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Things to do in Cyclades

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The top 242 attractions in Kikládes

Islands in Thira
Santorini (Thira)
Fira is the capital of Santorini, a small island in an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Aegean. If you arrive by boat, you'll see a small town "hanging" off the side of a mountain that seems incredible. Keep in mind that you'll be sailing through the crater of a volcano! Once you arrive, there are three ways to get to the village: In cable car, up a steep and winding path, or by donkey, which is quite an experience. You will not believe the views you'll have as you head up the hill. The contrast of the blue Aegean with the white houses and chapels is incredible. Seeing the small ships in the distance is also a wonderful experience. From wherever you are, walking down streets, in a shop, bar, or restaurant, you'll have amazing views that you will never forget. You'll love it!
Villages in Oía
Villa de Oia
A must if you go to Santorini is walking the streets of this beautiful town. You can get close using the bus that leaves from the capital, Thira, or rent a car to explore the rest of the island (45.00 € a Hyundai i10 for the whole day). You also have the option of a quad with which you can feel the warm air of the island on your skin. Once in Oia all you have to do is walk through the streets, either following the main street or strolling through the intricate web that form the streets and where you will meet impossible terraces over the sea and small houses with doors and windows brightly colored and adorned with plants which will relax your mind. Also you can visit the many shops and flooding the village where you will find beautiful craft crafts and jewelry. Totally recommended, before leaving the village, is to take a cold beer at any of the inns that hang over the side to continue the visit to Santorini with new strength! I'm sure someday I'll heard it is pending to see with my own eyes, remarkable sunsets!
Streets in Mikonos
Little Venice of Mykonos
Beauty Unleashed in one of the nicest places I have visited. From the windmills there are views to Little Venice highly worth a mention, but here are some of different angles and lights. This little wonder of Venetian origin, near the Kastro (old town) and in the centre of the neighborhood of Alefkandra (Natural panning site).
Viewpoints in Oía
Sunset in Oia
In the summer of the year 2012 I had the chance to visit Santorini, in Greece, in the Aegean Sea. I was already aware that it would be one of the most lovely islands that Greece has, but to arrive and be there, not only reaffirmed what I already knew but it was one of the most lovely places I had been in my life. Being there, just let yourself enjoy the beauty that surrounds you from the tiniest to the biggest corner. Its architecture and white contrast make a perfect combination with the blue of the sky and the sea that surrounds it. Being there inevitably calls romance, the dream,and enjoyment. All this is just why most couples from Europe, Asia and other continents choose this little paradise for marriage, as the environment is seen and felt in this place is romantic and marvelous. In Oia, a small town of the island we can see one of the most beautiful sunsets, with a range of stunning colors. Santorini is definitely and will always be the best destination for anyone whose goal is to enjoy beauty at its best
Beaches in Thira
Red Beach
Red Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches on Santorini. It has red fine sand and rocks and is located near the ancient village of Akrotiri. The beach can be reached by boat or by car. The beach gets its red color from the iron sedimentary rocks and the sand itself is actually red like the rocks. The sun is quite bright, but you can rent an umbrella and a sun chair for 7€. There is plenty of free space before noon so make sure to go early because it fills up with people. The first few feet of water near the shore are quite rocky, so you better pack some sandals. And when the evening comes, prepare to see one of the most beautiful sunsets on Earth.
Villages in Mikonos
Mykonos Old Town
The island is the mixture of the calmness of the inhabitants with the non-stop partying of the tourists. The island is small and easily explored if you rent a small car. Gas prices are €1.78 liter. You should come with the desire to have fun and relax, if you can. Mykonos is recommended for its clean water, pretty beaches, and connections to other islands and the rest of the country.
Volcanoes in Oía
Volcanic Caldera of Santorini
The huge bay that forms the island of Santorini called attention, especially if you get to the island by boat. The dimensions of the cliffs of the bay are incredible, but it is less a sense of being, deep within the caldera of a volcano. We know that the island of Santorini experienced one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history over 3500 years ago. By then flourished on the island one of the first European civilizations, the Minoan culture. This eruption whose effects were noted around the globe, launched into the air, leaving a huge crater that was filled by the Aegean Sea, forming one of the world's most incredible islands. One is left speechless in Santorini. The views from the top of it leaves you in awe from its cliffs. I love the feeling perceived from the village of Oia, which is at the top of the boiler. From there, the ocean is so far away that it gives the feeling of being over the true Mediterranean. By the way, the volcano of Santorini is still active and the island has undergone many eruptions and earthquakes from the cataclysm of antiquity. Part of it can be seen from the small island of volcanic origin that is right in the middle of the bay. This island has been growing slowly over centuries to reach its current size.
Islands in Naxos Islands
This island is located in the Cyclades, Greece. It's the perfect place to relax and bathe on its beaches. The old city is wonderful and the people are friendly, quiet, simple and enjoyable. The food and the prices are very good. The old town is lovely. The beaches are quiet with fine sand. It's stone gateways are wonderful.
Historical Monuments in Mikonos
Mykonos Windmills
We could only enjoy Mykonos for a few hours, just enough to watch a picture- perfect sunset. No touch-ups are necessary when the image quality is this good. I leave you one from my personal album (if you want to use it, please credit the author).
