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Markets in Spain

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338 markets in Spain

Markets in Madrid
Mercado De San Miguel
After two years of building works, this market opened again in May 2009. It is now dedicated to gourmet food and the prices are indeed the usual ones for this type of products. There are many bars, tables and benches in the center, you can order at the different stands and taste them right there, even though it is quite difficult to find a free spot. It is always very busy. One of the most curious stands is the one with oysters and caviar, called Sorlut. There is also a seafood stand, a codfish shop, a cake shop and even a flower shop and a bookshop.
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Markets in Barcelona
La Boqueria Market
Every time I go back to Barcelona I visit the Mercado de la Boqueria, like it's a a ritual. the market is located on the Ramblas in a world full of smells, colors, textures, etc. At the stands you can find a great variety of foods, all of great quality. La Boqueria origins come from the 13th century. Part of the current structure is from 1700, even though the building went through several changes afterwards. One cannot go to Barcelona without passing by this wonderful market. When the weather is nice, I love buying a good piece of bread, brie cheese, tomato, serrano ham and a handful of strawberries. With my goodies and, as if I was an authentic foreigner, I have a picnic in a sunny spot of the Cathedral square. Amazing.
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Markets in Madrid
Mercado San Antón
A new market combining the traditional market idea with the opportunity to taste many different types of food of the various stands of the upper floor. It is a very nice place and you can have of everything, from "spoon dishes" to ice cream, from sushi to seafood, etc. And if you need it you can go food shopping. Up there you will find a terrace where to have a drink or have dinner in the restaurant. A different place to have tapas.
Markets in Valencia
Central Market (Mercado Central)
Out of all the markets I’ve seen in Spain and Europe, Valencia’s central market is without a doubt my favorite. Its 100 year old modernist building is located in the center of the city, in front of the Lonja and the Santos Juanes church. It’s become a place of reference for tourists in the city and is packed every day with vendors and visitors alike. There’s just about anything you can imagine inside, with quality and incomparable products. In addition to its architectural beauty, it’s the daily bustle that will really grab your attention. There’s also many stands around the market that sell items. Coming to Valencia and not going to the market means you haven’t really visited the city.
Markets in Barcelona
Mercat de Santa Caterina
Carried out by the Catalan architect Enric Miralles, the Santa Catalina market is situated in the heart of the old Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Located on the square of the cathedral, but separated from it by Via Laietana, you can't miss it for its colorful roof, undulated and very appealing. Inside it is still the typical local market, despite being located in such a touristic part. The market was renovated not long ago and was closed for quite some time. The markets in Barcelona stand out for the incredible architectural styles. All of them are incredible and deserve a visit: la Boqueria the most famous for being on Las Ramblas, or la Llibertat, la Abacería centra or Santa Catalina. You can spend an entire morning among the screams, colors, smells, tasting anchovies, chorizos, sausages... Your five senses will enjoy it.
Markets in Cadiz
Abastos Market
I am Seraina, a Swiss girl learning Spanish in Cadiz. I am writing about the market there. It is in the center of Cadiz, near the square of flowers. It is situated in an old building but inside it is very modern. It is a very lively place. It only sells food, but everything is fresh. People buy fruit, vegetables, meat and, of course, a lot of fish. There is a bar inside where you can enjoy a drink.
Markets in Santiago de Compostela
Mercado de Abastos
Charming and authentic, good place to buy some cheeses and chorizos.
Markets in Vigo
Mercado Da Pedra
The Stone Market is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Vigo, with all kinds of designer clothes at very good prices. What I find rather dubious is the origin of the goods, I don't quite understand the existence of this market, which seems to be totally "legal" located inside municipal infrastructure. In theory the clothing is imitation, which I think it violates all kinds of copyright laws, there are other theories that clothing is contraband. In any case, it is always packed and the prices are very cheap compared to the original brands. The price is the same at any of the stands, and is usually "standard", ie all generally have the same price: € 30, whether shirts, pants, shirts ... Except the hunters. For example, we find a Polo shirt for 30 €, or Belstaff jacket for € 80. I have purchased something, and even a shopkeeper gave me the phone number if I wanted to order something for the next time I went - clothes are good quality, they do not fade or become damaged in the first wash. Although mainly clothes, you can also find bags, snuff (without tax), Puma sports and some electronics. This market is located opposite the Yacht Club next to the famous Fish Market, where the typical ostreiras and several restaurants. Open mornings only until 15h.
Markets in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Our Lady of Africa Market
Our Lady of Africa Market Newly restored, this market, despite the large surfaces surrounding it, remains the commercial heart of the city. Nowhere else will you find fresher vegetables for a good canary stew, the finest meats, exotic and tasty fruits, ornamental plants and fruit, candy, coffee shops and restaurants. Life moves in the mornings around this military-style building near the centre but at the same time it is away from the hubbub of the busy streets.
Markets in Bilbao
Mercado de la Ribera
This market which takes its name from the banks of the estuary of Bilbao, where it has taken place since the 14th century. Now with the advancement of society, many no longer go shopping there, since almost every neighborhood has its own supermarket, but still people like going to continue with the customs.
Markets in San Cristóbal de La Laguna
The Laguna Market
Markets in Malaga
Mercado Central Atarazanas
Visiting a market is always a good idea to get to know the real daily life in a city, it's better if you find yourself in building as strange as Atarazanas. Don't miss (it is actually difficult to do)the marble door of the Nazari naval workshop which stood originally in place and gives its name to the market or the large rear window.
Markets in Pontevedra
Municipal Market in Pontevedra
Going to Pontevedra municipal market is a great experience if you visit the city and you're not familiar with Galician coastal city markets. Pontevedra is at the bottom of the River of Pontevedra, in the Rivers Baixas, a privileged location for inshore fishing and shellfishing. These products are top quality and very fresh. At the market, you can purchase lobster, mussels, cod, bream, monkfish, crabs, as well as meat and flowers. I recommend it!
Markets in Madrid
Markets in Córdoba
Markets in Oviedo
The Fontán Market
This is a great place to go with friends in Oviedo, with many outdoor stalls, mainly selling food.
Markets in Santander
Mercado de la Esperanza
This market is located in the centre of Santander, opposite San Francisco church. It is a modernist building, built in approximately 1900 over the ruins of an old Franciscan monastery. It has recently been rehabilitated by the City Council. The facade is made of stone and the structure of iron and glass. Inside there are 166 stalls selling food, primarily meat and fish. It is a food market. In the square surrounding the market there are other stalls, depending on the days there are fruit, vegetables, or fabric.
Markets in Barcelona
Mercat de Sant Antoni - San Antonio Market
The market is now closed for renovations but it will be opened in the first part of 2018.
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