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Things to do in Metz Nancy

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The top 48 attractions in Metz Nancy

Historical Monuments in Metz Nancy
Metz Cathedral
Metz is a city situated in the region of Lorraine which, like its neighboring region Alsace, belonged throughout history to both Germany or France, at different times. This is apparent in its cuisine and in the architecture of some of the monuments. The most important and impressive is the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Etienne, known as the "Lantern of God" with its 6,500 square meters of glass (the largest collection in Europe). The best time to visit is at sunset preferably without too many people, so that you can enjoy the magic of the sunset light.
Churches in Metz Nancy
Le Temple Neuf
A breathtaking view of the cathedral in Metz in northeastern France. It's a good chance the visit in mid-July when the fabulous Fête de la Mirabelle begins, or feast of the mirabelle, fruit typical of the region, with many cultural events with culinary highlights.
Museums in Metz Nancy
Of Cultural Interest in Metz Nancy
Place d'Armes
This is a beautiful place. We loved a certain bar in the plaza where we had a coffee and found it very nice.
Festivals in Metz Nancy
Fete de la Musique
This festival is celebrated on June 21 every year and many consider it attractive enough to make a trip to France (mainly Paris). This date is also the first day of summer (northern hemisphere). The idea came in 1981 from the then director of music and Jack Lang then Minister of Culture in France. Having found data from a study stating that 5 million people (half of them young) in France played an instrument, the dream was to make them plays in the streets. Thus was created the party. Its main objectives are that artists play voluntarily in the streets and, thanks to numerous free concerts that are organized, the public can enjoy their favorite genres and artists regardless of origin or style. Initially it was in Metz, but was immediately adopted throughout the country. It's a celebration that invites all people to integrate into society, from morning until dark. There's a Metro-RER ticket that allows you to move around the center of Paris for about 3 € for the whole party, it's highly recommended as you will surely make several trips. Also, due to the large number of concerts, it is advisable to get a program to know where the parties and concerts that interest you are located. Over the years the festival has been internationalized and the "Fête de la musique" takes place in dozens of countries around the world such as USA, Germany, China, Netherlands, Philippines, Uganda and Morocco.
Temples in Metz Nancy
Temple de Garnison
The Old Temple (Vieux Temple or Temple de Garnison) and the New Temple (Temple Neuf) are mirrors of the history of the city, reflected in the Moselle river that runs through it. The old temple, or the Temple of the garrison, was constructed between the years 1875 and 1881, when the city Metz and Alsace-Lorraine area belonged to Germany (one of the fights between France and Germany that eventually lead to conflict, from the years 1914 - 1918), that German soldiers could keep Protestant worship. Almost destroyed in the year 1946, there is now only the bell tower, which stands taller than the cathedral itself. The New Temple, whose name is derived from the Temple of the Garrison looks more like a castle! Opened by Kaiser Wilhelm II and dedicated to his officers, today it is place of worship. Both buildings can be seen while walking along the banks of the Moselle River.
Markets in Metz Nancy
Gardens in Metz Nancy
Esplanade de Metz
The Esplanade garden (9200 m2) is the site of the old moat of the citadel, which was filled in back in 1816. The original landscape style had to be completely overhauled in 1967, after the construction of the underground parking lot that it currently covers. The Esplanade opens onto the Moselle Valley and Mont St Quentin.
Lakes in Metz Nancy
Lake Symphonie
This is the largest green space in the city, where there's a small harbour, a canoeing school, an ice rink, and a theatre. It's a charming, lively space where you can go for a walk, ride a bike, or see the graffiti on the walls, which are really quite nice.
Historical Monuments in Metz Nancy
Festivals in Metz Nancy
Metz Hot Air Balloon Ride
Seeing the sky full of hot-air balloons during the World Championships in summer, or in any other time of the year really, is one of the most delightful and surprising parts about this city.
Train Stations in Metz Nancy
Metz City Station
We stopped at Metz station for a change, so we just had time to grab a bite and discover the outside the building. It was a great surprise to discover the beautiful old architecture. The building is huge, inside and out, with the vault, its tower, its details, its columns; all plentiful. Finally, the square in front of the station is particularly nice.
Cinemas in Metz Nancy
City Halls in Metz Nancy
Theaters in Metz Nancy
Churches in Metz Nancy
Sainte Segolene
The church Saint-Segolene is part of the religious heritage of Metz, located in the district of Sainte-Croix hill. It is a beautiful church in neo-Gothic style which dates back to the 13th century. I took the time to visit this church, classified as a historical monuments during Heritage Days. Inside you'll see the organ, which dates from the 19th century or even statues of St. Ironwood and St. Ferjeux among others. If you have time, go and have a look, it is very beautiful.
Historical Monuments in Metz Nancy
Maison General de Maud'huy
If you walk in the city center of Metz, in the Lorraine region, you will see the birthplace of General Muad'huy on rue de la Tete d'Or, number 7-9, it's signposted. He was born here in 1857 and is known for his military career. During the First World War, he was the commander of the 10th Army, and played a major role in the Battle of the Marne. General Maud'huy then received the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor. It is now the Invalides in Paris.
Of Cultural Interest in Metz Nancy