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Nature Reserves in Spain

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801 nature reserves in Spain

Nature Reserves in Valencia
Albufera Natural Park
About 10 km to the south of Valencia lies the La Albufera Natural Park, a costal lagoon and wetland surrounded by rice fields. It’s one of those places that you have to see up close and in person, or you can’t truly appreciate it. You can go to La Albufera to see the park, to enjoy the sunset, or to take a boat trip. Once inside the park, it’s not hard to find a captain ready to give you a short cruise through the lagoon on his boat. You can eat on the boat, and enjoy a great rice dish (paella). The price is usually 10/15 euros per person and is a spectacular trip to take at sunset.
Nature Reserves in Nuévalos
Monasterio De Piedra
The Monasterio de Piedra Park is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in. I had seen some pictures on the internet, but it is one of those places that you have to see for yourself. I was really surprised. It is huge, and every corner has something interesting, the waterfalls and lakes, with such a big volume of water, even in the summertime, are amazing. You go by foot, and it takes you a few hours to complete it, but you find toilets along the way. The waterfalls at the beginning of the park, the famous Cola de Caballo waterfall, the cave, the lake with the cliff, the Egyptian vulture flying by…so many fantastic different atmospheres in a few kilometers, it is amazing. You have to see a falconry show, which they organize daily in the morning and afternoon before going inside the park. You see many kinds of great birds and they give interesting explanations. The place is quite chilly, even in the summertime, because of the exuberance of the vegetation. The worst part is that sometimes it gets crowded with people.
Nature Reserves in Cabo de Gata
Cabo de Gata Natural Park
This natural park of 38,000 hectares and a marine strip of about a mile wide is the first in Andalucía, and one of the biggest in the Western-European Mediterranean. It is of volcanic origin and its localities, Agua Amarga, Isleta del Moro, Rodalquilar, San Miguel, Almadraba, Las Negras…they are all wonderful. One of my favorite places is La Isleta, a small port with a small mountain where you can admire and be in contact with the seagulls. To take a dive, go down to the beach of Los Muertos, it is beautiful. For lunch or dinner you can go to one of the small restaurants in San José, and you can also have a drink in one of its bars.
Nature Reserves in Torla
Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park
I decided to go back since I had great memories of the place. We decided to stay in a rural guesthouse in Escalona called Casa Patricio, in the valley of Puértolas. I was a good choice with a good price. This way we were able to go to the canyon of Añisclo, an less frequented area in the Oraras Park and that you do mainly by car. I have never seen so much green together at the same time. Of course we also did the path of Cola de Caballo, from Torla, one of the prettiest paths and a great reward after 3 hours of walking. I really recommend it.
Nature Reserves in Las Cañadas del Teide
Las Cañadas del Teide National Park
If you are in Teide, you must go up by cable car to visit the upper part. You go up about 3500 meters to a path that divides into two, one goes to the crater and the other one goes around it. If you want to go up to the crater you will need special written permission since it is a protected space and its access is very controlled. But the permission is free of charge. When you up to the Teide, it is advisable to wear good sunscreen, also you should not run, since it is very high up and there is less oxygen in the air. It will tire you faster or affect people with respiratory problems. The paths are not paved, so there are not so many visitors. It is great to walk a few kilometers and wait until you are alone. The feeling of being 3500 meters above sea level and in complete solitude is amazing. All will be silent; it’s just you, the volcanic rock and the wind. It is a great place, and on a clear day you can even see the 7 islands of the archipelago in Canarias. Don’t forget that it is strictly forbidden to deteriorate the surroundings, to pick up stones or to wander of the paths.
