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Things to do in San Salvador

62 contributors

The top 24 attractions in San Salvador

Historical Monuments in San Salvador
Monument to the Divine Savior of the World
Probably the Monument to the Savior of the World is the best known image of San Salvador. It is in the Plaza of the Americas, in a contemporary area of ​​town, filled with offices. It was built in honor of the Divine Savior. A small statue of Jesus above the globe was placed on a pedestal and is known for being in the tomb of the 1st president, Manuel Enrique Araujo. To be honest, the monument was disappointing. There were new cameras with amazing zoom and what seems tiny can look huge on screen. That's what happens with this monument, which was not as great as I expected. Nevertheless, do not fail to visit if you are going to spend a few days in San Salvador. The zone is quite interesting and near several universities and offices. You see the other side of the Salvadorans, the face of development and education ....
Squares in San Salvador
Plaza Gerardo Barrios
The Plaza Barrios is one of the nicest places in San Salvador. Its center is the silhouette of the statue of General Barrios riding, the same one that gave the name to this vibrant square. Here we can breathe in the multifaceted environment of San Salvador (but make sure to be very careful with your belongings) Venders of all kinds, artisans, prostitutes, the elderly ve come to feed the pigeons, couples, students, gang members, families coming to spend the afternoon and a few tourists gather here. It is, therefore, a very special place. Its charm lies in the environment more than any specific element. You can't miss it, especially since, along with the Liberty Park area, it's one of the safest places in San Salvador.
Lakes in San Salvador
Lake Coatepeque
Lake Coatepeque is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world so it will be worth your visit. The waters have a comfortable temperature so you can enjoy diving, sailing, kayaking, swimming and water skiing throughout the year. Aside from the water, the landscape is beautiful and suitable for hiking and mountain biking. You'll also find plenty of spectacular viewpoints and restaurants serving traditional local food.
Theaters in San Salvador
Teatro Nacional
The National Theatre of San Salvador is the oldest theater in Central America. Construction began in 1911 and it was opened six years later. It was made by a French architect, Daniel Beylard, and it shows in the French style of the exterior. The interior has and Italian influence, thanks to the architect Lucio Capellaro. The Great Hall is considered the most beautiful and elegant in Central America. It has been in constant use since the 70's. It is located in a cozy little place called Morazán, which is always full of people. Alongside the National Palace this is the most important monument in San Salvador.
Airports in San Salvador
Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport
The airport in San Salvador is very small and is accessible from the capital. It is located less than half an hour away by taxi and, despite its small size, it still has access to all the basic amenities and it's the jumping off point for most flights from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador to North and South America . It's hard to miss!
Palaces in San Salvador
National Palace
To explore places in my own country such as the National Palace in downtown San Salvador is important. This building was created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I enjoy learning about and researching history and not only in my country ... around the world.
Squares in San Salvador
Plaza Libertad
Plaza Libertad is the heart of the whole city of San Salvador. Today it is a huge open space with a statue commemorating the independence of El Salvador in its center. On the edges we can see the old and beautiful arches reminding us of better times, when San Salvador was a beautiful colonial city, peaceful, when crime and gang members had not yet taken it over. Despite the large uncertainty that is in the atmosphere, Liberty Park remains a pleasant place to stroll, sunbathe, talk to children who have just left school and ask for a picture taken with you. But not too long ago this square was the scene of one of the worst massacres of the country. Thirty years ago, after a fraudulent election, newspapers of the capital wrote this about the park: "It was a little after midnight, when members of the security forces came and opened fire on the crowd who had been concentrated there for several days peacefully protesting against the electoral fraud. Over 300 people were murdered. " It must not be repeated ...
Nature Reserves in San Salvador
El Imposible National Park
The Impossible is the only national park in El Salvador. It is southwest of this country that is smaller than Caceres. But distances are measured differently in Central America! If you travel from the capital, San Salvador, it will take you about a day to get to the park, although they are less than 100 kilometer away. Communication is very bad and there aren´t many options, especially in the last part of the trip. But when you get to the park it will be worth it. This book is the only one that preserves the native forest of El Salvador. The facilities are well maintained and there is free camping -although you have to pay the park entrance. There are many well-marked trails that you can go on on your own, but you probably will want to take a guide and pay more. a tip: despite the solitude of the park and that is guarded, be careful with your valuables. Small thefts are common. Spiders of the park deserve special attention! It's amazing how many spiders inhabit this park. While most seem harmless one needs to be very careful with the tent as it is very easy to see many of the "big sisters" hanging around the bag at night. Seeing dozens of eyes with the torch lit at night is a little creepy, especially if accompanied by plaintive bamboos in the mountain ... Sleeping in The Impossible is an adventure.
