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Things to do in Rhineland-Palatinate

258 contributors

The top 89 attractions in Rhineland-Palatinate

Airports in Hahn
Frankfurt-Hahn Airport
A few years ago, the Irish airline Ryanair put a former U.S. air base to use as an established base in the heart of Europe. Now, it's one of the busiest airports on the continent. The downside is its distance from Frankfurt, 120 km, or 90 minutes by bus. I recommend the Bohr company bus at the terminal exit. We booked online tickets at Terravisión, another bus company, and waited half an hour to leave, and the informality of the driver cost us another half hour at night in bad, cold weather, since the airport doesn't have a bus station shelter. So take warning. The Irish airlines Ryanair began to reuse a former U.S. air base a few years ago to establish bases in this place in the heart of Europe. Now it is one of the busiest airports in the continent, the downside is its distance from Frankfurt, 120 kilometers, or 90 minutes by bus. My recommendation is that you get the Bohr company bus at the door of the terminal, we had the idea to book online tickets at Terravisión, another bus company, we waited half an hour for the next bus, and because of the informality of the driver, another half hour at night and at 1 below zero, since the airport bus station has no where to take shelter. So, be sure to learn from our mistake.
Castles in Braubach
Marksburg Castle
Castle Marksburg is the only castle on the middle Rhine which was never destroyed or conquered, and is a good example of how medieval architecture evolved over the centuries. You can spot the castle from miles away as you're coming up the river. To actually get there, you must first arrive at Braubach and hike up a trail for about 10 or 15 minutes. The visits are guided (in English, German, or Italian), but there are also pamphlets in other languages. Once you enter, you pass through two massive doors and arrive in a courtyard displaying the coats of arms of the families that lived there. The entrance itself is a sort of ramp carved into the rock so that the knights could enter on horseback. It's a really interesting visit, especially the cannons, kitchen, and medieval bathroom! There's a small arms and armor exhibit in one of the rooms, and even a preserved torture chamber. Highly recommended!
Of Cultural Interest in Bacharach
I just returned from a few days in Cologne and Frankfut, Germany. I spent the last day exploring the Rhine Valley by train. It takes about 1.5 hours from Cologne to Bingen. The train runs parallel along the river so you never miss a thing. The scenery is wonderful. The left bank is dotted with castles. There is a mandatory stop near Koblenz, in the town of Bacharach. It's small and very quaint, and it hardly has any shops or restaurants. It's a typical postcard village, and certainly one of the most beautiful I've seen.
Castles in Cochem
Cochem Castle
This summer I went on holiday with my brother to visit Cochem, situated in eastern Germany, near the border with France and Luxembourg. Apart from the German beer, it is also worth mentioning the castle, that watches over the city from the top of the hill (in the style of a fortress). From what I can remember, it was the castle of some aristocrats who engaged in hunting and drinking while the townsfolk worked. I recommend the baked potato restaurant which is inside and also the boat ride.
Castles in Münstermaifeld
Eltz Castle
Eltz Castle and its surroundings are outstanding. After parking the car, we walked down to the castle, which is located next to the Eltz, a tributary of the Moselle River. Normally castles or fortresses of this type are usually located on the top, so that this situation would indicate that their goals were more commercial, applying a toll on merchants who traded in the area. Over time, three lines of the Eltz family built their rooms throughout the castle: The Rübenach in 1472, the Rodendorf Kempenich in 1540 and in 1615. Currently, the castle belonging to Count Karl, line Golden Lion Tours are in English and German, guiding us through the various rooms, which retain the main furniture. Although the interiors were nice, I must admit that I liked much more the Cochem Castle, which I visited it a few hours before. The entry can also access a museum where they have exposed parts of the treasure and Eltz family jewels, but I would not recommend too. A very special castle and in a location that surprises visitors.
Historical Monuments in Trier
Porta Nigra
I am passionate for Roman culture, so I had this city marked down for a few months. Thanks to the air traffic controllers who dumped me, I decided to take a car and which i recommend to get to know this area. In Trier, what really struck me was the Black Gate, the best preserved Roman gate in the world. And I was not disappointed. It is the beginning of any exploration of the city, and from there you enter the city on the ancient Roman/medieval style cobble stone. The door stands out for its excellent state of preservation, and its black color, due to pollution. You can go for 3 €, although the visit inside has little to offer, rather than the views of the city of Trier. Inside are some guys dressed as Romans.
Of Cultural Interest in Trier
We went during a long weekend and we loved the city. It´s small and everything is in the old town. The best thing is the Christmas Market. The atmosphere is great for walking, drinking wine and eating hot dogs. The people are nice and I even have proof of this in a photo that I took with my partner posing with a nice local.
Museums in Nürburg
