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Things to do in Mendoza

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The top 87 attractions in Mendoza

Nature Reserves in Mendoza
The Aconcagua is the highest peak in South America. It is a top destination for international climbers and can also be accessed (at a safe distance) by the ordinary traveller. The tour starts in the capital Mendoza and takes you close to Cerro Penitentes, which also houses a ski resort.
Squares in Mendoza
Plaza Independencia
It is the central square of the city .. Clean, big and very active. It is quite easy to reach as it is situated in the center of the city and next to it are the tram stops, perfect to rest as it has sinks that can cool you down. In the evening there are shows that keep the action alive.
Gardens in Mendoza
General San Martín Park
San Martin Park is the largest park in the city, and has several acres where one can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the zoo, many beautiful streets filled with rees, extensive landscaping, lagoon, rowing school and much more...
Nature Reserves in Mendoza
Las Lenas Ski Resort
We visited the beautiful valley of La Leñas in Malargüe during April 2012 when there was still a lot of snow. The main season begins in June and ends in October and includes sports such as skiing, snowboarding and the famous "coolie skate" for beginners. The guide ve accompanied us all the way told us that this place in the valley was discovered in 1890 and became a famous ski center in 1983. It was originally called "Andesmia pinifolia" nwhich is the name of a bush in the area. It's the ideal place for winter sports as you can visit throughout the year and it has a very special atmosphere, surrounded by tranquility and beautiful nature. You can find all types of accommodation and top-notch services like an Adult School and a playground to teach children, coaching and equipment rental. The phone number of Las Lenas is: +54 2604 471100
Squares in Mendoza
Plaza España
Plaza España was part of the redesign of Mendoza which took place after the 1861 earthquake. It was designed in 1863, and is one of the four squares that surround the Plaza Independencia. It's had a number of names over the years, including Montevideo and Carlos Pellegrini, until finally it was given the name of Plaza España. The other squares nearby are Plaza Italia, Plaza Chile and Plaza Independencia. In 1946 it was remodeled using some materials brought from Spain, like friezes. In 1993, the decision was made to restore the 1,561 badly damaged tiles that used to show scenes from the founding of the city. It is now one of the most-visited places in Mendoza, with people coming from all over to see the beautiful tile work, Andalusian wrought iron lanterns, central fountain, beautiful monuments and wide variety of plants. It's a great place to come and relax in the shade of the trees.
Skiing in Mendoza
Los Penitentes Ski Resort
I came across a place called 'Penitentes' on one of my excursions of "High Mountain" from the city of Mendoza. It's a ski slope that has a stunning panoramic range. There I saw snow for the first time. Although I didn't actually see it snowing, the day was beautiful, it was full winter season and the sun was beaming.
Of Touristic Interest in Mendoza
The Andes Mountains
We passed through amazing landscapes like something from a dream, with ancient glaciers, breathtaking forests and gorgeous lakes - the other side of Argentina, a world away from the cosmopolitan culture and energy of the cities. A tour through Patagonia enabled us to see one of the most fantastic places in the world - an idyllic environment, with wonderful sunsets, like a moving postcard with the Andes in the background. We stayed at a lovely family-run hotel which, despite not being too luxurious, made us feel right at home.
Wineries in Mendoza
Mendoza Wine Experience
Mendoza is a place with many attractions for example: it has very nice tours near the mountains, in the city there are many activities and the best of the wines of the area. There are many wine shops as well as large companies and all of them have wine tasting. It is a very pretty town which is populated by many trees, I love it. And a nice time to come is in October. I hope you like the photos
Rafting in Mendoza
Rio Diamante Rafting
Thank God I have had the opportunity to live this experience in both Mendoza and Río Diamante River, in San Rafael. Both adventures are spectacular. Perhaps the rapids of Mendoza, in any time of year are stronger and a more adrenaline charged experience. Still, whoever is by Mendoza and likes these things should go and enjoy a different evening. The guides usually are the same year after year and are very good and highly skilled people. Worth it!
Streets in Mendoza
Paseo Peatonal Sarmiento
This passage, leading directly to the Plaza Independencia, is full of cafes, restaurants, and pubs - a real tourist trap. Sunny during the day, it's a vibrant place with plenty of options to relax. Be warned that beggars and hawkers tend to flock here.
Historical Monuments in Mendoza
Festivals in Mendoza
Grape Harvest Festival
It's a typical party of Mendoza, where the locals celebrate the harvest. The party takes place in the amphitheater, a place that if they see before they assemble the set it's impossible to imagine that a great feast is celebrated there and with loads of lights, dancers and fireworks. It's situated over the road to glory hill where you can see the city of Mendoza.
Of Touristic Interest in Mendoza
Mendoza Old Town
It is one of the most beautiful areas of Mendoza, with very well known sedan stores that have well known designers in the center of the city as well as craft shops, libraries etc. .. There is everything. It is very clean and shady, its amazing to be in a city in the middle of a desert.
Zoos in Mendoza
Centro Anaconda
I have always loved reptiles since a very young age. I remember that when I had just learned to walk, I surprised my mom came in the courtyard with a green snake in my hands. She almost died of fright ... that was my first experience haha ​​... then the lizards in her neighborhood after iguanas, turtles, snakes and lizards until speckled and yararás .... obviously with respect appropriate to the species ... and good to get to this place was magical and very exciting for me because I really did not expect it! Although many people would be afraid to displease or I have a kind of admiration for the reptiles! I like very much the place really congratulate! and others that highlight the attention and dedication that you see in each terrarium. Successes!
Zoos in Mendoza
Acuario Municipal de Mendoza
Jorge is 100 years old and since 1984 he lives in the Aquarium of the City of Mendoza, he is a male of the species Caretta, a turtle's belonging to the warm tropical seas that was found injured and numb from the cold in the South Seas. This and other species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, snails, corals, fossils, rocks and even embalmed specimens can be seen in this prestigious aquarium that was first opened in Argentina in 1945. It is also an education and information center that has staff dedicated to the study and promotion of these creatures, being frequently visited by students and professionals. For those left wanting to see more reptiles I recommend visiting the Snake Anaconda Center, which is located across the street, right in front of the aquarium. It is a very interesting visit and generally a great visit to make with family or friends.
Gardens in Mendoza
Skiing in Mendoza
We invite you to visit Vallecitos. Its a beautiful mountain shelter. San Antonio is located at 2550 msnm. It offers rooms with private bathroom or shared and you can go trekking rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking and canopy. Come and experience the magic of the mountains.
Squares in Mendoza

