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Things to do in Bridge of Allan

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The top 16 attractions in Bridge of Allan

Sports Competitions in Bridge of Allan
Highland Games in Bridge of Allan
It's commonly believed that the famous Highlands Games are celebrated only once a year in Scotland. This is not true, however. From the end of June these games are celebrated in most Scottish towns until well into the month of September. In August one year, we were in Bridge of Allan where the games were being celebrated in conjunction with the Local Fair. This is something that has been repeated annually for centuries. Bands or clan parades, mixed with purely athletic activities, dancing and the main attraction of the event, strength tests where the only condition to perform is the wearing of the kilt. Along with all this fun, there are many places to eat and drink, which makes it a really fun day and I recommend it to all tourists who pass through this area during the summer months (you can find dates on the internet). At least we had a great time and that's why we recommend it!!
Rivers in Bridge of Allan
Forth River
The Forth River is one of the largest in Scotland. It´s 47 km long and has played a major role in Scottish history. The most important victories against the British owes thanks to the strategic location of this river. This river literally splits the central part of Scotland into two, as it begins not far from the West Coast and its estuary, where it merges with the sea of Edinburgh and then reaches its imposing dimensions. In pre-medieval and medieval times it was the true frontier of Scotland, separating the country from England and Dalriada (a country that existed long ago). The river itself offers many spectacular landscapes including the gorgeous Bridge of Allan near Stirling. It occasionally comes out of its banks however and creates more of a problem as it floods football fields and other roads. The river is one of the most important and beautiful ´natural monuments´ in Scotland.
Churches in Bridge of Allan
Lecropt Kirk (Church of Lecropt)
In the town of Bridge of Allan is located Lecropt Kirk, the gloomy church belonging to the Church of Scotland (a variant of the Anglican church). Set on a mound, with its characteristic cemetery in the countryside, on stormy days it has scared more than one person. Although the present church is relatively modern, since its construction was completed in 1827 (in neo-Gothic style), on a site where there was always a church. According to local historical records, there is evidence of a building dating from the 1400s and there are references to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. For this reason they suupose Lecropt (which is the name of this area) has always been a traditional place of worship. At present (and without taking into account its dark aspect)it hosts various events (religious and lay) and as in ancient times is one of the main churches in Bridge of Allan.
Unusual Places in Bridge of Allan
The Enchanted Path
The path begins with a dragon-shaped tree that warns the traveler, after this there is the fallen tree that tells us the entrance to the path along the river and avoid at night and in foggy days. After investigating, we come to the origin of the legend, was a story invented for children were not around at night in foggy days and in general, as it was dangerous because of the proximity to the river (in a place where about great strength) and that in ancient times it was easy to get lost in those places. But the reality is that it has been a nice, magical invites the imagination and gives a special charm to this corner.
Gardens in Bridge of Allan
Pullar Memorial Park
The land where you can find this park, which was donated by the family of a soldier (Edmund Pullar) at the end of World War II. It is maintained by the local community as well as being the main park in the village, it also acts as a monument and a tribute to the the people that dies during the two World Wars, so it is very common to see flowers and other similar gifts. This park is quite large and very popular with the locals, when the weather allows it. It is situated on the main street in the part closest to the University of Stirling. One interesting thing about it is that the council or the competent authorities do not spend even a pound on this park, it is maintained 100% by local residents, who spend free time during the weekends to maintain it. A great example to follow for those who claim to love their people but the truth is they do nothing for them.
Churches in Bridge of Allan
Bridge of Allan Parish Church
This parish church is one of the social centers of the town of Bridge of Allan, it is famous not only for its parish work, belonging to the Church of Scotland but also other things. The building hosts various charity events, such as classes for children and babies, charity auctions and any meeting or activity for the benefit of the community in general. Its historical importance is relative because its location is fairly recent, however, there is a team of people interested in the welfare of the community and getting involved in anything to reach that end. Which for us of whatever religion we are, is always a praiseworthy purpose. They listen to anyone and accept most of the proposals made to them, I personally have worked there, not to go to Mass and without anyone attempting to convert me, with sermons and similar events. Maybe its not a great corner but I think we should mention the people who volunteer for their community (where,I live with my family).
Train Stations in Bridge of Allan
Bridge of Allan Railway Station
The small station, the Bridge of Allan, is more important than it first appears, because it is quieter and almost just as accessible as that of Stirling, but it has the same range, ie, all the same destinations are available at Stirling as at Bridge of Allan. It is for this reason that this town is such a convenient and quiet place to stay if you want to stay in the area. On numerous occasions Stirling station can be filled to the brim as people working in Glasgow or Edinburgh use the train (with a monthly pass) to travel. At these times, the Bridge of Allan is a highly recommended option. It is also the fastest and cheapest means of transportation to or from Stirling (about 4 minutes). It is also very convenient if you want to take a trip to Edinburgh or Glasgow (taking into account the parking and petrol prices).
Villages in Bridge of Allan
Allan Bridge
The Allan Bridge near Stirling (where I live, by the way), is perhaps the most charming monument in the area. If you can imagine a triangle between the famous monuments, Stirling Castle would be one point, the Wallace Monument the second, and the bridge the third. The first written records of the bridge date back to the twelfth century, but the town reached its height of fame in the Victorian era, when it became a popular spa destination. And today, it is still renowned locally. You can find the best restaurants in Stirling here, from Italian cuisine to local Scottish gastronomy, and of course the Gold Course. And there are wide green spaces, medieval churches, and the smallest brewery in Scotland! But the area is also well-known for the hospitality and friendliness of its people, which I can confirm.
