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Things to do in Mar del Plata

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The top 27 attractions in Mar del Plata

Cities in Mar del Plata
Mar del Plata
Taking the coast road 5 km from Mar del Plata lighthouse, I discovered this beautiful place, with quiet beaches for families. There are Cliffs about 50 meters high with a great view, with small forests where you can have a picnic, relax and enjoy the tranquility .
Spa in Mar del Plata
Seaside Promenade of Mar del Plata
From the beautiful apartment where we stayed in Mar del Plata you could see the ocean. We were only about a half a block away from it, so I couldn't resist taking pictures of it on a starless night. The spectacle of the moon on the sea is what I really want to share with you.
Of Cultural Interest in Mar del Plata
Port of Mar del Plata
The Barges of the Fishermen are a special colourful site in the Mar del Plata port. You have to go very early to see them leave, but you can go in the afternoon to watch them come in. You'll have a wonderful experience watching the fishermen "guarded" by flocks of seagulls flitting around waiting for a spare fish. It's a very pretty walk that I recommend.
Beaches in Mar del Plata
Varese Beach
Varese is a very pretty beach, which formerly was called Ingleses Beach .... Passing the Torreón del Monje, if you walk down the coast, from Plaza Colón, you will find a small area .... Protected by a breakwater, forming a water mirror ideal for sports .... That's Varese beach, peaceful even during holiday periods and not as crowded as central beaches, yet within walking distance of downtown Mar del Plata. Varese combines familiar atmosphere with sports. If you want to take walks along the waterfront, you can be at Alfar, Cabo Corrientes and the see the beautiful views at Chica beach after walking just a few blocks. For me it is the ideal beach ......
Beaches in Mar del Plata
Playa Chica
Playa Chica is one of the most traditional places on the coast of Mar del Plata. Its name refers to its short length, but it really is the perfect spot to go sunbathing with plenty of space available up on the rocks. On the same cliff, below Peralta Ramos, you'll find a pastry shop which, in my opinion, is the best in Mar del Plata. A great spot to have a coffee while enjoying the fantastic views of the coast, particularly during the sunset.
Churches in Mar del Plata
Instituto Saturnino Unzué
The Instituto Saturnino Unzué is dedicated to the Mary's Immaculate Conception and was declared a national historic monument on March 9, 1989. It is located within the institute itself, which deals with important social and cultural work, which was initiated by the National Council for Children, Youth and Family, including children from all sectors of society. The Institute first worked as an asylum for orphans. The building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1997 and also a tourist interest point in 1990. The Oratory is the work of the French architect Louis Feure Dujarric. It was built in Romanesque-Byzantine style and inaugurated in 1912. Its highlights include the altar, pulpit, the image of the virgin and the communion rail, which are all done in 18 kinds of marble. It has a magnificent bronze spider and a wonderful Carrara marble pulpit, very important. It's really a highly recommended tourist visit when you go to this pretty little seaside resort.
Zoos in Mar del Plata
Zoo de Batán
This is another image of the zoo, 20km from Mar del Plata, a place where most animals have plenty of space and freedom to roam. A few animals that are receiving veterinary treatment are in cages (large) and all animals have large landscaped grounds with large pits at the ends with security. A great place to visit!
Streets in Mar del Plata
Ruta de la Costa
Along the coastal path you can see beautiful beaches - Thermes Marins, Santa Terisita, Mar del Tuyu (where we rented a house), all with great food, thermal baths and plenty of holiday homes for rent. Costa del Este, Mar de Ajo, Carilo, Santa Clara, Mar del Plata, Miramar, Pinamar, etc..
Beaches in Mar del Plata
Of Cultural Interest in Mar del Plata
Centro Cultural Villa Victoria Ocampo
Villa Victoria is the name of the house that once belonged to the famous Argentinian writer, Victoria Ocampo, and is currently home to the Cultural Centre that bears her name. This building was constructed by Manuel Ocampo, as a gift to Victoria's grandmother, Doña Francisca Ocampo Ocampo. Its picturesque style sets it apart from the rest of the neighbourhood, and it is surrounded by a beautiful garden, full of exquisitely beautiful plants. The cultural centre pays tribute to Victoria Ocampo, born in Buenos Aires on 7 April, 1890. Her parents moved to France when she was very young, and she was educated at the Sorbonne. Her return to her homeland was an important step in the cultural growth of Argentina. Villa Victoria, a wood and iron building, was transformed by Victoria into a meeting place for writers. In 1973, she donatd the house to UNESCO. After her death, it was auctioned and purchased by the City of Mar del Plata; since then, it has been a cultural centre, and houses lectures and temporary exhibitions.
Churches in Mar del Plata
Gruta de Lourdes
Located in an old quarry, which previously provided building stone, and surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, the block was donated in 1937 by Dr. Norberto Peralta Ramos of the Religious Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence. The design and execution of the Grotto were made famous by the architect Luis Cossa. The grotto is almost an exact replica of the original in France, together with the Via Crucis at the entrance to the left, and the mysteries of the Rosary to the right. Both culminate in the beautiful Chapel that is integrated with the outdoor Grotto presiding over which is the crowned image of the Virgin on the altar with inlaid onyx and majolica and with the 18 apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes. This religious complex also has the Oratorio "San Jose" and Santeria on top. There are scale replicas of the cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem with light kits, waterfalls and biblical characters that can be moved with the purchase of a chip that provides power. The feast of Our Lady is celebrated on February 11 and thousands of devotees and tourists visit. My first visit was in May 1965 when I got married and the first black and white photos date from that era. At that time the replica of Bethlehem did not exist. The Grotto it can be visited every day from 9:00-16:00. With free admission and the miniature town of Bethlehem 8:00-12:00 and 15:00-18:00. Until the summer of 2009 the entrance fee to the city of Bethlehem was € 0.35 with children under 12 years free. Daily from 9:00-16:00.
Beaches in Mar del Plata
Churches in Mar del Plata
Mar del Plata Cathedral
In the late nineteenth century the city of Mar del Plata, southeast of the province of Buenos Aires Argentina, had a population of about 6,000. Today there are more than 600,000, and its one of the most important tourist areas in Argentina. In 1892, a group of society ladies presented a letter to municipal mayor Clemente Clayrol, saying they needed a larger temple than Santa Cecilia Chapel. Some of these ladies were daughters of the great promoter of the city, Don Pedro Luro and together with other high society women, were responsible for gathering the necessary funds to complete the construction of a temple worthy "of the Catholic Society Mar silver". Shortly after, in January 1893, he put the first stone in the land donated by Patricio Peralta Ramos, founder of the city. In February 1905, the completed part of the church was blessed. Gradually, and based on donations, the temple was extended until in 1924 Pope Pius XI gave it Cathedral status dedicated to Apostle Peter and Cecilia Virgin and Martyr.
Beaches in Mar del Plata
Playa De Pinamar
Pinamar is my sort of place. I have gone to its beaches since I was young and I have always had an amazing time, both in the summer and winter. I am lucky enough to have a summer house in Pinamar, which we enjoyed with the whole family. It's great to go to the beach after a storm and see the clouds that have not finished leaving, and through them the sun begins to appear, while the seagulls return like there was no storm at all. This photo was taken after one of these types of storms I just described.
Bars in Mar del Plata
Of Cultural Interest in Mar del Plata
Guillermo Magrassi Archaeological Museum
The Magrassi GUILLERMO ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM, is different and removed from the ALFAR Zone, beaches and center of Mar del Plata. This museum can be visited only on Saturdays and Sundays and is an alternative cultural trip during Spring Break and Summer. You will appreciate a fine exhibition of CERAMIC and MAYAN ARCHAEOLOGY, and countless other pieces of great interest that this Argentine sociologist and anthropologist collected to learn rather than steal....
Squares in Mar del Plata
Plaza Colon
There is beautiful tango and milonga at Plaza Colon, very nice! I recommend it 100%! They dance a couple and their two children, really it's a very nice show to enjoy the afternoon.
Waterparks in Mar del Plata

