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Things to do in Colombia

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The top 2.497 attractions in Colombia

Canyons in San Gil
The Chicamocha Canyon Park
This area is very important because it's than simply a place in our region. This geography has shaped our culture and our character. The Guane culture that gave rise to the town of Santander is here at the bottom of the high mountains.
Villages in Barichara
A little over half an hour in 'minivan' down a steep path from San Gil, we finally got to our destination which was one of the most delightful colonial towns of Colombia: Barichara. This corner is completely lost in time and in the mountains that surround San Gil there is such beauty that you are virtually left haggard. It seems like nothing has changed in Barichara in 300 years, and it has white houses with thick walls with doors and windows painted green or blue and red roofs. The churches of the Immaculate Conception are amazing, representing the Risen Jesus and Santa Barbara, and his beloved cemetery . Not even the lives of their neighbors seems to have been touched by modernity. An overwhelming serenity wanders wide streets, where there are small shops selling handicrafts. Barichara is so beautiful that recently, they have installed sophisticated boutique hotels and villas with charm. One of them is located in a colonial mansion and is totally amazing. It is called the Hotel Corata. Discovering the town takes a few hours, which takes gives you times to go down each alley and explore the churches. Then it's best to venture to the tiny village of Guane via the path of the historic El Camino Real. It's an hour of beautiful walking and it is easy as it goes downhill. From Guane can go back to San Gil in 'minivan'.
Nature Reserves in Cabo de la Vela
Cabo de la Vela
To visit the Cape of the Sail is to experience a place where the hand of man has not yet touched. The natural beauty of the site is out of this world; the purity of the sandy beaches, the crystal clear sea and blue skies. There are no typical tourist spots, only the natural beauty of the Cape, which is especially evident at sunset.
Squares in Medellín
Plaza Botero
Botero is not only the most famous artist from Colombia, but he is certainly a man of great generosity, as both Bogota and Medellin have museums that house some of his own work and work from his personal collection, donated by the artist himself to the museums. Specifically, in 2000, the Museum of Antioquia received a donation of 114 paintings (oils, watercolors and drawings) from him. 21 works by international artists from his personal collection and 23 sculptures make up the Plaza Botero. It is certainly worth visiting.
Nature Reserves in Salento
Cocora Valley
The Cocora Valley near Salento and is absolutely magical. There are some giant palms there, specifically they're called wax palms. They can grow up to 70 meters in a fog. It is the national tree of Colombia and when you are there so to understand the vision. We could have a barbecue in a restaurant in the valley and it was great
Villages in Salento
Salento is a beautiful village in the heart of Quindio, Colombia. Salento is a municipality that has a lookout point where you can see almost the entire city. It's definitely a place where many people attend from all over the world, because of its architectural beauty and its pleasant spring weather. This is the perfect place to appreciate all sorts of Colombian crafts, and have some coffee, which by reputation is the best in Colombia and the whole world.
Churches in Pasto
Las Lajas Sanctuary
This is a Baroque Santario that is considered one of the best works of American architecture. It was built within a canyon that has a depth of 50 meters. The central square also functions as a bridge over the Guaitara river. It's located 7 kilometres from the city of Ipiales, Colombia. These photos were taken with a Canon A450.
Islands in Islas del Rosario
Rosario Islands
Rosario Islands are a group of islands located just a short boat ride from Cartagena de Indias. Book a day trip visit just to see them. There you'll find crystal clear waters, great seafood, grilled fish, hammocks, etc. Wow... paradise, right? If you can visit the lagoon at sunset you'll see it's truly magical! :o)
Gardens in Medellín
Botanical Garden of Medellín
One of the most modern botanical gardens and one of the most beautiful I've seen, an oasis of calm amid the bustle of Medellin. What stands out is the butterfly garden, the orchid garden and primary jungle area, which takes you to the Amazon.
Ponds in Tota
Lake Tota
The biggest body of water in the country, with varied temperatures. Be prepared especially for the wind and coldness. Its important to know which part of the lake you want to visit before you start. We were at the hotel genesis, a beautiful space. It was a dream to get up every day with that beautiful view, a bit expensive but I must say worth it for that alone. It's great to know that something so awesome accompanies you at night. You can hear the sound of water, the majesty, the amazing blue colours, deep fear, I remember saying over and over again 'What do I do with so much water?'. We left the hotel in the morning hoping to make our own way to Playa Blanca but hey this part of the story would be like telling another story ... What you need to get to know and live this experience are time and people who know the area and how to get around (economically). Not the best in terms of food, well, not for people who don't like fish I should say.
Nature Reserves in Medellín
Arví Park
This is a place where you can spend a day with nature. Located in the hills of Medellin, it's reached by a cablecar open from Tuesday to Sunday and has 2 thematic areas, one managed by Familiar Comfama and the other by Comfenalco.
Of Touristic Interest in Nemocón
Nemocón Salt Mine
It is a pleasant surprise in a small town as colourful as Nemocon to find such a majestic space. Fewer aspirations than the salt cathedral. A rustic place with an atmosphere that is captured in the enthusiasm and the friendliness of the guides! Upon leaving, go to the Don De Pablo restaurant, it's delicious!!
Unusual Places in Medellín
Medellin Metrocable
Sometimes I'm brash when I travel, but I admit now that no one listens to me. For starters, all the cities in Colombia are safe, but going into a low demographic neighbourhood looking like a tourist with a backpack and camera in hand, is not the most recommended. You never know what the hundreds of eyes that are looking at you are thinking. I guess the fact of it makes you more afraid than what you'll feel like when you're there. Medellin is in a valley and a large part of the city was built on the slopes of the mountains so the underground train doesn't reach everywhere. The solution to this problem is to go by cable car (metrocable). Right now, there are 2 lines of metrocable in operation, but it's expected that more are going to be built. The length of this line is just over 2 kilometres, saving you a vertical climb of 400 meters.
Of Cultural Interest in Bogotá
La Candelaria Neighborhood
La Candelaria is an old neighborhood filled with history. Colonial like house are built and preserved around the most transited streets in this neighborhood. Here you'll find one the oldest restaurants that serves typical Colombian Bandeja Paisa and Ajiaco! You must try! La puerta falsa. Visit Botero's museum and walk through El Callejón del Embudo and see what local graffiti artist have done with the walls. The art is amazing. This is a must see!
Statues in Cali
Cristo Rey
Cristo Rey is dominant and protects the city with open arms, like Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At night, we can not forget it's presence as the green light strongly shines. It is open until 20pm, and located on a mountain road with curves. After this time, only the back is visible as access is closed.
Lakes in Guatavita
Beaches in Taganga
This is a fishing village where the people are wonderful, a party atmosphere presides, and you can relax on the beach, and especially go diving. In Acuantis dive center they will treat you like true friends. Oh, and don't forget to listen to pipe music and Rolando playing the guitar and giving away some of his songs that make you stay in Taganga even better (if that's even possible).
Beaches in Santa Marta
Cape San Juan de Guia
The beach known as Cabo San Juan del Guía is the fourth beach in Tayrona Park in Santa Marta - Costa Colombia, and here you will find tourists from around the world, a perfect blue sea, a special multicultural environment that´s perfect for relaxing and getting up early to watch the ocean. It´s perfect. It´s Colombia!