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Things to do in Zadar

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The top 62 attractions in Zadar

Cities in Zadar
In the city Zadar (Croatia) is the biggest organ in the world and it is on the steps that go down to the ocean. And the organ sounds thanks to the rolling waves, a sound and light show, like the sunset which was the most lovely I´ve ever seen! Next door is the Sun Salutation, 300 glass panels, placed at the same level that convert solar energy into electricity, delivered at the port. Spectacular!
Islands in Pag
Pag Island
Pag is a rocky island with almost no vegetation. It can be reached by ferry, but it's pretty expensive, especially with a car, or by an island-mainland bridge from the city of Zadar, about 20 miles east. Pag's specialty is cheese, called Paski Sir, and wine, so if you like to eat well, you are in the right place. The salty winds give a special flavor to the grass that the sheep eat, and supposedly, Pag cheese has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other cheeses in the country. The 8000 inhabitants of Pag are proud of their customs, dances and songs, and in summer you can attend parties and traditional folklore festivals. Pag also has over 300 kilometres of coastline, deserted coves and some pines - there is little shade - and it's more pleasant to stay a while. Pag is a party place, too. People take advantage of the empty bays to set up a DJ and dance for days without disturbing anyone!
Churches in Zadar
Church of St Donatus
The Church of St Donatus is a huge round ninth century building done in the pre-Romanesque architectural sytle, and the largest building from that period in the region of Dalmatia. It has a massive dome and is located right next door to the Roman Forum. It's amazing to consider how this building has withstood wars and invasions to remain one of the best examples of Byzantine architecture in the region. Initially it was called the Church of the Holy Trinity, but it was changed in honor of Archbishop Donato, Charlemagne's ambassador in the region. He was once buried here, but when the French occupied the city in the nineteenth century, they transferred his remains to France. The church was built on some parts of the Roman Forum, and integrates some columns into its design.
Churches in Zadar
Zadar Cathedral
Replaced in the 12th century to a Christian basilica with 3 naves. The facade is the highlight . It was erected in the 13th century with Tuscan influence. Inside, the width of the ship is amazing. It has 3 naves divided by pillars on which rest the arcades. It has 2 magnificent rosettes, the highest and lowest Romanesque and Gothic top. The choir stalls are decorated in typical flamboyant style of the early 15th century. It also highlights the dome and the first Christian mosaic.
Ruins in Zadar
Roman Forum
The Roman Forum is in the center of the city of Zadar. It was constructed between the 1st and the 3rd century AD, and dedicated to the emperor Augustus, to mark territory in the area. The forum includes a temple of Jupiter, and Minerva, and you can see the officers' quarters, which were constructed on underground shops and businesses. The forum is the biggest east of the Adriatic coast. But most of the stones were used to construct the walls and forts of the city, and the churches of San Donato and Santa Maria were constructed. It was a lovely city, with marble floors, big columns, and still out of town you can see what remains of the aqueduct that brought water to the city. Not a place to visit with a guide or is closed and you have to pay admission. The ruins are part of the city and the people living around them.
Churches in Zadar
Monastery of St. Francis Assisi
It is the oldest Gothic church. The monastery is a Catholic monastery, founded in the 13th century, around the year 1220, and was consecrated in the year 1282. Over the centuries, it became the religious focal point of Zadar. There was a Franciscan school, which is now the university. You can visit the monastery, but it is under construction. They have a collection of images and documents. It is in the western part of the city, close to the point where people bathe. Near the altar, which is from the year1672 old armchairs decorated in the 14th century by Giacomo sa Borgo. It was in the sacristy that the Treaty of Zadar was signed, when the Venetians left independence to Zadar, so it could be part of Croatia.
Viewpoints in Zadar
Zadar Cathedral Bell Tower
Situated behind the Cathedral of St. Anastasia and after church of St. Donatus, you can enter for the price of 10 Kuna Kuna for adults and 5 for children and is the best vantage point of the city, with great views of the forum and all the points of interest of the old town. Be ready to climb stairs but it is worth the view as you can see in the video and photos.
