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Things to do in Poitiers

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The top 111 attractions in Poitiers

Theme Parks in Poitiers
Brilliantly prepared to enjoy and relax in this beautiful theme park. Don't go looking for scary attractions. It's another thing; strange visions of what may happen in the future, 3D movies, gorgeous evening shows. And all this, in a lovely park, with futuristic buildings, large ponds with fountains, relaxing green spaces, flowers, sculptures, restaurants, children's areas, hammocks in most corners. I recommend it as something different to experience.
Churches in Poitiers
Church of Notre Dame la Grande
The tourist office of Poitiers has a simple idea, but a great one: just follow the lines! From the magnificent church of Notre Dame la Grande in the center, there are three pedestrian routes that you can follow around the city. On the ground there are three colored lines for three tracks: the blue line leads to the old neighborhood with the Episcopal church with Sainte Radegonde and main road (Grand Rue). The yellow line from Notre Dame, will lead to another neighborhood, the church of Saint Jean de Montierneuf. And finally, the red line, perhaps my favorite, leads to the church of Saint Hilaire (there are many churches in Poitiers!) which is usually full of Compostela pilgrims. It will also take you to the beautiful Blossac park. Dorothy followed the yellow brick road to Oz, we have a choice of colours!
Tourist Information in Poitiers
Tourist Information Centre
Downtown next to the church of Notre Dame (which is wonderful, by the way), you'll find this luxurious and well-stocked tourist information office, where not only can you find out what to do in the city and throughout the region, but also buy tickets for the various attractions around the city. Almost all of the brochures are in Spanish, German and, of course, English. There's also a small archaeological exhibition and one about the history of the city in the office as well. It's an especially useful place in planning your stay in the city or our vacation in France.
Churches in Poitiers
Baptistère Saint-Jean
A friend of mine gave me a tour of the city of Poitiers, and took me to this small building near the cathedral. I was struck first by the sculpted faces adorning the roof. My friend couldn't tell me if they were supposed to be happy or sad (if anyone knows, tell me!). What struck me later was the age of the place: it was built in the fifth century! What you see today is not the original; it's been transformed over the centuries. It is one of the oldest French baptisteries, and within the front seems more like a bathtub. There's an entry fee of a few euros, but I came at closing time so I could only take a quick peek from the door.
Historical Monuments in Poitiers
Mairie de Poitiers (Town Hall)
You can find information on the city of Poitiers, like any other, at the city hall but you may find more details at the tourist office in the square of Notre Dame. What interested me particularly was actually the architecture of this particular building. It was built in 1875 and has been newly renovated. During work hours, you can enter and admire the interior architecture, especially the stained glass window located on the first floor. You can see where the building is located from the Leclerc square. The nineteenth-century style is undeniable, with the lamps, statues and majestic stairs. I confess that I was effortlessly seduced! Unfortunately, the Leclerc square has been under construction for months but this shouldn´t stop you from coming to discover this building and the others jewels hiding in this neighborhood!
Cathedrals in Poitiers
Poitiers Cathedral
While it is true that this cathedral is referred to as Gothic (Angevin), its construction began in a very different style. The construction began in twelfth century when Eleanor of Aquitaine ordered its construction. Its from there, that its unique image and style stems. You can find different styles of Gothic in the facade: the central rosette is more Late Gothic and more typical of the area of ​​the Isle of France. The 18 stained glass windows illuminate the XIII century church as well as the choir stalls. It is a true fusion of styles, mostly gothic (especially in the inside). A real unique beauty, both on the outside and inside. It is another one of France's historic wonders.
Viewpoints in Poitiers
Les Polychromies de Poitiers
During the summer, tourists and locals from Poitiers come together outside the church of Notre-Dame-la-Grande to watch acts of polychromatic illumination on the main facade. It is a spectacle of color and fantasy. The building, which was designed with hundreds of colors, recovers all its glory during the summer evenings. Figures that decorate the facades are brought to life with detail and color. With a single focus they are projected with polychromatic illumination. It is done in 15 minutes with extreme caution and precision. Among the 14 projections, there are two of them that are 'archaeological': . That is one good reason to come back the following admire this amazing show.
Squares in Poitiers
Place de la Liberté
On a random walk I stumbled upon the Place de La Liberte (Freedom Square). And as I understood the name of the place: There, proudly stands a statue of Liberty of Bartholdi, the original being in New York. The old name of the square, Place du Pylori, was less libertarian and more ... bloody? Keep this since it is the name of a bar / club, or something like that is on the corner of the square, with an environment something weird in my personal feeling.
Churches in Poitiers
Eglise Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand
Saint Hilaire church in Poitiers should really be a UNESCO world heritate site. Its architecture is spectacular, with its 4 chapels that enrich an already immense building. An unmissable part of your trip to Poitiers!
Shops in Poitiers
Bulles d'Encre
For those ve read some French and want to improve, reading comics / cartoons is a good way to enjoy a story and improve language ;) For those ve read French there's nothing more entertaining that a good comic! The central Bulles d'encre Store lets you discover the classics Francophone (Tintin, Asterix, Spirou, the Smurfs, Boule et Bill, etc) there'are gem novel like social and easy stories by Manu Larcenet (highly recommended!) Or funnier comics if you want to relax. Customers can buy figurines of famous people, and if they are lucky to attend a talk about the presentation of authors and illustrators (about once a month). I wish you good reading!
Museums in Poitiers
The Santa Cruz Museum
Created in 1971 by the architect Jean Monge and opposite the Saint Jean baptistery, where centuries ago it was the abbey of the same name, Sainte-Croix. This museum has 2 main areas. First, the more modern paint section covers the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with known works by Piet Mondrian and Auguste Rodin. Second, the archaeological section spanning prehistory to the early Middle Ages. most impressive are items related to the Paleolithic era, with engravings of the Grotte de la Marche (Magdalenian art) and objects obtained from Neolithic tombs. There is also a Roman section. This museum offers visitors a historical overview of the most memorable landscapes of Poitiers and the region through works of art by local and foreign artists, such as "The siege of Poitiers" by François Nautre in 1619. You need more than an hour to see it well and its price is more than reasonable considering the excellent collection that you can appreciate there.
Markets in Poitiers
Marché Notre-Dame
On one side of the church of Notre Dame there's the market that shares the same name of the church and is in one of the most convenient underground car parks to visit this part of town. The market, no longer a market with conventional stores, as fishmongers, greengrocers and others. What I found interesting is the outer extent thereof attached converting it into a flea market, where you can buy traditional products such as bread, cheese and even baked goods, allowing us to have breakfast in the street, buying a coffee at one of the cafes adjacent. A charming custom that I hope is not lost and you can see the city from another perspective with a croissant in the stomach.
Churches in Poitiers
Church of Sainte-Radegonde
From the very center of the city, walking or adventuring, you may discover Sainte Radegonde. Formerly called "Santa Maria Outside the Walls" (sorry for the rough translation), it is thus named because of its location. But since the sixth century it was renamed Sainte Radegonde for housing the tomb of the Saint of the same name. This Saint is the patron of the city, ve was also Queen of the Franks .. I did not know them, but I was pretty impressed by the monumentality, the stunning building ... What do you think?
Palaces in Poitiers
Palace of Poitiers
The Palace of Justice in Poitiers has two faces. On one side, you can see a huge medieval building, which at the time was the palace of the counts and dukes of the Aquitaine region, important people in French history. The older parts of the building date back to the ninth century, hence why the building has had several additions and renovations throughout its history. In the Middle Ages, this austere building served to render justice. The other side was built in the eighteenth century. It was built in a classic style, with columns and a portico reminiscent of Greek ruins .. . An architectural oddity in the middle of the city!
Theme Parks in Poitiers
Bars in Poitiers
Cluricaume Café
The LE Cluricaume bar-pub in the same square as Notre-Dame church, in the centre of Poitiers. It may look like a typical Irish pub, but it's actually an indispensable place in the cultural life of Paris. If you speak French can enjoy the reflections of humourist / comedian / Actor Fred Abrachkoff in his short show "Viandox" (about politics and current affairs). If you don't though, you shouldn't be put off, you can go to the concerts held here from time to time. There is a terrace with beautiful views of the Church and its Saturday market! The only drawback? Part of the terrace is near the street and becomes rather noisy with the cars passing by. Choose to sit at the tables closer to the plaza!
Shops in Poitiers
Emmaüs Poitiers
Emmaus is a social work founded by Abbot Peter, a character famous in France for his 1st performance in favor of poor people in the winter of the year 1954. Emmaus communities, which are in every city of medium significant, gives a 2nd chance to people lost directions of their lives. To stay and work, these people recover all objects donated. After repairs and other renovations, the objects are put on sale for super-affordable prices in small shops like the center of Poitiers, or large buildings where the furniture store on the outskirts of these cities. Shop for Poitiers liked first because he was in the center, lost in other stores of charm, like any shop. And there were in the window all objects d, outdated '60s-flavored or antiques. The association of an old lamp with a heater of 60 gave the impression of entering Ali Baba's cave mixed with a treasure stored by a madman ... It´s interesting to go down the street
Streets in Poitiers
Grand Rue
One of the streets with the longest and prettiest history of the lovely city of Poitiers is definitely Grand Street (Grand 'rue). A street, in my opinion, with the most French style... The french style that we all think of when we think of the country France. This street connects the center of the city with the area of churches and other monuments, which makes it part of the recommended tours. But her bohemian look, narrow houses with medieval appearance is not all. This street is also home to one of the most charming hotels in the city, the Hotel de Rochefort (XVII century). Le Grand 'Rue is a street where one should walk through, from the beginning to the end.

