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Neighborhoods in Great Britain

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13 Neighborhoods in Great Britain

Neighborhoods in London
Camden Town
Camden Town is a tube stop on the Northern underground line in the London borough of Camden. It's famous all over the world, but what makes it so interesting and popular among tourists? Camden boasts one of the most colorful markets where you can find most anything but, more than that, the objects tend to be original and affordable. Another popular thing in Camden are the people who move there like the punks, hippies, goths and all the other "urban tribes" imaginable. To eat in the area, there are some streets are exclusively food stalls, where you can find Chinese, Indian, Japanese food and more's funny, the price changes by the hour of the day. It is unfortunate that in 2008 a fire burnt some of the streets, but it's well worth going nonetheless. No one can say they've been to London if they haven't visited Camden.
Neighborhoods in London
London Chinatown
London's Chinatown is not as large as those of other major cities in the world, but it has a great environment, restaurants or decorations in the streets. It's located in the heart of the British capital, in Soho, near Trafalgar Square or Piccadilly Circus, north of Leicester Square, on Lisle & Gerrard street.
Neighborhoods in Liverpool
Liverpool Chinatown
Walking from the shopping area of ​​Liverpool to the top of the city, looking for Hope Street and, therefore, the cathedrals of the city, I stumbled upon a small Chinatown that I was not expecting. One important thing to mention is the "gate" entrance, which is easily recognizable and, of course, seeing that all of the premises in the area are Chinese restaurants, shops ... It is nothing compared to, for example, the China town of London, but it has its charm . I was suddenly surprised to see so many Chinese restaurants rather than local pubs.
Neighborhoods in London
Little Venice
route to go for a walk, by bicycle or foot, with a lot of curious ships
Neighborhoods in London
Chelsea is one of the most beautiful and luxurious neighborhoods in London. Here you will find King College, which is one of the most prestigious schools in the world. The sidewalks of the streets are lined with trees that, at this time, are full of beautiful flowers that make walking by them a true delight. In order to enjoy a very delightful evening, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant that served us a delicious pasta at very moderate price.
Neighborhoods in London
South Bank
talking with my friend about our lifestyles in the future, dreaming !
Neighborhoods in London
Wapping (East London)
Cities change and reinvent themselves. New York's Soho neighborhood, the Chueca neighborhood of Madrid, Le Marais in Paris and the Puerto Madero of Buenos Aires are good examples of this fact. How does this happen? Usually it is artists who look for new and cheap spaces who rescue the beauty of these sites, giving it a new character. Then follow the shops, restaurants and bars. With Wapping, old fishing district of east London, has been the same. The area, whose protagonist is the River Thames, was full of tanneries, hydroelectric, accommodations for sailors, houses facing directly into the river, and 'public houses' or pubs where alcohol flowed like water. Today it has transformed, becoming essential elsewhere in London. Without having lost its original character, Wapping has pubs and restaurants with stone steps leading down to the Thames (Through which you can walk when downpipe), a subway station and impressive story lofts where they were old sheds. Walking and poke around the corners of the neighborhood is a delight, though no doubt his star-unavoidable-is the restaurant and art center Wapping Project. Do not miss it, is amazing.
Neighborhoods in Leeds
Victoria Quarter
Leeds is known for two main reasons: shopping and the university environment. Because of the students the city is full of pubs and bars and tons of live music. For shopping, the Victoria Quarter is ideal. A beautiful and spectacular gallery reminiscent of Victorio Enmmanuelle in Milan or the malls in Moscow. Some lit arcades full of fantastically decorated storefronts where big brands show off their best products to a clientele willing to spend. Walking through Victoria Quarter is one of those things that you have to do if you visit the city. Regardless as to whether you want to buy anything or not. The atmosphere is fantastic, and not just in the inner arches, but also out on the street. The atmosphere out there is great and infectious.
Neighborhoods in London
West Hampstead
Another area of ​​north London that's ideal for a Sunday brunch or for drinks with friends on a terrace. West Hampstead is surrounded by Swiss Cottage, Kilburn and Childs Hill. It's a neighborhood on a hill, pretty quiet, fashionable for young people looking for a first floor flat and easily accessible by public transport, yet away from central London, traffic and noise. Among the nice spots are the small main street cafes, following the fashion of the "gastro pubs", pubs where finally you eat well. Instead of English dishes with potatoes and beef that are quite heavy and tasteless, they serve fresh salads, tasty meat, vegetable pies, and international dishes with a modern twist. It's quite expensive, 15-20 euros for lunch but some have deals like menus or 2 dishes for 12 euros, which you can share with another person. It can, more easily than in other countries, create your dish exactly to your liking, with more sauce, less cheese, avocado is a extra and for 2 pounds a coke that is filled several times.
Neighborhoods in Sunderland
Roker (Sunderland)
Roker is a suburb of Sunderland, close to the sea and the beaches, which for many represents the best part of Sunderland, although many pretend otherwise. Roker encompasses several of the main attractions of this city on the Northeast coast of England: a park, a boardwalk, a stunning beach and perhaps the most vibrant parts of the city. It is normal for the locals to visit this area for weekends and other holidays, to go with the kids, to go fishing (a good area for sea bass), to go with friends, walk the dog or just relax having a walk on the beach. As often happens in the country's coastal areas, this is where you can buy the best "fish and chips", find entertainment centers or just enjoy a drink with the breeze from the beach. A place you must visit if you are in the city of Sunderland.
Neighborhoods in Edinburgh
Neighborhoods in Edinburgh
Neighborhoods in Pitlochry
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