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Theaters in Great Britain

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47 Theaters in Great Britain

Theaters in London
The Globe Theatre
The Globe was an open theater in Shakespeare's time and this is an accurate reconstruction. If you saw the film Shakespeare in Love, many scenes were filmed here. The original theater was built in 1599 and was where Shakespeare worked, wrote plays and unveiled them to the public. But then burned down and was rebuilt a few years later, identical. Each year is shows works by Shakespeare and modern writers, generally April to October. In total 350,000 people visit it annually, it's very pretty and when there are no performances you can have a guided visit.
Theaters in London
Royal Albert Hall
The Proms or Promenade concerts are performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London every summer. The tradition of the Proms began in 1895, and since then around 70 concerts are held annually. The majestic Royal Albert Hall hosts these concerts, and the tickets sell out quickly every year.
Theaters in London
Royal Opera House
A good alternative if you can't afford to go to the opera in London. If you want to do something different or enjoy a summer evening with friends, don't miss it. We went last summer and this year we want to go again. Beforehand we went to Tesco and bought beer and a picnic. Glass isn't allowed but the organization has plastic cups for your drinks. We advise you to arrive early to catch a good site, you'll be surprised by the amount of people there. In the end we got lucky and found a little niche to put a blanket down and set up our picnic, last year I took inflatable pillows to sit on and raincoats (fortunately we didn't need them).
Theaters in London
Her Majesty's Theatre
Her Majesty's Theatre is a theater in the West End, in London. This area, around Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square, is where you'll find most of the major theaters and cinemas in the city. This is the oldest theater site in London, in operation since 1705 and found on Haymarket Street. It was initially known as the Queen's Theatre, in honour of Queen Annne but, when a king ascended to the throne, the name was changed to the King's. It burned down in 1789, and a second theatre opened on the same site a few years later. This is the fourth theater in the space, designed by the architect Phills. It opened its doors in 1897. The name changes between His and Her Majesty's, depending on the gender of the current monarch. It can accommodate 1,200 people, and famously housed The Phantom of the Opera for many years.
Theaters in London
National Theatre
The National Theatre is one of the most important theaters in London. It is located on the banks of the Thames, next to Waterloo Bridge on the South Bank. It stages both classical and new plays. It's a very large building and inside there are three different theaters: The Oliver Theatre, Lyttelton and Cottesloe, with capacity for over 2,000 people.
Theaters in Manchester
The Frog & Bucket Comedy Club
Walking through the bohemian neighborhood, just at the end of the street, we ran into one of those places that if you speak English and and have time, it's definitely worthwhile. The Frog and Bucket is the typical comic theater style "comedy club". Monologues have one intention: to make you laugh, the country's leading comedians have been there. A place that is certainly very interesting if the language level allows it.
Theaters in Birmingham
Symphony Hall
Next to the Town Hall or City Hall is the building known as Symphony Hall. It is a theater and is the most important building in the city of Birmingham. It has eleven rooms where you can enjoy a huge variety of shows throughout the year. It is an integral part of the International Convention Center. Despite its appearance, it was constructed in the late twentieth century, taking advantage of other existing buildings. Today it is considered one of the most prestigious concert venues for classical music, not only in the UK but also in Europe, with a capacity for 2,262 spectators. For lovers of theater and classical music it is a must see when passing through this town.
Theaters in London
Royal National Theatre
Inspired in some way by the Comedie-Francaise, the English Royal National Theatre was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1976. Located on the southern shore of the River Thames it comprises 3 buildings with capacity for 2,500 spectators. In the forecourt there's a sculpture representing Laurence Olivier as Hamlet.
Theaters in London
Lyceum Theatre
Just a short distance from the famous Covent Garden and its market, the Lyceum Theatre is one of London's most famous venues. It's instantly recognizable, with its facade similar to that of an ancient Greek temple, complete with columns. The Lion King stage show has been resident here for some time.
