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Things to do in Cardiff

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The top 22 attractions in Cardiff

Castles in Cardiff
Cardiff Castle
The Cardiff Castle is in the very center of the city in the Welsh capital. Admission is about 9 sterling pounds. It was a Norman castle, which was built on top of an old Roman building. The great wall rebuilt from the base of the original wall really draw your attention. Admission includes an audio guide that takes you along a path of the castle, first outside and then inside. Definitely a rigorous visit if you come to this city.
Castles in Cardiff
Castell Coch
Castell Coch is a castle in the SXIX reconstructed by William Burges, the architect who designed the nearby Cardiff Castle on an earlier one from the middle ages. The exterior is constructed to look like a real medieval castle, with a drawbridge, and a moat surrounding the castle ... Inside the castle, the decor is baroque as it was a castle used as a summer residence by one of the most influential families. Although there are lots of trains and buses from Cardiff, the most interesting way to get to the castle is a path-cycle path for both pedestrians, bikes and horses called Taff Trail (it runs along the River Taff) that can be caught from Cardiff Bay or a little later, from Bute Park. The trails are each about 5 miles (8km one) of smooth ascent. There are hardly any hills, so it is very nice for going by bicycle. Highly Recommended
Stadiums in Cardiff
Millennium Stadium
The Millennium Stadium is the official state stadium of Wales, built close to the river and a few hundred meters from the historic center of Cardiff. Both rugby, the most popular sport in the country, and football are played here. It has a capacity of 74,500 spectators, and was used for the finals of the FA Cup, the Carling Cup and the Community Shield when Wembley Stadium was being renovated.
Bays in Cardiff
Cardiff Bay
As Cardiff is the capital of Wales, the seat of parliament is found here in Cardiff Bay. I was able to visit it and I was surprised as, in contrast to most parliaments, this is a truly cutting edge, eco-friendly building. The light enters through enormous windows, and the rest of the structure is made almost entirely of wood. There are stunning views of the bay front, so it's especially nice on a sunny day. There are many ethnic restaurants in the area, and it's especially beautiful at night, when the colored lighting creates really amazing effects. I reached Cardiff Bay Barrage Coastal Path from Penarth, a small town south of Cardiff. The walk is very scenic, and takes about an hour.
Palaces in Cardiff
Cardiff City Hall
The Town Hall in Cardiff is truly impressive, built of the same kind stunning white stone that was used to build the central building of the ancient universities. The building was inaugurated in 1906 and is an example of the Edwardian Baroque style. The statues that decorate it are important characters in the history of Wales.
Historical Monuments in Cardiff
One of the four constituent nations of the UK, Wales makes up the western part of the island of Great Britain, and has its own proud cultural identity. Over 300,000 people live in its capial, Cardiff, which was once the world's busiest coal harbor, ahead of Liverpool and London. The city was fortified by the Romans during the occupation of the British Isles, which lasted until the beginning of the 5th century AD. You can still see remains of the wall around Cardiff Castle, which was founded in 1091 by the Normans. Other castles and important historical religious buildings can be seen throughout the country. More than three million people live in Wales, with two-thirds in the south. The official languages ​​are Welsh and English. Near the capital, authorities have created a Historic Park, which contains buildings, furniture and equipment typical of Wales, in addition to the flora and fauna. An aristocrat even donated his own castle, which was moved there stone by stone. Because of the extensive mining tradition, a wide network of canals to transport coal was built, and is currently used for leisure sailing barges. The once world famous Big Pit Mine is now the National Coal Museumm having been closed for years. In 2000 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Universities in Cardiff
Cardiff University
Founded in 1883, Cardiff University campus is the oldest in the region. There are several buildings arranged around the imposing stone building that sits in the center surrounded by a park. The rest of the buildings are decidedly more modern with colorful facades and geometric designs in the windows. The latest buildings include a center for brain research and optometry and vision science.
Flea Markets in Cardiff
Riverside Market
Right on the river bank opposite the Millenium Stadium, Sunday Market is a street market of the kind you'll find in many British cities. The stallholders mainly sell handicrafts and natural jams, loaves of bread, and chocolate with some unusual flavors. You can also find some food to take away, like classic crepes and vegetable soup. I found plenty of spices and grains to make exotic recipes that I wanted to experiment with.
Gardens in Cardiff
Bute Park
Although the most famous parks are located in London, many other cities in the UK boast huge expanses of green as well. The largest park is the Victorian-style Bute Park which borders the gardens of the castle. Visiting in the fall is particularly astonishing as there is such a great variety of colors from red, orange, pink, purple, and yellow. Don't miss the curious little things like an old trunk-shaped nose of a wild boar or another dry old tree where an owl and a dog are carved into. There are also lots of squirrels.
Markets in Cardiff
Cardiff Market
The old covered market stands in the center of Cardiff among the new malls and shopping centers. The market is spread over two floors and offers a wide range of products ranging from vegetables and fresh fish to decorative items and knick-knacks to bars and restaurants. There are also more unusual shops such as the record store that sells new and collectible items, and even an old-style barber shop!
Palaces in Cardiff
Philharmonic Hall
Once the main auditorium for concerts in the Welsh capital since being built in 1877, this neo-classical building in the center of Cardiff is no longer used for its original purpose, and today is only licensed as a bar. The lobby has lost a lot of its original charm, but the facade is still beautiful.
Palaces in Cardiff
Cardiff City Centre
The heart of the city of Cardiff is not very big, but is definitely different in its appearance. Within a few hundred meters you'll find typical British-style houses, ancient red brick buildings, and ultra-modern and futuristic blocks. A large part of the center is pedestrianized, and it is busy day and night, with people walking, shopping and clubbing. There are also street vendors and street artists ve sell their work or offer small performances.
Music Venues in Cardiff
Wales Millennium Centre
Called in Welsh "Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru", this huge complex just a short walk from Cardiff Bay has become known as the Armadillo because of its strange shape. It was opened in two stages, the last of which was on 22 January, 2009. Inside there are three main theaters where you can see opera, ballet, dance, comedy and musicals. The largest room has a capacity of 1900 people, while the two smaller ones hold 350 and 250 respectively. And of course there are bars, restaurants and shops, including a small Welsh souvenir shop to the side of one of the entrances on the ground floor.
Streets in Cardiff
Queen Street
Queen Street is the longest pedestrian street in Cardiff, and is a top destination for shopping in the Welsh capital. You can find street performers, the biggest international chain stores and a large number of offices. Queen Street could be considered the heart of the city.
Museums in Cardiff
Churches in Cardiff
Gardens in Cardiff
Markets in Cardiff

