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Things to do in Toulouse

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The top 468 attractions in Toulouse

Historical Monuments in Toulouse
Basilica of St. Sernin
What caught my attention most from the outside of the St. Sernin Basilica was the octagonal bell tower built above the cruise, which dominates the building at 65 meters. It was built in two levels: A typical Romanesque level with three layers of semicircular openings, a level with two layers of angular Gothic arched openings.
Squares in Toulouse
Place du Capitole
In Toulouse for 1 year is a life changing experience.....
Gardens in Toulouse
Japanese Garden
This garden is located north of the center of Toulouse, between Lascrosses Boulevard and Marquette Boulevard. A relaxing walk is a nice little excursion and this is just the right place. They say that something is missing in some areas due to maintenance.
Rivers in Toulouse
Garonne River
The Garonne runs for about 525 kilometres, starting in Spain before moving to France, where it crosses Toulouse and ends up by flowing into the estuary of the Gironde. In Toulouse, the river is fully navigable, and is popular with tourist boats as well as water sports vehicles. A path runs along the Garonne, allowing you to enjoy the views of the river and the entire city. You can start at Pont Saint Pierre, then stroll past the Raymond VI gardens to the Pont des Catalans, where you can cross to the other side of the river. A really pleasant walk, which I always recommend to newcomers to the city!
Churches in Toulouse
Couvent des Jacobins
An interesting and beautiful church. It has a somewhat strange floorplan, as it's more rectangular and shaped like a cross. It also maintains tall, colorful columns which together with stained glass give a very interesting color to it's interior. I recommend visiting at dusk or dawn to enjoy it the most. Also, in the center of the church is the tomb of St. Thomas Aquinas.
Theme Parks in Toulouse
Cite de l'Espace
The most interesting thing in Space City is its 3D IMAX cinema and its two planetariums. You can definitely spend a whole day there. I visited it on my own - I arrived at eleven o'clock and left at six in the evening with the feeling that I still have things left to explore. There are plenty of movies and organized activities to attend - before you know it you've been there the whole day. As for the food, I recommend taking some from home because it is very expensive there. There is a bus line that connects Space City to the centre and it runs throughout the day.
City Halls in Toulouse
Capitol de Toulouse
Located in the great square of the same name, The Capitol is the current headquarters of the City Council. The impressive facade was built by the architect Guillaume Cammas and has eight marble columns symbolizing the first eight capitouls cánsules responsible for directing each of the eight districts of which the city is composed. It was Louis XIV who granted permission for its construction as well as the square under the condition that it be taken to put an equestrian statue here under the name of Plaza Real. However, this monarch would never get to see his wishes fulfilled as the works were completed in 1792. The visit inside starts with the yard of Henry IV with various plaques and busts which commemorates one execution in the same place of the Duke of Montmorency, the bitter enemy of Cardinal Richelieu in 1632. Up some stairs you arrive at the HALL OF DISTINGUISHED works and busts of nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which for my taste the highlight is the work of Henri Martin - entitled to Shores of the Garonne. The building also houses the second largest French theater and is known as the National Theatre du Capitole de Toulouse.
Cathedrals in Toulouse
Toulouse Cathedral
Visiting this magnificent city was great, with my partner and best friend. I'll always remember this city ... the monuments, the people, the landscapes ... thanks.
Historical Monuments in Toulouse
Pont Neuf
Its construction dates back from 1544 and lasted until 1632. Apparently it's the oldest bridge in Toulouse. The Rue de la République and the Rue de Metz. In the evenings, you can enjoy it in different colors.
Churches in Toulouse
Notre-Dame de la Daurade
The Basilica of the Daurade is on the Garonne river, just off the square and pier that bears its name. It usually passes unnoticed because it's closed and bystanders may be looking at the river. Its exterior architecture is very striking and visitors are amazed as the interior is much larger than it appears, it's quite bleak, except in the chapel of Notre Dame de la Daurade that occupies the south end of the transept. The Virgin of the black hood, similar to the Catalan Black Madonna, stands (with baby Jesus in her left arm and a cane on her right) and is covered with clothes that change color according to the season.
