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Things to do in Belgium

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The top 1.376 attractions in Belgium

Squares in Brussels
Grande Place
I was fortunate enough to live in Brussels when they had famous Brussels Flower Carpet. Every two years, almost all of the Grand Place of flowers is covered, so that it makes a colorful and spectacular sight. The Belgians and tourists enjoy the flower show in midsummer for a few days in August. If you climb to the top of a building you can see the whole picture. I think next year is the next time so sign up!!! I was fortunate to be living there, rather working in Brussels the last time the famous Flower Carpet was installed. As I have understood, this party-show is held every two years in summer. Nearly all of the Grand Place of flowers is covered, so that it makes a colorful and spectacular sight. The owner of this idea has been commisioned by other cities and I think similar drawings were done of petals in Barcelona. However, I do not know if it is patriotism or because I get along so well with the Belgians, that I think that there isn't anywhere that the carpet of flowers is displayed that is as majestic as in Brussels. And I believe it, because if anything is beautiful in Brussels, its the magnificent Heritage Square. Something called the Grand Place isn't a goodframework for a canvas of flowers. The Belgians and tourists can enjoy the flower show in midsummer for a few days in August . If you climb to the top of a building you can see the whole picture. I think the next flower canvas is next year so be there!
Of Cultural Interest in Bruges
The Canals of Bruges
One of the best ways to explore this city is by boat. You will not be disappointed if you travel by boat around the canals. You can go at any time of year, except in the harsh winter months. It takes about a half hour and I can assure you it is a very pleasant experience. The beauty of the buildings takes another perspective from sea level.
Historical Monuments in Brussels
I shared this place on minube because I think there aren't a lot of people ve have have come in after it reopened and to take advantage and say that unless you're big fans, it's not really worth it, especially for the 9 euros they charge. It's a thousand times better outside. I had the luck since I was there on erasmus, it just so happened that they opened it that year and for me it was free, but it was a big disappointment. The best are the views and going up the escalators because it's like you're going up in a space ship. Even so, it's curious to see the spaces they've created, they're not much and not very big, in fact the cafeteria only has four kid-sized tables, believe me, I'm not exaggerating. To highlight a room they have created for the children to spend the night if they want, where they have hammocks hung from the ceiling with chains so that the child does not fall they seem odd. Anyway, if you see my pictures, not much more inside because it's smaller than it seems. Still if you want to see the price is 9 euros, or 6 for students or children and the hours are from 10 to 18.
Statues in Brussels
Manneken Pis
Sometimes it is surprising that in monumental cities like Brussels the most well-known landmark, as in this case, is a small statue 50 cm high of a boy urinating, which everyone would pass without even looking if it weren't for the multitude of people crowding around taking photos. It personally does not do anything for me. I do not think there's anything exceptional about it or that it has any great quality, but now that I think about it, the same goes for the bear with the strawberry tree in Puerta del Sol in Madrid, where the main interest is knowing where he will be relocated whenever there is construction in Puerta del Sol
Villages in Bruges
Bruges OId Town
Bruges (Brugge in Dutch, German Brügge) is a Dutch-speaking city of Belgium located in the Flemish area. It is the capital and the largest city of the West Flanders province. It has been a member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities of UNESCO since 2000. Along with the Spanish city of Salamanca, it was also the European Capital of Culture in 2002. Because it has many channels that run through it, it's often called "Venice of the North". There are also remains of a fortress and some mills. Even today, Bruges is still an important port.
Bars in Brussels
This is a typical brewery and it is curious to see as it has more than 500 types of beer glasses that you can ask for around 3-4 €, prices can also ranges between 8-13 € for 2 L depending on the type of beer you ask for. Inside it is all decorated with many posters advertising brands, often it is full so finding a free seat is a bit difficult. It's right opposite the Jeanneken Pis.
Lakes in Bruges
Minnewater (Lake of Love)
Well, two days ago I returned from Belgium and I have some new photos of the Lake of Love or Minnewater. I hope you like them, this time I traveled along the entire lake and it was gorgeous. I certainly am a lover of Bruges and I recommend that everyone goes there because I know that you won't be disappointed if you visit. It's like going back in time and suddenly finding yourself in the 15th century. For me, walking through its streets and canals is an unforgettable experience and every time I'm there I find new, magical places.
Shopping Centres in Brussels
Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert
Stores like this are very unusual to find in Spain, though in Belgium there are plenty of them. In Brussels you'll find quite a few. To me, they are beautiful and charming!! The Passage du Nord is a gallery covered with windows, and adorned with beautiful sculptures. Among its facilities we can find anything ranging from craft shops to fashion boutiques.
