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Things to do in Rosario

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The top 463 attractions in Rosario

Historical Monuments in Rosario
National Flag Memorial
The National Flag Memorial can be found in Rosario, Argentina, and only 5 blocks away from my house. It is located opposite the banks of the mighty Parana River and is surrounded by parks, bars and flea markets, and is a meeting place for the inhabitants of this city. It is ideal for walks and also relaxing with friends and family. This particular photograph shows a beautiful sunrise through the columns of the monument.
Rivers in Rosario
Paraná River
From here you'll see a beautiful city view from the opposite bank. Best and cleanest beaches
Of Cultural Interest in Rosario
Monumento a Los Caídos en Malvinas
This monument was inaugurated on June 19, 2005 which is the eve of Argentina Flag Day, as a reminder of the sacrifice young Argentine soldiers and officers made in the unequal struggle for the recovery of our Malvinas Islands on April 2, 1982. Erected to remind the entire community, if only for a moment, the reason why. The printed writing are the names of the dead, symbolizing their value to the Nation, the names are alphabetical and without hierarchy on a black marble wall. You can also see the 5 coats of arms that participated in the war. The floor of this ellipse is different from the esplanade in order to mark a separation between the inside and the outside, no mirror in the center of a circular water in which they are represented, enhancements are made of reinforced concrete and are illuminated from below, the Falkland Islands reflected by its contour. The monument is in the Parque Nacional a la Bandera (National Park of Allegiance), the website and the phone are the ETUR Rosario.
Of Touristic Interest in Rosario
Edificio La Favorita
The store at Edificio La Favorita was originally founded by two brothers from Asturias called Ramon and Angel Garcia and was the starting point of the famous store that for years was a popular meeting point for the people of Rosario. Equipped with the most modern fittings of the time, including elevators, telephone, heating, and curved glass windows, the building was designed by Arman, Dams and Todeschini in 1926 and built by the Candia and Isella Construction Company in 1929. The building still showcases the work of those visionary pioneers: it has a baroque staircase with huge vases on either side, an imposing three-story hall and a large stained glass skylight in the style of the top Parisian department stores at the time. On the top floor there are two large terraces, and the building is topped by a beautiful dome that can be spotted from afar. The main entrance on the corner has a large iron and glass canopy on which you can clearly see two figures, one of an angel and the other a female figure with the inscription "La Favorita". In its time, the company had buying offices in Madrid and Paris. Unfortunately, nowadays it's mission impossible to get permission to enter the building, which is currently occupied by the Chilean Falabella company. After a long, drawn-out process I finally managed to get hold of a couple of photos, showing the wide Baroque staircase and the stained glass skylight. Of the four existing elevators for the public, only one has been automated and the other three are out of service due to lack of elevator operators.
Bus Stations in Rosario
Mariano Moreno Bus Station
The Mariano Moreno Bus Station was designed by architects Chanourdie and Micheletti. It was built by the L. Falcone Construction Company. It was originally the Provincial Railway Station of Santa Fe. The foundation stone was laid on December 1, 1927. At this time, the building represented a milestone for the city not only architecturally but historically in reference to the Rosario urban area and the sub and intercity service. It is located just 30 blocks from the center of the city opposite the Patio de la Madera resort. This bus station provides daily services to some of the country's provincial capitals and major cities. Also, it has has daily departures to neighboring countries and combinations to Peru. The highest frequency of travel, with departures every 30 minutes, is recorded in the Rosario-Buenos Aires route whose length is 4 hours. The bust of Dr. Mariano Moreno was created in 1957 by the sculptor Erminio Blotta (1892-1976), and is located in the octagon of the Bus Terminal in Rosario. The Information Office is open 24 hours a day. It provides countless services such as health, WiFi access, medical assistance, bank, taxis, private security, public telephones, local shops of all kinds, parking, luggage storage service, and more... You can learn more about what is offered by clicking the link called "services". The surrounding streets are Cafferata to the east, Santa Fe to the north, Castellanos to the west, and Córdoba to the south.
Gardens in Rosario
Statues in Rosario
Huellas del Negro Olmedo
As Sunday looked like it was going to be a really splendid day, we decided to go with my daughter, my son and one of my granddaughters to the coast to see the river and walk in the sun after many days of forced enclosure. When we passed the statue of the Black Olmedo sitting on the bench, my daughter could not think of a better thing than to make me sit down and take several photos, and really I was tempted so much by both things that the people there told me that I couldn´t stop laughing, so I have trimmed those photos to upload along with several other of his characters and to collaborate with Gisselle corner. I have included the phone number and the website of Rosario ETUR for all inquiries: +54 (341) 4802230 and the web: Www.Rosarioturismo.Com
