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Of Touristic Interest in Colombia

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240 of touristic interest in Colombia

Of Touristic Interest in Nemocón
Nemocón Salt Mine
The Salt Mine Nemocon has over 500 years of history and is today one of the most beautiful places to experience in Colombian tourism. Enter a world full of culture, history and fun, and discover the most imposing building 80 meters down. Since 1801 salt was extracted on a massive scale, causing German tunnels to be dug deep into the mountain. Your tour begins in this amazing building where you can find points of interest such as the chamber of water bodies in the tunnel Santa Barbara, the ballroom and events room, the cascade of salt, the wishing well, the heart of a single crystal of salt and the City of stalactites.
Of Touristic Interest in Medellín
Santa Elena
Santa Elena, is one of five districts of the city of Medellin and located in east of the city where it has an area of 70.4 square miles. It's about 2,600 meters above sea level so it has a cold climate and a wide biodiversity. It has a great history, because it contains large ancient trails, and is the place of origin of the Silleteros, who are a National Cultural Heritage. They are flower growers who have a long tradition in this country, and where every August 7 each year, they come to parade with saddles on their shoulders through the city, because they are the backbone of the Festival of Flowers. Also, Santa Elena is within the Regional Arvi Park nature reserve which covers a large area, comprised of other municipalities such as Envigado, Guarne, Marinilla, Bello and Copacabana. This park with its large biodiversity, has creeks that feed the city with water, ancestral paths, fences, and ruins, a large variety plants where they are several native tree species. To know the tradition and silleteros there are silleteras farms, which are the houses that the silleteros live in, where there are crops of flowers and vegetables.
Of Touristic Interest in Cartagena
El Portal de Los Dulces
Just pass the Clock Gate is the opening to the vast Plaza de los Coches, closed off by a long building with a spectacular gallery of arches. The place is called the Portal de los Dulces because centuries ago there were hagglers selling all kinds of pastas and sweet pastries. Strolling under the portal is a really nice experience. The aromas of all kinds of pastries and foods fill the air. They offer fruit, caramel, coconut, chocolate, almond, guava ... and other exotic delicacies absolutely unknown.
Of Touristic Interest in Minca
Minca, a small town that is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada itself, Santa Marta. Only 40 minutes from Santa Marta, a place where one enjoys a privileged position to see the sunset over the bay (as I said Pacheco, the most beautiful of America) and best of all for me, with cold weather, it is delicious and perfect. Minca is the gateway to the Sierra. Walking for an hour or a little more, there are clear rivers with fabulous pools and beautiful waterfalls. At night, depending on the location, you can see the city lights from the cold quiet of this cozy little town where, as often happens in national ecotourism destinations, there are more foreigners than Colombians. This place was for me an outlet to the boredom that I have described above. Less than four hours from my warm city of current residence, I found this very nice space which was economic, peaceful and secure. I would highly recommend this fantastic place.
Of Touristic Interest in San Andrés
Diving with Manta Rays
Remember buy your snorkel, glasses and shoes before you go. You can rent it in the entry but is not clean and is expensive.
Of Touristic Interest in Bogotá
Of Touristic Interest in Cartagena
Cartagenas - Capurgana Flights
From Cartagena de Indias you can take a plane to Capurgan, a little spot in the Colombian jungle on the border with Panama to the north. The flight was incredible - the view of the jungle was amazing, so it's a pity that these photos are so old. Have a look at the little islands dotted along the coastline, and be brave as you descend between mountains and trees to land in the sea!
Of Touristic Interest in Cartagena
El Totumo Volcano
On the road between Cartagena and Barranquilla you will find this small volcano whose crater is filled with a thick grey mud so dense that you will not sink in. Here you can get a massage and then later some ladies will wash you in the swamps nearby. Quite an experience! Prudes refrain.
Of Touristic Interest in San Andrés
Colombian Caribbean
One of the dreams of many millions of young people in Europe is someday visiting The Caribbean. I was lucky enough to be able to do this a few years ago. I can not say enough that will make you understand what a great and beautiful trip it can be. The Caribbean Sea meets every one of our expectations and for our luxury hotel, hired from Spain. It's sun, it's unique beaches, the joy of it's inhabitants, the kindness with which you are received, everything you thought were going to have when you dream of coming ... You got it, that's why I always say: _ .. The Caribbean? .., go when you want it is everything you imagine.
