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Things to do in Sichuan

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The top 55 attractions in Sichuan

Nature Reserves in Jiuzhaigou
Jiuzhaigou National Park
Despite not being a very well-known destination, you've simply got to see it to believe that such a magical place really exists. Inside the park, you can visit lots of things like waterfalls, lakes, and mountains, but it's the incredible color of the lakes which gets your attention from the start. After marveling at the colors of Five Flowers Lake and passing through the Pearl Shoals waterfall, right when you think that you've seen it all, you arrive at Mirror Lake. This 720-kilometer valley was declared a World Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site. Getting there is simple: there's a 80-yuan bus which goes through the parks and makes stops in all the main points of interest and even the highest area of the park, Virgin Forest, where you can get off and begin exploring. In every stop, there is a sign telling you the name of the stop and the distance to the next stop, so you can decide if you want to keep with the bus or hike to the next stop. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and we were deeply moved. I'll never forget the color of the landscapes and the lakes (or how cold we were!!). At each stop of our trip through the park, we felt like we were getting drawn into to some fairytale landscape. The entry ticket is 80 Yuan (70 if you're a student) in the low season (Nov. 16 - Mar. 31) and 220 Yuan in the high season. The cheapest way to get there is on a bus from Chengdu o GuangYuan. You can also fly to the airport in Song Pan.
Zoos in Chengdu
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is a breeding and conservation center where you see and learn about both giant pandas and red pandas. While many people think it's just a kind of zoo, they'll be pleasantly surprised to find that it's divided into large areas that replicate pandas' wild habitat in the hands of several veterinarians responsible for the bears. It's a good opportunity to see this beautiful animal threatened with extinction. It's striking how quiet they are and their graceful movements. It's especially nice to see the little ones playing with each other. All in all, we left the center feeling happy. It's obvious that the the bears are well cared for. The best time to visit the center is first thing in the morning, since this is when the bears are eating and are most active. To get there you can take the bus number 1 to the end of line and then catch the number 532, which stops at the center's front door
Of Cultural Interest in Chengdu
Leshan Giant Buddha
This time we travelled by bus.The trip took us two hours but it was worth it. The place is very beautiful. The Great Buddha is carved in the rock. You have to climb and you can see beautiful places. I highly recommend that you visit. It took us a two-hour bus ride to get there, but it was worth it! It's an incredible place. There's a massive Buddha carved into the rock, and there's a trail going up the cliff where you can discover all kinds of interesting nooks and crannies. I recommend visiting!
Temples in Xindu
Baoguang Temple
This is an active Buddhist temple that allows to get to know the religion of living form. It has hundreds of years of history and is in very good condition. There is an entrance fee of 1 dollar. It's a very peaceful place with 16 prayer rooms, which house valuable religious relics. It's one of the main Chinese temples. It was a little destroyed during the 2009 earthquake, but you can access most areas. You can buy incense to place offerings and there is a wall out of good luck that you have to walk along with your hand raised without opening your eyes. If your hand falls within a specific red area, you'll have good luck. The place is stunning with typical music, people praying, monks, and architecture. An active Buddhist temple that allows visitors to get to know the religion in person. It's hundreds of years old and is in very good condition. You pay an entrance fee of 1 dollar. It is a very peaceful place with 16 prayer rooms where there are valuable religious relics. It is one of the main temples of China.It suffered a little during the 2009 earthquake but you can access most areas. You can buy incense to place offerings and there is a wall out of good luck where you must walk without opening you eyes and with your hand raised. If your hand falls within an area which is painted red it's meant to be lucky. The place is stunning with the typical music, people praying, monks and architecture.
Of Cultural Interest in Chengdu
We visited Chendu in China for a conference on Data Recovery and Forensic Information. After the conference, we discovered a very civilized city prepared for tourism. The city hosts the world's most important Panda Bear Reserve. The food there is spectacular and hotels like the Shangrila and the Sheraton offer a first class service. Recommended!
Gardens in Chengdu
Hiking in Chengdu
Villages in Litang
Historical Monuments in Chengdu
Temples in Chengdu
Golden Summit Temple
It is a bit of a hike, but do your best to make it up to Mt. Emei to see the 157 foot tall Ten Directions Samantabhadra Bodhisattva statue.
Of Cultural Interest in Leshan
Shopping Malls in Chengdu
Villages in Chengdu
This small town in the province of Sichuan is worth a visit! If you can, try to visit it at night so you can wander through its streets that take you back to ancient China. They make a dessert that is a bit too rich, but very delicious.
Flea Markets in Chengdu
Chengdu popular Market
Chengdu's "popular market" is very near the North Station trains, it's more than a small market it's a place where you can find nearly every item of clothes.
Temples in Chengdu
Markets in Garze
Viewpoints in Garze
Temples in Garze