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Things to do in Lower Saxony

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The top 128 attractions in Lower Saxony

Museums in Stade
Schwedenspeicher Museum
Stade has long been more important than Hamburg, taking many of the products that came from the North Sea. Its history dates back centuries and the city itself has been involved in all kinds of invasions and wars. The City Museum used to be a warehouse when the Swedes dominated that area, and is the best way to follow the chronology of events that have led up to this day. There is a great collection of items found at sea, salvaged from shipwrecks.
Churches in Hanover
The church of Sant'Egidio is located in the centre of Hanover. Not much is known about its history: it first appears in a document around the year 1110. It was part of a pair of churches that once stood at the end of the Kramerbrucke bridge, but today only one structure remains. It's possible to climb to the top of the bell tower, where you can enjoy a really beautiful view over Hanover.
Museums in Hanover
The Grotto by Niki de Saint Phalle
This cave is a really impressive museum of modern art, using broken mirrors and different angles. Reflections play an important part. Another key element is the use of bright and strong colors. The photos, unfortunately, don't really capture it.
Forests in Bad Harzburg
Ride in the Historic Train of Harz
The fog began to cover everything when we were very close to arriving at the village of Broken, with each step it became thicker and after a long walk with the forces beginning to falter we heard sounds in the distance. A slow, loud and unmistakable noise came from an old Harz coal train which is still working today. After a long walk to Broken on a day that was starting to get ugly, I heard in the background (which surprises me, because so far we had not seen any vehicles around) the sound of an old locomotive followed by a great smoke, and suddenly, like a ghost emerging from the thick fog an old (but, I must say, very well kept) black as coal train appeared and came to a stop in Broken. Although it seemed somewhat expensive to buy a ticket (if I remember correctly it cost about 6 €), it is well worth the walking tour of the National Park aboard a machine and you get to see the forest through different eyes, from another time, a walk almost as magical in this land of myths and legends, as that train appearing out of nowhere from that thick black fog, in order to take us back to our home in Bad Harzburg.
Palaces in Goslar
Imperial Palace of Goslar
Goslar is a lovely town in central Germany and is home to the Imperial Palace of Goslar XI century. From outside it is not much to look at but inside it has an incredible throne room, 7m high, which is decorated with huge paintings explaining the history of kings, German emperors and legends, battles and other historical moments, all with great quality and exceptional detail. I couldn't take pictures in the throne room as it was forbidden and the guards did not allow it, but the quality of the paintings and the detail was exceptional. For me it is the German "Sistine Chapel". Interestingly, the painter took 18 years to finish it. Also, if you take one of the tours that they do for free, as well as explaining the history of the paintings, they will show you incredible details, like a lady pointing a finger at both directions of the room depending on where you look, or an horse who is alway watching you wherever you are. Simply amazing. The admission charge is about 5€, although there are discounts for students and young people.
Museums in Hanover
Eisfabrik Artistic Forum
Eisfabrik Art Forum is the international forum of art media in Hannover. The exhibition features innovative and interactive tools, computer facilities and lighting and sound spaces. It's an ideal forum for internationally known artists and newcomers, as well as working groups. It has 2 former factory buildings which gives the possibility of conventional gallery spaces and showrooms.
Nature Reserves in Wilhelmshaven
Wadden Sea National Park
Area of ​​natural interest declared by UNESCO, the marshes of Cuxhaven feed millions of birds every year. It is a stopping point in their migration that has lots of food. Mollusks, worms, crabs, can be found just by searching or digging on its surface. The tides flood some areas, so it is advisable to ask for times so as to not get caught waiting for the water level to fall. There are lots of different routes where you can take a horse or horse cart.
Historical Monuments in Adelebsen
Historical Monuments in Luneburgo
Of Touristic Interest in Goslar
Of Cultural Interest in Hannoversch Münden
A day of science and fun, filled with experiments and curious things to do with friends, family ... The place is spectacular, especially its modern architecture. The location is also great because it's located near a shopping center. Inside the science museum there is also a restaurant where the prices are affordable.
Cities in Bad Harzburg
Hiking in Bad Harzburg
Paseo Hasta Broken (Parque Nacional de Harz)
They say that the witched came her to meet. It must be the misty air that makes everything seem bewitched up here. From Harzburg we rushed to the mountain to enjoy a ride that good autumn time is allowing us this November. The tourist office is located in a small park there before the bridge that takes us into the Harz forest, from which follow the signs marked with a green imp carved wooden signs found in the woods. The walk, although long (about 4 hours to climb to the 1142m summit of the massif) is beautiful. It's a huge coppery forest that at times goes into total darkness but then back into the light. You'll cross a river and a huge lake, then end with the toughest stretch, climbing on a stone walkway that leads to the summit. At this point the fog slowly becomes more and more dense, and there is little more visible than your your footsteps. While I was going up and looking at the information boards that are located in certain points, I discover that Goethe liked this place. I wondered if when he walked in here felt the same sense of magic from the stories or if he forgot about the the legends. Anyway, a chill ran down my body rising to the top when suddenly a large, shiny silver metal structure with an inverted cone shape made it's way into view and could be seen through the mist. For a split second my imagination ran wild and escaped from logic and I felt like I was in a strange place and that the only explanation was that it was an extraterrestrial object. I was half-impacted by what my eyes were seeing and I was unable to take it in, but I continued only to find that what I thought was a spaceship, was only a satellite tower for mobile devices (even though for a second my legs were still shaking, so fun). We arrived at Broken, where a small square with a lookout (which is useless with the fog). It marked the miles and the direction to some famous cities. So here is where they say witches came from all over to gather and celebrate their orgies of blood and spells. Some time we'll take the famous historic train to learn a little more about the surroundings of the park. A delightful walk.
Hiking in Torfthaus
Excursion to Torfthaus
The walk to Torfthaus is beautiful, especially now (it isautumn), with much color on the road. At times we crossed red carpet areas, or forest green, and deep dark forests, a lake now, after a river, forest during the 9 km long that separate it from Bad Harzburg. Its 22 inhabitants work in tourism. It is rather simple, its greatest charm is the journey that brings us back to Bad Harzburg ( base camp for our rides as mountaineers). About 900 m high. Located in the center of the Harz National Park, the views are breathtaking (not far from here, we can also see Broken) Torfthaus has a small ski lift and a toboggan run, this along with the restaurant and any accommodations are all the services they offer (more than enough, the place gives the rest). To get from Bad Harzburg just follow the instructions found on the road (it is very well signposted), or purchase (for 3 €) a laminated map at the tourist office near the bridge that you will cross to find the way (which helped us explore the Park). Greetings and travel.
Sports-Related in Cuxhaven
Kitesurf Jogi Surfschule
Don't deceive yourself, learning how to kitesurf isn't something that's done in a couple of hours. So for us it was a way to introduce ourselves to the sport, but remember, just learning how to handle the kite takes some time, so I didn't get to ride the board. It was still a good way to begin. We were loaded with neoprene for the North Sea. It was fun fighting the wind and trying to handle the kite from the water. Good thing, because being thrown onto land isn't so funny.
Airports in Munster
Train Stations in Hanover
Of Touristic Interest in Hanover