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Things to do in Shanghai

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The top 266 attractions in Shanghai

Neighborhoods in Shanghai
The Bund
When we arrived on the first day in Shanghai, we were surprised that it was so modern. We had just arrived from Sydney and our stay in Shanghai was totally different. Although we knew it would be very cold, we knew that Shanghai was worth a visit. Early in the morning we took a walk along the Malecon or Shnaghai Bund in the cold and there were many Chinese people with photography posts so that you can have your picture taken. We observed the two parts of Shanghai - one futuristic and the other which has a very French style, with classic Renaissance buildings. One of the most important buildings on this side of the Malecon is one of the most prominent buildings is the Pudong Development Bank, along with the Peace Hotel - a building with a green pyramid roof which is the building of the Shanghai Customs and the Bank of China. The tour lasts about 30 minutes. Continue reading and looking at the photos at:
Gardens in Shanghai
Yu Garden
Yuyuan Gardens is a must-see in Shanghai. It is located in the old part of the city, on the west bank of the Huangpu River, not far from the Bund. The entrance is located on Anren street. It is recommended to visit first thing in the morning during the week if possible, as on the weekend it is one of Chinese families' favorite spots for taking a walk. The gardens have all the characteristics of a typical Chinese garden, including lakes, round doors, red painted wooden bridges , houses with pointed roofs, weeping willows, red lanterns, decorations of artificial rocks, red fish, dragons, temples dedicated to Buddha, etc., all in an area equivalent to the size of four football fields. They are from the time of the Ming dynasty, in the sixteenth century, and took two decades to finish. The most visited sites are the two white jade Buddhas, which are located on the second floor and worth $17 million, the hall of Three Wheat Stalks, and the Jade Rock. Included in the entrance fee of 10 yuan or 1 euro, is a tea ceremony and a tasting of any of the 10 different teas offered. I chose the Gingsen to re-energize after the several hours I spent in the gardens.
Cities in Shanghai
Shanghai at Night
This is a continuation of my trip to Shanghai. In October 2008 I was fortunate enough to travel to Shanghai to attend a conference. This, added to the fact that I was traveling alone, gave me lots of free time over the five days that I was there, and I took the opportunity to wander and lose myself in the small alleyways away from the tourists. This allowed me to take some snapshots that are rarely seen in the travel brochures. Specifically, this is a collection of night shots. I hope you enjoy them.
Of Cultural Interest in Shanghai
Jin Mao Tower
That night we looked into the river, and suddenly the city appeared. Lets forget for a moment about the number of Chinese people around us and remain awe-struck at the sight of the spectacular lights and towers, all very impressive. Viewing this tower from its base is very scary .... but really very impressive.
Of Cultural Interest in Shanghai
Shanghai World Financial Center
The right bank of the Huang Pu River is known as the Pudong area. Today, it is the major financial and commercial center of China. The Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) is the tallest skyscraper in China standing at 492 meters. It is known for its shape with a space at the top. There are three viewpoints, but the most breathtaking is located at 440 meters.
Shopping Centres in Shanghai
Nanjing Road
Nanjing pedestrian street is in the Huangpu District of Shanghai between Tibet Middle Road and Henan Middle Road. Vehicles are prohibited, except for small trains that serve tourists travelling along the road which is 1200m long and was completed in 1999. It's a street full of shops, restaurants, supermarkets and there is also a small wax. The best time to appreciate the beauty of this street is at night with all the neon signs lit.
Of Touristic Interest in Shanghai
Oriental Pearl Tower
This is definitely one of my favorite buildings. Although it's not the highest in Shanghai, for it's shape it is one of the most spectacular. You can go up for a 120yuanes, 12 € and admire the stunning views of the Pudong financial area and also the rest of Shanghai. The ticket price is expensive compared to Chinese standards, but I think worth the climb.
Shops in Shanghai
Temples in Shanghai
Jade Buddha Temple
This is a Buddhist temple located in the city center with a yellow orange wall where you will find different rooms in which there are different scenes of Buddhist gods and people kneeling and praying to them. It is permitted to take lots of pictures, although a Chinese man told me that it was was bad luck to take photos of the Buddhas.
Squares in Shanghai
People's Square
People's Square serves as the bustling center for the city of Shanghai, both commercially with its nearby shops and streets, and with its central metro stop. From here the views are a reflection of the new China. The building designs and architecture are incredible. The statues, gardens and sculptures make a great place.
Streets in Shanghai
Wujiang Road
The old part of Shanghai's Wujiang Road (Metro West Nanjing Rd), is one of the most popular among the Chinese as a destination for eating grilled meat skewers or the famous "xiaolongbao" buns. It can be an interesting experience just to walk down the street and observe how the Chinese eat and see which brands are the most popular. Across the street you'll find restaurants and hairdressers, and the crab dishes are popular here. You can take them away or eat them sitting at a table. The color and movement of bicycles and people on Wujiang Roadd makes it one of the most amazing you could find in Shanghai, plus there are never too many tourists around.
Shops in Shanghai
Fuyou Street Market
There is an abundance of bazaars in the Old City of Shanghai China. This is an example of one of them, Fuyou Street, where all kinds of things can be found, from an alarm clock to shirts, toys, beads, sunglasses and traditional Chinese ornaments. Prices are usually very low, but it is essential that you haggle almost one third of the price they tell you to begin with.
Train Stations in Shanghai
Shanghai Maglev Train Station
This is undoubtedly the best option to get from Shanghai Pudong Airport to the city. It costs 50Yuanes, about 5 €, and in five minutes you are in the city. What´s more, if you go to Shanghai you can´t miss out on catching the world's fastest train and travelling at 432 km / h. You can get to the city from the airport by bus, taxi, metro or the maglev, but you should try the maglev at least once.
Shopping Centres in Shanghai
Situated in the former French Concession of Shanghai, Xintiandi is one of the most visited zones in the city. This is due to its large number of businesses and shopping centres, as well as the cute square adorned with fountains and unique Chinese architecture, with a taste of the West. There is a wide range of restaurants and bars where you can eat inside or outside, watching the world go by and enjoying the warm days of spring and summer. You can also find the restaurant of Jackie Chan which is known for its minimalist zen style, and for its high prices. Anyway, it's a good place to spend an afternoon or evening, but bearing in mind that it is one of the most expensive places in Shanghai.
Shops in Shanghai
Next Shop
Next Shop is one of my favorite stores in Shanghai. It is a cube-shaped glass property on Wujiang Street that sells all kinds of strange items, everything you could want for the geek in your life! From remote-controlled robots to wii accessories to ant farms. The store is always crowded, the prices aren't bad, and it's well worth a visit!
Of Touristic Interest in Shanghai
The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel
Below the Shanghai Huangpu River there is a tourist tunnel by which you can cross the river from the west to the east on foot. It's pretty easy to find, as you can enter by Zhongshan Street or by the pedestrian tunnels which go from the other side of this street to the promenade of the Bund. The lockers are underground and you can also buy the ticket just before entering the tunnel. The tunnel entrance costs about 4 euros, and it´s the only way to cross the river on foot from the promenade. Now on the other hand, in the Pudong area, you can see the incredible city skyline at a closer range and visit one of the best markets in the city, located in the station of the Museum of Science and Technology.
Museums in Shanghai
Shanghai Museum
The Shanghai Museum is the most important museum in Shanghai and one of the most important of China. Is located in the city center, and is shaped like an ancient Chinese bronze vase. It's a world apart from most Chinese museums, which tend to have explanations in rather poor English, poor facilities and bad collections. The collection here is magnificent, especially the ancient Chinese ceramics gallery with porcelain or ceramic objects dating back to the Tang dynasty. There is also a gallery of Chinese painting which houses paintings and calligraphy from the Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties. There are also sections for minority art, ancient Chinese jade, coins, stamps, and sculptures.
Of Cultural Interest in Shanghai
Qi Bao is written in Chinese: 七宝 which means seven (七) treasures (宝), but I'm sure it's a city that you will love so much that you´ll be able to think of a few more. In Japanese these symbols are called Shippo, so when I talk about where I am in the video I call it that because I didn´t know how to say it in Chinese, but then I researched it in order to learn to correct transcription. This town is located just 15kms from Shanghai and still holds the charm of Chinese traditional cities, it is easily accessible by bus. Basically, it´s characterized by two things: a) canals, where we rented a boat as if it were a Venetian gondola (but without singing in Italian, of course) - and b) commercial streets, where you can find everything from textiles to tea, crafts and especially many places to eat. If you don´t think about whether the facilities have passed the health inspection or not, you can eat a great variety of food here for a reasonable price. Ah, and don´t forget to bargain for everything!