Churches in Zadar
Church of Our Lady of Health
It is a small, but beautiful church, with a painting of the Virgin by Blaz Jurjev of Trogir, which dates from the 15th century, that today is part of the exhibition of Permanent Ecclesiastical Art. It has a great reputation in the city, and has been very popular for hundreds of years, with many generations of inhabitants of Zadar. Located in the peaceful old quarter of Kampo Kaštelo, it was built in 1703, and stands on the site of two much older churches.
Of Touristic Interest in Zadar
Free Parking in Zadar
we reached the old town after leaving the port on the right. We entered the walled city, and there we found parking right along the wall. I Wonder ve controls the parking meters if you can park the motorhome and after rethinking, I answered in Italian that good but it has to be paid in coin in the machine. I said okay and I paid, 15 kunas then we fell short, because the people deserve an hour to an hour and a half. Parking was at N 44 06 706. E 15 13.816 and is the best option to leave the car and visit the old town.
Viewpoints in Pag
Churches in Zadar
St. Mary's Church
The church of St. Mary in Zadar is one of the most lovely churches by the Roman Forum, next to the great church of San Donato. It was constructed in the early times of Christianity, but is now a 16th-century façade. It keeps elements of the 11th century, like the bell tower, a convent, an Orthodox church constructed over a Roman temple, which contains the best collection of historical objects in the city. Hidden by the Benedictine nuns during wartime, the collection has the gold and silver from the Byzantine era of opulence, paintings, relics', crosses are more than 1000 years old. The bell tower, sometimes called the tower in honor of King Koloman of Croatia Hungarian, was constructed in the year 1110. The church was severely damaged by the bombing in the Second World War, when Italy invaded Croatia, and it took more than 30 years to fix. It opens only for Mass.
Resort Towns in Biograd na Moru
Biograd Na Moru
According to many,The Croatian coast is one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. It's beaches and coves of white stone and Mediterranean pines are everywhere. One of my favorite holiday sites is this town. It is about a half hour drive south from Zadar. Excursions to the beautiful Plytvice national park, Lakes National Park and Cornati archipelago are made from here
Nature Reserves in Benkovac
Plitvicka Jezera Lakes
A nature reserve north of Croatia, in fact it is a place where wildlife are in abundance, a dozen lakes, forests, fish, birds ... a great place in Croatia, a must see! A small apartment is available to tourists. and, yes, throughout Croatia tourism is well developed! The upside: a place is more or less adapted to the disabled ... but it could be improved!
Historical Monuments in Zadar
Zadar City Gate
Little remains of the ancient city, after the 1944 Allied bombings, but you can still see St Chrysogono Gate, the Gate of Zara and the famous Church of St. Donat in Zadar in the area the "Roman Forum". Zara was the old name of Zadar, and that gate is a vestige of the past, where Dalmatians sheltered, seeking protection from the Republic of Venice against Hungarian and Croatian harassment. The Lion of St. Mark, symbol of Venice, reminds us of the above.
Squares in Zadar
Square of Five Wells (Trg Pet bunara)
Located very close to the city gate, which connects the peninsula with the rest of the historic city centre, lies the Medieval Tower (Kula Bablja) of Zadar. Right next to the Tower, where you can see the remains of the ancient wall that once surrounded the city, you can see five fountains (Pet Bunara) that were once used for the city's water supply.
Of Cultural Interest in Zadar
Port of Zadar
The famous director Alfred Hitchcock said that the most lovely sunset in the world can be seen from this place, Zadar. If not the most beautiful, certainly worth sitting to contemplate.
Cities in Pag
Historical Monuments in Zadar
Greetings to the Sun
The Sun Salutation is an art installation that is located in Zadar, near the Marine Corps. According to the architect Nikola Basic, its designer and constructor, it is a symbolic link with the nature of the area. It is a walkable glass paving which has a diameter of about 22 metres. It protects a series of solar panels and lights, and interacts with the sea organs, driven by the movement of the waves. At night, electricity is generated by the energy panel.