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Things to do in Araucanía

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The top 170 attractions in Araucanía

Lakes in Pucón
Pucón is an amazing city that has all that you've got to and want to see from Chile. It has an incredible ski resort on the Volcano, it has a beautiful beach, incredible night life and exquisite places to eat and have a good time. Its a very good destination either to go with family or with friends. You wont regret it!
Volcanoes in Pucón
Waterfalls in Pucón
Eyes of Caburga
The beauty of the of this area lies in its three waterfalls. The falls can reach a height of up to 20 meters. Surrounded by a fantastic vegetation, its possible to walk through the wooden gateways.
Lakes in Villarrica
Villarrica Lake
While teaching him to use his new camera, since he wasn't catching on at all, we put the shutter on 30 seconds of exposure. The small group of senior citizens we were traveling with were surprised by the result. Just a few moments ago we received a call about the unfortunate death of my Uncle German, this photo is for him.
Cities in Temuco
Chile is a country of contrasts, with colored lights that create a rainbow over this long, narrow country. With a geography that offers stunning scenery and much variation wherever you go.
Lakes in Pucón
Los Pozones
I went this year in May, and it was incredible, I recommend a visit to the spa at night, the stars are amazing of the Liucura Along the river. They are the first spas in the chain (Pozones, Huife, Quimeyco, Liucura) down to Pucón. Its beauty is the beauty that is typical of southern Chile, which is indescribable. It has long been a favorite place for young people, mostly backpackers and tourists, who are impressed by solitude and silence. These springs are famous for their natural pools made of rocks. It has 7 pools of different sizes and temperatures between 30 ° and 42 ° C. The river runs along Liucura the baths, which makes it possible to change the temperature for a few minutes diving in the river. The place can be accessed by walking down 100 meters to reach the valley of Liucura. When you get into the pools you can not enter with the car into the baths themselves, but, almost definitely they would have constructed a path to get to to the same pools.
Of Cultural Interest in Temuco
Nueva Imperial
I traveled to the Temuco area and found that it all to be wonderful and beautiful, but I really enjoyed the landscapes. I found them to be unforgettable. I did not go to any hotel I only spent time getting to know the different places of the region. Although I must say I missed a few landscapes of the New Imperial like the river of Nva. Imperial, Padre Las Casas, Lake Budi (indeed the only Latin American salt lake) Carahue, Puerto Saavedra and different places of Temuco left me absorbed in the beauty of the country.
Roads in Collipulli
Malleco Bridge
One of the most famous Chilean viaducts is the highest in the country. The train climbs higher than the rest of the traffic by about 20 meters, a design and construction that was established by the creator of the Eiffel Tower. It has now been declared a historical momument and is still in use. Passing over it by train is a unique experience.
Villages in Curacautín
At this point many Argentinians converge and it functions as an international path. The village is very nice, the people are incredibly loving, and has hotels of excellent quality. In the pictures you see the parade and traditional crafts sector in the area, as tourism is a main source of income since the city is next to rivers, lakes, hot springs and Conguillo national park. This town is close to the Andes Mountains. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes and friendly people. When I was there it was the first thing stood out .. The people are very friendly and take good care of each section of the village, the square with nice green areas serves as the exhibition center. Its surroundings are known for the beautiful landscapes the Llaima volcano, Conguillío National Park, and various springs.
Health Clinics in Pucón
Hot Springs Route in the South of Chile
This was a unique experience, travelling and discovering 4 of the most important thermal centers oin southern Chile was amazing, relaxation, fun, fine dining, outdoor activities, and more. Actually you just have to get to know and discover the beauty that Chile has to offer.
Nature Reserves in Pucón
Pucon Therms
I tell you that this summer I returned from a visit to Pucon, is a lovely place in southern Chile, between the Villarrica volcano (still active) and the lake of the same name. There are many of things to do: winter ski center, volcanic sand beaches, hiking, caving in lava caves, hot springs and more. A highly recommended place for people who love nature and tranquility. I recommend many areas nearby the springs, the thermal wild, rock pools with different water temperatures along the river Trancura, it has little infrastructure but compensates with the sound of nature.
