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Things to do in Victoria

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The top 133 attractions in Victoria

Beaches in Port Campbell
Twelve Apostles
Besides the famous Twelve Apostles, the whole Great Ocean Road has impressive cliffs, rocky formations sculpted over the sea of ​​great beauty. One of the most striking is called London Bridge. Originally it was a ledge over the sea with two arches, which seemed like a bridge built on purpose. A whimsy of nature. The fact is that in 1980 the central section of the "bridge" broke down, disconnecting it from the coast ... and trapping two hikers in its central part. It took several hours by helicopter to rescue them. Imagine how distressing it must have been waiting hours.
Roads in Melbourne
The Great Ocean Road
The coastal road linking Melbourne and Adelaide is perhaps one of the most spectacular roads in the world and it certainly ranks high on the list of Australian tourist attractions. The trip itself is about 1000 kilometers. There are so many things to see along the way so it would be a shame to not spend three to four days on it. Obligatory stops on this route include the stunning cliffs of the Twelve Apostles, London Bridge and the impressive lighthouses as Split Point. Not everything in life are cliffs or lighthouses, the "Great Ocean Road" also has stops with great Rests Maits path or charming towns like Port Fairy.
Cities in Melbourne
On a family holiday, I spotted some nice leading lines heading towards the station and along the Yarra River. It was way too crowded during the day so I waited until it quieted down a bit at night. I also like the colours. Melbourne is a fantastic city, with incredibly diverse cultures. There is a new experience around every corner, a real breath of fresh air.
Markets in Melbourne
Queen Victoria Market
Queen Victoria Market is the life and soul of Melbourne, a must visit for all toursits stopping through. In a market that is part typical food, fruit, vegetables, pastry, meat, fish, and on the outside coexists with diverse product sales such as T-shirts and other products, some days the booths are set up outside in plan stalls at dusk, where people tasting world foods such as Spanish, Oriental, Italian, etc.
Rivers in Melbourne
Yarra River
In 1835 John Batman arrived on the banks of the Yarra, where there aboriginal tribes still were, and chose the site for the foundation of a new city, Melbourne. The river divides the city into two separate banks, the North Bank and the South Bank, which despite being well-connected, have different characters. The south bank of the Yarra is more oriented towards the arts and design. On this side are the National Gallery of Victoria, very important for its collections of Australian, especially Aboriginal, art. Also there is the Victoria Arts Center. Across the river, on the north bank, the architecture is more Victorian, concentrated in the neighborhood around Swanston Street. Here you'll find the main public buildings: the State Library and Museum of Victoria, which date back to the mid-nineteenth century, the gothical St. Paul's Cathedral, the Town Hall which was built thanks to the Gold Rush, Flinders Street Station and the RMIT Building,
Train Stations in Melbourne
Flinders Street Station
Flinders Station is a Victorian style building situated in the heart of the city, next to the Yarra River. It's the one place that you'll definitely want to visit in Melbourne. In fact, it's one of this Australian city's landmarks, and it's also the center of all the transportation system's activity, which makes it a popular meeting place and a common reference point. There's no doubt that you'll find yourself here at one point or another. They say that it's the biggest suburban railway station in the entire southern hemisphere. It's a Victorian-style building that contrasts with the modern Federation Square that's nearby. A bridge between the past and the present is well-preserved and impressive, both on the outside and inside. Flinders Station is on the corner of Flinders and Swanston streets and was built in 1884. It's usually open from 5 a.m. until 3 a.m. every day.
Beaches in Melbourne
Brighton Beach
When I got to the beach I began to realize that I was in Melbourne, 20 thousand kilometers away from Spain, looking at the waters of the Southern Ocean. The girl in the picture is Bea, one of the many friends I have made this year as an exchange student in Melbourne. I especially like this photo because you can see Bea with an expression that makes it seem as she does not notice the sunset behind her in the photo.
Nature Reserves in Port Fairy
Tower Hill State Game Reserve
Australian Wildlife Reserve in Great Ocean Road is Aareally interesting diversion on the same road as the Ocean (and a change from both wild beach cliff) is the game reserve of Tower Hill. This is an unfenced protected area, a place where all those animals that come to mind when you think of Australia: Kangaroos, koalas, wallabies (like tiny kangaroos), emus (like ostriches), etc. The funny thing is that interacting with these animals is extremely easy. Perhaps the least interesting are the koalas because their metabolism is extremely low and they spend all day sleeping. Yes, the monekys are always entertaining. There are tables and picnic facilities within the park, and diverse routes provided for you to admire the surroundings and spot more animals. Besides, within the reserve there's an Aboriginal display area/shop displaying interesting products.
