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Things to do in Languedoc-Roussillon

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The top 1.705 attractions in Languedoc-Rosell

Castles in Carcassonne
Carcassonne Castle
The Lapidary Museum is situated inside the Count's Castle, in the Cité of Carcassonne (France). Since the year 1927 local archaeological materials have been on exhibition, from Roman to Gothic to Romanesque. One can also find artifacts on the history of the city and of the restoration carried out by Viollet-le-Duc. It is a perfect complement to finishing a visit to the Castle and Condal Cité of Carcassonne. It is worth it to stop and admire its statues, tombstones, and frescos ... not to mention the lovely views of the city from its big windows.
Villages in Collioure
This is a beautiful town, very bohemian and full of craftsmen and artists. It has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and a promenade lined with fortresses and towers. Antonio Machado is buried in the town cemetery. A charming place!
Historical Monuments in Vers-Pont-du-Gard
Pont du Gard
After Segovia Aqueduct few aqueducts will impress you, but I have no doubt that the Pont du Gard will. Not just because of it's location in a valley, but also for it's good state of preservation and the possibility of walking, if you sign up to the group tour, to the third tier of arches, the top, where water once flowed and 49 feet high! This aqueduct was built around the year I to carry water 50 miles to Nimes, and it was built well because it was in operation for 500 years. Hopefully existing buildings meets the warranty!
Historical Monuments in Nîmes
Arena of Nimes
The 2nd largest Roman arena in the world, after Rome. They have many bullfights and entertainment today because the area is very fond of bulls and horses ... It is centrally located in Nimes, which has many sights worth seeing and visiting, such as Le Maison Carrer, the Cathedral ....
Squares in Montpellier
Place de la Comedie
The Place de la Comédie is the main square in Montpellier. Here is the Opera and the fountain of the 3 Graces. You get to the Esplanada Charles de Gaulle and the Corum. The shopping centre at the end of the square is the liveliest in town.
Historical Monuments in Perpignan
The Castillet is the most famous monument in Perpignan. It was once the main entrance to the walled city. Although only a portion of what is left goes back to the time of Aragon domination in the 14th century, this monumental brick gate has a symbolic value for the town. After the walls were knocked down, it stood for sometime as a prison. Currently, it houses the Musée des Arts et Traditions Catalan Populaires. Its name is a corruption of the French language word Castellet, little castle, which is easily explained by its appearance.
Villages in Gruissan
Gruissan is a village of just 4,000 people in the south of France, near Narbonne, and lives mainly by vineyards and tourism, it has long beaches. The village is on an island surrounded by a salt lake, and crowned by the tower. The whole town is full of narrow streets, perfectly maintained with details. We are in a French village where life flows peacefully. Stunning sunsets over the lake, and walk through the narrow streets of downtown filled with shops, cafes and creperies
Resort Towns in Aigues-Mortes
You can find this tiny city at the entrance of Camargue. It was built by St. Louis King of France in the 13th century because he sought an outlet to the Mediterranean. A walled city in the marshes, walls which can be traveled, after paying. From here you can see the whole city from above. At one end of this planned city is the Tour de Constance, an authentic medieval mass, a massive tower served as a prison and where the Templars were locked. A good start or end to a visit to Camargue.
Historical Monuments in Carcassonne
Les Lices
Anyone visiting the medieval city of Carcassonne (Carcassonne), can´t forget to take a walk along the wall at dusk, down the river to contemplate it in its entirety. At night, the walled city is deserted, but it's worth staying up late to watch the lit-up wall.
Cities in Narbonne
The Canal du Midi, as it goes through the Roman Narbonne, the former capital of Narbonne, to the end of Empire, is one of the most important cities of Gaul, and it has a rich heritage that is varied, from the Horreum, the greater Headstones Museum of Europe,and the Archaeological Museum, an obligatory visit ...
Historical Monuments in Narbonne
Narbonne Cathedral
In the small town of Narbonne you'll find this cathedral which is the third highest in France. Its construction began in 1340 and ended in 1272, although the cloister wasn't finished because they had to tear down part of the wall, which had proved useful, and therefore did not follow construction. The gargoyles are just as impressive as its interior, which rise into the sky in very delicate lines. If you go near Narbonne, this is a visit you won't forget, especially if you like seeing cathedrals and ancient fortresses.
