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Things to do in Cannes

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The top 87 attractions in Cannes

Islands in Cannes
Lérins Islands
This group of four islands, the largest being the island of Sainte Marguerite, is located in the bay of Cannes, along the coast. The boat trip to the island takes about 20 minutes from Cannes. The Sainte Marguerite Island Prison was used in the legendary film "The Iron Mask". These islands are still very wild, with very dense vegetation. There is a great restaurant L'Escale which I recommend. It's on Sainte Marguerite Island along the beach, and serves different dishes. It has a seafront terrace that is very warm and romantic at sunset!
Islands in Cannes
Île Sainte-Marguerite
The Pier on Santa Margarita Island, in addition to the place where the locals moor their boats, is where boats stop that connect the island to Cannes. It is a small jetty, with a waiting area made up of a couple of benches where you can sit and some signs indicating where you have to wait to take the boat to Cannes. Just after getting off the boat on the island, there are several signs pointing to the Fort Royal, the grove and the beach, so you can't get lost.
Beaches in Cannes
Croisette Beach
I visited the Riviera last year for a week-long vacation. I loved it so much, especially Cannes where we plan to visit for two weeks this year. The town Villafrench-sur-mer is worth seeing. Another town is Villeneuve-Loubet which is not frequently visited by tourists, but is very French.
Streets in Cannes
Promenade de la Croisette
I visited Cannes on the French Riviera in July 2010. There were blue skies and a turquoise sea. It was hot. The clean streets were filled with friendly people. You didn't feel strange despite the different language. Everyone will help to make your vacation the best as possible. It was unforgettable.
Viewpoints in Cannes
Le Suquet
In the city of Cannes, the Croisette is a good place to go for a walk when you're visiting the old part of town. Here you can enjoy the Provencal lifestyle, with old houses painted the colours of the sun, small squares, and cobbled streets with bistros, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the harbour with your meal.
Palaces in Cannes
Palais des Festivals et des Congrès
Tourism is the main industry in Cannes. In addition, there's the Cannes Film Festival; everyone wants to climb the stairs of the Palais des Festivals and take part. Cannes has been the official name of the festival since 2002, and it takes place in May, lasting about two weeks. It used to be called the Festival International du Film de Cannes. The Palais des Festivals is more impressive for what it represents than for its exterior architecture. Only participants of the conferences and guests are allowed to enter during the festival. The surrounding square is decorated with life-size statues, in addition to photographs of artists and of course the Walk of Fame, with palm prints of the many stars who have passed through this place. The history of the film festival dates back to the 1930's, when it was started by a group who were outraged by the fascist governments in Germany and Italy at the time. The declaration of war in 1939 put the project on hold, and the first edition finally took place in 1946. Since then it has been held every year except 1948, and 1950, when financial constraints meant that it didn't take place. It was cancelled halfway through in 1968, out of solidarity with striking workers and students. Be sure to visit the Palais des Festivals if you're in Cannes.
Markets in Cannes
Of Touristic Interest in Cannes
Cannes Walk of Fame
Since 1983, when the actual Festival Hall began to be used to celebrate the famous Cannes Film Festival, the artists invited to the event can immortalize their presence by leaving their hand prints on one of the areas of soil surrounding the enclosure. Also, the prints are accompanied by the signature of the respective famous person, for identification. Thus, one of the attractions of the city, is to find the footprints of your favorite actor or actress during your visit. Some of the prints that can be found are those of Julie Andrews, Sylvester Stallone, Catherine Deneuve, Liza Minelli and Meryl Streep, among other famous actors. Just another curious thing to see in the city.
Historical Monuments in Cannes
Le Mémorial de Caen
In front of the Cannes Mayor's Office, in the Plaza of Bernard Cornut Gentille, is the monument dedicated of the fallen soldiers of World War II. It was built by Albert Cheuret in 1918. It is a beautiful stone monument whose base has an octagonal shape and on top there are sculptures of four soldiers, including a pilot and a Naval officer. The monument is just in front of the harbor, and next to the city center bus stop. You can't miss it.
