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Things to do in Chile

5.222 contributors
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The top 2.611 attractions in Chile

Viewpoints in Santiago
San Cristóbal Hill
You can not go to Santiago and not visit the Cerro San Cristobal, as it is one of the most typical places in Naples, since it is has a panoramic view of the city. At the entrance you get a map of the hill so you can see where they are located. All the places are made for resting, camping, and has games for children and a zoo.
Nature Reserves in Punta Arenas
Torres del Paine National Park
I'd been told that the Torres de Paine National Park was one of the most beautiful of the world and I went there fully expecting the spectacular. What I didn't realize, though, was the beauty to be found in the small details of this immense natural reserve which make the trip so much more moving and memorable. I've traveled a lot, but rarely have I enjoyed a place this much. Here, in the heart of the Chilean Patagonia, wherever you look there is beauty, texture, color, composition,'s Art (with a capital A). With every step of the 5-hour hike in the shadow of the Torres, something took my breath away. I was lucky with the weather because I went at the beginning of autumn and the explosion of color so strong that my photos came out looking saturated and impossible. When I first laid eyes on these millions of multicolored leaves, I recalled the feeling of looking at an Impressionist painting.
Of Cultural Interest in Santiago
Santa Lucía Hill
There is an artesanal center near by, and the view from the top of that big natural piece of history is indescribable.
Airports in Santiago
SCL Santiago Airport
The Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport is the main airport in Chile. It is located 17 km west from the city of Santiago de Chile, and in the commune of Pudahuel. Compared to Mexico's airport it is a bit small but still very comfortable and modern. It sports a variety of restaurants and bars and several very nice shops for crafts and other memorabilia. This airport also has a nice view of the mountains.
Palaces in Santiago
La Moneda Palace
The House of the Currency is one of the most important buildings and most emblematic of Chilean history, because of its political relevance. Right at the back, stands a sculpture of Salvador Allende. An impressive place for its historical significance and it is located in the heart of the Chilean city.
Cities in San Pedro de Atacama
San Pedro de Atacama
Driving out to the Salar De Atacama, a travel companion of mine was busily prattling away, daring me to pay attention to him and not to the surreal landscapes buzzing past. I politely nodded – agreeing to what I couldn't say – and nonchalantly turned back to the colors. San Pedro is a place that demands quiet devotion and rewards silent reverence. Where to begin in detailing the justified hyperbole? Perhaps El Taito – the highest geyser field in the world at 4300 metres. Watching dawn arrive in azure waves over perfectly-coned volcanoes, side-stepping geysers firing clouds of steam that dance and fade into the cold, blue and emerging sky and listening to the agitated earth burble and gurble, think dozens of restless teapots, is a treasurable experience. Valle de la Luna? Named after its similarities to our moon, the jagged valley transforms itself as the sun sets. After climbing a steep sand-dune, visitors sit and wait for the show to commence. In the horizon, stand a ring of volcanoes, part of the Cordillera de la Sal. As the sun wanes and waves good-bye, the scene explodes into a collage of intense purples and reds. The volcanoes ware a beautifully quilted sweater of a dizzying array of colors. The sky is electric. There is more to see and experience here than any proposed itinerary could handle. Pick a few select spots and enjoy the magic. Only on your tip-toes.
Valleys in San Pedro de Atacama
Valle de la Luna
This place resembles the moon landscape, following the meeting of the desert with mountains, creating interesting rock and sand formations. It is around 20 km from San Pedro de Atacama, Calama, in the Cordillera de la Sal. This is one of the most visited places in the area because it's easy to get to. It is recommended to go at sunset. It's not as hot and you can see the mounds change colors.
Markets in Santiago
Santiago Central Market (Mercado Central)
The Central Market can be found just after finishing the walkway that leads down through the historic center. It is a very interesting building where you can find one of the most important markets in the city.
