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Churches in Nord-Pas de Calais

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136 churches in Nord-Pas de Calais

Churches in Lille
The church of Saint Maurice is one of the most famous in the city of Lille in northern France. It is just a few steps from the train station Lille Flandres. It was built in old medieval part of Lille during the the fourteenth century, which explains that the streets around are so attached to the facade of the church. The décor is quite simple. The construction of the church took over four centuries to complete because they had to deal with destruction, wars and invasions. But the city architect ve made the last works during the nineteenth century, made sure not to make the differences between the new works and the oldest part very obvious. At the time of the French Revolution, the church had been emptied of its furnishings and artwork, but it has been redecorated since then. Now there are works of Le Jeune, and the famous Watteau de Lille, a great painter from the eighteenth century. The style of the wood furniture is neo-gothic. The windows are fairly recent, dating from the nineteenth century, but several of them have been renewed after the bombings from the two world wars.
Churches in Lille
Église du Sacré-Coeur de Lille
The Sacred Heart Church of Lille was built by the French architect Jules Batigny between the years 1875 and 1898. The bell tower was completed some time later, in the middle of the following century, and when you walk down the street of Solferino you see it from quite a distance. The chapel boasts beautiful stained glass windows, one of which is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, and others depict scenes from the Bible. The strange thing is that the church, instead of having it´s facade facing directly onto the main street, is built on the corner of the street. Due to this, you cannot walk around and see the back part like most of the old churches in this era. The neighborhood itself is worth a visit, and you also have the citadel park close by as well.
Churches in Roubaix
Saint-Martin Church
The church of San Martin de Roubaix is ​​the city's oldest church, in fact it's the oldest building, be it a home or historic building. The first church from the late ninth century was replaced by a building of three naves of which the 1511 bell tower can still seen. The industrial city grew very fast with the incredible development of the weaving sector and workers came every day to work in Roubaix. The architect Charles Leroy was asked in 1848 to enlarge the church so he conceived a building of five naves in gothic style, as you can see at the southern gate. The church of St. Martin Notre Dame has very beautiful works of art, stone sculptures of Tournai (a nearby city) and an altarpiece (the decorations around it depict St. John the Baptist and are fifteenth century).
Churches in Calais
Church of Notre-Dame in Calais
The Church of Notre-Dame in Calais is one of the principal churches in the city and it's also the oldest building in the city. Its construction began during the course of the 13th century under the direction of some renowned Flemish masters. However, visually Notre-Dame denotes the fusion of several architectural styles from different eras because its completion wasn't finished until the mid-17th century. There were a lot of proposed additions, alterations and numerous stoppages for lack of funds to continue construction. As usual, wars do not understand history or architecture and during the Second World War, this church suffered some major damage, which force the renovations process to begin, once again, for economic reasons have not been finalized. The church can be visited, is fully operational and is one of the most iconic and historic buildings of the city of Calais.
Churches in Wissant
St. Nicholas Church
The traditional activity in which Wissant excelled was fishing, this was the reason why the parish was built as they dedicated themselves to protecting those who risked their lives working at sea. This church, which forms the center of town, was built in the fifteenth century, using local stones and undergoing several renovations, most recently in the nineteenth century. Some describe it as a rural Gothic church but the truth is that its structure shows a mixture of styles and eras. A small, but charming place, it is famous in the area for the amount of pictures of Christ and the Virgin that there are inside. Needless to say it had an important role during the Second World War, serving as a physical and spiritual refuge. Interestingly it was untouched by bombs, making some consider it miraculous. As secluded as it is attractive, it is possibly the most emblematic (and oldest) building in this town on the North coast of France.
Churches in Lille
Eglise Sainte-Catherine
This church has an important heritage status in Lille as it is the oldest parish church in the city. It consists of a large square tower and a "hallekerke" (a type of hall church) that dates back to the fifteenth century Flemish style. This is a historic building in Lille, that you should not miss if you enjoy visiting religious monuments.
Churches in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage
Saint-Géry Church
Le Touquet Paris Plage is a town in northern France an hour from England and Belgium. It's mainly a place for summer holidays for people from Paris. Great beaches, restaurants and bars. Outstanding fish market located in the middle of the village and its library of a strange architectural style. Very nice and quiet for a few days.
Churches in Lille
Churches in Dunkerque
Churches in Aire-sur-la-Lys
Churches in Lille
Churches in Lille
Churches in Wasquehal
Churches in Saint-Omer
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Churches in Wambrechies
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