Lakes in Villarrica
Shore of Calafquen Lake
My favorite spot is on a plot that has my family Calafquen lakeside, is way too quiet and the only thing there is nature, meaning that there are no distractions or connection with technology, every time I go to there is with my family and the people I love and enjoy it so much. It is a corner created by nature and the only man-made intervention there was that they fixed and put more trees and grass. I love it, there is nothing more enjoyable than listening to the water and watching the stars on the beach, for all this and more, St. Mary of trai traico is my favorite part!
Lakes in Curacautín
Conguillío Lake
This is one of the loveliest spots in Conguillo National Park, The water is incredibly clear, and comes from behind the lagoon. Unaware that this was there we found this lagoon next to the main road and there is a viewpoint on one side which can be seen in its entirety. This girl and her appeal lies in the emerald water, so clear that it's like looking through a prism. Here the transition between vegetation and volcanic debris is abrupt. It's impressive to see the contrast between the gray lava and beyond the hills with lush vegetation .. All due to Laima's volcanic eruptions.
Nature Reserves in Pucón
Huerquehue National Park
For me, this was most beautiful part of southern Chile. It was full of wonderful flora, it left me amazed for hours. It is a place to go a whole day just marveling, it is excellent!
Volcanoes in Lonquimay
Lonquimay Volcano
For the first time in my life I climbed a volcano (just over 2,800 meters of height) called Lonquimay in the Araucania region (where I live). I went with a group from the YMCA ... was a unique experience, exhausting and unforgettable. I was surrounded by fellowship, solidarity, inner strength, extreme physical exhaustion, immense joy to meet the goal ..... cool. I do not know if I would do it again, but I know that was amazing, a beauty that I had never seen before. It's an amazing thing to see the crater of a volcano! After climbing to the bottom, I looked up at the top (which was very far) and said "I was there" .... unforgettable!
Lakes in Pucón
Coastal Edge of Pucon
Pucon is known by its excellent dynamic environment which is present most of the year, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and is known well for their excellent hosting either in hotesl, cabins or camping as well as restaurant and multiple extreme sports apart from all the beautiful surrounding areas. Lake and Volcano is one of the attractions that make the visit unmistakable and admirable. It has first-class amenities to make themselves a destination for tourists both nationally and internationally.
Nature Reserves in Pucón
Natural Sanctuary El Cañi
Years ago, when I was an engineering student in tourism, I had the chance to visit this place, it wasa trip with my friend from school, where he also had the chance to see beautiful places in the Pucón area and around. The nature reserve Cañi, and our main objective, the summit of Stone Eagle, with a height of 1600 meters with a panoramic view of 4 volcanoes in the area and the nearest villages. In the ascent to this we found biodiversity, forests of pine, coihues and other endemic species that can be more than 2000 years old, a dozen lakes, waterfalls and scenery that changes as we continued . The tour continued to be intimidating, at times the forest becomes intense, very populated and is not hard to get lost in the greenery, the sounds of birds and nature that makes you feel small, plus the odd story of pumas hanging around, give even more excitement to the journey. Finally, after hours of trekking, the objective was reached, but not before more than once, we wanted to give up, yielding to physical exhaustion , but it is the same need to reach the goal, the body conquered the mountain that lets get on with pain and exhaustion, but with the unsurpassed bounty to be on top and bring out the divine construction.
Squares in Angol
Parade Ground
Angol is one of the cities further north in the region of Araucanía. The main square, in the downtown area, is one of the main tourist attractions. I find it to be one of the most beautiful places I saw in the country. The vegetation is lush, and has large trees at each corner and edges - ileras that run along the sides of the square providing excellent shade to the banks, at its center is a large pool whose corners are installed as four sculptures of marble, ( creation of Virginio Arias), which were brought from Italy, representing the four continents known at that time (1862), which were America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. These are Made with astounding detail. On one side of the square is the monument of Bernardo O'Higgins, which you can see in the pictures. It was inaugurated in 1957.