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Things to do in Cochabamba

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The top 27 attractions in Cochabamba

Historical Monuments in Cochabamba
Cristo de la Concordia
The Cristo de la Concordia is the largest sculpture representing Christ in the world. It even surpasses Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. It was sculpted by Cesar Terrazas Pardo. This colossal two thousand ton statue is located on the so-called Cerro de San Pedro, which is accessible by stairs or by cable car. The top offers a beautiful view of the valley of Cochabamba.
Markets in Cochabamba
Mercado Cancha
It's hard to know exactly where to begin and end your visit to the Mercado La Cancha, which is the largest outdoor market in Latin America. You can find everything at low prices - basic foods, meats, fish, clothing, local artisan produce, coca leaves, electronics ... it's full of the rich colours and smells of Bolivia. Ideal for taking photos, but be careful - always keep your eye out for thieves, and always ask permission to take pictures of the stalls. It's open every day of the week, but it's best to go on Saturdays.
Lakes in Cochabamba
La Angostura Lake
La Angostura Lake is an artificial lake that was originally built for irrigation and is also currently one of the most important tourist attractions of Cochabamba. On the banks of the lagoon, you will find several restaurants whose specialty is fish. Additional, you will find charming cabins which provide accommodation and services for special occasions. Visitors can also hire boats on the lake.
Squares in Cochabamba
Plaza 14 de Septiembre
Cochabamba's main square has a nice mixture of historical architecture and the modern city life. The colonial buildings are supported by rows of arches, and it's nice to go for a walk around the square. At the centre, under the trees, is a popular meeting point.
Gardens in Cochabamba
Martin Cardenas Botanical Garden
In the city of Cochabamba, we can find a variety of flora from inside the country and outside. The garden is named after Dr Martin Cardenas, a botanical researcher who was the founder of the Faculty of Biology at the Universidad Mayor de San Simón. Highly recommended, this park is the perfect place to go for a little break from city life.
Of Cultural Interest in Cochabamba
Incarracay is a beautiful place on semi-tropical mountains. You can expect high humidity and the typical noise of the city. It has pine forests, a beautiful pond and plenty of space for camping. It's a safe place. When it's closed, there's no danger because it's locked and there are guards at the entrance.
Cliffs in Cochabamba
International Fair of Cochabamba
Opened in the year 1980, this fair boasts an incredible number of people from South America, the USA, and even Europe. The International Fair of Cochabamba, Bolivia - or FEICOBOL - takes place during the months of April and May each year. Here, local and foreign companies, both large and small, can be found.
Historical Monuments in Cochabamba
Fuente Blanco Galindo
In the first block of Bridge Blanco Galindo Avenue, you'll find this fountain, designed by an architect who wanted to give visitors a taste of some elegant river waters. His work perhaps doesn't quite live up to his expectations; what you see is a monument of stones that seem to be scattered almost at random, over which flows a small stream of water. It's close to one of the busiest streets in the city, so it's not the most peaceful place to see.
Historical Monuments in Cochabamba
Monumento a las Heroínas de la Coronilla
This tribute to the feminist movement was created on the 27th of May, 1812, in honour of Manuela Gandarillas, an old blind woman who led a group of other brave women, young and old, into battle, for lack of men. These women armed themselves and fought for independence, in one of the bloodiest battles in the history of Bolivia. From the hill, we have a good view of the city.
Museums in Cochabamba
Mariscal Santa Cruz Water Park
The water park in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, was opened in the year 1999. It's popular with children and adults alike, boasting a family pool, pedal boats, and more. You can also visit the interesting waterskiing museum here. Highly recommended.
Squares in Cochabamba
Plaza Colon
This is a place of rest, where you'll find lots of greenery. It's a popular meeting spot for young people who are on their way to one of the many restaurants serving regional cuisine, or numerous shopping areas nearby. Highly recommended.
Festivals in Cochabamba
Carnaval De La Concordia
To say that carnival culture is an important part of the Bolivian lifestyle would be an understatement. One of the most notable events held in the city of Cochabamba is the carnival of La Concordia, held in February. Music, dancing in the streets, and more - an event which brings together the people of the city, the suburbs, and the more distant edges of the province. Really worth a visit if you happen to be in Bolivia at the time.
Lakes in Cochabamba
Alalay Lake (Laguna Alalay)
To the south-east of the city, this artificial lake was built in the year 1930. Its name, Alalay, comes from the Quechua word for "cold". It covers an area of about 240 hectares, and contains 113 species of wild animals. Here, national and international festivals take place - including FEICOBOL.
Statues in Cochabamba
Fuente de las Tres Gracias
This fountain of the Three Graces is a site where live music often takes place. It opened on July 16, 1896, in the middle Republican period, and is a wishing fountain; many visitors throw a coin into the waters in the hope that the mythical graces will help them with some desire. The statues are said to represent discretion, generosity, and elegance, the three virtues traditionally valued in women.
Historical Monuments in Cochabamba
Museo Casona Santivañez
La Casona Santivez is an eclectic mix of different styles, due to its constant evolution through various owners over the years. This large house has always been important, in both the colonial and republican periods, and was most recently renovated in October and November 2006.
Festivals in Cochabamba
San Andres Wayllunk´as
Every year on the 30th of November, a festival takes place in honour of San Andres (St Andrew). The celebration begins on the 27th, and the festival features a number of dances performed mainly by women. Like many festivals in the city of Cochabamba, this one combines religious beliefs and Andean culture. It is one of the most traditional of the annual festivals.
Festivals in Cochabamba
Gardens in Cochabamba
Parque Vial
When we think of traffic in Bolivia, it's rarely positive! However, Cochabamba is dedicated to road safety. Here, children can learn how to stay safe on the road. There are other activities, too, like the train that will take you around the park. Highly recommended.