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Things to do in Belize

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The top 33 attractions in Belize

Coves in San Pedro
Cayo Caulker
Belize has 200 islands between the coast and the coral reef which is the 2nd biggest in the world after Australia. Of these islands there are 2 that have minimal tourist infrastructure and they are called Cayo Ambergris Caye and San Pedro and Caye Caulker. The 1st is more white-washed but by no means comes close, and I think you should go to big hotels there are houses all 3 floors up, I meant that it is more touristy and more tours. For travelers There is also Caye Caulker which is a quieter place, comfortable and adjusted and also has the same distractions that any other key.
Cities in Belmopan
Belmopan is the capital of Belize. It's a city that was created out of nothing, like Brasilia in Brazil, and has become the country's administrative capital. That is, it has no history, and most of the inhabitants only arrived about 10 years ago. Supposedly, even the politicians live in Belize City and fly to Belmopan to go to meetings. Belize City is on the coast where there is at least one hurricane per year. So the idea was to ​​protect the capital and the government buildings by moving them to the country's interior in the 70's. Today, the city only has 17,000 inhabitants, but there are plans to make it much bigger. When you get to the sign that welcomes you to Belmopan, you still feel like you are deep in the jungle and that there aren't any houses around! The centre is very small, with a large Chinese population that does business, and some stores are written all in Chinese. There is also a Guatemalan community moving here because they can earn more money. But there aren't many people from Belize!
Nature Reserves in San Pedro
Coral Barrier of Belize
The Belize Barrier Reef if it is something from another world. Sure, it's not the same size as in Australia, but to be in Central America, it is incredible. I was lucky enough to snorkel and SCUBA on the reef . The hotel (SunBreeze Suites), which behaved the best, helped us with everything. Boat, equipment, sailors, etc.. I wish I could go back more often and it was an unforgettable experience!
Of Cultural Interest in Belize City
Belize City
Belize City is the biggest city and former capital Belize and Belize District header. The city was the departmental head before the country's independence, when it was a British colony (British Honduras), and later became the capital to Belmopan in the year 1970. Unofficially it is estimated that the population of Belize City exceeds 70,800. The city lies at the mouth of the Belize River on the coast of the Caribbean. It is also the country's main port and its financial and industrial hub. It was almost destroyed on October 31, 1961 when Hurricane Hattie hit. The official language is English.
Ruins in San Ignacio (town)
From the town of San Ignacio, all buses that go to the border with Guatemala, Benque Viejo, can drop you off at the Mayan site of Xunantunich. There you have to cross the river, which is free for pedestrians. For those who have been through Tikal, obviously there are few things in comparison. But Xunantunich, if you are on your way to Belize City you can appreciate walks beyond the tourist paths: it is a pleasant and interesting stop. The site itself, although most of the palaces and temples (about 25 or more) are still covered in vegetation, is still impressive, and climbing the temples has not lost its charm, especially with jungle landscapes like these! Furthermore the entrance is still cheap, if you have time to take advantage!
Islands in San Pedro
Goff's Cay
After seeing manatees we left at full speed towards the Cayito called Goff , which is a small island of sand and palm trees. The island is surrounded by white sand and green and turquoise water and is the example of the island we would all like to have. We arrived in paradise. We left our stuff and took the boat back to snorkel in the coral area the island. Martha was sunbathing on the island, not much like diving and a breathing tube is not she likes. The snorkeling was great as always and we returned to the island so hungry, so we ate a little and opened some coconuts. We dove for a while and came back at full speed with the speedboat which in these parts is the ideal means of transportation, no one here has a car, everyone rides a bicycle, but the boat parked in the harbor is a must.
Bike Paths in Belize City
Islands in Belize City
Aerial View of Los Cayos Zapotillos or Sapodilla Cays
These are the Sapodilla Cays, or Zapotillos Cays, as seen from the air. Only marine park rangers live on these keys. Although there are houses on some of the keys, many are uninhabited and others are only used for vacation. I was lucky enough to fly from the Zapotilla Keys to the Honduran coast in this half boat, half gliding thing. An amazing experience.
Villages in San Ignacio (town)
San Ignacio
The town of San Ignacio is on the way to Belize City if you come from Guatemala, and more especially of Flores and Tikal. The town is a little touristy yet has its pluses and minuses. To get to San Ignacio: If traveling with Guatemalan companies that go to Belize City you will have to pay the price of the trip to the capital Belize, because San Ignacio is not a planned stop, but notify the driver and he will leave you in the village. Another option is to travel by local buses, little by little, if you do not mind the hour drive to the border Benque Viejo Town/Benque Viejo (Guatemala/Belize), and then another local bus to San Ignacio. The hotels are not as cheap as say, $20 Belizean, although the notion of cheap depends your budget. There are several possible excursions from this town before traveling to the coast: The site of Xunantunich is an interesting ride, less important than the ruins of Caracol and Tikal, but they have their charm. You can go by local bus (address Benque Viejo) while to go to the site of Caracol, from what I saw, the trip was much more expensive (about $70 Belizeans, out of my budget then). There are several agencies in town offering more adventurous excursions like rafting, or canoeing, there are waterfalls in the nearby mountains and you can visit Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. For lower budgets and nature lovers: A beautiful walk around the village, to Cahal Pech (mini ruins), and Branch Mouth (near rivers) can ask at the tourist agencies or the people. In short: If you have enough money it can be really a interesting stop, if you walk with very little money you will feel somewhat frustrated at not being able to pursue opportunities like visiting ruins or natural adventures!
Islands in San Pedro
San Pedro Island
It is a lovely island, there are a lot of trade, nice people, lots of fun, the fauna is incredible, summer is going to affect you the rain, and it can be reached by air or by plane or on very fast boats and of course this is less expensive. You can rent an apartment at the Spindrift Hotel . You can also go grocery shopping and buy food to save you money, because everything is expensive, all super cool, of course I would return ....
Beaches in Belize City
Sapodilla Cays
Zapotillos or Sapodilla Cays are situated in Belize Keys, just south from the Hotel in Puerto Cortes, Honduras excursions are offered on all weekends. Keys are very rarely visited. Here you can relax, go snorkelling or diving.
Sports-Related in Belize City
Diving in the Zapotillos Cays or Sapodilla Cays
When you go diving there you need to take you passport and money to pay the Marine Park. It is Worth paying because you will certainly have fun in its warm, tropical waters. From Puerto Cortes in Honduras you can go every weekend, they take their boat and tours include lunch. This is just one hour.
Tourist Information in Belize City
Of Touristic Interest in San Ignacio (town)
Beaches in Hopkins
Waterfalls in Benque Viejo del Carmen
Islands in Belize City
Sports-Related in Placencia
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