Of Touristic Interest in Tuluá
Buga valle
Alaska Cauca Valley is 30 minutes from Buga Valle del Cauca, it is a very cute area with perfect climate Alaska Cauca Valley is a spectacular site. Fauna. Countryside. Good weather. I highly recommend it.
Of Touristic Interest in Mocoa
Putumayo World\'s End Mocoa
canyoning experience in Mocoa Putumayo ... A complete adventure within the unique landscapes of the Amazon .. ...
Of Touristic Interest in San Andrés
Morgan Galleon
The galleon Morgan is an old pirate galleon converted to relive the adventures of pirate Morgan in these islands. It usually does two tours, one during the day, along the coast of San Andres, and one at night, starting at 20h30, which has as its main objective the party as two hours a lively band with dancing pirates, going from from reggae to reggaeton, to salsa, vallenato, cumbia and all Latin rhythms you can imagine. As on any good pirate ship, the rum runs freely.
Of Touristic Interest in Uribia
Sunset at Vela Cape
As if it were a pilgrimage, the few tourists that visit this area, go out near the Vela Cape, a small mound, to see how is sun disappears below the horizon. While you'll always find people, it is one of the best places I have found to meditate and relax.
Of Touristic Interest in Cabo de la Vela
Cabo de la Vela Lighthouse
Revel in the Cape, is History is for the traditions of the indigenous Wayuu, since they guess that is where they in the afterlife, the souls of the dead. The place has a lighthouse that acts as a guide for navigators. The geographical location of Cabo de la Vela allowed it to become a historical place for its fishing industry, which is exhausted currnently, it is said out there in an iron mine, its coral reefs, the lovely stone that retains its value. The headland forming it is a spur of the mountains of carpenters, emerging coiled to form the lovely cove. This promontory served at the time of the conquest of guidance to ships coming from Mexico and the Orinoco, on the way to land, washed by the Caribbean. During the colony it acted as a port of call to the ships traveling to Spain back from there to Santo Domingo, the Darien, Panama, Cuba and Central America. Out front of the islet is Farallon, a rock beaten by the waves whose edges act as perches and nests to flocks of seabirds. This rock, by the whiteness of guano, beaten by the sun, look like one of the snowy peaks of the Sierra de Santa Marta, also the rock is similar to Morro de Santa Marta in scale.
Of Touristic Interest in Villavicencio
Of Touristic Interest in San José del Guaviare
San José Del Guaviare
A site along the Guaviare River, a lagoon of deep, dark waters, a river in the middle of the jungle and the opportunity to sleep in inns where committed families work to preserve the forest and its wildlife. Beauty and tranquility away from ordinary city life.
Of Touristic Interest in Piedecuesta
Hacienda Cafetera el Roble
The Hacienda Cafetera El Roble is the producer of some of the best organic coffee in Colombia, with the brand Café Mesa de los Santos, which is exported mainly to the United kingdom and Japan. There's an organic coffee plantation under the shade of Colombia's largest coffee producer with 300 protected cultivations spread out over 50,000 trees. The old Treasury has also become a charming little 6-room hotel, and it's also highly recommended for bird-watching. Over 120 species of birds have been recorded, and you can take horseback tours, or walking around through the coffee garden, which is the area of ​​greenhouses and nurseries. It's also worth it to do some professional coffee tasting, where they teach you how to distinguish aroma, body, flavor, acidity, characteristics that determine the quality of coffee. It's really cool!
Of Touristic Interest in San Gil
Cable Car in the Park of the Chicamocha
It opened in 2009 and is now one of the world's longest cable cars. If you're not too scared, you can contemplate allowing a 25-minute walk majesty Chicamocha Canyon. The tour, with three stations, begins in Panachi, low Chicamocha river and up to the sidewalk Tabacal in La Mesa de Los Santos.