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Culinary Interest in Great Britain

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18 Culinary Interest in Great Britain

Culinary Interest in London
Fortnum & Mason
Piccadilly is probably the most famous street in London. It's not clear, but some say that the name comes from the scarves that were fashionable in the late sixteenth century made by tailor Robert Baker, called piccadills. On this street you'll find some of the best London hotels and mansions, like the Ritz and the Burlington. And of course, there's the Fortnum & Mason department store, founded by William Fortnum & Hugh Mason in 1707. It benefited from colonial expansion, selling exotic products like tea imported from India. It became more famous thanks to the World Fair in 1851, when it provided luxury food. Public figures like Dickens, Henry James and Wilkie Collins all praised the store. They provided transport services during the Crimean War, and in 1931, an outlet was opened on Madison Avenue, even bigger than the London flagship. The clock outside plays a series of arias every fifteen minutes, and every hour the figures of Mr Fortnum and Mr Mason come out to greet each other. For a real taste of this London landmark, we recommend the tea room.
Culinary Interest in Glasgow
Loch Fyne Farm Shop
I expected something more authentic when we saw a brochure for the "Farm Shop" in Loch Fyne. I thought that it would be the farmers who grow fruit and vegetables or tend livestock that come to this Farm Shop to sell their goods. This place seemed more like a delicatessen. The prices were much higher than in Glasgow, but at least the products themselves came from small, local producers. They have a great assortment of seafood, such as Loch Fyne oysters, at 60p each. They are very good and you can ask for them to be open to eat them straight away outside. Then there are vacuumed smoked fish so you can easily take them home, other ducks, chickens and lamb and a small assortment of cheese. The rest of the store consists of chutneys and pickles that accompany cold meats, fruit jams, beers and ales of the region. The sale of alcohol is prohibited in this store on Sunday afternoons.
Culinary Interest in Minehead
Toffee Shop
I do not remember the exact name of this amazing store, but Dunster is a very small town, and is located in High Street, on the right when you come to the castle. Toffee is a kind of candy. The traditional is the simple caramel, then add nuts, honey, vanilla, coffee or chocolate. This gives the special color of each variety. In the store the toffee is pre cut into bars 100 grams or so, and then you weigh it, costs about 2 pounds per bar. I cut it into small pieces so that it can eat walking. Melts in your mouth, it's not hard, softens quickly, and is a delight. The store also sells their toffee in gift baskets with other local produce, jams and sweets.
Culinary Interest in Kirkwall
Orkney Wine Company
On our way to the southern part of the Orkney Islands we stopped for a break on the small island of Lamb Holm, bound on the north by East Mainland and south with Burray. On this tiny island there are two interesting attractions. One of them is the Italian Chapel, and the other is the wine factory of Orkney. Since we arrived on the island this factory advertising (not open to the public) on all sides, until we got to the store or official address, where we see all fabrications and local pottery and a small corner for tea or coffee. We can test all their products, although quite foreign to the original taste. Personally I think the value is not very good, since the prices are very high compared to what it offers. After trying everything, I was disappointed the mixture of whiskey and honey, as it saw the palate balanced, taking into account the quality of the whiskey on the island, not much justice for this product. However, I found delicious the "Blaeberry Hairst" or blueberry wine. I couldn't resist buying a bottle! They even have a store online where you can buy their products and more. Go check it out, don't wait!
Culinary Interest in Bridge of Allan
Graham's Dairies
Very close to the University of Stirling, just at the end of the Bridge of Allan, is the local dairy factory called "Graham's Dairies". In the UK, the dairy factories produce milk of offer shorter duration or faster expiration, but of higher quality, considering the excellence of the pastures and livestock. In the early 20th century, the grandparents of the present owner, worked then at the Airthrey Kerse farm. The farm came up for sale, they decided to buy it and with some hard work, they built the thriving company that exists today. It's also a place for various school excursions, who go there to learn about good farming. Apart from the historical charm and its part in the community where I alive today, I can assure you that it produces premium Scottish milk, butter and other milk products.
Culinary Interest in London
I lived in England four years and I ate pastries at Greggs 3 times a week, more or less. The truth is that they are very delicious. The good thing is that they are not fried, are baked in the oven. They are very good. This is my first time on here, and I'm looking to see if there is anyone ve wants to open a franchise here in my country. I am Brazilian and I am currently look for a partner to start a business with.