Gardens in Toulouse
Jardin des Plantes
It is situated in the back of the Faculty of Science and Natural History Museum. During his tour enjoy many squares filled with flowers, which give a special color to the garden.
Museums in Toulouse
Muséum de Toulouse
The Natural History Museum of Toulouse has recently been remodeled. Now the tours are interactive and more entertaining. The tour is meant to be taken through "evolution," placing each animal family in groups and understand how they each relate to one another. I recommend devoting at least a couple of hours in order to see the whole museum. At the entrance there is a bar-restaurant where you can have breakfast or lunch.
Squares in Toulouse
Place Wilson
Great place to enjoy a stop. It is located right behind the Capitole and very close to Jaurès metro station. It's always full of children playing and it's carousel is captivating, taking you back to your childhood.
Rivers in Toulouse
Gardens in Toulouse
Grand Rond
The Gran Rond Garden is centrally located. It is near Port St-Sauveur where you can see the many ships that transit the Canal du Midi and next to the Royal Garden and the Jardin des Plantes by two separate bridges. It is typically home to various exhibitions.
Historical Monuments in Toulouse
Pont Saint-Pierre
This place is a monument of worship in Toulouse because it is where young people come every Thursday night for fun. In addition, because as you can see from the photos, this is the most beautiful bridge in Toulouse (in my personal opinion). But it seems that the bridge is not the only pretty one (even excluding bridges, the architecture of all the monuments of Toulouse is excellent!.) Yes, yes, I love my city!
Historical Monuments in Toulouse
Monument Aux Morts
One of the things that France is characterized by, is the number of monuments dedicated to those fallen in battle. This is just one similar to many others, where inside you can see several texts engraved into the stone.
Museums in Toulouse
Musee Saint-Raymond
It is located in Toulouse (France) in the Saint Sernin plaza since 1892 in a magnificent building from the XVI century and close to the Basilica of Saint-Sernin. It is dedicated to the art and archeology of antiquity and the early Middle Ages. You will appreciate its truly remarkable Roman marble sculptures that come from the village of Chiragan Martres-Tolosanes and that make it one of the nicest museums in Europe. You'll also find medals, reliefs, mosaics, sarcophagi, etc. A visit to this museum is a must if you travel to Toulouse. The staff is very friendly and will give you all the explanations you need. You can reach the museum from a small garden, which includes the Basilica of Saint-Sernin; it's a very nice spot. Inside the museum in the entrance there's a small shop. It's worth it to get lost in its collections. I bought a 2011 City Card for 10 € in the Toulouse Tourist Office. Admission to the museum normally costs 3 €, but with the City Card it costs € 1.50. There are more than 130 deals and places where you use it. It lasts for one year, so you can use it for future visits to the city. Enjoy it then!

The best things to do in Toulouse

Start your list of what to do in Toulouse with La Ville Rose. With a large number of museums, important buildings, and parks, you'll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of Toulouse activities and monuments. The architectural heritage in Toulouse is shown in beautiful buildings like the Cathedral of Saint-Étienne, whose architecture is composed of architectural elements from different periods. Other religious places to visit in Toulouse of great importance include the Basilica of La Dorada, located on the east bank of the Garonne River near the Fine Arts Building.

Another of the fun things to do in Toulouse is a trip to city hall. The views of the facade at night are spectacular and in the area you can enjoy other recreational and leisure activities. After the capitol, the biggest attraction is the Garonne River, with its stunning bridges and riverbanks which are unmissable things to see in Toulouse. The Canal du Midi is a masterpiece of eighteenth century engineering, and when you see this and the other Toulouse attractions, you'll see why UNESCO declared the city a World Heritage Site.

There's stuff to do in
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