The best things to do in Shanghai

Traveling to Shanghai? Don't worry, there is no shortage of amazing stuff to do in Shanghai. The city is not only one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant in China, but it's also one of the most important cultural centers in the world.

The city's architecture is, in fact, one of the most important Shanghai attractions.
The Pundong area is one of the best places to visit in Shanghai
and has become a true symbol of the city. The Oriental Pearl Tower, the third highest in the world, dominates the city skyline and is one of the most photographed
attractions in Shanghai.
The Bund, the old colonial quarter, is a major contrast to Pudong. It's surprising to see such a variety of architecture in Shanghai including Gothic, neo-classical, and Art Deco. The Customs building, the former Bank of Hong Kong and Shanghai, the Peace Hotel and the Bank of China are also some of the best things to see in Shanghai.

If you're looking for more traditional sights in Shanghai, the
Yuyuan Gardens and the Jade Buddha Temple truly recall the essence and traditions of the old Shanghai. They are quiet and beautiful places which reflect China's deep spiritual history.

Finally, a drink in the People's Square is one of the essential
things to do in Shanghai. Not only is people watching in People's Square one of the most popular Shanghai activities, but the square also houses attractions like the Shanghai Museum and the Grand Theatre. If you want to find more about
what to do in Shanghai, check out the tips and recommendations from the minube community.