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Things to do in Lapland

101 contributors
Nature Reserves in Rovaniemi
Nature Reserves in Rovaniemi
Nature Reserves in Muonio
Nature Reserves in Sodankylä
Nature Reserves in Inari

The top 44 attractions in Lapland

Nature Reserves in Rovaniemi
Northern lights, Santa park, sky jump...
Cities in Rovaniemi
In Rovaniemi , there is are a few buildings which are emblematic of Aalto: the Town Hall, the theater, and library, all of which are located in the same area. The perspective, the fan-shaped library and the the tower for its height and shape that comprises vertical accent. This is a must see site. The three buildings were designed by Alvar Aalto. There is the auditorium, a library in the shape of fan-shaped plant and the town hall of Rovaniemi. This is a place that you cannot miss.
Cities in Inari
Unusual Places in Rovaniemi
Searchinf Santa Claus (Finnish Lapland)
Spending a week in this wonderful part of the world is great because very few people have done it. So in my opinion I didn't know I was there until I was actually there. They say it's in the middle of nowhere because if you enjoy this great adventure in the woods you'll enjoy its wildlife and beautiful landscapes. As you can see, it's the opposite of a city or town. There's no pollution, no noise whatsoever. There are only animals enjoying their natural environment. An unforgettable experience which I would love to repeat a million times.
Of Touristic Interest in Kolari
Of Cultural Interest in Kittilä
The trip we made to Levi has been one of the most interesting experiences I've ever had. The people of Levi were pleasant enough, but the amount of snow and the landscapes that can be seen everywhere makes it magnificent and spectacular, especially for people who are used to the sunshine. The best thing about this trip has been, without doubt, participating in snow-sports with the locals; snowmobiling, husky sledding and skiing. Our only regret was not being able to see the Aurora Borealis, which they say is something spectacular. Finland is a country quite unknown to the Spanish and I think it's time we started to include it in our vacation plans. It's certainly not cheap to come here, but is definitely worthwhile in order to experience a completely different lifestyle, country and culture.
Castles in Kemi
Lumilinna (Ice Castle)
The Ice Castle of Kemi is a major attraction of Lapland in winter. Located in the Gulf of Bothnia. It is built every year in late January and stays standing until April (if the weather allows it!). Inside you can find a hotel, a restaurant and even a chapel, all made out of ice. You can book you a room and enjoy an unforgettable experience. If a room is out of your price range, you can just visit the inside for 8 euros (children 4).
Churches in Kemi
Kemi Church
This church is quite modern, but I was amazed by its colour, especially in the winter when it really stands out. I went to see the LumiLinna Ice Castle that is built every year in winter, but I also liked this church. It's an Evangelical Lutheran Church designed by the architect Josef Stenbäck. It was completed in 1902, and remodelled in 2003.
Nature Reserves in Rovaniemi
After being in Santa Claus' house (Joulupukin Pajakylän osuuskunta) with the line that marks the Arctic Circle (66 ° 33 '45'' North), we began to descend toward Ranua Zoo, known for a family of polar bears. We stopped at a service area, which invites you to walk over a large bridge spanning the Raudanjoki river. It's worth getting lost along this little trek, enjoying the scenery, and climbing to a viewpoint halfway to marvel at the beauty of Finland. If you go, don't forget to sign the books along the road.
Museums in Muonio
On one of the mornings of our vacation, we visited Muonio äkäslompolo located about 55 kms north. The purpose was to buy some whiskey in a supermarket. In this repcto you should know that in all Scandinavian countries, stores or supermarkets that sell alcohol only sell a certain amount. If you want to buy beer or liquor, you have to do so in some special shops that are controlled by the government. They are called alcohol shops and their prices are incredibly high. For example here in Spain a JB bottle costs around 13 euros and in Scandinavia, it is about 23 or 25. These stores are not in many towns. After making the purchases, we went to visit the KIELA NATURIUM in which you can see something of the life of Sami and attend a 3D projection where you can see various formations of northern lights. For those who have not had the opportunity to watch them live and direct, this film is quite worth seeing. The ticket price in 2006 was 10 euros for adults and 6 for children.
Lakes in Kolari
Sunset at Akäslompolo
Perhaps one of my fondest memories of our stay in Akäslompolo was the several days that we spent watching the sunsets on the lake of the same name. The lake provides silence and solitude, a wonderful atmosphere. My pictures show a selection of how the lake and surrounding area looked between 12 at night at 2 in the morning when the sun was hidden, almost ready to reappear again.
Churches in Sodankylä
Back from Lampivaara mines we were on the way to visit and to have a meal, high tea because we were tired. In Sondankylä there is a main street where you find almost all businesses, we went into a pizzeria. Amparo Rodrigo and I ordered 2 pizzas and a kebab. The pizzas were about a meter in diameter each and the kabab came in like a huge bowl. A father and his son and could not terminárselo, leftover them wrapped him in this role and took him to his house. It is an interesting custom which so far I have not seen in Spain. Sondankylä has little to offer tourists, it is only worth seeing the oldest church in Lapland. Built of wood in 1689 under its floor lie the mummified cuperpos former pastors and their families. It began to rain and the way back to äkäslompolo was long and difficult.
Historical Monuments in Kemi
Bengtskär Lighthouse
In the southernmost inhabited place in Finland Bengtskär lighthouse is a symbol of the country and especially the area, with a story full of tragic events and unique moments. It has been hotly contested since it was built in 1906 and has suffered conquests and attacks - but it has survived. During the world wars, because of its location, it became an important enclave when passing, mainly towards Russia, and for controlling the area, so it was highly coveted. It is 52 meters above sea level (with 252 steps), took less than a year to build and its light could be seen for 40 km, making this rugged area surrounded by small islets in a safer place for ships. In 1914 during World War I it was bombed, fortunately the lighthouse keeper and his family were evacuated in time. After the war there was peace until 1941 when invading Russian troops tried to destroy it, the attack was repelled by just 41 Finns (including lighthouse workers). After this period of wars and attacks, began a quieter time for the lighthouse and with it restoration and modernization that was completed in 1995 and the lighthouse became a historical monument for tourists. And, really, it is well worth visiting, its impressive construction and its tragic and epic history. Today you can get there from Hanko (about 25 miles by boat) or from Kasnas, perhaps the most recommended, because from here there is a ferry that, previously, went to Rosala island and the Viking Centre. The trip to the lighthouse from Kasnas lasts an hour and a quarter or so, but on the way stop in Rosala to eat. The return journey has no stops. The price from Kasnas, and for food, is about 55 euros. Even the lighthouse has a few rooms to rent (from 70 euros) accommodation completely unlike any other. The visit (guided in English or Finnish) is 7 euros for adults and 3 for children.
Of Touristic Interest in Sodankylä
Museums in Rovaniemi
Arktikum Museum
An interesting and must-see visit if you're going to go be passing through Rovaniemi. You can learn a lot about Arctic culture and see and understand the amount of natural phenomena that occur in this region, such as kaamos, which is a phenomenon when the sun does not come out all day. You can also see the Aurora Borealis, typical costumes, animals, customs, etc. In short, it's well worth a visit, but don't expect it to be the best of museums. It's nice on the outside, too. Admission is € 8
Lakes in Rovaniemi
Zoos in Ranua
Churches in Inari