Nature Reserves in Yaiza
Timanfaya National Park
The volcano route is a route I did, in summer, going from Hilario, which is included in the price that the visitor pays at the entrance of the touristic center in the Timanfaya National Park. At the entrance of the park we can see de symbol of a small devil, a piece by the local sculptor, César Manrige. Once you have your ticket, we park the car in a place where there is a restaurant and where they do the “fire test” and “geyser”, throwing a bucket of cold water into a volcanic tube, from where a jet of hot water instantly comes out. Next, the buses are the only ones that can take you to the volcano route, which is about 14 kilometers, in a beautiful landscape where we admire different types of lavas, volcanic tubes, etc. More than beautiful, I would say its “Martian”, since you feel as if you are in a different planet. In this route, cameras didn’t stop taking pictures, even though the day was not clear. We ended up the highest part of the Montañas de Fuego, admiring the impressive craters of Timanfaya.
Nature Reserves in Las Medulas
Las Médulas
It’s been awhile since I was motivated to spend a day in this area. Las Medulas are a gold-bearing deposit that dates back to Roman times. They channeled water in tunnels and tore through the mountain to find gold below the surface. You can still see their influence on the mountain and the landscape today. Going for a walk or hike through this place that has been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site is incredible. The chestnut tree forest in beautiful, as well as the mountain. To make the most out of your trip, it’s a good idea to stop by the visitors center in the nearby town of Carucedo. They’re very kind and they’ll give you information and a map of the different trails in the park. The plan is relatively simple. If you want to see all the Medulas, it’s best to go up to the viewpoint, which you can get to following different paths. I chose one that went through the birch forest. It was incredibly beautiful but with a few inclines of over 20%, but I still think it’s the best trail.
Nature Reserves in Ruidera
Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park
This is a picture of the Natural Park in Ruidera at its best color and splendor. There are waterfalls, blue water and good weather during the spring. Also at the weekend you can learn about the photography of landscapes with Antonio Real. Landscape Photography Workshop on 19, 20 and April 21.
Nature Reserves in Cazorla
Sierras de Cazorla
I have visited the mountains of Cazorla and its villages (2 or 3 times a year) for the last 15 years, and my love for this mountain grows more and more every time I visit it. I always discover new corners. Tomorrow I will visit it again; I will pass the source of the Mundo River, another marvel of nature. In this trip I will do I quick route, since I will be accompanied by two friends and we will visit the most famous parts: the tower of Vinagre, Utrero, the source of the Guadalquivir, the hunting park, Elías river, the source of Borosa and the Valdeozores lagoons. I wish to say that one must respect the marvels we have on earth, so that our descendants can enjoy what we have enjoyed.
Nature Reserves in Daimiel
Tables Daimiel
It’s true that I didn’t have much luck in regards to the weather when I visited Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park, but, even so, this place was amazing. People have always told me great things about this national park, but it’s something you have to see in person, with your very own eyes. Additionally, as it’s recently rained a good amount in the area, they’ve recuperated much of the water they lost during the ongoing drought. I loved how well the park is set up for visitors. It has beautiful wooden paths where you can take some incredible pictures. Unfortunately, we didn’t cross many animals (probably due to the fact it was storming while we were there), but it’s one of the most amazing sites in the region. If you can escape from city life and make the trip, don’t think twice: Las Tablas de Daimel won’t let you down!
Nature Reserves in Yaiza
The Hervideros
This is another typical place in Lanzarote, but not less important, in the area of Los Hervideros. It is an interesting place, where the water gets lost between caves, with the Timanfaya in the background, impressive, creating incredible images. It is a must stop, since it is found in an area that closes one of the most interesting triangles of the area, next to El Golfo and Las Salinas. You have to go there and enjoy.
Nature Reserves in Arguedas
Bardenas Reales
Declared Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Las Bardenas Reales await on the other side of the Ebro. You cross it, drive a few kilometers and it seems as if you are in an unreal place. In the north of La Bardena Blanca, the land is white and yellow, depending on the time of day and the sunlight. On the South it is red. You can barely see the color green. The air is dry, there is silence everywhere, the north wind is constantly blowing. Can a place with this characteristics be beautiful? The desert awakens in many people an enormous attraction, and Las Bardenas is similar in this way. Of course, the desert has sand, and here it is more like a dusty land. There are no dunes either. The formations seem as if they were sculpted by a talented sculptor. But the artist’s name is Erosion and it never stops working. It slowly and constantly changes the forms of his pieces of work. You can see between the hills groups of sheep. Who know what they eat or where they come from. You can’t see houses in this desolate landscape, only the horizon, which changes color depending on the sun.
