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Things to do in Canada

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The top 1.102 attractions in Canada

Waterfalls in Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls - Ontario
Niagara Falls is a small town in the middle of nowhere next to the famous Niagara Falls. The main area is completely dedicated to tourism and is composed mainly of hotels, casinos and amusement parks. Personally, I wasn't really impressed. The only thing worth seeing are the waterfalls, which you can see in half a day. Niagara Falls has two major waterfalls on the Niagara River, separating the USA and Canada (one on the U.S. side, and the biggest and most famous on the Canadian side) and more smaller ones next to the big ones. These falls have a drop of more than fifty meters and it's impressive to see how quickly the water runs and with such a force. One of the attractions that's not to be missed is the small boat that runs along the base of the falls for a close up view.
Historical Monuments in Toronto
CN Tower
Great long weekend, in a very walkable city with super dining. Stayed at the Ritz Carleton where we enjoyed the Cheese Cave with wonderful pairings, Museums, including the Bata Shoe Museum, eclectic street markets, and the stage show Flashdance, The Musical.
Lakes in Banff
Lake Louise
You can see a video http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=ZBPnAo_CB1g about Lake Louise in Alberta and get to know some activities you can do there like skiing, get to know Banff, stay in luxury hotels and enjoy beautiful landscapes. Other activities you can do are boating, rock climbing, go for walks, etc.. Also you can see the Banff Atr Centre which is a place where artists from around the world are given the chanve to create and display their works, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes that inspire them. You can find more about this mexperienciacanadiense.Com
Islands in Toronto
1000 Islands
A couple of hours from Toronto is natural Thousand Islands, made up of of an archipelago of over 1,700 islands whose shares a border between the U.S. and Canada. Taking a cruise you can tour the small islands and it is strange. Many of these are occupied by people who opt for one country or another, according to their customs and ideologies showing USA or Canadian flags, either Lake Ontario or New York. But the funny thing is to see how there can be such small islands as the perimeter occupies a two-story house, where there is little space to walk around for the landing of your portal or to plant a tree. it must be lovely to wake up every morning, look out the window and see that you are on the edge of an open lake with lovely views, the sun reflecting its rays in water, while soaking up the sounds of the birds that live there. When I had the chance to visit, it was autumn, so the changing color of trees, green shades of brown, from red to orange, to yellow to dark ... was a point to add to the beauty. The daily life of these people must have many singularities, because just to buy something, they must take the speedboat, go on a dock, take the car and go to the market. The same should happen if they want to go to work or attending class. In winter, these waters are so far north, they are frozen, so after asking so many questions about his life there, I assumed that these small houses full of charm should normally be used only in summer like a beach house they were, where the goal of the Americans is to miss the incessant movement of the city and into a world of color, peace and calm to get a vacation of more original than anyone can imagine. What is clear is that it is a holiday dedicated to fishing, boating, fresh air, surrounded by nature, swim in crystal clear waters, sunbathing and I think it is a wise choice as they come highly recommended.
Gardens in Montreal
Mont-Royal Park
Relatively close to the heart of Montréal, at the foot of the hill "Mont Royal" and by the "avenue du parc", is one of the biggest parks in the city. On weekends, the Parc du Mont-Royal is the kingdom of the rasta, the hair of every color, martial arts, juggling, picnics, sunglasses and outdoor sport. Although you can find this kind of environment in cities, this is on a very large scale, hundreds of people spend hours of their weekends in the Mont-Royal. But that's not all, there is also the gothic-medieval phenomenon. A clearing in the forest with a dirt floor, surrounded by trees is the scene of battles between medieval crowd of all ages, with shields and swords hand made with soft materials such as foam, faced against each other as a way of fun. Something very strange to see. The southern part of the park, down the avenue (avenue du parc), has a large baseball field, a large soccer field and volleyball nets some bowl on a green grass very bright.
Nature Reserves in Jasper
Jasper National Park
There are many ways to see these parks, but we chose to go in a camper for the freedom that you have to stop where you want, eat when you want, and sleep in the wilderness. I was actually pretty surprised by the campsites at Jasper National Park; they are really integrated into the landscape, with only a few amenities for ecological reasons. It serves to make your experience in nature a lot more, well, natural. When we visited, a couple of bears passed through our campsite only a few feet from the motorhome. You can rent motorhomes in Calgary to go see Jasper, Yoho and Banff, but you can also like us, rent in Seattle to see the city and Vancouver we well.
Waterfalls in Lac-Beauport
Montmorency Falls
When it comes to Canada and waterfalls, everyone thinks of Niagara Falls, but there's much more to it than just that, and some of them are even more impressive! We went to one on a rainy day in 2007, and we went up by cable car. We crossed a bridge over them, and went down the other side. The show is awesome, and you never have to stop to think about what would happen if the bridge fell. Everything there is like a water park in a storm. The views are tremendous and the entire landscape is incredibly beautiful. You can't help but get the feeling that man is there because allows him to be there. A must-see.