Cathedrals in Brussels
Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula
The chair of Brussels is close to Central Station in the city and is a spectacular Gothic building built at the bottom of a staircase in uptown Brussels. It is there to show that his majesty is still great. They began constructing it in 1226 and did not complete it until 1500. The stained glass inside the cathedral is from the XVI, XVII and XIX. centuries and is wonderful. On a sunny day it gives the building a beautiful light and it was a shame that my last visit was at night. The interior of the ship is impressive. It has sixteen side chapels, a choir on three levels, the ambulatory where the Blessed Sacrament Chapel is, the Treasury, and the chapels of Our Lady of Deliverance and Maes. It is a gothic masterpiece.
Historical Monuments in Ghent
Ghent Historic District
Great .. Then what can you say about this picture! One cold winter day I was strolling along street this street down which I had traveled several times. This time I had my camera and was noticing every detail when I saw the perfect shot for that day. Ghent is a modern city but I managed to get a conservative look with its old facades of old buildings. Certainly, if you go to Belgium, do not miss Ghent and its squares full of symmetrical buildings!
Historical Monuments in Bruges
Belfry of Bruges
If you are planning to travel to Bruges during the high season, I would recommend booking an accommodation or hotel close to the city center as it can be a bit difficult to get around the city. Furthermore, if you stay in the center you can better enjoy the beauty of Bruges. Bruges is one of the nicest cities in Belgium - if you like medieval architecture, this city is for you. Since 2000, the city center of Bruges has been a UNSESCO World Heritage Site for understandable reasons. My absolute favourite monument is the Belfry of Bruges, located in the historic center of the city. If you want to have I look, the opening times are Monday-Sunday 9.30 AM to 5:00 PM. The entrance fee depends on your age, but it ranges between 6 and 8.00 euros. To reach the 83 meter-tall top of the bell tower you have to climb more than 300 steps. If you are lucky you might get the chance to listen to some of the 47 bells which are still in use today.
Of Cultural Interest in Bruges
Begijnhof (Beguinage)
The Beguines were women ve belonged to this association which was founded in the thirteenth century. Their goal was to lead an almost monastic life and to help the poor and disadvantaged. They lived in closed places, with their own church, infirmary and services, and a nice central garden, which at the time of blooming of the daffodils is amazing.
Statues in Brussels
Jeanneke Pis
It is joined to Cafe Delirium, behind the Grand Place and has bars across it but is nicer and less crowded than the Manneken Pis. It was built in 1985 and opened in 1987. All the money that is thrown into the fountain goes to cancer research.
Squares in Bruges
Burg Square
Right next to Markt Square (the main square) and by Breidelstraat Street, it's a much smaller place than the Markt, but it's no less beautiful. Here you'll find some very important buildings in Bruges, such as: City Hall, the Basilica of Holy Blood, and the Palace of Justice (now called the Museum Het Vrije Brugse). It's beautiful at any time of day.
Theme Parks in Brussels
Brussels is the capital of Europe, and has a theme park where you can see a representation of the most significant buildings and monuments of all the countries that make up the EU. It is an open-air museum, and the monuments are 1:25 scale models with all kinds of details, and often include small dolls, trains and moving cars. This place has got a super-cool look, in addition to being photogenic, since the Atomium is its backdrop.
Historical Monuments in Brussels
Arc de Triomphe
The worst thing about living in a city is that you don't bother to buy a guidebook, so when it comes to Brussels' Arc de Triomphe, I can only say that I have no idea why it was built! But it's a lovely place to sit on the grass and eat sandwiches before going back to work. And at night, after enjoying some typical Belgian chips, it's a good location for a walk. For more information, you'd better find a guidebook!
City Halls in Bruges
Bruges City Hall (Stadhuis)
This is a beautiful Gothic-style building which was begun in the fifteenth century, making it one of the oldest town halls in the country. Here you can see the Palace of Justice and the Basilica, as well as the town hall. You can access the latter for a few euros, and can admire its interior, with large nineteenth century tapestries, decorative objects, and a huge vault. The audio guide will help you enjoy some interesting facts about the history of the city. I also recommend visiting the church, which houses some fascinating relics.
Cathedrals in Ghent
St Bavo's Cathedral
Ghent Cathedral is impressive mainly for its huge tower, which is a more than 100 meters high and multi-storied square structure, which you can only go up during the Ghent Festivities in summer, by a narrow spiral staircase. You have to pay to enter the Cathedral, and inside the most famous work is the polyptych of the Mystic Lamb, from the Flemish painters the Van Eyck brothers, ve have a statue in their honor near the cathedral.