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Universities in Spain

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79 universities in Spain

Universities in Salamanca
University of Salamanca
The University of Salamanca is the second university of Spain; the first was the University of Palencia and is Churrigueresque. On its façade you can see different historical figures and above it all is the Vatican coat of arms. On the right column you can find a skull with a frog on top, the legend says that any student who finds the skull will succeed in exams and that the tourists who find it will return to Salamanca. I've seen and I have returned to Salamanca twice and hope to return in September for the tuna (student music group) contest. One can visit the university and find different rooms that belonged to distinguished professors like Miguel de Unamuno, Friar Luis de Leon and many more. Its library is impressive.
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Universities in Comillas
Universidad Pontificia de Comillas
At first, this grand building was a Catholic seminary whose goal was to train seminarians from all over Spain. Then in 1968 it was transferred to Madrid and opened to all lay Christians. It was designed by Lluis Domenech i Montaner. Currently the complex is owned by the Government of Cantabria and is the headquarters of the International Centre of Spanish Studies.
Universities in Seville
Universities in Salamanca
Campus Miguel de Unamuno
Campus Miguel de Unamuno is part of the University of Salamanca and owes its existence to the ever-increasing number of student (there are now about 32,000 in total). Geographically, it is located west of downtown next to the bus station, about a fifteen minute walk from the Plaza Mayor. There are buildings for a wide number of subjects, with schools, dormitories, cafeterias and a sports center. It's where the School of Nursing and Physiotherapy, School of Biology, School of Pharmacy, School of Medicine, Oviedo College, School of Dentistry, School of Philosophy, the Business School, Francisco de Vitoria Library, the Law School and much more. They're all in separate buildings, with a lot of open space to walk between them. The campus is quite new, but unfortunately gardening is not been the university's strong point: there aren't many trees here, mostly just grass.
Universities in Caceres
Palace of the Yahtzee
It dates back to the XV century and can be found in the medieval Old Town of Cáceres. But for me it is known as the home of the Institute of Camoes. In high school, in addition to the official examinations of Portuguese, you can watch movies, listen to music and read newspapers. You can also register as a user and take books home, to learn Portuguese or literature of the neighboring country. It is also the place where you have to go to pre-enroll. But they also offer information on employment, scholarships and PhDs. The building is renovated to accommodate administrative offices, but still retains much charm of these medieval castles.
Universities in Murcia
University of Murcia
I found it curious that the university, or part of it, I'm not sure, is FOUND in the heart of the city, which also includes student housing. The university is quite big, so I felt pretty small there, and as I said, it has parts outside the city.
Universities in Fuenlabrada
Universities in Vigo
School of Philology and Translation of the University of Vigo
The Faculty of Translation, Language & Literature is situated in the University Campus Lagoas-Marcosende, which is the high area of ​​the city, on top of the mountain (it is not uncommon to find sheep grazing on campus). To get to the campus from the city you can take several bus lines. Here students can study English, Spanish, and Galician.
Universities in Valladolid
Valladolid University Law School
For five years, I was lucky enough to study law at one of the oldest universities in Spain. And not just one of the oldest, but also in my opinion one of the most beautiful. When you spend your days having to memorize laws, articles, etc, it's far more enjoyable to do it in wide corridors covered with mosaics, and a beautiful inner courtyard with benches to sit on and chat. A large part of the building was renovated a few years ago, adding a new wing and dividing some of the old, big classrooms into smaller ones. There are stained glass windows alluding to the themes of law and justice. The classrooms are simple but functional, and the library is always full of students. Worth a visit to see a fascinating historical building if you're passing through the area.
Universities in Valencia
Universities in Valencia
Universities in Getafe
Universities in Albacete
Universities in Baeza
Andalucía International University
The Andalucía International University is located in Baeza. It is an interesting visit because you can discover that Antonio Machado was one of the teachers of this university, he taught French. In the auditorium of the University there is a replica of a classroom at the time along with an exhibition of original documents (Machado application to the rector to teach there, payrolls, parts support, collaborations literary magazines.).
Universities in Madrid
Universities in Gijón
Universities in San Vicente del Raspeig
Universities in Madrid
Activities in Spain
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