The best things to do in Mendoza

The number of things to do in Mendoza is amazing. This city has an incredible number of historic sites, museums, parks, and other places to visit in Mendoza of interest. The city presents a curious mixture of ancient and modern places like the Gómez building, the symbol of the city, or the Piazza building, which includes an elegant gallery.

Other important attractions in Mendoza are the Casamagna Complex, Banco Francés, and the Augustinian Torres, among others. Many religious buildings also make up the many Mendoza attractions, like the Temple of Our Lady of Mercy, which should definitely be on your list of stuff to do in Mendoza. As one of the most important temples in the city, it's a building of monumental scale with a large tiled dome coated with Marian colors. The Basilica of San Francisco is another building of the same style.

Parks to visit include General San Martin Park, located near the Monument of Glory Hill, which pays tribute to the liberator of San Martin, and the Provincial Zoo. Central Park and the O'Higgins Park are also important. Other things to see in Mendoza of great importance are its squares: Spain, Plaza Italia, Plaza San Martin, and Plaza de la Independencia, with its beautiful iron frieze where the Municipal Museum of Modern Art and Teatro Quintanilla are located. Finally, make sure to leave time to relax and don't forget that this city is deeply rooted in the culture of wine, so one of the many Mendoza activities include visiting a typical bar to enjoy the local fare and, especially, the good wine.

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