Culinary Interest in London
Slow Food Market
The Food Festival is an event created by Slow Food in the UK. Slow Food is a non-profit organisation, that's funded solely by its members whose foundations seek healthy good quality food and respect for tradition and values ​​of organic farming. It was created to counteract the whole fast food trend, which has been invading the streets of cities around the world. The Slow Food movement's slogan is "good, clean and fair". The Food Festival brings together farmers, gastronomes, and explanations and examples of what it is and why we should appreciate Slow Food. Admission is free and is open from 12 am to 9 pm from the 18th to 21st of September. You can't miss out on this gastronomic event.
Culinary Interest in York
York Hogroast
Hogroast not a restaurant or anything similar, but it's one of the best places I've eaten lately. It is a little shop in the middle of the street where they serve delicious roasted meat sandwiches (beef or pork). The meat is cut by hand and accompanied by a delicious sauces and, to top it off they sell roast potatoes made in the same juices from the meats, as well as Yorkshire puddings stuffed with vegetables. This is the best option is to eat something at lunch time if you do not want to pause to eat (as most English don't) and if you want to try something truly typical and tasty (vs. a sandwich or a burger from McDonald's). It is also pretty cheap, especially for the quality they offer I remember coming out around 3-4 pounds each sandwich (good size).
Culinary Interest in Coventry
Holland & Barret
I went to this store in western Coventry, as that is where I lived, but Holland & Barrett stores are found all across England. This shop is a paradise for lovers of 'good food' and vegetarian vitamins, seeds, soy milk, rice milk, vegetarian sausages and other meats. Also, the prices are reasonable.
Culinary Interest in Edinburgh
Scottish Soup
In general, this soup is typical of Scotland and if it's made of vegetables, we're talking about "broth." If it's made with fish and potatoes and milk or fresh cream, it's called "Cullen Skin." Other kinds of soups can be found throughout the United Kingdom. Cheers.
Culinary Interest in London
Culinary Interest in Tain
Glenmorangie Distillery
It was this year in spring I went on a business trip to visit the Glenmorangie distillery, north of Nairn. I did not think Scotland in May could be so pretty. This is the view from the Glenmorangie drive. Definitely worth seeing
Culinary Interest in London
Fish & Chips
This quick meal is very popular in England. For 5 pounds we had a tray of battered white fish fillet and fried, chips and a can of soda. When you're hungry, it's delicious.
Culinary Interest in London
I've known this pub, next to the courthouse, for years and see it event time I'm in London as it's on my route. The place is beautiful and the food is excellent. From typical sandwiches to soups and homemade pies. Don't be disappointed, remember that being in the City it's only open Monday through Friday.
Culinary Interest in London
La Cave A Fromages
de quoi combler tous les Français trouver toutes sortes de fromages et même des location de l'appareil à raclette
Culinary Interest in Crieff
The Famous Grouse
Gelturret distillery opened in this area of ​​Crieff back in 1775 and close to it is a small distillery that started to make The Famous Grouse was founded in 1800. It was in 1957 when both distilleries joined. In 1990 a group of Highlands distillers bought the complex that is now fully operational. The tour was perfect and very interactive. We followed the flight of the partridge in the river and all those areas where elements that are used or included in the making of this "water of life " (which is what the word whiskey means) are found. Entry has slightly gone up in price but you receive two tastings. This distillery receives many visitors and is world famous....cheers!
Culinary Interest in Stirling
The Settle Inn
Since 1733 this pub has been running giving beers and other local and national spirits. As its name suggests, it was established as an inn, a very specific order. We can not forget that this pub is located on a hill that looked directly at Stirling Castle. This explains its fame and subsequent survival. Doing an imagination, it was an ideal location for many travelers who traveled here for business or other reasons. Today it is the most ancient public house in Stirling and remains a place frequented by locals. The foods is not much but the atmosphere is healthy and exceptional and you can breathe the air of history there. The beers are of the best in the area and true to its name, as one would expect.
Culinary Interest in Stirling
Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe
Although this store is part of a franchise it brings a nostalgic touch remembering how the old candy shops used to be - all dark wood with traditional billboards from other times. Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe (Old Sweet Shop, candy = sweets) has an image from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with huge glass jackpots filled with candy that differs from current candy due to good quality and valued traditions. You can buy licorice craft, anise and mint candies among other things that will bring good memories for older people. In an age where everything is new and the latest technology seems best, to go for classic or traditional is a challenge. Only a small negative, the attention is a bit bland/serious for a store with lots of charm.
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