Theaters in Stirling
The Albert Halls
The Albert Halls, is the most important theater in the city of Stirling and where we can find some of the best shows of the city. It reports directly to the Stirling government, so you can find all the ticket for all types of events occurring in the city at this center, for example the Hogmanay or New Year Festival held at the Esplanade Castillo year in and year out. Built in the last century, with several renovations, the theater is certainly one of the cultural centers of the heart of Scotland, and it often hosts traditional events of the country (traditional dances), thanks to its multiple scenarios they can be celebrated without altering the undercard of the season. It offers limited parking spots and its own restaurant.
Theaters in London
Prince of Wales Theatre
The Prince of Wales Theater lies between Leceister Square and Picaddilly Circus. For some time, the musical Mamma Mia has been shown here. The global success is full almost every night, and is a great show ... you'll laugh a lot, and the songs are wonderful!
Theaters in Stratford-Upon-Avon
The Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Stratford is the home of Shakespeare and Shakespeare is the man of English theater. It is impossible not to go see a play at the famous Royal Shakespeare Theatre. I saw Coriolanus because I studied literature in the university and it was three incredible hours with talented actors. William Houston, who played Coriolanus, really impressed me and made me see the play in a different light. If only we had the opportunity to see more played I'd studied! I suggest you go see one of Shakespeare's plays for the beauty of the theatre and for the experience. Prices vary depending on seats, but they are decent and the rooms are small so there's always a good view.
Theaters in London
Theatre Royal Haymarket
The Theatre Royal Haymarket, which is also known as the Little Theatre or Haymarket Theatre, is located on Haymarket Street, in the Saint James neighborhood. This street starts at Picadilly circus, and passes by Her Majesty Theatre, another important theatre in the city. In general, there are many theaters and concert halls in this neighborhood. There is a street near Leicester Square where you can buy tickets for that same night, at half price or more. It is a very good option because going to the theater is not cheap in London. This theater was built in 1720, is the third oldest theater in the city that is still used today. The original building is a bit further away, but this large building that you see with it's neoclassical style and columns was built in 1821 by architect John Nash. It can hold up to 888 people, and is classified as one of the city's historical monuments. The works represented are usually classics, but there are also modern things as well, such as movie adaptions, dances and music.
Theaters in London
The London Coliseum
The Coliseum Theatre in London is very popular, especially for musicals and other live performances like operas. Opened in the early 20th century, the theater has been incredibly successful. Its facade is beautiful, and we can see stunning views from the tower that over looks it. It underwent renovations in the early 2000's, and now belongs to the Sadler company.
Theaters in Nottingham
The Royal Centre: Royal Theatre and Concert Hall
Various shows and events are held in these two neighboring buildings right in the city centre. Musicals, dance, ballet, opera, theater, etc. all take place in this neoclassical theatre, and avant-garde glass building that faces the Cornerhouse, where after the show you can go for dinner or a drink.
Theaters in London
Criterion Theatre
The Criterion Theater is a highly cultural place located in the heart of London on Piccadilly Circus. Here you can see great plays, including many works by William Shakespeare and other great British writers, which are performed to the delight of locals and tourists who come in their hundreds.
Theaters in London
Dominion Theatre
Strategically located at the corner of two very famous avenues, Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street, the Dominion Theater is one of the most famous and iconic theaters in the British capital, and is known around the world for its theatrical tradition. Some of the best shows are held here, and they usually stay here for several years.
Theaters in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Theatre Royal
The Theatre Royal is a historical monument which can be found on Grey Street in Newcastle upon Tyne. It was built by local architects John and Benjamin Green and is part of the general urban plan designed by Grainger, an Englishman who wanted to redesign the industrial city of Newcastle back in the nineteenth century. The theater was inaugurated in 1837 and was home to classics by Shakepeare and other English playwrights. Fire destroyed everything inside the theater at the end of the century, but it was quickly reopened and refurbished. The facade remains unchanged, an exact image of the Green brothers' design. Today, the shows are a little more avant-garde, with modern dance works and musicals, but there is always a place for ballet and opera, too. Tickets can be purchased online. Touring companies from London often perform here, and tickets are much cheaper than in the capital.
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