some time in Bilbao, to see and enjoy this sunny beach, which is full of people, ve don’t seem to bother each other, and put my feet “on the other side of the Atlantic”. It was an unforgettable moment. It’s framed by the bay of the same name and surrounded by a beautiful esplanade with elaborate iron rails, where the artisans offer all kinds of necklaces, bracelets, wraps, etc. It is surrounded by a great quantity of buildings, palm trees, tamarinds and a great quantity of all types and colors of flowers; the image of Sacred Heart on the top of Mount Urgull, by Federico Collaut-Valera, seems to guard the bathers, fishermen, sportsmen and inhabitants of the city. The location of the beach, the telephone number and the website can be found in the official tourism website of San Sebastian.
Cliffs in San Sebastián
The Comb of the Winds
You see it from afar and it doesn’t seem to say anything. But once you are closer, you can suddenly feel the wind, water, rocks and iron united in a symbiotic combination. Allow the wind to mess up your hair and spend some time seated in this almost magical place. You have to get there walking, San Sebastián is the ideal city to walk and enjoy its contrasts: colors, beaches, buildings, food and landscapes.
Viewpoints in San Sebastián
Monte Igueldo Lookout
In Mount Iguelo's Amusement Park, you'll find one of the best viewpoints in San Sebastian (I think it's a must-see). From there, you can, at a glance, the whole coast of San Sebastian, even beyond the city, the entire Basque coastline and its interior.
Of Cultural Interest in San Sebastián
San Sebastian Old Town (Parte Viejo)
This is one of the many parts of Donostia that will grab your attention! I love walking through the narrow streets of the old part, with its various taverns with pintxos and txiquitos. The harbor is on your left, the Bretxa market on your right, and in the background is the Church of Santa Maria, and in front, the town hall square and the beginning of Contxa Bay. You couldn't ask for more.
Cathedrals in San Sebastián
San Sebastian Cathedral
This cathedral is in Amara and was designed by the architect Sebastian Manuel de Echave. It is about 1900m2 and was opened in 1897. It was inspired by Germanic Gothic cathedrals and the stained glass windows were designed by Juan Bautista Lázaro. The windows that close the apse represent the 12 apostles and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. It's in the extension of Amara and was designed by Sebastian Manuel de Echave. It's 1900m2 and was opened in the year 1897. It was inspired by Germanic Gothic cathedrals and the stained glass windows were designed by Juan Bautista Lázaro, those that close the apse represent the 12 apostles and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
Zoos in San Sebastián
San Sebastian Aquarium
Every Saturday at noon, San Sebastian Aquarium has a fascinating activity, in which guests can temporarily become an aquarium attraction by diving into a tank of a million and a half litres of water, surrounded by sharks, turtles, rays, eels and countless fish. The programme is: 12:00h: Arrival at the Aquarium 12:00h to 12:30h: Lecture on sharks and 12:20 to 12:45: Preparation and instructions 12:45H: 20-25 Immersion minutes. All you need to bring is your swimsuit and towel, and the aquarium provides the rest. An instructor will accompany you at all times, and two people can dive at once. Although it may seem boring to dive in a tank, especially for someone who has hundreds of dives under their belt, and also the water is cold, 18 degrees, compared to the norm in Asia or the Caribbean, which is around 30, the amazing thing is the proximity to the marine life. The bull shark, passing within a meter of you, is two metres long and weighs 200 kg.
Hiking in San Sebastián
Monte Urgull
I went up to this place on the bridge of the constitution for the first time; I had already been to San Sebastian several times, so it was time to visit here. I was not disappointed, it's a totally different view than the Igueldo, because here it feels like you're flying above the city and the old town. The museum there has different stories of San Sebastian - it is very good and it's free. It's worth making an effort and go.
Beaches in San Sebastián
Ondarreta Beach
This is where I spend a few days every summer, San Sebastián. One of the most beautiful cities I know as it's a mix of city and nature. The mountain that can be seen is the island of Santa Clara, at the center of a shell-shaped beach called La Concha beach.
Squares in San Sebastián
Plaza de la Constitución