The best things to do in Poitiers

Considered one of the most iconic cities of Romanesque art in France, one of the essential things to see in Poitiers is its historical monuments. There are three routes known as the paths of Notre-Dame which will lead you through the cobbled streets of the historic center to the main attractions in Poitiers. Don't miss the church of Notre-Dame La Grande, the cathedral of Saint-Pierre, the Baptistery of St. John, or the Church Montierneuf, some of the top Poitiers attractions. On the ancient Roman road of Lemonum you'll find the dolmen of Pierre Levée, one of the most popular places to visit in Poitiers, along with the Palace of the Counts of Poitou and the replica of the Statue of Liberty and the Fumé mansion.

Located in the heart of the city, the Blossac Park occupies ​​9 hectares. Its most popular gardens are the Garden of the Rocks, the French Garden, the English Garden and Grand Pré.

Just 10 kilometers from the city, the Futuroscope is one of the top things to do in Poitiers. Building of the park began in 1984 and has brought international fame to the city because of it's latest audiovisual, cinema,and robotic technologies. Discover all the stuff to do in Poitiers through minube. And if you're still wondering what to do in Poitiers, check out the virtual tour built by shared experiences from our users to find out more interesting Poitiers activities, like visiting the Palace of Justice, the Hypogeum Dunes
sculptures, or the castle towers of Juan de Berry.