Beaches in Mikonos
Agios Sostis Beach
The Greek island of Mykonos has a well-deserved reputation for being a destination for sand, sun, and partying. But, the island is also incredibly beautiful and its natural beauty is worth the visit, even if some areas, especially the south, are too crowded. Almost like a counterpoint, many of the northern beaches a relatively quiet and, since the island isn't that big, you can reach them from the city in less than 40min. After searching around for a bit, we decided to stay in Agios Sostis, a gorgeous cove with clear water and very few people. The beach has a great restaurant you must visit where they serve fresh fish. Right above the beach, there is a charming white chapel in the typical Cyclades Islands style.
Churches in Thira
Agios Ioannis Apokefalistheis
Today, I want to talk about this small chapel, near Skaros. It's beautiful, and it's like a terrace to the sea. It was closed when I went and I could not find information anywhere. But it was beautiful, white with blue crosses, which defy the sky. If you go, you must go to the highest point of Skaros, for the view, and for this tiny little church and another located on the other side of the rock. They are beautiful!
Beaches in Oía
Amoudi Bay
I propose a very exotic mix...Beach, Diving, Clifsf, Taverns, Boats, Sun, Mountains and Adrenaline ... All in 1 place. It is one of the nicest places I've had as a kid. It's called Amoudi beach and it is below the town of Oia. It is notable for having excellent fish tavernas and fantastic coffee. The landscape is incredible, the shading contrasts with volcanic mountains rocks by the ocean. You can access the drive by the old pumice mines. It is a perfect place to go with a diving mask and watch the ocean. There is also a cliff about 7 m high from which people jump off of (even the little ones)! It is an amazing adrenaline rush!. This place is not a beach itself because it has no sand but there is a stone esplanade in which you can put a towel. Anyway, here are the photos to enjoy and I encourage you to come to one of the most romantic and beautiful Greek islands, Santorini.
Villages in Imerovigli
A picture is worth a thousand words. This vacation was unforgettable. The people, the landscape, the food, the environment, the climate - everything was great. The hotel was probably the worst part. We wanted to get another hotel, but with patience and persistence we stayed in the hotel that we booked.
Temples in Naxos Islands
Apollon's Gate
This is the 100th place I've visited, and since it's a nice, round number I thought I'd share some info about Naxos, the Greek island with you. The Portara, Apolo Gate is the most representative monument of the island, the entrance to a temple dedicated to the god Apollo that was never completed. Today the only thing left standing is the imposing gate, on top of a small hill near the [poi = 77697] Naxos port [/ poi]. It is usually one of the first things that you look to get to the island, but the sight of Portara at sunset is simply magical.
Villages in Firostefani
Between Fira and Imerovigli lies this traditional town, one of the best scenic spots on the island of Santorini.The Greeks consider it a continuation of Fira Firostefani. Firostefani is definitely a quiet neighborhood full Santorini's most picturesque white houses, perched on the cliffs of the caldera of the volcano. The accommodations are somewhat cheaper than in Fira.
Islands in Mikonos
The island of Delos (Greek Δήλος, or "Dilos", meaning "stable and visible") is one of the smaller Greek islands of the Cyclades chain, in the Aegean Sea. It's also known as Lagia, Hare Island, Ortygia, Island of the Quails, Cintera , and also Chlamydia, Belts, Pelasgia, or Pirpile. Technically, it belongs to the peripheral region of Mykonos. It was once one of the most sacred places of Greece. Greek mythology says that emerged from the ocean stuck in the trident of Poseidon, but was still initially a floating island until Zeus chained it to the sea, making a safe-haven for Latona, away from Hera's jealousy, to give birth to Apollo and Artemis. As the birthplace of Apollo, it was one of the most popular places to worship him, and the island was his possession until he exchanged it with Poseidon. It now houses archaeological wonders. At one time, it had over 50,000 inhabitants and true works of Greek art. Luxury homes, banks, shops, squares, temples, all built over 2 millennia. Enjoy the pictures, I enjoyed it!
Beaches in Mikonos
Platis Gialos Beach
One of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Mykonos. Perhaps the most "familiar" as it's closest to the capital (barely 5 minutes by transport) and also where there are more hotels, restaurants, delis, etc. The clear blue water, sun loungers, sun, white sand and a landscape that rather seems more caribbean than mediterranean. If Paradise Beach is the party animal, this is quiet yet but with enough people, so if you want privacy, don't seek it here. Very close there is a 5-star resort where I had an amazing pint. As we had to visit all the beaches and bays of Mykonos during your stay, this was our first and we liked it.
Villages in Thira
We all have the image of Santorini, the villages perched on the Caldera, Imerovigli,Firostefani, Fira or Oia on the west of the island, but the east of Santorini is fairly flat and there are towns like Perissa, Kamari Monolithos or the same with a more tourism geared towards relaxation, with much more extensive beaches. From Kamari you can say it's a town where tourists flock for its long beach, the largest of the island. We also can´t forget that only a few kilometers away are the most important ruins in Santorini, Ancient Thira, which have stunning views.