The Plaza de la Constitution, popularly nicknamed "La Consti" is probably one of the most important squares of the city, where throughout the year there are various festivals, for example Tamborrada (January 20), and the St Tomás festival (21 December). The city hall used to be in this square as well as a bullring. That is why the balconies, which were the boxes, are numbered.
Of Touristic Interest in San Sebastián
Monte Igueldo Teleferico
This funicular was opened in 1912 by Queen Maria Cristina. It's one of the most charismatic attractions of San Sebastian. It has a capacity for 50 passengers back and forth, and leaves at the end of Ondarreta beach and goes to the very top of Mount Igeldo. If you're in the city, don't hesitate to ride it. It's an unforgettable experience, and the views are spectacular.
Beaches in San Sebastián
Playa de la Zurriola
Playa de la Zurriola is one of San Sebastian's three main beaches and probably the best for surfing due to the powerful waves. You can rent a wetsuit and board there for around €10.00 per hour. Courses are available, too.
Harbors in San Sebastián
Gardens in San Sebastián
Alderdi Eder Park
This is a busy place with beautiful views of the beach, the island of Santa Clara, City Hall and the statue of the Sacred Heart at the top of Mount Urgull. One of the biggest attractions of these gardens, for children especially, is without a doubt its carousel, which gives this capital a feel of authenticity.
Streets in San Sebastián
Paseo Nuevo
This is a nice walk on the upper Aquarium, where rough sea waves can reach a height of 10 meters. It's impressive to watch these waves, and you'll probably get soaked. Although it is dangerous, and they often advise you not to get too close. But, there are a number of reckless people!
Palaces in San Sebastián
Miramar Palace
This is an English-style palace with neo-gothic decorative elements, located on the San Sebastian coast, with stunning views across the bay of La Concha. The interior has some fine areas that remain true to its original design, such as the White Hall, the Hall of Music, Wood Hall, the Petit Salon, the Royal Library and the Dining Room. The rest of the palace has been renovated, after it was purchased by the City. In 2007, the tower was restored.
City Halls in San Sebastián
San Sebastian Town Hall
The Town Hall is located just off the Alderdi-Eder Gardens, between two of the main tourist attractions of the capital, the beach of La Concha and the historic old town. It was built in 1882 by architects Luis Aladrén and Adolfo Morales de los Rios, but originally it served a different purpose: it was inaugurated in 1887 as the grand Casino, with Queen Maria Cristina of Hapsburg in attendance. When gambling was banned in Spain in 1923, it had to close its doors, and in 1938, it became San Sebastian's Town Hall.
Football Fields in San Sebastián
Anoeta Stadium
Upon arrival at the hotel, we found out that the next day there was going to be a Basque and Bolivia game, and we thought, why not go? Surprisingly, after buying the tickets, we found out that the Bolivia team was staying at our hotel. There was lots of ambience and anecdotes during the game. 29/12/2012
Viewpoints in San Sebastián

The best things to do in San Sebastián

The Playa de la Concha is, without a doubt, one of the most essential things to see in San Sebastian. Aside from one of the most famous beaches in Spain, the beach is also near two of the most important places to visit in San Sebastian: Miramar Palace and La Perla Centro Talaso.

From Playa de Ondarreta, you can travel by cable car to Mount Igueldo, another of the most popular San Sebastian attractions where visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the city. At the end of the beach, you can also find the Peine del Viento, a work by the sculptor Chillida that has become a true symbol of the city.

From Ondarreta you can also take boat trips to the Isla de Santa Clara, but if the tide is low and you're in the mood for more physical San Sebastian activities, you can get there swimming as it is only 500 meters away.

However, the list of what to do in San Sebastian isn't just limited to the coast, there are also plenty of things to see in the city center. Some of the most interesting things to do in San Sebastian proper include the Kursaal Convention Center (famous for hosting the Jazz Festival and its beautiful nighttime illuminations), the Victoria Eugenia Theatre (headquarters of the San Sebastian International Film Festival), the San Sebastian Cathedral or the San Telmo Museoa, which is located in an old Dominican convent. For more stuff to do in San Sebastian, check out the tips and recommendations from minube's community of real travelers and discover all the best activities and attractions in San Sebastian.