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Squares in Spain

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1.742 squares in Spain

Squares in Madrid
Puerta del Sol
Puerta del Sol is one of the most emblematic places in Madrid. It is also the Kilometer 0 of the city, from this point all the distances with the other cities in the peninsula are calculated. It is a place always lively, from there Preciados street starts, which is one of the most commercial in the city, but it is also a meeting point for many people before going out to bars and restaurants of the neighborhood. The first time I went to Madrid I saw Puerta del Sol at 2 am, going out to a club nearby, and what a surprise to see there was a lot of traffic and many people everywhere, because I thought it would be dead at that time of the night! In particular, people come to celebrate New Year's and eat 12 grapes in front of the town hall clock.
Squares in Madrid
Plaza Mayor of Madrid
It is quite hard to choose which of the small streets you should take to get to Plaza Mayor, emblem of the so-called Madrid de los Austrias. I loved the passage of San Ginés, where you can find the wonderful Chocolatería founded in 1890. The Postas street is also something: it has the Posada del Peine, the oldest accommodation in Madrid, closed after four centuries and now turned into a high-tech hotel. The craftsmen used to work around the square, in Bordadores, Esparteros and Cuchilleros streets. Plaza Mayor was the main market since the 15th century. Enclosed on all four sides, the square housed two of the most important professions: the butchers and the bakers. Now this territory belongs to street painters and tourists, which, according to their budget, either sit down at tables or take their kebab and vegetarian meals and sit down on the sunny pavement to eat.
Squares in Seville
Plaza de España
Perhaps one of the most famous squares in Spain; certainly, one of the most visited in Seville. This is a very large and spacious square, adorned with a beautiful fountain and surrounded by a waterway. The peculiarity of this place is that it has an alcove for each Spanish province, and of course, one is thrilled to see their province reflected in the middle of Seville. On the alcove mural, is the coat arms and something characteristic of the province. It is a must; if in a Calash and not very hot, even better.
Squares in Salamanca
Plaza Mayor of Salamanca
Salamanca is a city of contrasts. From the crowded city full of students who can alarm even the most stoic hermit to the architectural tour mystified by years of Castilian stories. The Plaza Mayor is an impressive centre that exemplifies the desire of the times for the continuation and the exaltation of important figures terrified by the image of forgetfulness and buoyed by the idea of greatness. This Baroque complex contemplates the city perfectly adapted to our times, going unnoticed by the eyes of those who have crossed it so many times. But if we walk, dodging the Erasmus and the adolescents overwhelmed by life away from home, the bars and the early morning, we find buildings that remind us of the megalomaniacal medieval and baroque spirit.
Squares in Barcelona
Magic Fountain of Montjuïc
Memoring if you can go during the night with the lighting effects make it a rememberable scene. During the day it is also beautiful and can capture a selfie! Make sure you take pictures from bottom before you make your way to the top and take a picture looking down!
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Squares in Barcelona
Plaça de Catalunya
Plaza Catalunya is a meeting point for all tourists and locals! It is one of the most important centers for public transport in the city, as well as a good starting point to go shopping, to museums, on tours, etc.
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Squares in Madrid
Plaza de España
Plaza de España in Madrid is, already with the name, one of the most important squares in the country. Real symbol of Madrid, it is located at one end of Gran Vía and Princesa street, near the Temple of Debod. Surrounded by historical buildings, like the tower of Madrid, the Edificio España and Casa Gallardo, it represents a green space in the center of the city. The first building dates back to 1911. A highlight is definitely the monument to Miguel de Cervantes. At the feet of the great obelisc, with the earth globe on the top, we can see the bronze statues of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, mounted on their respective steed. Their creator, Cervantes, observes them from his granite armchair. Behind everything there is also another fountain. There are more and more concerts and festivals on the square. Sometimes there is also a flea-market with clothes and accessories.
