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Things to do in Biarritz

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The top 35 attractions in Biarritz

Villages in Biarritz
We chose it as a stopping point on our trip to Northern France and it was a positive surprise. The town is very walkable, with the ability to enjoy its squares and terraces as well as its shopping and of course your beach crowned by the Hotel de Ville. It's a nice place and if we can return, we would be happy to do so.
Viewpoints in Biarritz
Rocher de la Vierge
From the viewpoint of the Watchtower continue along the Rue de la Petite Atalaye under a thick fog and intense cold enhanced by continued strong gusts of icy wind from the Bay of Biscay. However, this weather does not darken the landscape, rather, it embellishes and enhances andsets the stage to the postcard that unfolds before our eyes. A few meters from where we can make out spectacularly huge and angry masses of water crashing against the rocks, the noise is deafening and feel the water on our faces but look at the white foam waves that form when in retreat. We moved quickly, buffeted by the gale through a narrow metal bridge, built by none other than Mr. Eiffel, crossed under a small tunnel, near which stands the small shrine of the Virgin of the Rock and reach the end of the narrow neck that penetrates the sea and there, with little protection of a low wall that just reaches to the waist, we felt the force of the wind and the sea with greater force. If possible, try to take a picture though almost impossible we tried ... The time seems to fly and without realizing it, the fog, the storm gave way to large clearings. In an instant the landscape changed completely, revealing the profile of the Grande Plage, the Casino Barriere and the grand Hotel du Palais. No doubt: If viewed from the Virgin of the Rock, the view of the Basque coast is spectacular, stunning, superb.
Beaches in Biarritz
La Grande Plage
Less than 45 minutes away from San Sebastian we can find one of the most magical places in the south of France. Here is where you can enjoy the beach, play some casino chips in the famous casino and not lose the opportunity to taste the wonderful mussels in any restaurant in the area. And attention to its sunsets!
Beaches in Biarritz
Biarritz Beach
Biarritz is a city that is famous for its coast: there are several beaches of different sizes. There's a great beach between the Bellevue Palace Hotel and Puerto Viejo, at the bottom of a rocky cove that's really ideal for families. The Côte des Basques beach is good for surfers, and the Milady beach offers direct sea access. Come and enjoy all the beautiful views offered by these wonderful beaches!
Museums in Biarritz
Sea Museum (Musée de la Mer)
Just steps from the renowned Rock of the Virgin, it's just great. We discovered it during our evening walk from the old port to the Rock. Because, yes, the museum is open during the night, already a factor to consider. Its many rooms, perfectly organized, to help you discover the underwater fauna, and boats. I found a room in which there is a skeleton of a whale that dazzled me after viewing various other aquariums. It makes you feel so small ... But what really surprised me the museum is on the top floor, with seals just a few feet away! It's just wonderful. I could have been there for hours. Well liked by children and their parents, that's for sure. From next June, the museum will have 25 aquariums!
Harbors in Biarritz
Port Vieux
Built by fishermen in the 19th century, it is now used primarily for by craftsmen. When I was in Biarritz I was surprised at the violence with which the waves hit the shore (we got wet on several occasions) but when we arrived at the port des pecheurs, we were fully protected from the waves. I realized that it wasn´t due to just bad weather that particular day, but it was a normal thing that happens.
Beaches in Biarritz
Plage de la Milady
Plage Milady is situated in a natural environment. The environment is hilly and mountainous. The sand is very fine and light in color. The beach appears to be clean. On the beach are some rock formations. Seawater has a beautiful turquoise color and is actually quite transparent. The water is very clean. PLAGE MILADY is relatively short but quite wide. The beach is flat. Near the beach you can have something to eat and drink.You can only access the beach climbing / walking downhill. You can park your vehicle close to the beach if you have one.
Of Cultural Interest in Biarritz
Biarritz Lighthouse