Squares in Santiago
Plaza de Armas
Considered the historical center of the Chilean capital, the Plaza de Armas dates back to 1541. Initially, it was a market square, but in 1860 it was carpeted with beautiful gardens and trees. Today there is a space for cultural activities where you can find painters and cartoonists, a central pavilion for the municipal band, and a fountain where young and old alike can escape from the hot temperatures of summer.
Historical Monuments in Isla de Pascua
Moais of Easter Island
I was born in Chile but have lived more than half my life in Spain. So, on one of my trips to Chile, I decided to finally explore this island. I didn't like the comment made by a journalist about it in a TV talk show for four moai ... not worth it! Yes, he did. On the island, you see pure nature, with the hand of man (now) still has not managed to destroy or change the lifestyle of the natives, who accept the "outsider", but kept away from their lives. I loved the way of life that seems primitive, but it is not. There is a school and the opportunity to continue education in the continent, but this information can be found on wikipedia. I loved the people, the landscape, and I took care not to contaminate "their" island. Here you have some of the pictures I took. A greeting. Ana Maria
Deserts in San Pedro de Atacama
Atacama Desert
An trip to see the geysers, salt flats, Valley of the Moon, colored lagoons, and the night sky was a really incredible experience. It's the world's driest place and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.
Nature Reserves in Santiago
The Chilean Andes
One of the most beautiful landscapes in Chile is the Andes. They are very impressive, both in winter and summer. I have visited the most famous ski slopes in Chile, Farellones, Colorado and, of course, the Nevada Valley. The temperature in winter ranges from -8° to 5° (average). It's really very cold, but worth knowing. You can take ski and snowboard lessons here, and there are excellent ski slopes. It's very stressful for a beginner, but very entertaining. When you come to Chile , you can't miss them!!!!
Gardens in Santiago
Bicentennial Park - Santiago
In the commune of Vitacura is the new lung of Santiago. A large park with green areas, a pond with fish and birds, playgrounds and lots of paths to walk along. This park is also home to the modern building of the municipality of Vitacura which has beautiful views of the skyline of the city of Santiago.
Valleys in Santiago
Valle Nevado
This is an unforgettable trip to a place that is 3000 meters above sea level. In the winter the ski center's is the most important centre and in the summer it is an amazing place to have fresh air and appreciate the magnitude of the Andes.
Of Cultural Interest in Valparaíso
Valparaiso Port
Valparaiso appears in my mind as if in a novel written by Isabella Allende. It appears as the vertiginous stairs described so well by Neruda in his poems. That is Valparaíso, everything seems to fall apart when viewed from the harbor. A range open to the view in which the houses are not hidden one after another, but overlap in scale of their height. All of the shops in Valparaiso have an air of decadence and, at the same time, romantic memories. I thought it was a snake that was ravaging the land and made it seem to the hostel where we slept, as the least safe of places.
Wineries in Santiago
Concha y Toro
A full tour of Concha y Toro Winery lasts from about 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. First, you have to cross most of town to get to Pirque where you'll find the century-old Viña Concha y Toro, which has become one of the most successful wineries in the country. The international presence of Concha y Toro is represented mostly by their specialty brands Don Melchor and Casillero del Diablo. Once in the winery, you will visit the park house, and the vineyard, where you will see the development of the wines and the old cellars where wines like Casillero del Diablo and Don Melchor are stored. Then the tour continues with a visit to Cajon del Maipo, a rural place that is close to Concha y Toro, where you will have the chance to discover the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains.
Of Cultural Interest in Chiloé
Chiloé is a lovely island south of Chile, my country. It has beautiful green spaces, history and culture with wonderful cuisine. There are churches with lots of heritage and unique identities (with its music, dances, its mythological stories and more). I invite you to visit and look through my photos to get to know this beautiful island.
Cities in Puerto Montt
Port of Puerto Montt
My holiday in the south of Chile, Region de Los Lagos, Sector La Poza, Petrohué Falls and All Saints Lake, Region de Los Lagos; Park Vicente Perez Rosales. Province Llanquihue. There were some wonderful places that I saw.