Nurburgring Car Museum
If you are also from Germany and you are passionate about cars you must not miss the nurburgring circuit, where there are lots of activities from power walks around the legendary circuit, to going to their fantastic museum with all kinds of amazing cars and simulators Chulis etc.http :/ /
Historical Monuments in Trier
Basilica de Trier
This is an impressive Roman monument that will leave you amazed. It is near the Cathedral and admission is free. It was Constantine's throne room and is the largest individual space that has survived since that time. The outside has been excellently preserved so that it´s not the typical building in ruins but a proper Roman structure as it was 2000 years ago. The inside is even more surprising because of the architectural features. The Romans, to give it even more of a sense of grandeur, made the windows near the door smaller which gives the sensation that you´re entering the Basilica at an even greater depth. After the Black Gate, it´s perhaps the most spectacular building of the Roman city.
Markets in Cochem
Christmas Market in Cochem
This pretty town by the Moselle river has a beautiful Christmas market where you can witness some musical performances such as the one shown in the photo. Along the river there is a tent where you can eat, drink, shop and find warmth, but you also find food stalls, drink, crafts and other gifts and an ice rink. It is a lovely place to walk and hike alongside the Moselle river. Ah! And do not forget to find a café in which to drink a hot tea with a generous slice of some of the cakes on offer.
Museums in Mendig
Basement of Lava - Lava-Dome Museum
In the city of Mendig you can visit the museum Lava-Dome, which explains the phenomena of volcanoes. It is interesting to see and the entry includes an audioguide (only in English, French and German). What is really interesting is what is called the "lava basement" (Lavakeller), a set of underground galleries dug by man, 32 m. deep. They are unique in the world and cover a superfecie of about 3 square km. They were excavated to extract basalt lava stone that was used for construction. The gallery entrance is next to the museum and can be visited only with a guide (there is one daily visit on weekdays and on weekends, three). The temperature is kept constant between 6 and 8 ° C. (It's good to have a coat with a hood, because at some points droplets condense and fall on you). In the past, many breweries in the region used the "basement lava" to store their beer until the invention of the fridge.
Rivers in Mainz
Rhine River - Mainz
After living for a year and a half in this city (Mainz) I realised that my favorite part was these steps that go down to the river. I used to like to sit there to read, listen to music, to think or just to watch the boats, and the ducks swimming in the water.
Villages in Cochem
Cathedrals in Speyer
Abbeys in Nürburg
Nordschleife Circuit
The Nordschleife Circuit is a place that every racing fan has to visit. Located just one hour from Cologne, you will be met by greenery and mountains. Nurburgring, is the town where the legendary Nordschleife Circuit is located. The shops, restaurants and bars describe themselves which sport is king there. Nordschleife is the longest in the world circuit with 24km of track. By its danger and after Niki Lauda's accident in the F1 GP in 1976 it stopped competing in Formula 1. But fortunately I competed this year at the famous Nurburgring 24hour Race with a Nissan GT-R, and the truth is that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The risk, adrenaline and to finish in the 1st position are to blame for this place being so special to me.
Cities in Mainz
Musicals in Nürburg
Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park
The Rock am Ring is one of the biggest festivals in Germany and one of the most famous Rock festivals in the world. Held annually for three nights in early June. The best thing about RAR is that for three nights you can enjoy incredible concerts in styles such as Rock, Alternative-rock, Punk, Punk-rock, etc. Over its 25 years it has seen the likes of Kiss, Muse, Rammstein, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Radiohead, Oasis, Coldplay, System of a Down and many others. It also has a huge camping area whose cost is included with the entry, but if you don't fancy camping there are also VIP areas and hotels around the concert area, although if you do want to stay in a hotel you need to book it months in advance. There are different ways to get to Nürburgring, it all depends on where you come from. In my case, I took a flight to Düsseldorf Airport and rented a car as it is more practical and if you are a group of 4 or 5 is much cheaper than going by train. There are also special buses just for the festival, which are very well priced. What I did not like about my experience in the RAR was the rain. Go prepared for rain. It wasn't cold but bring a waterproof jacket and rain boots in the bag. I did not like that some essential services have to be paid for, eg showers were about 2 euros, the bus from the campsite the concert area was 1€, etc.. In my opinion the Rock Am Ring is already expensive enough (about 150 euros) to have to pay for showers. Another thing I dislike is that they now have too many concerts. There are three stages, so when you watch one concert you're missing two, and it is really annoying when the two groups that you like are playing at the same time. But all in all it was an incredible experience and I'd do it again every year. Very and highly recommended to those who like festivals and this style of music.
Castles in Trechtingshausen