We went to Biarritz Lighthouse at sunset to enjoy the breathtaking view that looks over the beaches and the town. We could see the famous Rock of the Virgin, and the monuments that have become landmarks of Biarritz, like the church of Santa Eugenia and the Hôtel du Palais. We returned the next day and went up (the lighthouse is open to the public) to enjoy an even more impressive view, this time by day! When we got to the top of the 200-odd steps, we forgot the climb, as it was so stunning. However, people with vertigo should refrain ... both night and day, the lighthouse offers an incredible view of Biarritz, and a magical moment!
Markets in Biarritz
Biarritz Market
The Biarritz market is great. The atmosphere of the markets and brand style décor of the Basque country, is colorful (in the colors of Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque, the rugby club in the city) ideal for those ve, like me, enjoy looking around markets. It is divided into two separate buildings, one for the fishmongers and the second for the other foodstuffs. It is open every day (including Sundays and holidays, from 7.00 to 13.30). Biarritz Market is color, quality products, and retailers and smells nice, a place not to be missed.
Beaches in Biarritz
Côte Des Basques
The Basque Coast is a wonderful place. We have gone twice, and it's lovely just to wander along the coast (surf shops, a magnificent view of the coast, and the chance to see the surfers' incredible skills!). Here you can find some bars and restaurants with terraces, allowing guests to enjoy a pleasant view. The road along the coast is amazing, with stunning landscapes. Following the advice of the Office of Tourism, we went back the next morning for breakfast at the Bar de Las 100 Marchas, a mythical Biarritz bar located at the top of the cliff. It is a perfect place to enjoy breakfast, the views are extraordinary. I really recommend stopping here to have a bit to eat.
Streets in Biarritz
Paseo marítimo de Biarritz
The truth is that we were spending the day at Biarritz and we were surprised by the natural beauty of the place. We have been to many places, but it is clear that it's the most simple and natural sites that attract our attention most. The photo was taken on cliffs with the beautiful view in the background.
Museums in Biarritz
Asiatica Museum of Asian Art
When we travel, when we discover a new and interesting place, chance often plays a prominent role. A few days ago I met with a partner, with whom I share a passion for travel. After a bit of conversation, we inevitably started talking about Paris. There arose the name of a museum, the Musée Guimet of Asian art, which was fascinating, magical, of which I have spoken here, and also, the Musée Asiatica, which we did not know. Located in Biarritz, it is not very central, and in a building more suitable for Carrefour than for a museum, this gem goes totally unnoticed. Upon arrival, nothing warns you about what awaits you inside. Two floors dedicated to Asian art, with an excellent collection of artifacts from India in particular, displayed tastefully, generally well lit with ample information, also in Castilian. There is an audio guide, which is not worth it, since they have a booklet with the same, or even more detailed information, with the added bonus of being free. The system used at the time to date the pieces is a bit chaotic, but you will quickly understand the nomenclature and you can follow the guide without problems. The collection is organized chronologically, panels briefly report on the geographical location and the general chronology of the different styles. Books related to what is presented are on each floor. We conducted the visit in two parts, and used a few hours, without reading all the information available, so the visit could take all day. For those ve do not know the art it is an excellent, even overwhelming. For those already familiar with the artistic expressions shown here, you will find small museum which has collected many pieces, many unique in the world, sometimes rare, with some examples made available by more remote museums, out of reach for the majority. We were alone during our visit, no one else entered the museum, allowing us to compare, discuss ..., as we wished. An unmissable luxury. Green Pea Project, a blog for the Five Senses http://guisanteverde.Blogspot.Com
Bars in Biarritz
This bar is located right in front of the Grande Plage in Biarritz. It has a large terrace where waiters dressed in pink and black serve a refreshing drinks and interesting dishes (including salads) and sundaes. There are many foreigners that holiday in the area that come here for the drinks and food.
Bars in Biarritz
Les 100 Marches
