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Things to do in Honduras

254 contributors

The top 121 attractions in Honduras

Ruins in Santa Rosa de Copán
Copán Ruins
I from this country and I can tell you that if you want to see the beautiful that is you most go to copan
Islands in Roatan
Lakes in Siguatepeque
Lake Yojoa
A roadside site where you can eat from a variety of choices like the popular plate of fried fish on Lake Yojoa, or a hamburger. It also has a viewpoint where you can see the lake and a very well organized butterfly museum. It is a great place to relax.
Cities in Tegucigalpa
It was an experience at a techno concert and the people, no matter who they were, just rode the event . It was full of surprises with good music and art.
Villages in San Pedro Sula
San Pedro Sula
Old houses in the center of San Pedro Sula are disappearing. Very few have been restored and many owners have chosen to demolish them instead to build commercial buildings and restaurants. Walking through the city I found this old house, which was being emptied by a truck after three years of being uninhabited. I immediately saw the furniture and asked if I could enter. When I did, one of the first things I saw was a piano with the music sheets still attached. It looked like someone had been playing it just a few minutes earlier. Time stopped in the corner of this house and I was able to immortalize such a beautiful musical instrument in my mind before it became history.
Bays in Cayos Cochinos
Cayos Cochinos
This is Cayos Cochinos is located in the Bay Islands, Honduras. I trully recommend this awesome place. It is part of the largest coral in the world.
Beaches in Cedeño
Cedeño Beach
I've lived for 23 years in cedeno and is the cutest place that exists. The only thing to do is to fell mangrove and this is a refuge for marine animals. A mangrove reforestation is needed urgently.
Sports-Related in Utila
Diving in Utila
The island of Utila is the cheapest place on the planet to take the Open Water, Advanced or Dive Master courses. With increbiles prices (170 euros for all open water courses), the cheap prices do not mean that the quality of teaching suffers. Most of the diving sites here are very professional, with good safety measures and spectacular scenery. The reef that runs from Belize to here is the second largest in the world after Australia. You can see real forests under the sea and catch amazing glimpses of wildlife like the whale shark. A tip: you do not go in the rainy season, where the water is a bit murky. A must if you're traveling through Central America.
Castles in Omoa
Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa
Through this door came soldiers, prisoners and conquerors during the colonial period in Honduras. Nowasdays there is still a guard ve collect the tickets from the tourists ve visit this historic Spanish legacy.
Cathedrals in Tegucigalpa
Cathedral of Tegucigalpa
The Cathedral of Tegucigalps has undergone a restoration of its walls, dome and clock. Built in the 18th century, the clock in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Tegucigalpa, which was installed 133 years ago, started working again after it was repaired after being out of use for 72 years. The Guatemalan expert Antonio Ceron made clockwise and move back to the bells sounded to give time to the thousands of passersby who daily spend on the cathedral in the historic center of the Honduran capital.
Gardens in Tela
Botanical Garden Lancetilla
Situated on the Caribbean coast, in northern Honduras, about 7 kilometers from the city of Tela, based on the size and variety of its flora, is the second largest tropical botanical garden in the world, with species found throughout Central America. There is no public transport to arrive here, so we had to negotiate the taxi price. In one morning you can see everything without any problem.
Islands in Amapala
After taking so many trips to the island, I was finally able to travel like a tourist. I saw more detail of its corners, and Amapala is a place where time passes, excellent for meditation and relaxing.
Shops in Tegucigalpa
Second Hand Shops
Something very shocking, and quite disheartening-about Tegucigalpa is that most of its clothing stores are second hand. But it's not like the Fuencarral street shops of Madrid, where "second hand" means modern or chic. In Tegucigalpa clothing from the United States: are the "bales". What are the bales? It's clothing donated by Americans to "inhabitants of the third world." This clothing ends up being sold in these shops. When a store hangs the sign "open bale" in its window it means that the last bundle of clothes arrived from the United States ... Much to ponder, very disheartening.
Of Cultural Interest in Roatan
Islands in Utila
Útila Island
Diving and Partying! cheap and friendly.
Villages in Comayagua
This area has become one of the most important tourist centers of Honduras (second only to the areas on the coast of the Caribbean and the islands), due to its history as a colonial city. In the city center you can find the Plaza Central, where you can see the mayor's office (built during the sixteenth century in a Neoclassical style) and Comayagua Cathedral, which is the most important tourist attraction of the city, being one of the largest and most beautiful in Honduras. I did not think it was up to the standard of other places (Granada in Nicaragua, for example) but the advantage is that it is very well connected, 80 km north of Tegucigalpa and it is a safe town (which is quite rare in Honduras). You can also hike pretty easily to Lake Yojoa.
Cathedrals in Comayagua
Cathedral of Comayagua
Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Comayagua, dates back to the years 1634 and 1711, and it is one of the most representative architectural monuments of colonial architecture, being the largest and most beautiful of all the cathedrals that were built in Honduras. It has four altarpieces, with a fantastic high altar with wood carving that are covered in sheets of gold, some with exquisite paintings and other beautiful pictures. There is a floor with a the form of a which has three naves, all covered with barrel vaults and hemispherical domes. It is asymmetric as a single bell on the left side with four floors.
Beaches in Tela
Tela Beach
Tela, on the Caribbean shoreline, is the most popular destination. It's a perfect place to relax on the country's most beautiful beaches. The program is delightfully monotonous: Packed with seafood and long hours in the sand, interrupted only by swimming in the emerald waters. The best beaches are located east of the city. For a dollar you can hire a boat to take you to Punta Sal National Park.