Squares in Rosario
Plaza de la Cooperación (Cooperation Square)
Last week, walking towards Spain Park as is my normal routine, I stopped by this dry place, given the opportunity I would comment that I would like them to put a little more green between the bricks and take some pictures and decided to contribute something to this corner of my city. Ah! In Rosario there is still no rain for more than 10 months.
Shopping Malls in Rosario
Galería Libertad
This gallery is located in the heart of the city, which is characterized by its black marble front, it has shops on the ground floor and some central shelves and floors which are distribut numerous items including high fashion, casual wear, shirts, pullovers, footwear, jewelry, bijuoterie, perfumes, gifts, handbags, etc.. Upstairs there are shops and some are tourism companies, videos, sewing workshops, graphic design workshops, passenger transport company, etc.. They also have a basement, where there was a supermarket, where we can find, deposits, copiers, and shoe shops.
Shops in Rosario
Homo Sapiens Libros
We all have lunch at this Bookstore and Bar every Saturday morning because its hours allow us to meet friends that we can't see during the week. While you're there you can read a book or the daily newspaper and bring it to the table for discussion. Some people, like me for example, simply go alone since I live next door and the atmosphere is pleasant there. Furthermore, the croissants are first. This is included in the Circuit of Letters which was opened to mark the third Spanish Language Congress held in 2004 in our city and in the presence of the King of Spain and the members of the Academy of Language in Spain.
Of Cultural Interest in Rosario
Street Art
I am going to help you, when you approach a painting by Julio Vanzo, called the bandoneon, which is situated in Urquiza Street, between San Martin and Sergeant Cabral, it is yet another fan of Dante Rosario. Taparelli enthusiasts ve dream of becoming a Rosario lighthouse and part of the independent culture scene of Buenos Aires, with the collaboration of various entities, both public and private, for the concretion of the Museum of Urban and Visual Arts.
Historical Monuments in Rosario
Grand Hotel Italia
The original Hotel Italia building, dating back to 1890, only had two floors; a third was later added between 1900, and 1930. This hotel has long been one of the most important in the country. It was designed by the engineer Italo Meliga, and represents an example of Eclecticism-Academicism. It has been declared a World Heritage Site, and at present is the seat of the board of the National University of Rosario. Inside you can find ornaments and figures made by Domenico Fontana and Luis Levoni, ceramic works by Buxadera Salvador and stained glass, paintings and decorations by Giuseppe Carmignani, with cedar doors with frames, carvings and beveled glass. The large rooms that once were dining halls or ballrooms are today used by the board who meet here.
Historical Monuments in Rosario
Honour Room for the Flags of America
The National Historic Monument to the Flag does itself evoke an almost reverential respect, but I cannot imagine what it must feel like to pass through the doors of the Hall of Honor of American Flags with the verses in my head that I sing more loudly when I hear the Hymn: "MAY THE LAURELES THAT WE OBTAINED BE ETERNAL " and to imagine that others, not us, made it humanly possible, and even impossible, to bequeath our free and sovereign land. Under the Propylaea, and entering via Santa Fe Street, on both sides of a colonnade in the center is a large and impeccable red carpet. You can also see the windows which are displayed in all their glory, the first flags hoisted in Buenos Aires in 1936 and June 20, 1938 when June 20 was established as Flag Day. You can also see the shield, anthem and national flower of all American countries, in addition to those of Spain and Italy. The embroidered flag, which was donned by the rosarinas ladies on the opening day of the Monument - June 20, 1957 - is highlighted, in addition to the Shield of the OAS (Organization of American States), the flag donated by the Argentine Army in the 50th anniversary of the Monument´s inauguration, a replica of the Caravel Colombina, donated by the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Madrid on October 12, 1975, a glass box with soil brought from the Cook Fawns, Province Of Palencia. Spain, birthplace of the father of General San Martin. Two bronze medals commemorating the raising of the flag and it´s subsequent blessing, a replica of the sword that was used in the battles for independence Manuel Belgrano, Martin Guemes and Rudecindo Alvarado. The official flag fluttering in the Falkland Islands from April 2 to June 14, 1982, a chest with earth from the house of Christofer Colombus - Genoa, Italy, and the other containing the father's hometown of Don Manuel Belgrano-Empire, Italy. How is it then possible to not feel respect and excitement on entering this place.
Unusual Places in Rosario
Higa Plantas
Later I went to buy a palm tree, organic soil, and I went with all the info on how to plant, how to water, etc. and it is not only easy, but it is interesting. I want to know more about palm trees. My new acquisition would be a dwarf palm tree for my balcony, I was reading, but I am scared of the sun thanks valeria