The 100 Marches is a legendary bar in Biarrtiz, France, located on the Basque Coast. The bar is a small hut that's open on all sides. By offering its dramatic views over the sea, visiting this bar is pretty much mandatory. Following the Office of Tourism's advice, I went there for breakfast (the bar has everything you can imagine for breakfast: croissants, etc.). I was absolutely ecstatic with the views because I was having breakfast on a cliff's edge. Sitting at this bar and drinking was very cool. The bar also has stools available for the public. The bar is open during the morning and evening so you can watch the sunset. It's a nice place to have a great time and recharge your batteries!
Hiking in Biarritz
Path to Rocher de la Vierge
The path to Rocher de la Vierge is a very nice place, where you can see the whole beach and you can enjoy wonderful sunsets. It's highly recommended that you go on a summer afternoon to while away the hours while you relax and listen to the waves. It's a place that really surprised me!
Viewpoints in Biarritz
Plateau de l'Atalaye
The traveler ve comes to Biarritz will be impressed by the buildings of palatial character that sparkle and give brilliance to this tiny village in the Basque coast. Biarritz was but a small port of Basque whalers ve suffered a transformation from the mid-19th century by the monarch Napoleon III and his wife, Eugenie Spanish ve took the determination to turn the small village to his summer residence . Following the example of the monarchy gala, the cream of European aristocracy decided to take this as a reference point for his summer break. The imprint of those years of luxury and splendor is present in every corner of this city. Biarritz overlooks the ocean from the profile of a building described as stately bearing as the Hotel du Palais. Its coastline is scattered with beaches of fine sand and abundant colonies of algae that are repeatedly swept by an oean that at least in winter, is determined to launch fierce rush against the shore to the pleasure of "surfers". Like any self-respecting French city, Biarritz has superb rides that will delight the visitor. On this occasion, a cold December day and under a blanket of fog we headed to the old fishing port whose activity has been reduced to a minimum but its stone walls retain the charm of better times. We continue our walk until we reach the viewpoint of the Atalaya, a privileged point of the city from which one can contemplate a great view of the Grande Plage, the Casino Barriere and the grand Hotel du Palais. Although the fog just let us get a quick look at the silhouette of the buildings, the strong waves crashing against the cliffs helps create a spooky, almost unreal feeling, and we were reluctant to leave. From the viewpoint of the Atalaya we continued our ride and headed to the cliffs to nearby beaches.
Golf Courses in Biarritz
Ilbarritz International Center of Entertaiment Golf Club
Ilbarritz International Center was built in 1988, 100 years after the Biarritz golf course. It is a truly unique resort in Europe, both for its magnificent scenery and for the luxury services offered. You can play golf near the Ocean (the golf course offers a magnificent view over the beach of Ilbarritz). It has 9 holes with a par of 32 and a length of 2,176 meters. It is a highly technical field. Its originality is that it is set on 2 levels, with free vehicles to move between the two with ease. The complex also houses a number of international competitions.
Cities in Biarritz
Downtown Biarritz
The coastal town of Biarritz not only has nice beaches, surfing and plenty of glamour, but it also has several great bakeries. One of them is Miremont, in the heart of the town. They have excellent pastries and places to sit down and have a coffee.

The best things to do in Biarritz

There are many places to visit in Biarritz, many of which are religious buildings and numerous museums, but there are other Biarritz activities to enjoy. Among these are the Asian Museum, which houses an important collection of Asian art, especially based on works from India, Nepal, Tibet, and China.

Another important place to visit is the Musée de la Mer, with 24 aquariums, some of which are home to sharks and whales, which makes this one of the most interesting things to do in Biarritz. Don't forget the Chocolate Museum, where you can learn everything about this delicious sweet.

Other things to see in Biarritz include the church of St. Martin, built in the 12th century, and the Chapelle Imperiale, whichwas built for the Empress Eugenie de Montijo. The Russian Orthodox Church, built in the nineteenth century by Russian aristocrats, is another of the many Biarritz attractions, and is famous for its blue dome.

More stuff to do in Biarritz includes visiting the two large casinos, Barrière and Bellevue, which are opposite the Grande Plage. For sea lovers there are also special attractions in Biarritz, like its beaches, cliffs, and lighthouse. These are amazing places with superb views, especially from the viewpoint of the Virgin, which should be at the top of the list of what to do in Biarritz.