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Villages in Spain

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3.182 villages in Spain

Villages in Albarracín
One arrives to Albarracín with the lesson already learnt. Catalogued as one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, you have heard someone say that you must visit it… But even if you have heard a lot about it, it still impacts you on your arrival. You can get to Albarracín through the same road but with two different visions. One, when you arrive from Teruel, with the A512, and after a curve you suddenly find yourself on its lower part. Then, the town gives you the incredible image of a city, with infinite tones of orange and pink, embedded in the rocks, and you can’t stop looking at it. But I have always kept the image of the first time I saw Albarracín. I was coming through the same road but from the opposite direction. A sign said Albarracín but I could only see a rocky mountain. Albarracín “tricked” me, once we had crossed the tunnel, we found ourselves on a pretty road next to the river and suddenly I looked in the rearview mirror and said: Incredible! The vision of this town framed in the rearview mirror of my car has been with me since then. The best thing you can do is park the car and start enjoying this charming town, from the lower part with the impressive views of the stairs that twirl above the tunnel. Prepare your cameras; you won’t be able to stop photographing so much beauty. This is Albarracín. A little box full of amazing surprises.
Villages in Cadaqués
Cadaqués is a bright white spot between the sky and the blue sea. The church of Santa María is also white, although it is trimmed with cypress trees. That is what Cadaqués looks like from the small beach where various colorful boats rest. Despite de tourism that has come to this place since the sixties, following Dalí and the beauty of the place, the ancient fishermen town is still small and accessible. In its narrow streets, mixed with the bohemian air of the art galleries, you can still breathe an endearing sea flavor. It is full of bars that look towards the port and little restaurants that serve great fish. Like I said before, to talk about Cadaqués is to talk about Dalí. It was during the summertime he spent here with his family that Dalí –born in Figueres en 1904– started to paint. His rebel and provocative spirit flowered in his youth, growing after meeting Federico García Lorca and Luis Buñuel. However, it wasn’t until he met exotic Gala that a real revolution exploded in his life. His father, scandalized by his son’s relationship disowned him and managed that the hotels in Cadaqués denied him accommodation. This is why Dalí and Gala moved to a small and rustic cabin in Portlligat, a remote place that would become the center of their special universe.
Villages in Santillana del Mar
Santillana del Mar
Santillana del Mar isn’t “santa” (holy) or “llana” (flat), nor is it near the “mar” (sea). However, it’s considered one of the prettiest towns in all of Spain. All you have to do is explore this tiny village on foot to appreciate its full historic and artistic value. There are a lot of hotels, one campsite, and a zoo. I’d suggest the Posada el Jardín, a 4-star hotel you can stay at for only 100€/double room during the low season. It’s very clean, close to the city center, and the owners are just lovely. Santillana is also a great starting point to visit the surrounding areas: Comillas, Santander, the Cabárceno Nature Park, the Cuevas del Soplao (which are splendid, by the way, but I’d suggest getting tickets ahead of times as there are occasionally long waits to get in!), the beaches in Suances, San Vicente de la Barquera, or the Picos de Europa.
Villages in Lastres
Declared historical complex, Lastres is another typical sea town in Asturias, which literally hangs on a steep hill. Like many other coastal towns in Asturias, in ancient times it had its moment of glory since it was a whaling port, especially in the 16th and 17th centuries, which led to the construction of emblazoned houses and other architectural elements. It was recently awarded the prize “Exemplary Town of Asturias”.
Villages in San Vicente de la Barquera
San Vicente de la Barquera
A marvelous town in Cantabria. The bridges and the sea give the place a special charm. It has a beautiful church and castle that are worth visiting. The green that surrounds the place accompanies the blue of the sea, the port is the cousin of the mountain. It has wonderful seafood. It is worth a stop to enjoy the days and nights.
Villages in Peñíscola
It’s a city full of history: the “Banaskula” Arabs. Here, the typical tourist environment is lost as you’ll enjoy the experience of getting lost in the narrow and steep streets the Templar Knights, Papa Luna and Felipe II once roamed. Many commercial films have been recorded here, including “Calabuch” or “El Cid,” as well as events like The International Comedy Film Festival. In my opinion, it’s the most beautiful area on Castellón’s coast. There’s always life. You’ll see people swimming at sunrise, the racket slowly increases throughout the day, the city walls are always surrounded by curious faces with cameras constantly flashing, the street market doesn’t close until the wee hours of the morning, and the boardwalk has many artists and restaurants – it’s full of people!
Villages in Potes
Potes is an ancient town with dark stones and buildings from different time periods. If you park in the old part of town you’ll discover wonderful places full of special charm. It’s located at the confluence of the Quiviesa, Deva and Bullón Rivers, which is why you can hear the murmur of water as you walk the streets. The San Cayetano Bridge is beautiful, and if you can cross it you can admire the river and the great old houses and medieval buildings. The winding streets of the ancient neighborhood of Solana are another charming part of town. Yes, Potes has an ancient story, one best told by the Torre del Infantado, a bastion which was witness to the conflict between the Manrique and Mendoza families in the Middle Ages as well as to the surrender of France in the wars for independence.
