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Things to do in Alicante

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The top 176 attractions in Alicante

Castles in Alicante
Santa Bárbara Castle
The freedom to explore the castle at no cost is worth the hike to the top! Gorgeous views and no lines
Beaches in Alicante
Playa del Postiguet
This lovely beach is located in the city of Alicante, specifically, just to the north of the Port of Alicante. It is incomparable; it’s located right in the heart of Alicante in the shadow of the Castle of Santa Bárbara. The beach is lined with palm trees and lots of vegetation and is basically an icon of the city. At the east end of the beach near the Marina and the Sangueta neighborhood, you’ll find the Cocó beach. It’s a wonderful place because it’s where they set up the fire castles and the famous bonfires on the Night of St. John. It’s an iconic place that you can’t miss if you’re in Alicante.
Harbors in Alicante
Port of Alicante
Alicante has always been known as a port city and for this reason its port has always been a key part of the city. The Port of Alicante is situated in the center of the city and, in some respects, is the city’s nerve center and heart of activity. Nowadays, it doesn’t just serve fishing purposes, but rather is home of many of Alicante’s main entertainment areas. The entertainment area is in a part of the port and to get there you can take a lovely walk around the port. After all, the path is well-maintained and is more like a boardwalk in many respects. The most noticeable place is undoubtedly the huge casino covered in neon lights that you can see from a distance. Around the casino, there is a high concentration of bars and restaurants and that’s where the locals and tourists typically go. Along the port, you can also see various sculptures; one of which that struck my attention was of a surfer leaving the water. It is gigantic and everyone usually takes photos with it. By the way, I know I’ve only spoken about the port as a leisure area, but it’s also the place to catch ferries which sail to various destinations like Oran, Algeria or Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands.
Neighborhoods in Alicante
Barrio de Santa Cruz
This small neighborhood known locally as the Santa Cruz neighborhood, is, in my opinion, the best part of Alicante. It’s the only place where you can taste a part of Alicante’s past. The houses are all a bit ramshackle and bundled together on the side of the road, but up in the higher areas, the houses are well-maintained and better decorated. The small neighborhood is found right next door to the historic areas shadowed by the castle higher up to the right. The path to and from the castle offers some beautiful panoramic views. Above everything, there are a few viewpoints where you can see the coast and the bay on both sides of the city. This small neighborhood, known in the city as the Santa Cruz neighborhood, is my favorite in all of Alicante. It’s the only place where you can find the old flavor of the town. The small houses are pegged right next to each other. They're well cared for and decorated. The small neighborhood is at the foot of the old quarters, with the castle to the right. The path to get there and back offer great panoramic views. At the top there are some lookout points where you can see the coast, the entire bay, and both sides of the city. To find yourself in the middle of this neighborhood in Alicante is quite a pleasant surprise
Gardens in Alicante
Explanada de España
More than 6 and a half million tiles (made from marble) were used to construct the tricolor mosaic covering the ground of the path. It’s the most internationally recognized sight of the city. It's located parallel to the marina, between palm trees, which is nice and cool in the summer, pleasant in the winter. It’s a perfect place for a walk, to play, or to read a newspaper. There’s a small market on weekends, which is very well known throughout the province. There’s also a ton of bars and restaurants all over the place. If you are lucky and can see the city’s symphony orchestra performing, make sure to do so. They usually have concerts sporadically throughout the year.
Festivals in Alicante
Bonfires of San Juan
You can enjoy the bonfires of St. John during the month of June. Wherever you go, you’ll find burning fires at night, and even fireworks on Postiguét beach. Nightlife is guaranteed as there are impromptu stands set up all over the place which serve food and drinks, and there’s live music until late. You can enjoy the Saint John bonfires during June. You can find “ninots”, which are burned at night and on Postiguet beach you’ll find great views of the fireworks. It’s a time of guaranteed party, as they put food and drink stands across the city and have music well into the morning.
Beaches in Alicante
Alicante Beach
As I couldn't go very far away this summer, I've been visiting the cities, beaches, and villages of Valencia, including beaches like Santa Pola, El Pinet, Alicante and even some of the local village festivals such as at Elche. I hope you enjoy it!
Churches in Alicante
Basilica of Santa Maria
This Gothic-style church was built on the remains of one of the most important Moorish mosques of the era. The entryway is Baroque and the main altar and baptismal pool in the interior are done in the Rococo (Late Baroque) style, with Carrara white marble (from the school of Michelangelo) and a Gothic-style stone image of St. Mary.
Of Touristic Interest in Alicante
Old Town Alicante
The colorful old town of Alicante has two very different faces: the first is the calm and peaceful one you see in the morning. On sunny days, you walk through the neighborhood and see all the colors of the buildings and the local barmen cleaning the pavement and opening up shop. The other face is at night: the same streets are home to dozens of bars, restaurants, and drinking holes. It’s known as “el barrio” and there’s always partying going on until the wee hours, concerts, and general revelry in the streets. Everyone knows where this neighborhood is, so if you ever have any doubts, just ask.
Festivals in Alicante
Moros y Cristianos
It’s a sensational experience with an incredibly festive atmosphere. They recreate the history of their culture and the origins of the region and the battles that took place between the Moors and the Christian.. Parades, clubs, bands, costumes, landings, and a lot of gun powder. All that participate are great when asked to pose for pictures.
City Halls in Alicante
Alicante Town Hall
The area which extends from the city to the Basilica of Santa Maria is a lovely walk through the environment accompanied by ancient buildings and pedestrian areas with terraces which invite you to relax and recuperate.
Coves in Alicante
Cap Las Huertas
This is the place where I was born, photographically speaking. I've spent years coming here to play sports, walk or just to watch the sunset. Although I no longer live here, I visit as often as I can.
Cathedrals in Alicante
Concatedral de San Nicolás
This magnificently preserved building is over 600 years old, and has become an important reference point for all of Alicante. The interior is nothing special; the most interesting thing is the exterior, and it looks remarkable, as if it's been shoehorned into the neighbourhood. It's located in the old city, so it's easy to get to, and there's no admission charge.
Coves in Alicante
La Albufereta
Between Cabo de las Huertas and Albufereta Beach pier there is a particularly charming sea area, where you can find anglers and small fishing boats.
Squares in Alicante
Plaza Gabriel Miró
This is one of the most beautiful spots in Alicante, so I always take visitors here when they come to see my city. It's popularly known as "Plaza de Correos" (post office), because the abandoned old post office is here. It's right in the heart of the city, close to the main shopping area and the old town. The most beautiful thing about it is its spectacular vegetation, particularly the lush ficus plants. A beautiful fountain stands right in the middle of the square. It's proof that there's more to Alicante than sun and sand. Definitely one of the most pleasant places to stroll through the city center.
Museums in Alicante
Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ)
The Provincial Architectural Museum of Alicante was a great surprise. I must admit that when I head to the coast, I don’t usually have museums in mind. But this time I went, and I don’t regret it! I’d heard talk about this museum and the truth is that it didn’t disappoint. It had an exceptional temporary exhibit and another permanent one about the Iberos and the local history that was in fact very interesting. It’s very well put together, interactive, and isn’t stuffy like a lot of museums, something I always like. If you feel like doing something cultural in the city, this is your place! The Archaeological Museum of Alicante was quite a surprise. I must say, that when I vacation to coastal towns, I usually don’t visit the museums. However, I decided to this time and I did not regret it one bit. I had only heard good things about this museum beforehand and it turned out to be absolutely true. It has an season exhibitions and permanent ones, like the Iberians and the history of the region, were very interesting. Everything is set up well, interactive, and has an innovative feel to it, which is always helpful in making a museum interesting. If you feel like doing something cultural while in the city, don't think twice about visiting this museum.
Squares in Alicante
Plaza de los Luceros
This is one of the most important places in Alicante, particularly for the bonfires during the San Juan festival. It is a very central square, and the highlight is its beautiful fountain, a symbol of the city. The horse monument at the fountain is in the expressionist style, inspired by nature. Daniel Bañuls was commissioned to sculpt this work of art, which has become its own right in one of the most popular in the city. During the week, the traffic here can be a problem, but it's still worth going to take some pictures and admire the spectacular fountain. Definitely one of the best places in Alicante.
Of Touristic Interest in Alicante
Vicente Javier Casas Carbonell
It is the most interesting building in town. Here you can enjoy excellent views over Postiguet beach and the marina. On the ground floor there is a tourist information office, good for picking up detailed town maps. You can start a walk through "the Esplanade", a typical Alicante park, or have a bite to eat on the beachfront in one of the bars open all year by the sea ... ..