Canyons in Sainte-Enimie
Les Gorges du Tarn
Its tranquility envelops you and you realize how insignificant we are in nature. It is full of small towns with a medieval feel. Some stretches of the road are so narrow that only one car can pass and some of the views can occasionally make you "shake."
Of Cultural Interest in Sigean
Sigean African Reserve
The Sigean African Reserve is located in the Corbières region of France. It has 3 drive circuits and one walk and is highly recommendable to do with children. On the Sigean African Reserve you'll find all the information about the reservation. I just want add that I thought the tickets were kind of expensive, but the food and drink inside are priceless. Therefore, I advise taking necessary snacks and drinks. Inside there is a picnic area.
Gardens in Montpellier
Jardin Des Plantes De Montpellier
We found this botanical garden just minutes from the city center. I can't say it's very well preserved but if what we want is a place of rest it's a good place to take a walk. This botanical garden was created in 1593 by Henry IV. It allowed medical students to become familiar with medicinal plants. Today courses and seminars are held on botany.
Churches in Carcassonne
Basilica of St. Nazaire and St. Celse
The Cathedral of Saint-Nazaire and Saint-Celsus was first mentioned in 925 and was blessed by Pope Urban II in 1096. It was built in Romanesque style between 1269 and 1230. A Gothic style cross, which expanded the size of the previous building, and made it the widest in southern France. In 1801, it lost its status as cathedral when it was replaced by the Church of Saint-Michel, at its hem. It was designated a minor Basilica by Pope Leo XIII in 1898 and rebuilt by Viollet le Duc. Among the architectural designs and more interesting objects to see, there is the 12th century Romanesque portal, its nave and Roman vaults from the 11th and 12th centuries. Both the cruise and the Gothic Choir (12th-14th centuries) and the stained glass windows from the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th centuries are the most wonderful in the region. There is also a stone from the 13th century, which was supposedly used as a chair by Simon de Monfort (head of the 13th century Anglo-Norman crusades that massacred all the city's inhabitants), and a large amount of Gothic statues. The tomb of Bishop Pierre de Rochefort (14th century) and the organs of Crespin Verniole from the 17th century, one of the oldest in the French Midi, are also held there. We were "delighted" when we left. I kept photographing while the amazement of what we saw and what lived here never stopped.
Churches in Collioure
Notre Dame des Anges
Undoubtedly one of the most photographed churches throughout France is this simple parish built in the seventeenth century, modest in size but whose location, by the sea, three beaches, is virtually unique and in addition to countless photographers, is has inspired great painters. Southern Gothic in style, with a single nave and inside, the entire altarpiece, baroque, it is the work of the Catalan architecture maestro Josep Sunyer. A incredibly romantic church.
Of Cultural Interest in Nîmes
Throughout our trip through Provence we have seen unique landscapes, charming cities, wonderful sights - our exquisite descriptions could continue, but Nîmes has given me something special. The strange thing is that there is nothing particularly special about it, but simply a joy overflowing in the streets that has filled my soul, perhaps because it is so natural. It has a very charming old town, with restaurants and terraces, where you can breathe happiness. I think the evolution of a city of "stone" that has managed to overcome the historical legacy and has reinvented itself is wonderful. Boulevards like Victor Hugo, places like the Marche, pedestrian streets full of life and joy that enchant the visitor. I'm warning you - I'm not saying that it is necessarily the most beautiful place but it has a something special, at least for me ;). Note: Nîmes is known as a "City of Art and History", I have explained what this means in another post.
Villages in Villefranche-de-Conflent
This is a small medieval town, one of the most beautiful in France (but also in Catalonia, as it belonged to North Roussillon and Catalonia). Vilafranca was founded in 1090 by Guillem Raimon, the Earl of Cerdanya. It was formed by different houses of the era: County of Barcelona (1117), Kingdom of Mallorca (1276), Crown of Aragon (1344), France (1463) and Spain (1493). Besieged in 1654 for 6 days and taken by the French. In 1659, as a result of the Treaty of the Pyrenees, it became part of France. Walking through its streets is a trip to the medieval past. Its church and walls are Romanesque. Visitors can try many things here: go on the yellow train, visit Fort Liberia, the grottos and caves, and a visit to the monastery of Mount Canigou. If you don't have transport or a 4X4 its better to hire transport out of the city. On the south side there is parking for several vehicles including motorhomes. The town itself, if I recall correctly, is pedestrian. View from the North side.