Villages in Besalú
The Garrotxa region has an infinity of places to see, where you can find a state of peace and calmness that sometime we have to look to hard to find, but once you come to Besalú it’s like time stands still. Its streets, its rocks, the vividly beautiful Fluviá and its architecture all mix together to create an exceptional medieval town – one of the best conserved in all the country. The best thing you can do is walk through the streets, enjoy the peaceful plazas, walk next to the river. Cross the bridge, climb up and down the stairs and enjoy some of the best food in all of Cataluña, with its “volcanic cuisine.” It can sometimes get saturated due to the number of tourists that tend to visit the city. If you come on a normal day, this medieval city will find a special place in your heart and you’ll never be able to forget about it. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t your typical “paper-mache” city, filled with museums. Besalú has an infinity offering of activities and the people are extremely friendly. Romantic, ideal, beautiful,.. just a few words to describe it.
Villages in Ronda
have never seen a bridge like this.
Villages in Combarro
We actually bumped into it, as we had to stop with the car to buy some things and we finally spent 3 hour there! The village is just beautiful, very peaceful and with a really wonderful beach. I have no doubt I will be coming back specifically to that place. I fall in love with it!!
Villages in Vejer de la Frontera
Vejer de la Frontera
This fairy tale town seems as if it “escaped” from the bunch of white towns of the Sierra de Grazalema. And I say escaped because it is similar in the whiteness and beauty, although it is by itself and more to the south, on a hill 9 km from the Costa de la Luz. This town of Arab origin charms by day and makes you fall in love by night. From the peaceful square surrounded by palm trees with a fountain, Vejer, made of light and blue sky, is a labyrinth of narrow streets that go up, down, bifurcate, disappear and appear again. The whitewashed houses, some of them converted in boutique hotels and restaurants, invite you to go in and enjoy the cool of its patios, the aroma of its flowers and the silence of its siestas. Vejer is one of those corners that should be kept secret.
Villages in Conil de la Frontera
Conil de la Frontera
Unforgettable place to spend a wonderful holiday eating well. From the wonderful beach of Bologna through to Vejer is beautiful. I will never forget eating at the arena where our friend Paco always makes us a great meal. You can make an excursion to Tangiers souks and Palmar beach enjoying the sun in this wonderful beach where there are no hotels and to go nude. I advise a vacation to this wonderful spot, I could always go on vacation to this site since is special and beautiful. Greetings and until next time.
Villages in Patones de Arriba
Patones de Arriba
You must book a place to eat otherwise you will not have a place to park your car and at the entry you might have to pay 5,00 to park your car and "make a last minute reservation" which may not be really confirmed by the staff at the restaurants.
Villages in Carmona
Carmona is a city with much history. There are many artifacts from different periods of history. In one part of the city there are many graves of different people and animals. In the Elephant Tomb archaeologists found a sculpture of a small elephant. In the museum there are many other sculptures like the sculpture Servilia Infante. Servilia's sculpture is a woman without a head. There is another tomb is called the Tomb of Servilia, it is very large and contains many parts and quarters. It also has a mural and was used by the rich for burial. The Tomb of the Two Families was for poorer families because it is smaller than the Tomb of Servilia. The city of Carmona has many artifacts, cathedrals, buildings and other things. Many people of different ages live in the city. These people were Roman, Islamic, Baroque and modern people. There is a building called the Puerta de Sevilla that many people of different ages built. You can see the time differences in the architecture and materials used. Finally, Carmona is a beautiful city rich in history.
Villages in Guadalest
Although its difficult to leave the pretty town of Altea even for a little, one cloudy day I decided to go to Gaudalest, a town with a complex fortresses and fortified buildings is quite striking because of its specatular location in the valley, surrounded by the imposing Sierra mountains. The Sierra imposes over you the second you leave you car and quickly becomes the protagonist of the landscape. It's highest peaks hang in the background at all times. Citris and almond trees grown on its terraced sides. The road to cross Algar river borders the Gaudalest river vally and takes you to Callosa d'en Sarria. Then you continue along the coast, surrounded by pine forests and palm trees, until arriving at the Castell de Gaudalest mideival fort. Its haughty profile above the rocky crag is an unforgettable image. It's worth parking the car in town and walking the distance along the narrow roads and up to the old part through the tunnel. It was the only access way to the fortress for years. Once you're above, the views of the remains of the castle, the valley and the mountains are spectacular.
Villages in Pedraza
Pedraza is a medieval city in the province of Segovia. It's proximity to Madrid makes it a good option for a quick escape. The impressive castle, the streets, and squares make this a place to take yourself back in time. Besides being a visual experience, it's also a culinary one, a combo which makes it one of the best places to visit around Madrid.
Villages in Orbaneja del Castillo
Castle Orbaneja
Precious town in Burgos, known for its incredible waterfall, especially in the Winter. There is also a cave that can be visited. The surrounding area is also nice to visit, with Covanera, the blue well, the cannon of the Ebro river…
Villages in Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar
Amazing night on the beach feeling the good vibes.
Activities in Spain
Camp Nou Experience Tour & Museum