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Harbors in Spain

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520 harbors in Spain

Harbors in Barcelona
Port of Barcelona
The harbor of Barcelona is an emblematic place of the city. You can find a multitude of boats there, from the smallest to the fabulous yachts from everywhere around the world, without a doubt a perfect place for all those who like the world of sailing.
Harbors in Cudillero
Puerto de Cudillero
Kudu is one of the most peculiar places in Asturias, almost like a dream. At first glance it appears that the houses are hanging down over the slope of the hillside. Reaching the port is easy, you just follow the narrow streets straight there. I got there first by crossing the road and was impressed by the views. The port is the place to be in the summer for socialising. It has three floating docks and there are many restaurants and bars. It is quite a touristy place.
Harbors in Malaga
Port of Málaga
People, markets, restaurant and water
Harbors in Gijón
Muelle de Gijón
This photo was taken approximately 1.5 miles away. I used a Canon EOS 500 D and it still continues to prove useful. The main thing in which I came to see is the sea on a rough day and you realize just how small man is amidst the strength of nature.
Harbors in Alicante
Port of Alicante
Alicante has always been known as a port city and for this reason its port has always been a key part of the city. The Port of Alicante is situated in the center of the city and, in some respects, is the city’s nerve center and heart of activity. Nowadays, it doesn’t just serve fishing purposes, but rather is home of many of Alicante’s main entertainment areas. The entertainment area is in a part of the port and to get there you can take a lovely walk around the port. After all, the path is well-maintained and is more like a boardwalk in many respects. The most noticeable place is undoubtedly the huge casino covered in neon lights that you can see from a distance. Around the casino, there is a high concentration of bars and restaurants and that’s where the locals and tourists typically go. Along the port, you can also see various sculptures; one of which that struck my attention was of a surfer leaving the water. It is gigantic and everyone usually takes photos with it. By the way, I know I’ve only spoken about the port as a leisure area, but it’s also the place to catch ferries which sail to various destinations like Oran, Algeria or Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands.
Harbors in Marbella
Puerto Banús Marina
Puerto Banus has two beaches. The first, in the area of Nueva Andalucia, is called Playa del Duque, and the second, Playa Puerto Banus or Playa Rio Verde, stretches to the edge of town. Here you'll find several bars, places to relax in a hammock, and lots of activities to do. The beach is about one kilometer long and 50 meters wide, the sand is golden and medium-grained, and the state of the water is almost always calm as it is protected by several breakwaters, making it ideal for a dip. This beach comes close to the mouth of Rio Verde, where a wooden bridge is being built to connect Marbella with Puerto Banus.
Harbors in Benalmádena
Sea Port of Benalmádena
Most frequented at night, with several restaurants, and thousands of shops to visit and lovely houses to see, where you can see Islamic culture at its peak. The curious thing are the boats at the door of each house, with access to the sea.
Harbors in Ibiza
Port of Ibiza
The port of Ibiza offers some of the best views of Dalt Vila, historic downtown. As if it were a postcard, it perfectly frames the sailboats in the foreground surrounded by crystal clear water in the cathedral crowning the mountain to the bottom. Strolling along the harbor not only offers great views but also unique shops and restaurants that are very good for looking but often at very high prices. But you know, after all, it's Ibiza.
Harbors in Cartagena
Port of Cartagena
Cartagena port is a place not to miss in the city, how rewarding it is to stroll through the various interesting visitor leisure offers such as a comfortable boat ride which, at a rate of 2.5 knots, cruises along a circular route, skirting the Curra and Christmas lighthouses, the Algameca girl and Escombreras Island and where you can learn about the fortification/defense system, its shores, legends and the history of what Cartagena represented. It also offers bicycle tours, a bus tour, a lot of restaurants and pubs and the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology.