Streets in Bridge of Allan
Fountain Road
Fountain Road is one of the most emblematic streets of Bridge of Allan as it was the old entrance to the village from Stirling. The street has two of the most important churches of the town and the monument that gives name to the street, the fountain. At first glance, it may not seem like much, but it has several important elements: the stork symbolizes the town and keeps its original color from the Victorian times. The area is very proud of its famous fountain.
Of Cultural Interest in Bridge of Allan
Paterson Clock
This clock-monument is located in the center of the main street. It was placed there as a tribute to Dr. Alexander Paterson who practised in the town for over 50 years, using, where possible, homeopathic remedies and ancient Scottish culture. He was one of the medical lights, not only in the village, but also across the central belt of Scotland, having famous patients such as Robert Louis Stevenson, author of "Dr Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde" and "Treasure Island" (who in the latter used knowledge of the plants of Dr. Paterson. This illustrious doctor was also dedicated to serving the poor, which speaks volumes in his favor. The clock symbolizes the gesture of patients arriving at the surgery and looking at the time before entering. In the village they take care of it very carefully, with annual maintenance work, keeping the structure and the original design. In this case, I think, it is a tribute well deserved, and certainly it isone of the places to see in Bridge of Allan.
Gardens in Bridge of Allan
Bridge of Allan Park
After completing several months of work, the park BofA (short for Bridge of Allan) on one side honors the times when this village was well-known throughout Scotland (Victorian or nineteenth century) and the other part claiming the right to be considered a separate municipality itself (now it is a kind of district of the city of Stirling)has been finished. The park is small because it is located in the centre of the town, but it is still a nice place to sit and enjoy time among the flowers and the life of the town. Another important fact is that here ou can find the services or public restrooms (if you need them). This place serves as a tribute to the park, which itself serves as a tribute to the town where I have lived for a few years.
Churches in Bridge of Allan
St. Saviour Episcopal Church
St. Saviour belongs to the Episcopal Church of Scotland, whose greatest virtues, in my opinion, are their attentiveness, friendliness, and helpfulness, even to those who weren't from this congregation (which doesn't always happen). The Episcopal Church has its roots in the old Celtic Christian church making it one of the oldest in the area. In Bridge of Allan, the church looks like most small local churches. It's very functional and serves the local community, and it's open pretty much 24 hours a day during the year (without suffering any vandalism). The building has been renovated several times since its construction in medieval times. Don't hesitate to post ads for jobs, or to organize a flea market or any social activity of charitable purposes. Despite being (literally) in front of another church, perhaps with more attendees (the Church of Scotland), this small church has earned its place, and demonstrates that sometimes, there are good things out of our own (in this case much more helpful and friendly than the people in charge of the Catholic Church in Stirling).
Festivals in Bridge of Allan
The Village Fair: Bridge of Allan
Around late August (but determined by the climate not the calendar), the people in the village have a weekend of festivities. As predicted sunny and warm by meteorologists, they celebrate in conjunction with the celebration of the Highland Games, in the town of Bridge of Allan. There are many green flat spaces here, so there are no issues. It is held in a meadow overlooking the William Wallace Monument Tower and Stirling Castle. What caught my attention is that between the typical fairground attractions, the most popular (even with the youngest visitors) were the most traditional games, like knocking down stacked cans with a rag ball, which gave this fair a taste of yesteryear. The best days at the fair are Friday and Saturday, because on Sunday they celebrate the games. The Bridge of Allan fair is further proof that it is a town full of life and social activities, although some rival towns don't like it so much.
Forests in Bridge of Allan
Mid Wood
While it may sound a little like "Lord of the Rings", this small forest consists of a strip of trees with awaking path a path or walk to the Bridge of Allan and Dunblane. The Scottish writer Robert L. Stevenson (writer of "Treasure Island" and "Dr.Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde" among others) used to walk here for fresh air and to regain inspiration. Along the way there is a small cave, which possibly inspired the cave in "Treasure Island". As I said is a simple walk, very colorful and peaceful. It is the most natural forest and Bridge of Allan and it was the historical communication passage between Stirling (Castle and Abbey) and Dunblane Cathedral (Dunblane). This ended with the advent of roads, railways and other but the truth is that the landscape of the ride has not changed all that much, quite narrow and with great nature. For those addicted to hiking at any level, this is a good option in the Stirling / Bridge of Allan, to enjoy nature ... trees, squirrels, rabbits and hopefully a deer.
Of Touristic Interest in Bridge of Allan
Bridge of Allan Neighborhood
The Bridge of Allan is a small town divided into three zones: the southern area overlooking the river, the central part where you'll find the main Henderson Street, and the upper residental area. The latter is quite prestigious, set on the hill next to the Mid Wood forest. Super luxury houses can be found here ... for most of us, we might think 5 or 6 bedrooms make a large home, but here these houses have 8 to 16 bedrooms, as well as dining rooms, meeting rooms, solariums ... Lovers of architecture will enjoy this area. There are mansions here built in the 19th century, when this village was a popular spa destination. Obviously these homes are amazing, but I can't help but see them as an example of the injustices of the world, when so many have lost their homes and are struggling to make ends meet. These giant mansions could easily house at least five families.
Of Touristic Interest in Bridge of Allan