Nature Reserves in Cuenca
Enchanted City (Ciudad Encantada)
The Enchanted City (La Ciudad Encantada) is a very lovely and surprising natural spot of rocky or chalky formations sculpted by nature in fanciful shapes throughout thousands of years. It is located in the old municipal district of Valdecabras, now belonging to the district of Cuenca, in a large zone of pine forest and 1,500 meters high. It was declared Natural Site of National Interest on June 11th 1929. The action of water, wind and ice made this natural place possible, its scientific name being "karstic phenomenon". The heterogeneity of the rocks in terms of morphology, chemical composition and hardness level is what permitted their uneven erosion by the atmospheric elements, resulting in a surprising sample of picturesque art directly from nature.
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Nature Reserves in Maspalomas
Dunes of Maspalomas
Even though the pictures don’t do justice to the place, the Maspalomas Dunes is one of the magical places of the archipelago. These dunes, together with “El Charco” and “El Palmeral” form part of the Maspalomas Delta, that was declared place of Natural Interest in 1987 and it is now a Special Natural Reserve. The walk through the dunes starts in the Inglés Beach, all the way towards the western area to finish in La Charca and the banks of the Barranco de Fataga. During the walk you can see the changing forms depending on the wind, so every day the view is different. It is a place to relax and dream while contemplating the sunrise or sunset.
Nature Reserves in Tejeda
Roque Nublo
Erected as the symbol of Gran Canaria, the Roque Nublo, located in the Nublo Rural Park, rises up to 1,800 meters above sea level as if it were the perfect guard of the island. Its privileged position, practically in the center of the island, gives us impressive views, if we dare to travel the route that separates the road from the base of the Roque. It is a walk of about one hour and a half (both ways) that anyone can do and everyone will enjoy. We will contemplate mountains, peaks, valleys, towns. And if we are lucky, the Teide will be the witness of our path and we will be the witnesses of its greatness.
Nature Reserves in Montserrat
The hills of Montserrat are protected acres pine integers about an hour away from Barcelona. A paradise for hiking and climbing, near the sea and the beach. To go to Montserrat, you just need to take a regional train from Barcelona, ​​with FCG, which brings you to the foot of the hills. After we came up with a zipper, which comes in front of the monastery of Montserrat, excavated in the rocks of the mountain. It is a place of pilgrimage, where the Virgin appeared. From there, the tourist office gives you a map with routes, most are twists and turns that can take up to 4 hours, and other times you can go to another station to return home, on the other side of the mountain. If you like to walk, you can go down the mountain on foot, which is nice but the last part is on a busy road. The best thing to do is to go up to the monastery because the view is lovely, and if there is good weather you can see Barcelona and the ocean. You must bring sunblock, though!
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Nature Reserves in Roses
Cap de Creus
This place is a magical enclave, somewhat subjugated to the urbanistic pressure, but still a zone truly marvelous. Why is it so great? The coast (although somewhat mistreated by us humans), as well as for the surrounding nature and towns like Alt and Baix Ampurda. It’s worth checking this place out, especially the fore the nature and rural areas.
Nature Reserves in Villareal de san Carlos
Monfragüe National Park
The Monfragüe National Park, the first established in Extremadura, covers an area of 18,000 acres and is a haven for both birds and birdwatchers. Black storks, owls, vultures, and golden eagles are just some of the over 200 species that call Monfragüe home, not to mention mammals like otter, mongoose, wild cats, and foxes. We went with the "Monfragüe Vivo" tour company for a 4x4 trek around the park. For between 30 and 55 Euros, you get a 7-hour tour that includes both the transport and the equipment used to spot animals. The Salto del Gitano viewpoint, Peña Falcon, and Portilla del Tiétar Viewpoint are only a few of the many unforgettable stops along the way. It was a really exciting experience and something I'd recommend to any fan of nature and the great outdoors.
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