The best things to do in Alicante

Looking at the skyline is one of the essential things to do in Alicante, and where better to do that than the Castle of Santa Bárbara, one of the top Alicante attractions? It stands on the summit of Mount Banacantil and is visible from all points of the city. This is one of the most largest medieval fortresses and one of the best preserved in Spain. The fortress has three campuses at different heights, and can be reached by cable car, so it's one of the most accessible places to visit in Alicante.

And do not miss the Keep, the Parade or the Baluarte de la Reina, more things to see in Alicante. Another of the many historical attractions in Alicante is the castle of San Fernando. Built during the War of Independence to reinforce the defensive line of the city, it is perched on one of the hills surrounding the town of Alicante, the Tossal mountain.

Once inside the city, Alicante's rich historical heritage is reflected in its numerous civic and religious buildings. The old part of the town offers a wealth of answers to the question of what to do in Alicante. Here you can see the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the basilica of Santa Mara and the Ayuntamiento. Alicante Square also has numerous green areas, parks and promenades.

The Esplanade of Spain, the marina of Alicante, is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city thanks to its undulating mosaic built with six million marble tiles. Next to the Marina, you'll find Park Canilejas. This is the oldest park in the city, with ancient ficus on display. Other Alicnate activities for nature lovers are the park The Palm, where you can rent a boat and cross the lake, and the nearby popular Santa Cruz.

But we can not talk about stuff to do in Alicante without mentioning its great urban beaches like the beach of San Juan, Postiguet Beach and the coves of Cabo de las Huertas. To enjoy other beaches and coves, you can go to the neighboring island of Tabarca, a paradise just eleven nautical miles from the city.