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Things to do in Manchester

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The top 92 attractions in Manchester

Historical Monuments in Manchester
Manchester Town Hall
One of UK's most impressive town halls was completed in 1887. Although its style is almost always defined as Victorian, it is really English Gothic Revival style. It is really impressive to see and I recommended to walk around the building to see its majestic construction. The town-hall of Manchester is certainly one of the most splendid example of this city's wealth. It is the second largest city in the United Kingdom and was one of the most prosperous cities in Europe during the industrial revolution. For lovers of art and especially architecture, a visit is highly recommended.
Stadiums in Manchester
Old Trafford
On my visit to this place, we planned to go see the museum of Manchester United and Old Trafford. But, as was a bit improvised, we do not stop to think that it might be game day and that the field trip would not be possible. We didn't want to stay with the desire to see the field on the inside, so we went to the ticket office and asked for the cheapest ticket, and it was really worth it, we not only saw the field, we saw their players. My advice would be that if you have plans to go see the stadium, it's better to look before game day on their website. The pitch at Old Trafford is a must if you visit the city, because of it live matches, including the one we went to see, it was not very important, but it was full with a great atmosphere.
Nightlife Districts in Manchester
The Printworks
Definitely one of the most distinctive buildings in Manchester. It is situated in the heart of the city, opposite the Urbis building, and inside you can find everything. There are offices and Mexican restaurants and a shopping area. A hybrid place everyone should visit. Inside there are exhibitions, events, theaters, even a Hard Rock Cafe ... In addition, the building is historic and quite striking from outside. It reminds me of the buildings of Madrid's Gran Vía in terms of construction, perhaps because of its white color.
Of Touristic Interest in Manchester
Wheel of Manchester
The Wheel of Manchester is a bit smaller than the more famous London Eye but, like its big sister, it is composed of closed cabins so you can take a trip at any time. The best time to go is at night during the holidays when the city is lit up. This Ferris wheel is located in the center of Manchester, close to Piccadilly Garden. Costs at the time we went were £5 for English students, £6.50 for adults and £4.50 for children (3 to 12 years). For that price, you can make four revolutions which take about 10 minutes each. And, as you wait in the queue, employees will take photos of you which you can buy at the end of the trip if you have the cash. It's a nice way to see great views across Manchester.
Gardens in Manchester
Piccadilly Gardens
Just a few minutes from the train station you can find the Picadilly Picadilly Gardens. A quiet little square which is also the heart of the city. Out of it come lot of trams that connect you to the rest of Manchester. Also, you can immerse yourself in the bohemian neighborhood, walk a little to the shopping area or decide to have a drink in one of the many restaurants that surround the area. It is also a meeting point for tourists because of its central location. It also gives the green touch needed by every city to de-stress a bit after a long day of work.
Cathedrals in Manchester
Manchester Cathedral
I was shocking when I first saw it because the architecture itself draws your attention, then inside (it's free to enter and they have brochures in various languages) is so charming. Everything inside is explained in the brochures. The only thing that might annoy visitors, is the £3 minimum donation.
Shopping Malls in Manchester
Manchester Arndale
Manchester is a lively town. And one of its great attractions is its huge shopping district. And right there in the heart, a shopping center stands out above all else: Arndale, a huge monster that's open every day and is incredibly large. It occupies a huge block that is supposed to be the most expensive in town. Inside, there are shops of all kinds. Fashion, music, accessories, art, toys, food and many otheres. A huge centre that will surely delight those ve plan to buy and in a cosmopolitan place like Manchester, you can not miss it. As it is right in the centre, you can't avoid going through the door and seeing their huge signs.
Football Fields in Manchester
City of Manchester Stadium
COMS or Eastlands, as it is known in England, is in Manchester city center, just a few minutes from the central railway station. It was built in 2002 as an attempt to host the 2000 Olympics, which were eventually awarded to Sydney. However, Manchester successfully hosted the 2002 Commonwealth Games. It has a capacity of 47,726. It has a very wide stage, is very comfortable and access could not be more comfortable with e-readers. In addition, Manchester has a good signage and has a large parking annex for 2,000, within the same city. There are another 8,000 places around. Unlike other clubs in the Premier League, where it is virtually impossible to buy a ticket, you should not have any problems (despite the huge number of fans). Tickets can be purchased by phone, in person at the stadium box office, or through its website. The price is around £30, and the website has a numbered seating map of the stadium. In addition to a museum there is a tour that is open every day of the week, even on game days, although this limits time and travel. The ticket price is £9.50, and includes a visit to the trophy room and other ancient club relics, a tour of the stadium with a guide, a visit to the Memorial Garden in honor of the players who died in a tragic plane crash, locker rooms, press room and even the office of the president.
Museums in Manchester
Urbis Building
This architectural beauty of glass, created by British architect Ian Simpson, is located in the tourist and commercial center of Manchester. It is located near the Printworks, the Arndale shopping center and to the Wheel of Manchester City. There is currently a museum and an exhibition hall inside. Ian Simpson is also the architect of another spectacular city building, the Beetham Tower. It is also known as the Hilton Tower, since the luxurious Hilton hotel is housed there. What I liked most was the optical effect that the glass produced with the sky. It is a building which gives the city a very elegant touch.
Of Cultural Interest in Manchester
The Lowry
Located on the quay, next to an outlet center and opposite the Imperial War Museum, is The Lowry - a spectacular building. By its design you can imagine that it's some sort of art exhibition hall - and so it is. It's a building dedicated to art in all its versions: painting, sculpture, music, etc. It was designed by Michael Wilford and has a spectacular theater with seating for about 2,000. The truth is that the Guggenheim has an air of style like this building and, above all, it's not lost on the visitor. It's probably the most attractive of the city of Manchester.
Museums in Manchester
Museum of Science and Industry
The Mosi is the National Museum of Science and Technology. It is located a few steps from the Hilton Hotel. Admission is free and there is wifi in the cafeteria. But that is the main building. After messing around there, turn around and read about the Industrial Revolution, the best was: The adjacent buildings. One, full of vintage machines and engines. Of those who began using steam and that caused the world could move much faster. Another, packed planes of all types, of those places that will delight lovers of aviation. In short, a museum worth a visit if you're passing through Manchester.
Streets in Manchester
Market Street
Located on one of the city's main streets, when you exit from Piccadilly it is curious to see people interspersed with cars and trams. It's one of those places where the people are not used to living with traffic, so cars can be strange for them. It is unusual because it combines street shopping with a high platform from which you can see an interesting view of the area. From there, towards Cross Street, you can see major stores in the city that are very close to Arndale.
Streets in Manchester
Oldham Street
In recent years, Manchester has achieved international fame for its "alternative culture". And this new artistic wave is concentrated in an especially bohemian fashion. The main street of this area is Oldham Street, a place full of charming shops: Clothing Stores, vinyl record shops where you can dive in to music history, shoe shops ... The truth is that walking this area is very interesting. There are also a handful of restaurants for something "exotic", in keeping with this new wave culture. This area that has become very popular in the city is partly to blame for it being considered "The British Barcelona". The bohemian neighborhood is very near Picadilly and only steps away from the traditional shopping area and business area. In fact, it is interesting to see the contrast between the modern part of the city and this, the oldest part, with worn and weathered buildings that have a special charm. The area is also very colourful.
Shops in Manchester
Manchester United Official Store
In the basement of Old Trafford is the official team shop. It's one of the world's most popular team shops in the world. You can buy a souvenir of the "Red Devils", be it a Cristiano Ronaldo shirt, or a different garment (hats, scarves, pants, jackets, coats, socks) ... Recently, Manchester United has been one of the most successful teams in the world, and they've taken advantage of this to improve their marketing and invest more money in the team. It's clear that this has been successful based on the shop. Although for me the products on offer at Liverpool were cooler.
Streets in Manchester
Cross Street
Cross Street is one of the main streets of Manchester. It is just off Arndale in a big shopping area. Once you arrive, you have two options. If you turn to the right, you find the huge ferris wheel and white city buildings and Urbis and Printworks. If you turn to the left, you will see a food court and offices until you get to City Hall and then you can move around the theater district to get to the other side of town, where you will find the Mosi, the museum of science and technology . The truth is that his name is funny, because a Cross is just what it is, a crossroads between several of the most interesting areas and a street you end up spending a lot of time in if you come for a visit.
Train Stations in Manchester
Manchester Piccadilly Station
In Manchester there are a couple of major train stations. The city is larger than the normal. The Manchester Picadilly station is surely the main station. One of the major hubs in Northern England when talking about railroad routes. Since we had the Brit Rail (a pass that allows you to travel nationwide in train for a flat rate) we went city to city by train, and we stopped at that station quite a few times. As almost all the stations here, while waiting for your train, there are plenty of places to have a coffee, eat some breakfast or buy one last thing. If you're going to Northern England, from this station you will be able to travel to the following cities: Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle. As for it's location in the city, is in a great spot; It's a 10 minute walk from the shopping area and 5 minutes from the "bohemian" neighbourhood.
Of Touristic Interest in Manchester
Bars in Manchester
The Shakespeare Public House
At the heart of the lively city of Manchester, I found a pub that was typically English. The architecture is amazing, and its name? The Shakespeare. The contrast between this pub and the city's modern buildings is huge. It's an homage to the past, when the Public House was a cultural centre, more than just a bar to drink in. Everything here reminds us of the city's past and it's without doubt one of the most picturesque places where we can have a drinks break in.