Nature Reserves in Banff
Banff National Park
Banff is the oldest and probably the best known of Canada's National Parks, and it's where you can find the two postcard-perfect images of the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise and the Lake Moraine. Banff is also the most-visited National Park in Canada and some of the more popular hiking trails can seem a bit crowded, especially in the peak summer months. But remember, Banff is much more than its two most famous's a massive park where you can really get away from it all. Just leave the car and walk out into the forest and you'll find natural areas that are virtually untouched. If you get off the beaten track you can you find areas like Shadow Lake, which I believe represents the true spirit of the Rockies better than any other. The usual thing to do is to combine a visit to Banff National Park with a visit to the neighboring Jasper National Park and, perhaps, the less-visited but equally interesting Yoho National Park. Admission is $9.80 per day for adults, but you can purchase multiple passes for several days and family passes ideal for groups.
Historical Monuments in Ottawa
Houses of Parliament
Parliament Hill, overlooking the city of Ottawa, is composed of three buildings that form a spectacular neo-Gothic complex. The buildings were built between 1874 and 1878, and later extended. The three buildings form the Centre Block, with the famous Peace Tower, which houses the clock, that houses the House of Commons and the Senate, as well as the library, which is well worth a visit. The East Block houses the offices of the Canadian Prime Minister, and the West Block houses the offices of parliamentarians. There are guided tours in Spanish, past which you'll see the Queen of England's sceptre. Don't forget that Canada still belongs to the crown. Hopefully you'll also see the typical mounties.
Streets in Quebec
Old Quebec
During a trip to Quebec I found myself immersed in the beauty of Old Quebec.
Cathedrals in Montreal
Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal
When I lived in this beautiful Canadian city, the Vieux Montréal area was definitely my favorite area. Notre-Dame, which the Spanish called Cathedral of Heaven, with a starry sky infused with incredible peace. That sad candle on the floor with a great message. The light on in the old market where the European immigrants passed through. Those contrasts between the light of the lamp and the window were amazing. Or the changing of the leaves in autumn with its beautiful, contrasting colors, are images that remain burned into the memory of the people who visit it.
Markets in Montreal
Jean Talon Market
Very near Saint Denis Avenue is the Jean Talon market. It is an outdoor market that is open every day and sells all kinds of vegetables, fruit, plants and flowers. The produce is spectacularly presented.
Gardens in Montreal
Montreal Botanical Garden
The Montreal Botanical Garden is located in the north of the city. We came by bike (With Bixi service, it takes about 40 minutes from the centre, and we stopped halfway). It's a huge garden where you can easily spend the whole day, and there are plenty of designated picnic areas. Within you can find different areas: 1. Japanese garden area, with small houses containing activities aimed at the public. 2. Green houses with species from ecosystems from around the world. 3. Museum of the Indigenous Canadian people. 4. Garden area, containing Canadian species which are basically the same as in Europe.
City Halls in Toronto
Toronto City Hall
The city of Toronto has two buildings which were built with the intention of housing the city council. The old town hall (Old City Hall) is a classic building, the architect is called Edward Lennox (ve also designed the Casa Loma). Here, you can find the city courts. A few meters away is the City Hall (now the Town Hall). In a circular building, whose design was chosen from more than 500 projects. Inside (free), you can see a full scale model of the city.
Churches in Montreal
Saint Joseph's Oratory
This was a strange visit, to be sure. It's a place of worship for many Canadians, which we saw upon our arrival. The exterior is stunning and even a bit austere. There are so many stairs that go up and down that a few pilgrims went up and down on their knees to show their devotion. This feeling of coldness disappears when you get to the chapels with plenty of hanging rods, demonstrating cures that have taken place there. Entry is free and the whole atmosphere is memorable. Perhaps if I had gone alone I wouldn't have visited it, but as the trip was organized beforehand, it's what we did.
Viewpoints in Montreal
Kondiaronk Lookout
The Mont Royal Park offers several viewpoints from which visitors can admire the city. In winter, one of the most accessible is the Belvedere, which can be reached by car (beware that parking is not free), or by bus line 11 from the Montroyal metro stop (a bus every half hour). From the parking lot (across from the cemetery) it's just a 10 minute walk to get to a great big house and terrace from which you can see much of the city of Montreal, with its skyscrapers, and Saint Laurent as a central point of interest. A good alternative to the other viewpoints you'll find elsewhere in the area.
Roads in Banff
Icefields Parkway
The Icefields parkway is certainly an exceptionally scenic drive, however almost all roads in the Rockies have areas of jaw-dropping beauty. For a lunch stop Bow Lake is the perfect place for lakeside picnic and extremely photogenic. Allow bit of extra time to take look round Simpson's Num-ti-jah lodge which is packed with period furnishings and has a restaurant, cafe and tasteful gift shop. Between Sunwapta falls and Athabasca falls keep an eye out for Goat lookout. There are salt licks at the side of the road and as a consequence the is a high probability of seeing mountain goats. Other cars parked on the roadside are a good indication of their presence. In the summer they look pretty scruffy as they are moulting but they will grow a beautiful white coat for the winter.
Harbors in Montreal
Old Port of Montreal
If you visit the old town, the "Vieux Montreal", you'll come to the shore of the St. Lawrence, along the street "Rue de la Commune". I advise you to take this opportunity to explore the docks and its various attractions. If you go in the spring or summer, you could try some adventure sports or take a cruise, and in winter you can use the skating rink by Bonsecours Hall, Commune Street up to the north, or head to the palace of science, going to the south (the palace is more for children, with games and fun experiments). Right now (winter / spring 2012) Cirque du Soleil has just been installed on the banks of the Saint Laurent, in the group's hometown. In short, taking a stroll along this street and the waterfront is a nice way to get away from the city noise, and enjoy a variety of different activities!