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Squares in Barcelona
Plaça Reial
A legendary square in the heart of Barcelona. With palm trees and cafés on all sides, Plaza Real is a very pleasant square to relax in after visiting the Gothic neighborhood around it. It is about a hundred meters away from Las Ramblas. You can still hear the noises, you see the people passing by, you look at the street artists imitating football stars or doing magic tricks to make a living during a Catalan summer. It is squared and the corners get packed with people, according to the direction of the sun at the hottest time of the day. Once the sun sets, it gets lively into the late hours of the night. It has a lovely fountain in the center, called Tres Gracias fountains. The streetlamps(fanals in Catalan) are Antoni Gaudí's. It is a rather touristic place and the restaurants around are usually expensive. There is a flamenco show every night in one of them, for 8€, a little too short according to me. But there is always something going on in the square, an open air exhibition, a show, a play, even mariachi music since the square is twinned with the Garibaldi one in Mexico D.F.
Squares in Madrid
Plaza de Santa Ana
Rest assured: if you come to Madrid, you have to visit this place. No matter if you come to taste the beers found in Naturbier, for the great atmosphere of its terraces, if you love the theater or because it’s practically the nerve center of Las Letras neighborhood, your destiny is found in this emblematic square of Madrid. I love it, and I always come here to enjoy the transformations that take place along the day. On weekends it doesn’t even sleep. The big concentration of bars, pubs and discos that surround it fill it with people and their coming and going sounds like never ending human drip. It represents the essence of this neighborhood, with its terraces, tapas and animation. But, overall, because in one of its sides can be found the Teatro Español (Spanish Theater), which exists since the 17th Century. To remind us of the importance of literature, two statues share the same space: on one side is Federico García Lorca and, on the other side, the great Calderón: modernity and Golden Age. The ME Reina Victoria Hotel stands out for its architectural beauty. I think it’s one the most beautiful in Madrid. On another side you will find the ever changing Villa Rosa, which has been everything: from a grocery shop to the current flamenco bar. One of Almodóvar’s films was shot around here. I repeat: if you come to Madrid, you must visit this place, to eat some tapas, drink some good beers, take a walk, stay in one of the hotels or see a good play in the theater. It is most definitely the essence of the neighborhood.
Squares in Santiago de Compostela
Plaza del Obradoiro
One of the most beautiful places I've ever been, I must say I really enjoyed the road to Santiago, which I travelled along for 7 days, and the day I arrived was very special. I encourage you to visit it. CATHEDRAL EXCELLENT INSIDE AND OUT, facade of the Obradoiro Square. You can see St. James and in the tower on the right is Mary Salome. The tower on the left you can see the Zebedee. To the left, on the balustrade Santa Susana and San Juan can be seen. To the right, on the rail to Santa Barbara and James the Menor. Disciples. BEAUTIFUL This Parador is considered, along with the Parador de San Marcos (León), as one of the gems of the Paradores network. Without a doubt, both sites are definitely worth a visit at least once in your life. This building is located in one of the most symbolic places in Spain (and Europe), the Plaza del Obradoiro, it conforms with the cathedral and the university ... It deserves to be honoured in it's setting; no wonder it was built by Ferdinand as a pilgrim hospital (1499). For those ve do not want to go as a pilgrim and have the pleasure of staying for lunch / dinner...Here you have all the necessary information: Good Conservation Good Kitchen Good quality / affordable price, 180 euros Pl Obradoiro 1, Santiago de Compostela Tel 981 582 200 Fax: 981 563 094
Squares in Madrid
Plaza de Callao
"Callao", as the Madrileños call it, is one of the classic places in the city. Located right in the middle of Gran Vía, very close to Sol, it is one of the places where people usually meet before having drinks, going to the cinema, the theater, shopping, etc.. The square itself does not have much charm. Actually, you can almost say it is not a square. But the place is worth it.
