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Things to do in Neuquén

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The top 33 attractions in Neuquén

Nature Reserves in Neuquén
Los Arrayanes National Park
The Myrtle Forest is a unique place in the world, as the other one that existed in Japan was burned years ago. It is situated on the peninsula of Quetrihúa, whose coastal waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi, Neuquen province occupy a total area of ​​20 hectares. The myrtle is a subtle and charming tree, which belongs to the Andean-Patagonian area and is characterized by its bark which is "painted" with white spots, similar to the skin of the fawns. It grows slowly and reaches a height of 15 meters. Walt Disney filmed the famous movie BAMBI here. It is a truly a magical place. It is definitely worth the visit.
Lakes in Neuquén
Mari Menuco Lake
Mari Menuco Mari Lake is an extraordinarily beautiful place that isn't very popular in Argentina, but it's very visited by the inhabitants of the cities of Neuquen and Cippoletti. The lake's calm blue waters contrast the red of the surrounding mountains so that it creates its own unique landscape of the lakes and the Andes. Its waters come from the Neuquen River, and there's a spa that you have to pay to enter and it's quite expensive. Anyway, the place offers a lot of water activities and an area conducive to having a good time with family or friends. To the lake should take Route n ° 7-80 kilometers from the city of Neuquén.
Nature Reserves in Neuquén
Lanín National Park
After having traveled 30 km from the entrance of Lanin National Park bordering Lake Huechelafquen, which is stunning and looks like a sea surrounded by mountains, you arrive at Puerto Canoa. From there, we took the catamaran the "two lakes, two volcanoes". It is an impressive ride and the price is decent in comparison with other tours of the South (we almost didn´t do any tours because we had a car and did it on our own but found out the price is quite expensive. But we could not visit this lake on our own). The tour lasts about 90 minutes in which they serve you something to drink and something sweet. Among other things you can see the narrow area where it joins the Huechelafquen with Epulafquen, a river of solidified lava, offering very good views of the volcano Lanin and Niyeu Achén with gulls following the boat and lush green vegetation . After the tour you can visit Puerto Canoa, which is a free interpretive trail called "The Forest" . It lasts for half an hour and you can see the local flora and evolution.
Villages in Neuquén
Lake Traful
Traful Lake is one of my favorite places in the world, at least of the ones I have explored. I have never felt peace manifest itself on earth as well as it does in this place. I recommend it to anyone visitng the the province Neuquén, Argentina. It's the ideal place for anyone who wants to connect with nature and with themselves. The most starry nights and the most beautiful sunrises!
Volcanoes in Neuquén
Batea Mahuida Volcano
The second day we spent at Villa Pehuenia we went to see the Batea Mahuida volcano. During the first part of the drive we made the ascent to the summit and the antennas hostel (the view was so beautiful it's hard to describe, you can see the Lanin and Chilean volcanoes alongside the Villarica). From the volcano's crater you'll have an amazing panoramic view. Finally, we went down not by the traditional side but by the crater lake. Note that the land where the volcano belongs to the Mapuche Puel and these are responsible for the confectionery's below.
Health Clinics in Neuquén
Copahue Thermal Place
Located in a valley in the heart of the mountain, in a volcanic area, The Copahue Thermal Place is a health resort with very big pools filled with thermal water at different temperatures, which also differ in their mineral contents, and with different types of mud. It is a resort that has all kinds of healing techniques. There is extensive information online. In Caviahue Copahue, Neuquen, Argentina, you'll come across a valley surrounded by mountains with snow on the slopes, and at the foot of the valley, the steaming pools. This landscape is spectacular!
Museums in Neuquén
Ernesto Bachmann Municipal Museum
We were returning from our stay in the south, and suddenly we started to see signs saying dinosaurs in two kilometers, these appeal to us and so we entered the town of The Chocón, about 80 km from the city of Neuquén. Here dinosaur footprints painted on the streets lead you to the museum that specialises in paleontology. The museum was created with the intention of showing all the fossil material that has been found in the area, which is substantial. The most important fossil that saw there was the "Giganotosaurus Carolini" which was discovered in The Choqcón in 1993. This huge dinosaur is the largest carnivore known up to now in the world, it measures : total length 14 meters. Height to hip 4.60 meters. It weighs between 9,500 and 10,000 kg.
Roads in Neuquén
Dawn in la Pampa
An incredible tour was getting off the plane heading straight to Pinamar some 400 kilometres from Buenos Aires. On this rare tour we saw a village or a small town, and as we approached it we saw kilometres and kilometres of endless green fields with occasionally accompanied by a horse or a cow enjoying the area. It was wonderful peace and quiet.
Wineries in Neuquén
Bodegas del fin del Mundo
This is a photo of the main attraction of doomsday wineries in Neuquen, Argentina. Interestingly, it's in an area that doesn't typically produce wine, and yet this has been going on for a few years. Excellent wines.
Of Cultural Interest in Neuquén
Hiking in Neuquén
A stay in a dreamy place. Very cold but warm in the environment field. The immensity of this magical place fills you. Surrounded by meadows and animals and subdued colours. A lovely place in the center Neuquen province, more specifically one of many estates near Catan Lil village.
Rivers in Neuquén
Historical Monuments in Neuquén
Of Cultural Interest in Neuquén
Neuquen Landscapes
This video shows the different landscapes in the Patagonian Neuquen province. From Zapala, passing through Junin de los Andes, San Martin de los Andes, showing exactly how beautiful it was.
Of Cultural Interest in Neuquén
Nature Reserves in Neuquén
Airports in Neuquén
Gardens in Neuquén