Cathedrals in San Salvador
San Salvador Cathedral
The Cathedral of San Salvador is in the hustling and bustling Plaza Barrios. Its construction is modern, and the start of its construction dates back to 1888. At that time it was built only with wood and sheets of plywood. It was completely burned to the ground in 1951. People had to rebuild it and the cathedral that we see now is only from 1999, and it's the last Roman Catholic cathedral to have been blessed in this millennium. The cathedral's style is called "ecliptic," which mixes Byzantine columnar elements and Romanesque arches. Its facade is decorated with colorful mosaics with hand painted motifs of the country. It is, without doubt, an interesting cathedral. Perhaps it doesn't stand out for its special beauty and much less for its age, but the character perfectly combines the "ecliptic" style of Salvadorans. This mix of styles and materials, the fragility raises us to see is a perfect sample of contingency and the fragile balance in which this nation lives. Always in a constant state of waiting, always lurking ...
Of Cultural Interest in San Salvador
Recuerda Festival
Every August 31 the Township population Resume meets in Moran Park, on Main Street to celebrate the traditional Rememberence. Balls of Fire is the main game , as older locals began to play the September 15, 1922, commemorating the independence date of the country, then moved to August 31, where there was always gunpowder, musket firing into the air and homemade mortars, made from dried bamboo reeds, the music that accompanied the activity was of strings and then came the marching band. There are two versions of its origin: A nun, which claims that the Devil threw fireballs at Doctor Jerome, the patron of the Municipality, while he prayed. The second is of the eruption of the volcano of San Salvador in 1917. This tradition has gradually become increasingly common nationally and even internationally, Casco Urban Resume is little assistance to the countless people from other places who come to enjoy the game, who at the same time can be a enjoying in memory of the visit.
Churches in San Salvador
Iglesia El Rosario
This interesting, modern church is across from Plaza Libertad. Its architectural design is modern and was completed in 1971. Ruben Martinez, the church's famous builder, wanted it to be a "church facing the people and not on the run from God." To achieve this, he eliminated most of the pillars to create a very airy and open feel to the church. My favorite part of the church was its inside. Through a succession of windows and different types of lights the studies create a good place to meditate in silence. Also, the Cross sculptures are beautiful, especially that of the risen Christ, built in wrought iron. In short, one can not miss this wonderful church is also one of the only contemporary art shows quality throughout El Salvador.
Squares in San Salvador
Plaza Morazan
This pleasant little square is always bustling. It offers the best possible views of the National Theatre and the nearby street markets. As in the rest of San Salvador, the most picturesque and interesting parts of the square are the people and situations that you may encounter if you sit and watch. On the banks of the square it's very easy to end up chatting with a young student eager to know something about Spain, a seller of "tamales" complaining about how little they sell, a man ve is getting things in order to go to the "United" (USA) .... A good place to watch the sunset before returning to the hotel. Night time can be reckless in San Salvador ...
Gardens in San Salvador
Parque de la Colonia Miramonte
I got a great photograph of my Grandmothers flowers from here, a real adventure!
Universities in San Salvador
University of El Salvador (UES)
The University of El Salvador: the 30th of July, 1975, was a very important day in the history of the country. During the 70s, the repressive government had been getting worse. A civil war broke out, resulting in more than 75,000 deaths in total. Every year on the 28th of July, the General Association of Students of the University of Salvador in conjunction with the university community organize a peaceful demonstration with the aim of preserving university autonomy.
Ruins in San Salvador
Joya de Cerén
This is one of the most interesting places in El Salvador. The lava has preserved many of the houses and the tour guides are excellent. Perhaps the only drawback is the distance from the fence to the deposits, making some sites are difficult to see. A unique and less traveled place in San Salvador!
Museums in San Salvador
Forma Museum
The Museum has a permanent collection of Salvadoran artists and organises activities every month. It's very nice and you can learn a lot.
Theme Parks in San Salvador
Devil's Door (Puerta del Diablo)
Amazing place about 20- 30 mins from town, really nice place, nice over view for all the valley, you can do Rapel, cannopy, there you can buy food, and al the activities are very cheap!
Of Cultural Interest in San Salvador