The best things to do in Mar del Plata

There's plenty of stuff to do in Mar del Plata both related to beach tourism and its marvelous historical monuments. The beaches most visited by tourists are in the city center and to the south.

Among the most famous of the seaside attractions in Mar del Plata are Perla, Varese, Punta Iglesias, and Acevedo beaches. Just off the water, one of the top Mar del Plata attractions is the Provincial Hotel and Central Casino. Visiting it is one of the most popular Mar del Plata activities for tourists in the city. The casino is one of the largest in the world and it houses the Provincial Centre Auditorium and Theatre of Arts.

Millennium Square is located opposite the Casino on Maritime Boulevard, and at its center is one of the most beautiful things to see in Mar del Plata: a great fountain measuring 40 meters across known as the Fountain of Dancing Waters because its movements are accompanied by six songs of the musician and Argentine composer Litto Vitale. Nearby we also have places to visit in Mar del Plata like La Rambla, Las Recovas, and the Plaza Colón.

Still wondering what to do in Mar del Plata? There are important historical monuments like the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Cecilia, the Lobos de Mar and the Tower. The monument to the fur seal is formed of two sculptures located on La Rambla. And there is the memorial monument to Alfonsina Storni, remembering the writer who committed suicide on the beach in La Perla.

There are many more things to do in Mar de Plata -- go into the city ​​and discover all it has to offer. In addition the city is adjacent to other interesting locations for coastal tourism: San Clemente del Tuyú, Aguas Verdes, Lucila del Mar, Mar de Ajo, Pinamar, Ostende, Cariló, Valeria del Mar, and Villa Gesell, among others. Visit Minube to learn even more about this exciting destination.