Gardens in Melbourne
Carlton Gardens
This lovely building can be found in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria in the south of Australia. It is made out of brick, wood, steel and slate. The Carlton Gardens are home to the city museum. Here you will find a mixture of styles, including Byzantine, Lombardy and the Italian Renaissance. This is the first building in Australia to be included in the UNESCO world heritage sites. Here an International Exposition was held, as well as many other exhibitions, and also there is an Imax theater at 180 degrees. Around the building are the Carlton Gardens, which are also part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are 26 hectares and it has a good reputation for its botanical collection of conifers, palms and other plants. The gardens are typical of Victorian landscaping. They date back to the mid-19th century.
Streets in Melbourne
Melbourne Laneways
This alley is situated between huge skyscrapers in the city of Melbourne. In it you can find everything: Small stores, used book stores with no issues that are edited, musicians from around the world, Chinese weddings or craftsmen making delicious candy. It is one of the first places I visited when I came to this city to spend a year as an exchange student and, even after several months there, I kept managing to see new things on a daily basis. In the photo you can see the colors.
Beaches in Torquay
Bells Beach
Bells Beach is one of the most important beaches across Australia. Located 71 km. To the west of Melbourne, the closest towns are Torquay and Jan Juc. All Bells area consists of Southside beaches, Centreside, Rincon, Winki Pop, Lowers and Lower Lowers, but the most famous is Bells because it is internationally known for its surf. The waves of Bells are not only the best in Australia but also some of the very best in the world, they are pretty quick tubular long. Surfers discovered Bells Beach in early 1950. In January 1962se test organized the first surfing. In 1973 he began The Bells Beach Surf Classic or Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, surf proof valid for the ASP World Tour which is still performed today, making it the oldest event professional surfing. The beach has become quite famous as people recognize it from a fun surfer film. It is the final scene in the Big Wave Surfer with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.
Villages in Port Fairy
Port Fairy
A small and interesting fishing town on the Great Ocean Road. The main activity of the town is fishing, as such it is a great place to eat fresh fish at a great price. We also recommend you try the local oysters, which are delightful and well priced. In Port Fairy you get the feeling that life is really good; the weather is mild, all the houses are really beautiful and each and every one of them has its own boat moored at individual docks.
Museums in Melbourne
Melbourne Museum
This museum in the centre of Melbourne, near the Carlton Gardens, mixes various topics ranging from the environment and issues relating from different animal species, to the human body and mind, and there's a part on the ground floor dedicated to Australia's Aborigines. There are often 3D movies. You'll have to pay an admission charge.
Of Touristic Interest in Melbourne
City Circle Tram
If you want a free tour of the centre of Melbourne, this is the best choice. The tram makes a rectangular journey, and the stops are located near the city's major attractions. It's a remarkable way to get around town, and you'll feel like a complete tourist. If it's summer and a hot day, remember that it's not air conditioned, so it can be a bit overwhelming. Important: you must pay attention to the schedule, as some days it stops running at 18:00 and others at 21:00. You can check your schedule on the website.
Nature Reserves in Port Campbell
Port Campbell Natural Park
Port Campbell was the second town I stopped at along the Great Ocean Road, where the V bus line from Warrambool stopped. The bus ran every two days, so I had to spend two nights there. The village consists of 3 streets, and has a central beach famous for surfing and for being the closest town to the famous spot of the 12 apostles. There's a local shop and post office. The prices are exorbitant. It's a place to spend a night and a couple hours. You can go for a pleasant 40 minute walk along the beach on the right side. Within the state of Victoria you can enjoy the Great Ocean Road. Here you can find highlights such as Port Campbell National Park which stretches many kilometers from the coast. There are incredible places, plus very famous 12 apostles, beaches, cliffs, and rock formations in the sea of ​​tremendous beauty. It is a protected area due to its rich marine biodiversity.
Resort Towns in Apollo Bay
Apollo Bay
Apollo Bay was my third stop along the Great Ocean Road after coming to Port Campbell. It's a nice vacation spot for Australian families with two huge and very beautiful beaches. The surf, like along most of the coast, is something that's always present. You can see older people and little kids catching waves. It's a nice place to stay a couple of days while exploring the GREAT OCEAN ROAD.
Squares in Melbourne
Federation Square
The square is situated in the center of the city next to the train station Flinders and Yarra River, in a lively town square with beach chairs, cafes and a tourist information center.
Nature Reserves in Apollo Bay
Cape Otway
My first intention was to get to the lighthouse to watch the sunset, but I was late and unfortunately I missed it as the lighthouse was closed (I think that you also have to pay for admission to view)From the outside it is impossible to get a good view of the coast. I was out of luck for my first goal, but this all changed as I caught sight of my first kangaroo hopping down the road and into the surrounding, koala infested forests.