Harbors in Port de Soller
Port of Soller
Port de Soller is a small holiday village situated on the north coast of the island of Mallorca, with many bars and restaurants and a large marina with a boat mooring. You can stroll along the promenade that surrounds the port and swim in the sea off a small beach next to the harbor. There is an old tram that runs right on the waterfront, connecting the Port of Soller with the town of Soller (located a few kilometers inland).
Harbors in Mahon
Port of Mahón
Very recommended. The Port of Mahón is Europe’s second largest natural port and home to a variety of pubs and restaurants. Before visiting the port, you can explore the historic district of Mahón, heading from the Plaza de Esplanada towards Costa de Ses Voltes and visiting the shopping area. From Costa de Ses Voltes, you can gradually descend towards the extensive port area.
Harbors in Ciudadela
Port of Ciudadela
Menorca is a Mediterranean island with thousands of hidden corners to discover. Today, we’re in Ciutadella, and ancient and noble city whose port area is a place of culture, nightlife, and beauty. Like a cross of dream and reality, the port is full of lights and aromas that evoke warm summer nights under a roof of thousands of stars.
Harbors in Llanes
Port of Llanes
A very beautiful and special port, which is quite different from others as it was a platform, which is half in the water and it is floating. When the tide rises, so does the platform and stairs and boats. It is a great invention, besides that, it is a lovely harbor, colorful, and it is surrounded by colorful boats, stately homes. It's perfect, I love it!
Harbors in Castro Urdiales
Port of Castro Urdiales
Castro Urdiales Port is a beautiful place where you can see the boats and fishing boats. It's in a small port that creates a mix of colors and textures in the water. Walking while breathing in the sea air and enjoying a drink on the terrace area is great.
Harbors in Palamós
Hi, I'm from Malaga and I recently spent a few days in Girona where I had a wonderful time. We started in Palamos and then we moved down the coast but my memory is terrible and I can't remember the names of the places. Still, it was a great experience.
Harbors in Elantxobe
Elantxobe is one of the most charming towns in all of Vizcaya, it seems as if it was taken out of a fairy tale. Elantxobe is located in Urdaibai and it is protected by a gigantic rock called Cabo Ogoño, which makes the place really beautiful. The town is formed by very narrow streets that form a giant ladder in the mountain and that ends up in the beautiful fishing port, located in the lower part of the town. This town is full of slopes, and to travel through Elantxobe, you must go up some very steep slopes that seem like they are never going to end. But the walk is worth it, since it allows you to see impressive views of the sea from any point of town. Imagine how narrow the streets are that the bus comes every day from the nearby towns and it can only turn in the main square of Elantxobe, and there it manages to do it only because it’s a revolving plaza: the bus stops in the middle and with a lever the plaza turns 180 degrees and the bus can then go out, it’s extremely curious! The port of Elantxobe is spectacularly beautiful. It is a very calm place surrounded with houses and rocks and you can breathe an indescribable peace. If you are lucky enough to visit this town in its festivities (in August I think), you will enjoy an authentic spectacle where everyone jumps from great heights into the sea. The only problem is that usually there are a few accidents during this festivity. For eating, Elantxobe has some amazing restaurants where you can taste amazing fish cooked to perfection. Specifically, there is a restaurant in the port where besides good food you can have a romantic evening thanks to its views and the decoration of the place.
Harbors in Santa Pola
Santa Pola Marina
A cute, calm and cozy fisherman’s town on the coast of Levante. It’s an ideal place to relax, go for a swim in the Mediterranean sea and enjoy the fish this town is famous for. The water is nice and warm. I definitely recommend plan your next holiday here. Also, it’s not expensive at all.
Harbors in Santander
Santander Marina
Santander Marina is located next to the Club Maritimo social building. It is very large, with 1,350 berths, and has all the services you'd expect (restaurant, parking, boat repair service, fuel, etc). I like strolling around the area, looking at the various boats and yachts ... some of them are just amazing! In this port area you can also find other places of interest to visit, following the Paseo de Pereda: The Embarcadero Palace (temporary exhibition), the Grua de Piedra, and the Monument to the "Raqueros".
Activities in Spain
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