Spa in Rosario
Cinemas in Rosario
Cines Monumental
In the corner where now this cinema is, in 1910 there was the Café San Martin in which they had movies and thus it was know as the Cinema and it worked well until 1934. Already in the 1930s the first team had installed sound and modifications and it was called Cine Monumental, opening its doors on December 19, 1935. In May 1955 they put in a widescreen becoming the first cinema with such a screen. It was opened on November 10 of the same year with the film in Cinemascope "The Robe" with 4-band sound and other current projectors. In 1965, air conditioning was installed and ran until October 31, in 1996 it closed to turn into a complex with 4 meeting rooms, the first cinema complex in the city and reopened on August 21, 1997. Today it has 9 rooms, with a capacity over 1100 and there are emergency exits. There is also digital Sound, and an art display with personalized service. Fast foods. Sweets. Café. Free parking. On Saturday afternoon we went to see "Angels and Demons"which is an excellent film and musical.
Of Cultural Interest in Rosario
La Capital Newspaper
Under the slogan "THE CAPITAL´S COLUMNS belong to the people" the newspaper La Capital de Rosario first came out to the streets on November 15, 1867 and was founded by Don Ovidio Lagos. Originally located on the street of Calle Santa Fe, it has moved to Calle San Martin and definitively now to its traditional Sarmiento Street building in 1889. The journal is broadcast in more than five provinces. The Foundation that bears the founder´s name was established in the year 2000 with three areas: academic, cultural and community outreach, providing the same Journal for funding resources. In the same building of the Museum Journal where manual presses with lead type, manual presses used for the first copy and all elements used until the advent of the computer or computer are exposed, such as duplicator photographs, a large auditorium and footage. The Museum is open on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am to 12pm and again from 4pm-8pm, and every Sunday from 4pm to 8pm. Guided tours are conducted Tuesday through Friday at 5 pm and on Sundays at 6 pm. The entrance is on Sarmient o Street 763 and the phone number is +54 (341) 522 6076. What I wanted to do today was to tell you that on Saturday the 4th, I went out with my friends and now I always have the camera in my wallet, something that is a little crazy by the way, but I saw the newspaper La Capital lit and I did not want to miss-out sharing with you how nice it is to see at night.
Palaces in Rosario
Edificio de la Antigua Aduana
The building which was the Palace of the former Customs Port of Rosario, was opened in the year 1938 and constructed in an architectural style by French Engineers strongly Ochoa and Thomas. The building has a strength and institutional strength according to the importance that they wanted to convey and that the institution meant it to be. The protruding elements of its outside are highlighted by Ionic pillars. Its outside is surrounded by bodies on the capital columns matching the uneven ground to the Paraná River. On top of the 1st floor windows there are arcs, and on the 2nd the arches are actually semicircular. A mansard roof tops it and inside the central hall, which is is topped by a skylight. It has inputs of both Av Belgrano as Urquiza and is within the National Flag Park. Hours of operation are: 7:00 to 15:30 The Customs Palace is occupied by many departments of the Municipality of Rosario. It is a World Heritage city and can be seen at the opening hours above. I incorporated the web page and made sure that the phone numbers were correct. Not far from there, just around the corner in Maipú and Urquiza is the Resto Bar Passport, half a block away, Sergeant Cabral and Rio Source of Utopias and beside the Palace Customs, on Avenida Belgrano.

The best things to do in Rosario

If you have to start somewhere on your journey through the best things to do in Rosario, the first stop should be the National Flag Memorial, located in the park of the same name. It is 70 meters high and is one of the the most important cultural parts of the city.

Two very special places to visit in Rosario are Spain Park and Independence Park. The first is a beautiful area overlooking the Parana River and measuring a hectare. Independence Park is located in the center of town and has several rose gardens, fountains, and even museums in its interior, providing the interested traveler with a day full of Rosario activities.

Talking of museums in Rosario, make sure to visit the Parana Museum. Inside you can see fascinating facets of Argentinian history, with many aboriginal remains. If you're interested in history, make this a priority on your list of what to do in Rosario.
Along with this, the Museum of Contemporary Art, opened in 2004, the Provincial Museum of Natural Sciences, and many more should feature on your itinerary of stuff to do in Rosario.

The Palace of the Lions is just one of the many historical things to see in Rosario. Remember that this is a fairly large city and that there are many Rosario attractions, and we've just listed a few highlights here,
but the recommendations from the Minube community should help you. Urquiza Park, the Patio de la Madera, the shopping district ... whatever you're looking for, you'll find it among the attractions in Rosario!