The best things to do in Cardiff

Are you planning to visit the capital of Wales? Great! There are loads of places to go and stuff to do in Cardiff, a city that has long enchanted visitors.

The city has a rich history, as shown by its old town; many of the places to visit in Cardiff demonstrate this. The castle is one of the ancient attractions in Cardiff. With Roman origins, it has been remodeled at different times so you can see various styles in one building. In addition, it has wide grounds, known as Bute Park, which are a lovely place to go for a ride or enjoy other outdoor Cardiff activities after visiting the castle.

On the outskirts of the city is the cathedral, which is one of the oldest things to see in Cardiff. It's an unusual
place, full of mystery and beauty, where you can feel the atmosphere of the many legends that abound here. The Cathays Park is an area full of trees in which you can find plenty of things to do in Cardiff: Cardiff University, the Law Courts, City Hall, Alexandra Gardens, and the National Museum are some of the Cardiff attractions that you can visit in this area.

In addition, this is a city with a great sporting tradition, so if you're wondering what to do in Cardiff, you simply have to go to the Millennium Stadium, site of many international-standard sporting venues. To
finish, there's
nothing better than walking in Cardiff Bay, which has been renovated and is now dedicated to bars, restaurants, night clubs. The Welsh National Opera, the National Assembly, and Cardiff International White Water (an Olympic-standard rafting center) are also found in this area of ​​the city.

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