The best things to do in Manchester

The museums in Manchester are a highly relevant and important part of the cultural heritage of the city and top the list of Manchester attractions. Highlights include the Lowry, Manchester Art Gallery, the Urbis, and the Manchester Museum, which houses pieces from ancient Egypt. Take time to visit the John Rylands Library, where the oldest surviving manuscript of the Gospels, the Gospel of John, remains and adds to the list of what to do in Manchester.

For a tour of the city start at the Town Hall, one of the most impressive town halls in the UK and one of the top attractions in Manchester. It was built in the English Gothic style but is almost always defined as Victorian. Then there is the Cathedral, one of the top places to visit in Manchester, with an imposing façade on the outside that emphasizes its unique rectangular tower and gardens. Inside, the nave and choir are among the best things to see in Manchester.

Visiting Piccadilly Square is another one of the many things to do in Manchester. It's located in the city center, near the Arndale shopping center and just behind Piccadilly Gardens. It was the first center built in Manchester after World War II, and features a modern and bold architecture.

Afterwards, there's still more stuff to do in Manchester, like visiting Oldham Street, the bohemian neighborhood of the city square. It's internationally famous for its alternative culture with numerous landmarks, shops with handicrafts, vinyl record stores, and exotic restaurants, as is home to many other Manchester activities.