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Squares in Zaragoza
Plaza del Pilar
The best square ever
Squares in Madrid
Las Ventas Bullring
Las Ventas is the bullring of Madrid. It was built in 1929 and it is the biggest bullring in the world! The bullfights season takes place from March to October. But the bullring puts its best clothes on for the Feria de San Isidro in May and the Feria de Otoño in September. It is a place visited by tourists but also local fans. You can buy tickets for the bullfights anywhere in Madrid. When there is no bullfight, this bullring becomes the place for concerts of famous international and national bands.
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Squares in Madrid
Cibeles Square
A place where culture and beautiful buildings meet.
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Squares in Barcelona
Squares in Madrid
Plaza de Oriente
Plaza de Oriente is one of the most emblematic places in Madrid. I love walking in the city and the surroundings. The visit is of course essential for any visitor. It is located in the historical center, its main driving force came from José Bonaparte (who reigned in Spain between 1808 and 1813), who ordered that the buildings around the Royal Palace would be torn down, as part of a new urban planning including the opening of streets in the capital. This is why the monarch is known as Pepe Plazuelas (in Spanish Pepe is the usual nickname for José and Plazuelas means small squares). The final design was established in 1844 by Narciso Pascual y Colomer and is squared, flanked with statues of the Spanish monarchs and dominated by the Royal Palace. Being located on the Eastern side of the Palace, it was called "Oriental Square". In the center of the square, you can find the statue of Felipe IV, Pietro Tacca's work of the 17th century.
Squares in Vitoria
Plaza de la Virgen Blanca
You could say that this square, also known as Plaza Vieja, is the nerve center of the beautiful city of Vitoria. Very, very old, the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca (White Virgin Square) dates to the middle of the 17th Century and still has the essence of the olden days, even though it has suffered infinite changes in order to adapt it to modern times. Now, it is a place full of life, pedestrian, with lots of benches, bars with terraces, little fountains hidden in the floor. And everything is surrounded by ancient houses with impressive windowed balconies, and in its upper part, San Miguel Church, the statue of the virgin guards the entrance portico. It’s located between the old part of town and the Plaza de España. This plaza, remodeled in 2007, evokes another time. Even though it has modernized, it seems as if time has stopped, especially for the context that surrounds the old streets, alleys that enter and exit, stairs, ancient shops… The renovations have taken into account the essence of the city and, especially, the functionality. They removed the green areas that existed and that when they filled with people for festivities, they ended up being destroyed. Now there is more space for the public, more open areas that allow open air activities. Moreover, they even have “flexible” gardens. Exactly in the middle of the plaza there is a monument dedicated to the battle of Vitoria. Around 7 or 8 pm, if the weather allows, it’s the best place to have a glass of wine or something else in one of its terraces. It is a place that, although quite busy, is very calm with only a few cars passing by. But, at nighttime (unless its weekend), it’s practically deserted, even though it’s still charming with the illumination they placed. You can have a nice dinner outside. Also, it is a place where many youngsters gather to skate or skateboard.
Squares in Toledo
Plaza de Zocodóver
When I arrived to the Zocodóver square or “market of the beasts”, since it used to be the place where the Arabs had their market, the guide told us that it was kilometer zero of the old part of town since from there begin all the streets of the city. Located between the Roman wall and the rest of the city, it has a strange form and it is different to all the other squares I know. The Zocodóver building doesn’t match with the rest of the beauties in Toledo, it isn’t attractive at all. What distinguishes it is its clock and its top, which has a strange iron shell that holds some bells. It has large stone benches and it is quite a lively place, surrounded by stores and kiosks. They say that the public bathrooms that the square once had where covered in 1970 and that they probably still have the painted ceramics painted by the local artist Ruíz de Luna. The square is a meeting point and a place that organizes all kinds of activities, and it houses the tents for NGO’s such as Unicef, Fundación Hijos del Maíz, Fundación Coprodelli, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, etc. We started our route from there. To walk through Toledo is an unforgettable experience, especially if you have good shoes to go up and down its steep and narrow streets. You can let yourself get lost since you will always find your way back, turning and turning around along the streets.
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Activities in Spain
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