Beaches in Cannes
Golden Corniche (Corniche d'Or)
The coast road that runs from La Napoule Frejus offers truly spectacular views along its 40 km of length. Three colours dominate: the red of the rocks, the blue sea, and the green of the pines. The winding coastline is divided into a multitude of peaks and troughs. Highly recommended.
Of Cultural Interest in Cannes
Petits Trains de Cannes
Do you want to discover the City of Festivals in an original and enjoyable way? You can find a beautiful tourist train that goes around the city and gives you the opportunity to explore every area of Cannes, and you can learn a little more about the history of the city. The visit is organized around the theme of a film, and is full of anecdotes we can learn from. The company offers different routes to discover the city: the history of Cannes or cinema. We enjoyed a relaxing stroll, and recommend the excursion to anyone who wants to experience Cannes.
Harbors in Cannes
City Halls in Cannes
Mairie de Cannes
We got off the bus just opposite Cannes harbor and headed to see the town hall, which was a few feet away in a pretty square. It is a beautiful neoclassical building, with several sculptures on the facade and the typical balcony with flags. In its upper part it has a clock.
Churches in Cannes
Notre Dame de Bon Voyage
The beautiful Notre Dame de Bon Voyage church was built in the 16th century and is located next to the Palais des Festivals only a few steps away from the Croisette. On one side of the church you can see a plaque which is cites the cessation of the Emperor Napoleon, in 1815, on his return from Elba. This is a very central church in the city of Cannes where mass is celebrated every day at 6pm. The interior of the church is lovely and has historic statues and gorgeous stained glass windows.
Museums in Cannes
Centre d'art La Malmaison
Most people go to Cannes to shop, eat at a fancy restaurant, and try their luck at the casino, but you should also take the opportunity to visit the magnificent Centre d'art La Malmaison. It's a contemporary art museum that has a regular rotation of temporary exhibits. This museum itself also has beautiful architecture.
Cinemas in Cannes
Festival di Cannes
Of course, this festival is not only limited to the world of cinema. Mere mortals like you and me can also visit, although of course many parts of the festival are closed to the general public; you can nevertheless have the chance to make up the numbers in the audience. It is a glamorous, exciting world, although you must be prepared to queue outside, often under the heat of the sun, for a long time. If you're in the region in late May, don't miss it for any reason.
Museums in Cannes
Shops in Cannes
Jean Luc Pelé
The thing that immediately attracts attention when passing by the window of the store on the Rue d'Antibes are the buttons. Then, there is the smell of chocolate, which is really intoxicating, and invades the space from floor to ceiling. The final thing, is the highly affordable price you pay for such good quality, leaving you unable to resist the idea of ​​buying one or two cakes.

The best things to do in Cannes

Besides the movies and films for which this city is famous, there's a lot of stuff to do in Cannes. The city is also known for its coastline, pleasant temperatures, and the relaxed and elegant atmosphere that can be found at any time of year.

One of the many places to visit in Cannes is the Boulevard de La Croisette, with paved terraces to sit and relax on. The image of the full patio of people chatting while enjoying the breeze is of the best-known scenes of the city. But the city has much more than just glamour. Founded more than 2,000 years ago, there are many attractions in Cannes which are reminiscent of its past. Tourists interested in historical Cannes activities can admire Roman ruins and visit the city's castle, which was used as a prison during the French Revolution. And these are just a couple of the many historical Cannes attractions.

A visit to La Suquet, the old town, is another of the things to do in Cannes. The narrow streets and stairways transport the traveler to another era, long before skyscrapers and luxury hotels came to this city. La Isla Santa Margarita is one of the most unusual things to see in Cannes. The island was the setting of the story of the Man in the Iron Mask, who is said to have finally managed to escape after 11 years locked up.

If you're still wondering what to do in Cannes, have a look at the opinions of Minube users who've visited this beautiful city.