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Things to do in Bogotá

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Historical Monuments in Bogotá
Santuario de Monserrate
The Cerro de Monserrate can be seen from anywhere in the city if it's not to foggy out. Since it's 3152 meters high, it's sometimes blocked out. You can get there by a cable car during the week which costs about 5 € round trip (before, you could walk up and down but now the road is closed), and Sunday it's only half-priced but there is a long queue. At the top, apart from the sanctuary, there is an crossroads, two upscale restaurants and lots of shops and popular restaurants, plus 2 viewpoints: one overlooking the city and another which is almost hidden and looks towards the surrounding mountains.
Museums in Bogotá
Gold Museum (Museo del Oro)
This is undoubtedly one of the best museums I have visited in my life, not just for the quality of the pieces, but by layout which documents the history of metal usage, the perfectly-exposed archaeological zones of Colombia, and the offering room where you can soak up the mysticism of shamans and flying bats. The website is at http://www.Banrep.Gov.Co/museo/esp/home.Htm
Of Cultural Interest in Bogotá
Downtown Bogotá
Bogota is a very beautiful city and it has many natural landscapes which lend it a certain simplicity and sensitivity. It occurred to me to take these photos in order for people to realize how beautiful it is and introduce them to Bogotá, our capital. I've added a couple of pictures of Colombian skaters I hope you like.
Squares in Bogotá
Plaza de Bolivar
This is the center of Bogotá's colonial district, and is near some of the main buildings of the city: Palace of Justice to the north, the National Capitol to the south south, the Cathedral of Colombia to the east, and the House of the cathedral chapter, Tabernacle Chapel, the Archbishop's Palace, and City Hall to the west. In 1994, it was declared a national monument in Colombia
Airports in Bogotá
El Dorado International Airport
This 757 owned by Iron Maiden is one of the most beautiful aircraft I've ever seen. This photo was taken on its last tour of South America, at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia. The pilot of the aircraft is the singer from Iron Maiden!
Museums in Bogotá
Museo Botero
On your tour of the Candelaria, Bogotá's historic distric, I recommend visiting this spectacular museum. Here one can not only find many works of the author (over 110), Fernando Botero, but also works from his personal collection by artists such as: Dalí, Miró, Picasso, Renoir, Monet, Degas, Klimt, etc.. All this is for free ;) Open Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm and closed on Tuesdays. Take your time and enjoy!
Gardens in Bogotá
Bogotá Botanical Garden
The Bogotá Botanical Garden, founded in 1955 by Colombian scientist Enrique Perez Arbelaez, is a place full of nature and color. Its name honors the scholar Jose Celestino Mutis, director of the botanical expedition. It is located in the west of Bogota, where he promoted and engaged in conservation, environmental education and research of the diversity of the Colombian flora, including the savannah of Bogota. Within its collection you'll find a huge amount of diversity: Andean forest, oak forest, cloud forest, coniferous zone, criptogamium (plants that grow flowers), herbs, a rose garden and greenhouses. Of particular interest is the "systematic", a place where plants are organized by degree of evolution. It has pedestrian and vehicular access, and has a waterfall, laboratories, propagation tunnels, environmental classroom and an auditorium for conferences and concerts. There's a library, restaurant, cafe, children's workshops, and temporary exhibitions of beautiful plants like orchis, roses and bonsai. We took my in-laws here when they traveled to Bogota for the wedding. My mother, a lover of orchids, had already told us that she wanted to come here, which is off the beaten tourist track, away from the historical centre. Being in the botanical garden is like being in a huge park, and you can really find yourself at peace here.
Of Cultural Interest in Bogotá
La Candelaria Neighborhood
La Candelaria is an old neighborhood filled with history. Colonial like house are built and preserved around the most transited streets in this neighborhood. Here you'll find one the oldest restaurants that serves typical Colombian Bandeja Paisa and Ajiaco! You must try! La puerta falsa. Visit Botero's museum and walk through El Callejón del Embudo and see what local graffiti artist have done with the walls. The art is amazing. This is a must see!
Nature Reserves in Bogotá
Cerro de Monserrate
This is undoubtedly one of the landmarks of Bogota. You can climb your way up or, if you're feeling a bit lazy, you can take the cable car. On top of the hill is the Shrine to the Fallen, and on the way, you can find stalls selling drinks, fruits, and meals to keep you going.
Theme Parks in Bogotá
Simón Bolívar Park
This year. The Bogotanos were given the task of participating in physical activity records Ginnes a memorable moment. It was unique to see so many people participate in an aerobic routine. Music and families reunited... children, the elderly. Enjoy a sunny morning. furthermore, the park was the perfect setting.
Bus Stations in Bogotá
It may sound absurd, but the creation and operation of the Transmilenio in Bogota was a boom for the city. With over 10 million inhabitants, Bogota urgently needed an adequate mass transit system, and although I still think the Transmilenio is only part of the solution, at least there has been a step forward in this regard. It's been great for the people of the city, providing a solution to the transportation problem, and visitors will find it easy to navigate this system, with its clearly defined schedules and routes. Viceroy station is right next to my parents' house, and it's a great choice if you want to avoid traffic.
Theme Parks in Bogotá
Maloka Museum
Maloka is an interactive park that has nine themed rooms, a 3D cinema, an IMAX theater and several restaurants and shops located in the redevelopment area, west of the city.
Cathedrals in Bogotá
Primatial Cathedral of Bogotá
Set in the vast Plaza de Bolivar , which forms a cross along with the National Capitol , the beautiful, elegant, neoclassically-styled Cathedral of Bogota was declared a Historical Monument National. The Cathedral is not only wonderful, but so are the buildings attached to it: The Bishop's Palace and the ancient Tabernacle Chapel. The group of buildings is a beautiful image, not only if viewed from the square, but also when you climb the streets of [poi = 121970] La Candelaria [/ poi], where you can see the great dome, the red roofs, and the bell tower.
Shopping Malls in Bogotá
Centro Andino
In Bogotá it's difficult to take photos of public places because of security. If the police see a "flash" they immediately interrogate you and make you delete uour photos. In this case, I could camouflage the camera, you can get an idea of ​​how the space in the shopping center located very close to the Zona Rosa. The Andino, was built by Pedro Gomez, an entrepreneur ve has specialized in this type of architecture and with very successful results. The Andino has everything. There are areas of offices, cinemas, roundabout trade and meals, following the North American model of shopping functionality. Strolling through the Andean is nice and due to its location, not just stay inside but also walk the streets of the Zona T.
Shopping Malls in Bogotá
Shops in Bogotá
La Panamericana
The Pan is one of the most traditional stationers - bookstores in the city. It provides art products, stationery, office supplies, toys, cards and postcards, textbooks and books. There are branches all over the country, and the advantage is that in addition to offering books currently on sale and best sellers; they have deluxe editions about Colombia and its cities.
Viewpoints in Bogotá
Colpatria Building
I had never been to Bogota, I love visiting viewpoints and I have been wanting to see the Colpatria Tower for ages. I was impressed with the view. From the top, my cousin explained to me all the important places of the city, many of which you can see from the viewpoint. I will go back whenever I can.
Of Cultural Interest in Bogotá
Virgilio Barco Library
This place is magical and tranquil, with knowledge, nature, art, life, expression, color, light, and all this in only one place. It´s for the lovers of a good book in a good landscape. The romance and the literature combine, the green of its gardens, an island in the middle of the city, its flowers, combined with the multicolor of its surroundings.